tagInterracial LoveAdult Trip Pt. 03

Adult Trip Pt. 03


My phone buzzed and the text from Master Tony read, Dearest white slut, great job and terrific to see you in action. Now it is my turn so get your slutty white cunt down to the beach now.

I looked up to see Master Tony and Jannette walking to the ocean. I immediately ordered hubby to stand, pull his pink suit bottoms up, and to follow me two steps behind and one step to the left.

As I walked through the crowd, I received a number of compliments and comforting pats on the shoulder. Nervously, I wondered if the crowd would dissipate or in fact follow us to the ocean. After 20 steps or so I was pleased to see that only our friends, the three couples were in tow. My heart still raced at that fact alone as I was unsure what their involvement would entail.

I approached and Jannette came forward first and I introduced her to cucky and vice versa. Next, I approached Master Tony and he pulled me in and passionately kissed me. While doing so, his hands reached underneath my dress, firmly grabbed my naked butt cheeks (given the thong panties) and molded me into his muscular physique. I was uncontrollably shaking with sexual excitement and energy and let myself completely enjoy his strong touch and amazing thick lips. Our tongues continued to intertwine and I felt one of his hands push further along my crack until he reached my soaked panty covered pussy and he rubbed my wet cunt lips through the thin fabric for everyone to see.

Master Tony then pulled away and told me that I would soon be punished for disobeying him. He communicated sternly and loud enough for everyone to hear this. I knew that hubby was completely confused about what was transpiring but was selfishly thinking now about myself and my own predicament.

I looked at Master Tony with confusion in my eyes and before I could speak, he communicated that panties were not an allowed item and he gave me specific instructions for dress. I had assumed that those were allowed and bent my head downward realizing that I was in the wrong.

Master Tony then acknowledged cucky and I made a polite introduction. Hubby reached out to shake Master's hand, but Master just nodded his head. Knowing that hubby was clueless, Master still asked the question. "Do you know that your wife has agreed to be my white slut for the remainder of my stay here at this resort and in doing so has committed you to being my slave?"

Hubby looked stunned and his mouth hung open. He nodded without speaking indicating his lack of knowledge.

Master was finished with that conversation as it was not up for further discussion or debate. He had asked the question more as a statement. He then raised his hands for the group and welcomed everyone, transitioning into a brief dialogue.

"We appreciate all of you being here for this special evening. The evening will entail a very brief collaring of my new white slut and her slave cuckold husband followed by fun and food. I have a few rules for the group as it relates to this lovely couple. As my owned slut, all of the men must ask me permission to sexually engage with her and while I encourage creative and devious sexual acts and will most likely agree, it is a matter of respect to me as her Master. As it pertains to her husband, no permission needs to be obtained and all of you can treat him as a slave yourselves. He is at the bottom of the hierarchy and should he not be completely compliant and obedient, just notify me and I will rectify the situation. My dearest white cunt and her hubby will have other rules but I will communicate those here shortly.

Since my white slut has already disappointed me for the second time by disobeying me and wearing coverage on her owned pussy, I will need to punish her before the brief collaring. Feel free to mingle with one another or to watch and potentially even engage with her punishment.

Master wasted no time as he approached me, slightly lifted my already short skirt, took hold of my skimpy black panties and roughly, but easily tore them away from my body. He pulled the front of my dress down and crudely removed my breasts so that they were on display for all to see. He motioned cucky over and roughly shoved my wet panties into cucky's mouth. He had cucky kneel before us and then roughly shoved two fingers immediately into my soaking cunt and began fucking me ruthlessly. My head tilted back as the immediate pain was quickly replaced by pleasure and within seconds I was begging Master to let me cum.

Master continued his assault without granting permission but since I had left him earlier, my mind had been racing with sexual thoughts and desires. I had been on edge now for hours and his amazing fingers were creating too much pleasure for me to hold back. With one hand, Master took hold of one of my nipples and roughly pinched and twisted it. I thought the pain would allow me to cool down, but I was already too close and I screamed in both pain and pleasure as my orgasm overtook me. Master twisted even harder as his fingers continued punishing my slutty white cunt at a feverish pace. Master then surprised me by again pressing his lips to mine and the emotion of it all was amazing. Never before had I experienced so much pain, pleasure and sensuality all at once. My orgasm ensued for some time until I lay weightless in Master's arms.

I could not figure Master Tony out as he was a psychological mystery. He could be crude and ruthless, caring and sensual and last but not least was an absolute Adonis and the intrigue had my entire being and especially my pussy just reeling. Master removed his cum soaked fingers, and proceeded to wipe them across cucky's face.

Master commented loudly, "That is the third strike. This slutty white married whore has cum without permission again and just cannot control herself. As such, she will receive 30 strikes across her ass." Master maneuvered me like a rag doll and tied my arms to a nearby palm tree.

The spanking must have been planned (likely as a result of my earlier disobedience) as a cushioned bench was brought over and positioned between me and the tree. Ultimately, I was bent over the bench with my hands and arms stretched and secured to the tree, and my legs spread wide with my dress pulled up enough for everyone to see me in my naked glory. My pussy was throbbing and still dripping. I had just experienced the best orgasm of my life and still my sexual appetite was still insatiable.

Seconds felt like minutes as I awaited my public spanking. The entire time was consumed by thoughts of finally being filled and stretched by Master's huge black cock and an occasional thought about my further emergence as a dominant. I was excited about the evolution of our Femdom lifestyle that would continue to be more widespread than our bedroom alone. The latter thoughts were ironic given the submissive position I was currently in.

All thoughts were gone as I felt Master's hand sliding erotically along my ass. He spoke loudly, "This is my slutty white whore who has already verbally committed to be my owned cunt. She has much to learn as an owned slut and has already disobeyed my three times in less than a day."

He continued, enjoying his spotlight and my open and bent over predicament, "I have yet to initiate my ownership by fucking her married white cunt but I will of course be doing so and filling all of her holes later this evening. Fucking all of her holes will be a reward for this dirty white married cunt, but now she must be punished for her disobedience."

"I will give her ass 30 lashings, 10 for each of her errors. Afterwards, I will allow any of you, pointing specifically to the small group of 6 and his gorgeous wife Jannette, the opportunity to spank, crop or whip her with a maximum of 3 strikes per individual. I will finish her punishment by turning her around and cropping each of her breasts 10 times."

Master had maneuvered cucky over on his knees and ordered cucky on all fours. Master yanked the pink Brazilian cut suit down and roughly pulled the plug from hubby's asshole. I heard hubby moan but then heard Master order cucky to clean the plug with his mouth and with forced shoved the plug into hubby's mouth. Once clean, Master then ordered cucky to wash the plug in a bowl the hotel staff had placed near the scene certainly for Master's contrived situation.

I felt my asshole open but it felt like a large finger and there were some cheers from the gathered crowd. Master was in fact fingering my asshole and I squeezed my sphincter against his finger with anxiety. "Loosen up my owned married bitch," Master commented loudly and sternly.

I immediately did so and l felt my ass further widen as he shoved another finger inside. A larger crowd has assembled on the beach for my torment.

The pain was immense but Master continued to work his fingers and stunningly, within seconds I was pushing my ass back against his fingers unknowingly. Master had in fact stopped moving his hand and everyone could see that yet the fucking continued. I was not into ass play at all prior to this trip other than having cucky tongue worship my asshole. Now here I was in public confirming my position as Master's married slutty white whore.

Finally, I felt myself being stretched further and Master entered a third finger. His fingers were massive and the immense pain shot through my bowels. I shrieked as he pushed them deeper inside and Master commented, "This is supposed to be punishment not pleasure you dirty married slut." And he roughly pumped them all the way up to his knuckles.

This torment last for several minutes as Master continued to fuck, twist and turn his massive fingers deep inside of my slutty asshole. Unbelievably, my hole continued to stretch and loosen. While still incredibly painful, I was starting to enjoy the fullness in my ass. My cunt was literally dripping and Master let the entire beach know that was the case laughing heartily as he did so.

Master quickly removed his fingers and held my hole open for all to see how stretched out I had quickly become. He replaced his fingers with the plug that easily slipped inside. I was now having to squeeze my ass to keep the plug in place which I would soon learn was the intention for Master's actions.

Right now I realized that Master was both evil and a very experienced Dom. While his sweetness came out from time to time it was likely a a set up to degrade and debase me the way I had done to my husband.

The difference was that I knew that cucky liked being treated this way and until now I never imagined being submissive to this degree. In fact, I knew that I loved cheating on hubby with large cocks, but the abuse was something very foreign to me. Still here I was having my asshole stretched painfully and my cunt was drenched with excitement.

Master commented that he would start the spanking and if the plug slipped from my stretched butthole, the count would start again at one. I was fearful as it was certainly loose inside me but hoped that my bent over position would mitigate that risk.

Before I could think more about it, I felt a crop strike my ass violently. The pain seared through my entire body and I pushed against the bench trying to avoid the next attack. Immediately the heat emanated my ass and I could feel a welt developing on my ass cheeks. For some reason, I expected Master to elevate the abuse, but that was clearly not the case.

This brutal assault continued for the next 15 minutes and the pain never subsided. I was crying and vocal throughout the assault, but yet Master never relented his forceful attack. The only saving grace was the fact that I was able to keep my cheeks tightly squeezed and avoided losing the plug. By the end, my vision was blurring and I was truly about to pass out from Master's barbarism.

My entire ass and upper thighs were on fire and historically delivering the blows to hubby, I knew without question I was currently welted, already bruised and the color of my ass and thighs tomorrow would be shades of deep red, purple and black. Tears were streaming down my face but I was strangely proud of myself for enduring the pain and anguish.

Remarkably, my pussy still tingled but it was primarily due to the thoughts of being a married white slut for Master and seeking his future rewards versus the horrific spankings I just endured. You could definitely cross off pain slut as one of my attributes at least according to me.

Fortunately, only one of the wives took Master up on his offer and she was gentle with her three strikes probably acknowledging my already bruised bottom.

Sadly I forgot what was next and Master released me and turned me around, again like a rag doll. My hands were again secured to the tree but I was facing the crowd and standing tall in my heels.

Using the same crop, Master commenced his assault on my small perky breasts. He did not take it easy and I was literally screaming and crying as he finished his abuse of each breast. I could not see my ass but my breasts were visible to me and each was strategically marked and the bruising was already clear for everyone to see.

Master's demeanor changed and rather than speak loudly, he leaned in spoke softly and told me not to disobey him again. He told me he was proud of me as he gently took hold of my hair and kissed me passionately.

Instantly, my entire beaten body responded. I felt warmth between my legs and our lips and tongues melted together perfectly. Within seconds my feeling of pain and anger with him was strangely replaced with pure lust. I wanted him to fuck the shit out of me right now, stretch me, fill me and maybe even split me in two. I no longer feared his huge black cock but longed for him to bury his dark monster inside of my pussy and to expand my married white cunt beyond my wildest imagination.

I could not contain myself and when our kiss ended, I whispered, "please fuck me Master. I need your big black cock inside me."

Master ordered me to say it much louder and it was strange but I was embarrassed about doing so. The reality is that I wanted him fucking me in front of all these people at this very moment but begging for it was strangely embarrassing.

After that quick thought, I eagerly complied. "Master please fuck me. I have desired having you inside me since the moment I saw you. I have incredible respect for your lovely wife Jannette, but my pussy is aching to be used by your monster black cock."

Master then commented, "we all appreciate your respect for my lovely wife and what is most interesting is that I just used, abused and bruised your body and the result is you begging for my cock. Maybe I will permit you to fuck your husband in front of all of us if you are so horny and can't control your sexual urges."

The games had commenced and Master was playing with me. He knew unequivocally that I had no desire to have my husband's small cock inside me. I was aching and begging to be pleased by his monster black unit. I am certain others knew that as well so I spoke with complete honesty. "Master Tony, I don't want my husband's little white cock. I love him dearly but I need a real cock to satisfy me. I need your massive black cock stretching and filling my dirty married white cunt."

Master was amused but it was not to be at this very moment. My pussy ached and I was begging but he had other plans. Master spoke to the crowd, "we will now have a very brief collaring ceremony."

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I’m rock hard and my wife is wet and wanting more....

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