tagNovels and NovellasAdventure in Longwood Day 06-07

Adventure in Longwood Day 06-07


Dan stirring wakes me, still rather on the not awake side I look about to see the light coming in the window. I get up after a little struggle, my arm is trapped under him and Dan does not want to wake. I move quiet as I can to the dresser get out the loaded revolver and open the door half behind it. I giggle at what I find Ishmael is perched on a chair. Shutting the door I put my revolver on the dresser to go after my tracking clothes.

I squeak when Dan puts his hands on me, he just shushes me and moves me around to be leaning over the dresser. His prodding member excites me a bit, even more when he puts his hand to me and explores me. I moan at his rough fingers moving about in me reaching for stars in short order. Dan moves a little closer moving his free hand to caress my breasts getting me closer to the stars.

With a moan I reach the stars my legs trembling a little my head ending up on the dresser. This is when Dan comes to me, the sudden intrusion sends in a new set of stars. With moans and shivers of delight I move with him as he pleasures me. We move together with the practiced ease of long time lovers. His moves sending me to stars often, my moves getting him closer to his. I see stars one last time as Dan sees his.

Dan holds on to me as he keeps going a little making sure all of his warmth ends up in me. I am left leaning over the dresser as Dan moves away to get dressed. I reach for my revolver when the bath door opens, it is only Chun. She smiles at me then looks at Dan, I have to touch her to get her to stop moving so intent her vision is on him.

"I wanted to come and clean you, I heard you two and well I haven't cleaned anyone I just go down on Amanda. I am very tempted to ask if you want to trade bed partners, Dan is very nice looking undressed."

"Cleaning yes trading no, if you can find Dan agreeable to it you are welcome to enjoy him yourself, I don't see why I should get all the fun with others." Dan stops getting dressed and looks over.

"No way, I remember what you told me about sleeping with others, I like living." Chun looks at Dan then me confused.

"What is he talking about?"

"I was telling him about what my people do to people who sleep with not wife. Dan there is one thing you must remember, we are not bonded in tradition, we are only betrothed."

Dan looks relieved and resumes getting dressed, Chun gets on the floor. I get over her and lower myself to her Chun moves her tongue about eagerly. Once I am clean I get up and begin getting dressed. Chun stays on the floor sitting now watching me.

"Janet my tongue did nothing for you?" I look over at Chun she's looking a little scared.

"Chun I enjoy your tongue it feels good, I do not have an attraction to women. I do not see what you find so nice about Amanda, I look at you and see only a woman trying to make her way through world same as me. I look at Dan and see man I want on top of me. I do not think I explain well."

"No I understand I was same until Amanda cleaned me it just felt so good. I just think you are very pretty and I admit I am a little jealous of Dan." I pull Chun up and give her a hug.

"Thank you that was very nice Dan does not say very often. I know he thinks but always nice to hear."

"I do call you very pretty, perhaps should say it to you, always refer to you that way to others." I go over and kick Dan.

"Say to me, now go wake Chad knock do not enter they are still often as possible." I watch Dan exit hoping he will say I'm pretty instead he stops to give me kiss then out. "Chun if you could get Amanda up we all want vittles I think."

"I think I will need your help for that, she did not want to get up."

I finish getting dressed with belts and revolvers I am loading the empty when we move to their room. Amanda is still asleep we move over and poke her a few times then move to the tickling. Amanda rolls right off the bed she sits up with a groan then sits on the bed.

"Janet you are a bad influence on Chun." Chun and I laugh at the comment.

"I tried to wake you to have our own roll while Janet was getting one from Dan. You wouldn't so I ended up going over and cleaning Janet, I did get permission to try and get a roll from Dan out of it." Amanda looks at Chun then me and groans.

"Dan is not getting another woman, especially not mine."

"Chun holds no interest for me but as friend, Dan is not going to add someone I wouldn't want sharing my bed." I get a hug from both after saying that.

"Come on Amanda let's get dressed, I have need and you need to cook, perhaps can get both done in the kitchen."

I leave Amanda and Chun to get dressed, if they stop kissing. Hoping they will I go into the hall then go back into my room to collect the Winchester, boxes of bullets and the cleaning kit. Ishmael and the chair are gone when I go down the stairs, Dan, Chad, and Bonita are sitting at a table. I join them sitting next to Dan and begin cleaning my Winchester.

"When are we expecting an attack?" Dan asks finally I've almost finished cleaning my Winchester.

"Later in the day, his men would have left at first light. I've been told McCalbane's ranch is long from town."

"It is about five hours at a trot from here." Chad says looking a little worried.

We all look up when Amanda and Chun finally come out of their room. Chun has a smile on her face bigger than the one Amanda has. Chun sits at the table with us while Amanda goes on past into the kitchen.

"Sorry we took so long, Amanda decided to satisfy me a little first."

I finish cleaning my Winchester then load it, when I finish I put it on the table and get the cleaning kit collected. I take my kit upstairs to put it back in my bag then collect my Bowie and tomahawk. Coming back down the stairs I see the man from the store, Mr. Johnson had never told me his name, speaking with Dan.

"Seems a few of the men of the town are wanting to throw their lot in with us and help." Dan tells me when I get close.

"Do they have guns?"

"Yes we all have rifles, some Henry and some Winchester." The man from the store looks scared and determined.

"This sounds fine, Dan what do you think? To me we should all be in saloon and wait for them."

"No I think we should put them across the street in the Dentistry, catch them in a crossfire if they come to town, chances are even McCalbane will send men to Kunis instead of here. With the warning we sent Kunis will hold out long enough to get a man here and us back."

The man from the store leaves in a hurry, likely to tell the rest of the men. Sally comes in through the door to the outhouse followed by Celeste they sit at the table looking a little worried. Candice and Wanda come down the stairs both smiling, at my startled grunt everyone looks, Wanda turns pink.

"I admit it kissing Celeste yesterday was nice, Candice wanted someone to sleep next to and I asked if I could kiss her, things went farther." Wanda says getting a little pinker then sitting down next to Chun.

"It was so nice we had to again this morning, I think we are sharing bed every night from now on." Candice adds giving a hug to Wanda and kissing her.

Amanda appears finally to give us morning vittles, she sits after getting the milk glasses. After she is apprised of the new relationship between Wanda and Candice we get down to eating.

"Chad if you could get the long Winchesters for you Dan and Ishmael then sit outside the entrance I will say the book some more. We need a look out, if you see them coming let us know and fire when they come into the town. Dan will come and help you and the other guys I am going to get up on the roofs again."

"Janet I don't know if that is such a good idea, the roofs are easy to reach from the road side." Dan takes my hand looking worried.

"Either we put someone around them or we risk losing everyone, the water troughs do not last forever."

"I will go with u-ni-tsi if I can get a rifle." Bonita says making my jaw drop Dan gives me a hug everyone else looks confused.

"She called me mother." This explanation gets a lot of smiles.

Chad goes for the Winchesters, when he returns Bonita looks unsure on the one he hands her.

"Here I'll get a short one from the townspeople." Dan collects the Winchester and two boxes of ammo.

While Dan is doing that Chad shows Bonita how the rifles work. I get up on the bar and resume saying the book. Dan comes back with a Henry rifle, I give him a dirty look I had started out with a Henry it was not reliable. At Dan's arm is the cheater from last night. Amanda goes into the kitchen to prepare him morning vittles while I resume saying the book.

I get through two chapters along with seeing our cheater off in a different direction before anything happens. I'd like to say that we were told of riders coming before there was a shot, I'd like to say that but it would be wrong. The first notice we receive of riders is the crack of a gun, the long Winchester Dan had traded for a Henry. Chad is yelling at the man who fired in between reporting ten men moving to either side of the road outside of town.

Moving fast I drop the book as I leap from the bar and snatch up my Winchester. Bonita follows me out the back door while Dan is yelling across the street to put men in the back. We run for Sally's shack then keep an eye on the edge of the buildings, there is firing from the town beside us and ahead, no one comes around the bend. Giggling about round eyes and their lack of thinking we move up the buildings.

"Bonita I had a Henry it was unreliable if it stops working drop it and take a revolver or my Winchester. Unless they come around the buildings I will need my revolvers." I had stopped us three buildings shy of the edge of the town, Bonita nods at me then collects my tomahawk.

We creep up to the edge of the last building, with the sun on our side of the town there is no indication of anyone at the corner. With silent curses I set my Winchester down quiet as can be and draw my revolvers. I risk a quick peek around the corner to find no one at the corner, they are all at the edge of the dirt path Dan calls a road.

"Now this will be fast and dirty, there are four of them on this side more on the other side. My revolvers shoot to the far side I would prefer to not fire that far so we will take out the close ones then I will use my Winchester unless your Henry fails. We will move out shoot the four then go back behind the building, shoot for the middle of the men or do not shoot I will not blame you it is ugly." I had ducked back and pulled Bonita close to say quietly.

"No I will shoot they are shooting at my man and yours." I look at her Bonita has a firm look.

With a nod we go around the corner and start shooting. Bonita true to her word fires first, the man she shoots lurches and falls over, the rest start to turn toward us when I shoot. My first two catch a man in the shoulder and neck he is falling when I shoot the man next to him. This man drops his rifle and puts his hands to his belly where I shot him. Bonita finishes him off while he is still spinning bent over with a shot to the head. The last man gets his rifle up before I shoot him four times while ducking.

His rifle reports putting a dashing furrow in the wall of the building above me. My bullets are better the first two hit him in the elbow and chest. The second two hit him in the belly as he is falling back. The four men's blood spilling out into the grass and dirt under them I hiss at Bonita, both of us duck behind the corner of the building. Bonita looks a bit sickened when I look at her, I hand her the revolvers and pull out bullets for her to reload. She starts with a weak smile to me as I pick up my Winchester and put a bullet in the chamber.

I get low to the ground and scoot out past the wall of the building enough to see across the town. Bullets whiz past over and beside me as I get a target and shoot I duck back smiling at the result. My target had jerked and was falling when I pulled back. Standing tall I lean out get a target and shoot, while he is falling limp I reload and shoot a second man. Bonita gets her belly back in order I know this because she moves out past me with the Henry to her shoulder and shoots the last man we can see.

Reloading I shoot him as well, he had been shot in the belly first. Bonita reloads and shoots the third man who had been moving around a bit still. I look about for my revolvers until Bonita hands them to me. We move up near to the wall to shoot at any in the town when there is yelling of surrender. I motion Bonita to stay back then peek around the corner into the town. I see two men standing up hands high moving around the water troughs they had hid behind. Their rifles are in the dirt behind them, Dan and Chad are walking closer carefully rifles held at the ready.

Being suspicious I order both on the ground hands before them. They turn and look at me then Bonita as she comes around the side of the building. After a moment of looking they do as told. Dan hurries over to put wrist cuffs on each before he and Chad usher them into the sheriff's. Bonita and I follow them into the sheriff's watching as each of the two men is searched, boots removed then cuff's before they are put into separate cells.

Chad takes Bonita in his arms and takes her to the saloon Dan grabs me up and kisses me. I'm feeling on the happy side when he pulls back and guides me to the saloon. Chad and Bonita are not there, Sally points to their room with a grin. Mr. Johnson is there with another man holding the long Winchester Dan had taken to get a short rifle for.

"This is Anther he owns the Henry rifle Dan borrowed for Bonita, she liked it and wants to keep it so we are here to ask the sheriff if he minds losing one Winchester." Mr. Johnson says as we get close to them.

"No I don't mind Janet and I are used to doing it together." I groan making Dan look at me with a questioning look.

"I think our tracking party got bigger by one more."

"Well at least Bonita knows Apache, if our run away does not know Spanish we can still communicate." I kick Dan for looking on the bright side.

"We're all wondering when the wedding is." Sally says guiding me over to the table where there are sandwiches.

"For Chad and Bonita? Likely the next time we see Benjamin, I think the better question is when the captain will visit again. He said he would soon as he can get away with it." I sit down to eat a sandwich, really good tasting deer meat.

"I think the better question is when you are going to go after McCalbane." Mr. Johnson says sitting down next to me and getting a sandwich after looking at Sally.

"Oh that will happen early morning, waiting on Apache to show. McCalbane deserves to die to injuns. We will wait here for it to get toward late so I can get my needs met first then go to the ranch."

"I think we better get your needs met before dark so you can sleep." Dan says at my shoulder.

"Don't need to, I can sleep on my horse." Dan sighs then waits for me to finish my sandwich before pulling me out of the chair.

"We are going to put you to bed anyway."

Dan carries me up the stairs into our room I kick him when he puts me down.

"If you wanted a roll all you had to do was say so."

"I do want a roll and I want you rested, those were all cowboys, gunslingers will be at the ranch."

I sigh as Dan helps me out of my clothes, my belts with revolvers and knife end up on the dresser. My pants, shirt, and moccasins end up on the floor I am picked up again then carried to the bed. Dan slips out of his clothes fast as he can then climbs on the bed, he ends up kneeling next to my head. I lean over rubbing at him until he starts to rise then take him in my mouth.

With me bobbing on him Dan reaches down and puts a hand to me. I moan around the length of him in my mouth as his fingers explore me. Feeling so good and even happier than I had been I move faster on Dan eager to get him atop me. Dan keeps with his fingers to me holding on to my head as he moves a bit with me. I moan around him as he moves in and out of my mouth, I do enjoy doing this I just want him in a spot I take pleasure from.

Dan pulls from me and moves to get on top of me I move to allow him in eagerly. I wrap my legs around him when he puts it to me finally we're both moving almost immediately. I'm wrapped up in his arms as we move together the urgency is there the passion is not. I sigh when I realize this is only a glad to be alive roll, Dan whispers that we will get him. I moan my agreement as I reach stars Dan begins moving faster putting me to new stars before the old have gone away.

I put my arms around my man and enjoy him moving with me. I reach stars a third time when Dan does I kiss him eagerly getting as much of his warmth as he can put in me. Content and happy I lie under Dan holding on to him then groaning when he rolls off me. Dan pulls me after him to be lying on him urging me to sleep. I find it not so difficult to get some shut eye after the terror of being shot at and shooting men.

I wake with a start, the dream of shooting those men again still fresh in my mind. Feeling dirty I look around, Dan is not here it is dark besides a low lantern on the dresser. A murmur gets me to look beside me on the bed Bonita is there moving around a little. When she groans I shake her awake, her eyes open in a fit of terror until she focuses on me.

"I dreamed it all over again, ever shot every spurt of blood, the pool in the grass. I don't know how you live with this hunting is one thing, men shooting is entirely different." Bonita is shaking a bit as she speaks.

"The dreams stop in days, many of our bounties were taken the same way as these men. I did not like those hunts, until we could drop the dead for burial I barely shut eye. If it helps any, consider the town your tribe you only defended yourself and your tribe." Bonita smiles at me.

"That does help, thank you. Dan and Chad put me in here with you while they go and see to cleaning up the grass and watching the saloon. I also am to tell you the Apache are here with some soldiers, the captain one of those."

I groan, they are early then get up turning the lantern up then lighting the other. With the room lit up fairly well I get my tracking clothes on then get Bonita out of bed. We head down the stairs the first thing I notice is Dan is here at the bar.

"Dan you said you would clean up the next one." Dan chuckles and gives me a hug before looking at me.

"Chad is overseeing a couple of the town's men cleaning it. Now are you fully rested? The Apache are a bit on the eager side to be under way."

"I need a bath and it is not late enough yet, five hours at a trot remember, I want to be at the ranch two hours before the sky wakes." I give Dan a kiss then head into the kitchen.

I stop in a little bit of a shock the captain and Celeste are sitting at the table speaking. Amanda is stirring something in the pot until she notices me then comes over.

"Janet are you hungry? I made deer chili it got good comments from the vittles crowd."

"Bath first if you please. Celeste are you trying to steal the captain away from the rest of us?"

"I wouldn't mind giving him a roll when I'm ready again. Not stealing him simply talking he's been in here since he got here and I took the opportunity of everyone being busy upstairs to sit and talk." Captain is chuckling in the chair then looks up at me.

"I came in to find out when you wished to leave the Apache are outside really quite ready to go, war paint and everything. They want to put some on you before we go."

"I need a bath, find them something to do we will leave at ten and get there an hour earlier than I wished." The captain chuckles then pulls out a pocket watch and shows it to me.

"It's almost ten but go on take your bath, we can ride a little faster to be there on time." Amanda giggles as she checks the water.

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