tagBDSMAdventures in Nemesisland Ch. 04

Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 04


"Here she is mistress," announced the white rabbit.

"What's the meaning of this? You're ten minutes late."

"I'm sorry mistress."

"Do you think I've got time to wait around for my slaves?"

"No, of course not, I'm really sorry mistress."

"Sorry is not good enough. You know what happens to slaves who are late, don't you?"

"Yes mistress."

"Well, what?"

"They're punished mistress."

"Yes, they're made to be kept waiting, aren't they? Usually in some uncomfortable position, usually in pain. Get out of my sight now. You're dismissed. I'll deal with you later."

Kim, still blindfolded, listened to this conversation intently. The first voice was the white rabbit, still in a state of fidgety agitation, speaking with respect and deference. The second voice, the one presumably belonging to the white rabbit's mistress, sent a tingle down Kim's spine. It wasn't loud or hysterical just calmly imperious with a thinly hidden menace. Hearing that voice Kim could well understand why the white rabbit was so jittery.

Kim drew in a gulp of air. Oh well, this is it she thought, it looks as though I'm going to meet the white rabbit's mistress. She felt hands from behind her head lifting up the blindfold. There was so much to take in around her but Kim's eyes could not help but be fixated on the commanding figure that stood before her, a vision in black and red pvc, her red bodice festooned in black hearts. A fetish Queen of Hearts, thought Kim.

"Come here girl," she said gently beckoning Kim towards her.

Those eyes, blue pools of latent and unspoken dominance, gazed into Kim's. They were the same eyes she had seen in the picture on her descent down the tunnel, the same eyes that she had felt inexplicably drawn to. Kim had so many questions, so much that she wanted explaining, but she shuffled forward obediently, not daring to say anything.

"Look at her Duchess, she's lovely isn't she," said the Red Queen turning to her companion, "just as lovely as I remember her."

"She's certainly very beautiful," the Duchess replied.

"I bet you'd like to dress her up and play with her, wouldn't you Duchess?" she asked, with a sly grin on her lips.

"Oh, yes madam, I certainly would."

"I think she'll do perfectly," the Red Queen pronounced.

"She's a bit damaged though."

"Yes, those fools, they got there too late, as usual. They'll pay for that."

"Yes, Madame, they were probably arguing with one another again I expect."

The Queen of Hearts came forward. She ran her pvc gloved hand through Kim's dishevelled hair, across her cheek and down her neckline and then across her shoulders and down to her breasts. All of the time her eyes were fixed on her as if she were live bait and Kim had taken the bite and was being reeled in. Reeled in to what, she did not know. The haunting gaze of the Red Queen and the touch of the smooth pvc against her bare flesh sent a tingle through her body, right down to her crotch. Kim gasped with longing and desire. What is happening to me she wondered; these strange events and now these erotic feelings swelling up inside her at the slightest touch of this dominant woman? Finally, as the pvc clad fingers were pulled away from Kim's flesh, the spell was momentarily broken.

"Please, where am I? Please let me go. What do you want with me? Please let me go," she blurted out.

The Red Queen's gaze hardened and her whole body stiffened; her eyes flashed with anger and the malevolent threatening tone she had used with the white rabbit returned to her voice.

"You will ask no questions of me. You have been rescued from a terrible fate and brought here to serve me. If you submit then you will have nothing to fear. You are a special person and the fates have chosen you for a purpose, my girl. Submit willingly and give your heart up to me and the rewards will be, how can I say, unimaginable."

This was all too much for Kim. She felt tears welling up inside her and she started sobbing.

"But, please, I just want to go home. Please let me go."

The flash of anger appeared in the Red Queen's eyes again. She reached out and grasped Kim's nipples, gripping them tightly between her thumb and fore finger, squeezing and then twisting. Kim let out a squeak of pain. How perfectly horrid, she thought at first. But, the nipple torture had the desired effect, as Kim immediately stopped crying as she focused on the waves of pain that washed over her. Kim couldn't believe she allowed that to happen. She uttered no murmurs of protest, offered no resistance at all. It was almost as if, in some inexplicable way, she wanted to have this awesome figure of a woman play with her and inflict pain on her. Her nipples felt sore and were throbbing and her head was in a whirl of confused torment.

"Contrary to what you might think, I will not keep you here against your will," the Red Queen pronounced. "All who serve in my kingdom here do so entirely of their own free will; they submit to me because they want to. You are free to go at any time you want. But, what I offer you here is the chance to find out who you really are. I don't claim that it's easy for any who serve me and I won't deny that there won't be challenges, some of them severe, but I give you the chance to test yourself, to fulfil your deepest desires and to discover your true self, if you dare. Do you dare Kim?"

Kim was transfixed by the Red Queen's speech. Her commanding presence and her calm imperious voice had left her spellbound. Everything called out to her to go. She had been presented with the opportunity to be let free and to leave this bizarre place, which just minutes ago she had pleaded to do. But yet, there was another part of her that desired to follow this mysterious dark woman and enter the path she held out for her. This powerful figure had some kind of hold over her. And there was the strange comment she had made earlier that gnawed away at Kim, "she's just as lovely as I remember her." Kim was curious as to what she meant by that. How could that possibly be; Kim had no recollection of this person. Kim was tormented over how to answer the Red Queen.

"And can I leave at any time?" Kim asked, seeking confirmation of the Red Queens' pledge.

"Yes, of course, you have my word," she replied, "but if you leave of your own free will you will never be able to return and, then, you may never know what you might have learnt."

Did she dare stay and accept her fate in this strange world? Kim agonised over her answer. She felt some enigmatic affinity with this woman and the world she inhabited like there was some strange umbilical cord connecting them. After all, she thought, what did she have to lose if the offer of being allowed to leave at any time was on the table? Above all, the Red Queen appeared to be holding onto some hope for Kim of understanding those parts of her life that she had forgotten.

Kim took a deep sigh, "Yes, I dare. I'll stay."

The Queen of Hearts face lit up with a broad welcoming smile. She was thrilled her powers of persuasion were skilled enough to capture the girl. I know fate has tied this girl to me in some indiscernible way, she thought, and I want her in my world.

"I am pleased Kim. I don't believe you'll regret your decision." She turned to her companion, "Duchess, will you tidy her up for me? I want to make use of her straight away and she must look her best for what I have in mind."

Kim's heart jumped a beat. What had she done? What strange journey had she just committed herself to?

The Duchess came forward with a bowl of water and some cotton wool. The Queen of Hearts' companion was another bizarre figure, but that no longer came as any surprise to Kim now. Underneath the shiny pvc costume of the Red Queen's fetish lady-in-waiting there was clearly a man. She wore a black skirt trimmed with a metallic red ruff and black apron with a splendid red heart emblazoned on it. Her black wig had streaks of ruby in it, just like her mistress's, and her hair was tied in bunches and perched on it was a little red cap with a black heart on it. She reflected the colours and style of her mistress though, understandably, did not look as striking or regal as her. The eyes behind the white mask she wore to disguise her identity and true sex looked kind and gentle and Kim immediately warmed to her.

The Duchess cleaned the bump on her head tenderly with some diluted tcp and washed her face for her. Her mouth was probably smothered in chocolate after gorging on the bar of 'fruit and nut' earlier she thought, her sense of humour returning to her now she had made this strange decision to remain in this unusual place. The Duchess studiously brushed the knotted tangles out of her wavy fair hair taking great care not to pull on it and taking clear pleasure in touching her and looking after her.

Kim had some time now to take in her surroundings. She had been overwhelmed by them when the blindfold was first removed but then all of her attention became focused on the Red Queen. She returned to look over the room in greater detail whilst the Duchess tended to her. It had the aspect of large medieval barn. She looked high up into the wooden rafters in the ceiling and noted, as she had seen when her eyes were first uncovered, that it was dominated by an iron body cage that hung from the ceiling suspended by chains. This was a fearsome article of captivity and maybe torture she pondered. She was minded of pictures she had seen of medieval torture chambers and the fearsome iron implements of pain that filled them, yet strangely did not feel fearful any more.

The Duchess continued to clean Kim up, washing her gently with balls of cotton wall dipped in a bowl of water that had been scented with essential oils. Kim stood quietly; content to wallow in the sensuousness of the calming scent and the Duchess's touch on her bare skin. She felt a tingle of arousal as her breasts were washed. The Duchess brushed her pubic hairs and ran a gloved finger across her sex. Kim didn't mind particularly, the touch was gentle and erotic. She gasped as she felt a finger exploring her sex, softly parting her cunt lips, and being inserted into her.

"Vicky Duchess! Are you playing with her?" the voice reprimanded.

"Yes, I'm sorry madam, I just couldn't resist."

"Well you can stop that. I know you want to play with her Duchess but you'll have to show some restraint. I don't want her interfered with.....yet."

The Red Queen had been adjusting the chains that suspended the cage before Kim's little moan of pleasure distracted her. The body cage had been lowered to the floor alongside Kim.

"Now, girl, I want you to climb into the cage."

Kim glanced across at her quizzically but the Red Queen's authoritative mien and the tone of her voice was such that she knew she would not resist the command. She obediently stepped over a metal bar and into the cage. It was fashioned with wide metal strips moulded into the contours of a body shape. Kim nestled her face into the head of the cage and stood quietly awaiting her fate. The cold metal loomed around her. A smell, like rusting iron, filled her nostrils. The Red Queen stood facing her, the door of the cage open, with that icy penetrating look in her eyes. She was silent. She did not need to speak. She worked herself into Kim 's mind like creeping fingers of ivy reaching into decaying brickwork. Kim had made her choice to submit to this. The Red Queen took the blindfold and pulled it over Kim's eyes and adjusted it so that once again she was plunged into blackness. Kim immediately felt her other senses heightened, the aroma of the iron taking on an intoxicating feeling.

Kim stood quietly for what seemed like many minutes, her breathing heavy and tense with anticipation. The removal of the sense of sight had made every nerve ending tingle and the silent waiting for the unknown was overwhelming for Kim. Fingers reached out for her nipples again and squeezed them firmly. The pain was intense but Kim did not scream or flinch. She embraced it, like it was the only sensation in the whole world. Her nipples were twisted and then messaged and then tweaked again and with every exquisite piece of torture Kim felt her body well up with a combination of pain....and pleasure. The probing fingers were withdrawn and Kim let out a gasp of relief.

But, her respite was short lived. She heard a gentle buzzing sound. What new implement of torment was this? Suddenly she felt a tingling sensation on her breasts like a hundred tiny pin pricks. She could not see the implement that was being used on her but the buzzing and the sensation of an electric current passing over her all pointed to it being a violet wand or similar kind of instrument. She had heard of them and seen pictures but never had one used on her before. Its touch was a mixture of searing pain and sensual pleasure. She squeaked and moaned as the implement was brushed down her body, across her thighs and over her crotch. She expelled groans of pain but, despite that, she didn't want the sharp tingling sensation to stop.

"Do you trust me Kim?" the voice whispered, persuasive and seductive.

"Mmmm. Yes, I do," replied Kim, "at least, I think I do."

"Now the door will close in on you and you will be enclosed in the cold iron of my body cage. You will need to trust me. Stay their silently and listen for my commands."

Kim heard the hinges creaking and the metal door click shut. What will happen now, thought Kim? She heard the grinding and clanking of chains as they were fed through a pulley in the ceiling. She felt the cage move and sway slightly. She felt herself being lifted up high into the rafters of the barn. The sensation was intoxicating. She was hanging there, helpless, powerless, entrapped in a metal cage completely in the control of the Queen of Hearts. She felt the sensation of movement, heard the sound of clanking chains. She could no longer tell if she was moving backwards or forwards, up or down; there was only the intoxicating swinging motion. The cage stopped its gentle rocking movement. Kim felt that it was now on the ground again.

A voice whispered from above her as if it was far in the distance.

"Kim, listen to your mistress. Listen to the Red Queen. The gate of the cage is not locked, you can push it open."

Kim gently raised her hand and pushed against some metal bars, felt them give and the door of the cage swing open.

"Now Kim," the voice came from far away, "take off your blindfold and step out of the cage."

Kim did as she was told. She felt so disorientated. Her head was spinning from the motions of the cage and it took a while before she felt steady on her feet and she could take in her surroundings. She was in a pit. Above her was a metal grill and peering through it she could see two faces staring intently down at her; one the white skin and dark hair of the Red Queen, the other the white masked face of the Duchess.

"Look around you Kim, what do you see?"

Kim looked in front of her now and saw two other figures with her in the pit. She recognised them immediately from their round faces and pot bellies; it was Tweedledum and Tweedledee but they were very different from when she had encountered them before. Tweedledum, or at least Kim thought it was he (it was rather difficult to tell as they looked like twins) was laid out naked on the stone floor of the pit, his arms and legs stretched out and tied with rope to rings at the side of it. There was a ball gag in his mouth. His twin, also naked, was sat on a chair and tied to it with an elaborate criss-cross pattern of ropes. He also had a matching hard rubber ball gag in his mouth. Kim smiled; their mistress was clearly not going to have her peace shattered by their bickering. There was a luggage label attached to the big toes on their right hand feet and Kim knelt down to read the writing on the one tied to Tweedledum. 'Punish me' it read.

The voice from the on-looking Red Queen called down, "Yes Kim, can you read what it says. They must both be punished. It was because of their tardiness and incompetence that you got damaged Kim. You must administer my retribution on them. Can you see the implements I have selected for their punishment?"

Kim cast her eyes around the pit and they alighted on a small round table. Kim stepped over to it and looked at the objects on it. There were two sets of nipple clamps with fierce metal prongs and also two sets of electric massagers with controllers and sticky pads connected to them. Kim knew what the Red Queen meant her to do with these and, bizarrely, she felt a surge of empowerment. She had been jettisoned into this strange world and had so many things done to her that the idea of doing something to somebody else quite appealed to her.

Kim smiled. The eyes of the two round figures widened as they saw her look of anticipation. There were muffled pleas from behind their gags but Kim had already made up her mind; this was one of the Red Queen's instructions she might enjoy carrying out. And she was right, if they had got to the massage parlour earlier, Kim might never have been threatened by her psychotic client or got the nasty bump on her head, so really, they deserved to be punished.

Kim picked up a set of nipple clamps and one of the massager units and knelt over Tweedledum, who was laid out flat, his back against the stone floor. I loved doing this kind of thing in the parlour, she thought, now is my chance to take it a bit further. Strands of her wavy fair hair fell onto Tweedledum's chest. She teased him by holding the nipple clamps and squeezing them open and shut right in front of his terrified eyes. She felt wicked; she know she had a sadistic glint in her eyes. She started by taking his nipples between her fingers, nipping and pulling them just as the Red Queen had done to her. Then she opened the claws of the nipple clamp. They were fearsome, highly sprung little objects with metal claws like crocodile teeth. This will hurt, Kim thought.

She let the teeth close on his nipple and watched for the reaction. Tweedledum twisted and squirmed in his bondage. He was probably screaming in agony behind the ball gag but all Kim could hear were muffled squeaks. She repeated the process on the other nipple, the two clamps being connected by a thin chain, which Kim could tug if she wanted to torment him more. A soon as Tweedledum got comfortable with the level of pain Kim would give the chain a sharp little pull. I should be ashamed of my behaviour, she reflected, but I'm not!

Kim turned her attention to the little electrical massaging thing. She knelt down between Tweedledum's legs, took the covers off the little sticky pads and stuck them onto his balls. Then, she switched on the control that went with it. She had never used one of these before, but it was perfectly straightforward; one little button to reduce the current and another to increase it. Kim pushed the 'up' button a few times but was disappointed that there was no response. She pushed it a few more times and was pleased to hear Tweedledum moan and watch him twitch. She pushed the button a few more times. Ha! That's better, she thought, now I've got a reaction. There were muffled shouts of pain through the gag and Tweedledum's rotund little figure jerked up and down in time to the electric current. Kim toyed with him, turning the little device down a little bit to give him some respite, and then up again.

She carried on like this for a while until she left the massager in a throbbing position so that she could turn her attention to Tweedlee. Oh no, she must be fair and give some attention to him. Kim wondered which would be worst, to be punished first or second. She rather thought it would be better to go first. After all, poor Tweedledee had all that time to watch his poor companion being tormented and anticipate the agony that was going to come.

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