tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAdventures of an Office Sub

Adventures of an Office Sub


Oh god I thought, as Mr. Thomas pulled down my tight purple dress to expose my large braless breasts, you see he had told me 10 minutes ago to remove my bra leave it on my desk and meet him in his office. As he roughly slid his hard cock into my mouth, I continued my thinking, how did a smart, intelligent, well educated married lawyer end up on her knees with a 8 inch cock in her mouth that didn't belong to her husband. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately I lost my train of thought as Mr. Thomas slammed his cock deep down my throat causing me to gag. Saliva was dripping down my chin and onto my chest. My eyes began to water and embarrassingly, as they always did, my nipples began to get harder and harder. I blushed as my pussy started to soak my purple lacy thong.

Mr. Thomas was now roughly fucking my mouth his cock getting harder as he grunted. I couldn't help myself as I moaned around his cock as he pinched my sensitive nipples hard giving them a twist.

"ooohhh uuhhhmm mmmmmm." I moaned and mumbled.

"Get ready slut." he said as I felt him tense and his cock twitch and cum soaked my breasts. I moaned and rubbed it in desperate to cum myself, desperate for relief. But none was coming as Mr. Thomas simply told me to pull my dress up and leave.

"But sir can't I clean up first, can't I use your private bathroom?" I pleaded.

He just pointed at the door.

Hanging my head in shame I rushed back to my office hoping no one would see me and the cum seeping through my dress.

Three hours later, I find myself in bed, at home, in a long t-shirt and red panties, my husband reading a book in the living room and instead of reading about the latest merger regulations I am typing out my story. You are probably wondering how this married women with an office in one of the best law firms in Toronto ends up having to hide cum soaked cloths from her generous loving husband.

Well 6 or so years ago, I had a boyfriend who was very dominating and he thought it would be a good idea for me to be able to visit certain websites while I was an intern at this law firm that my father had gotten me a job at during my schooling. When I mentioned that the head of IT was a good friend of my father's, my boyfriend jumped at the chance to humiliate me. So he arranged for me to meet Mr. Thomas after work and we worked out a deal I guess. One where I do anything he asked in turn he would ensure that IT security would allow me to visit adult sites. Before I could say anything my boyfriend had my blouse open and was telling Mr. Thomas to feel my 34D breasts. My nipples instantly harden and I blushed as my body betrayed me.

Six months later, my boyfriend and I were through but Mr. Thomas had me trapped, so even though, 2 years later, I would be married I couldn't tell Mr. Thomas no. He had me, I was his slut.

Which is why, six years later, as I think about tomorrow and work, I don't think about the important meeting I have on a corporate merger, I am thinking how humiliated and aroused I am going to feel dressed in a tight blue dress with my 5 inch high heeled boots.

I walk into my office the next morning wearing the blue dress, my breasts jiggle slightly as I walk since I clearly cant wear a bra, which causes me to blush. My breasts and bum look very sexy as the dress is a size too small, which at the time seemed like a good idea though I did buy it shortly after visiting Mr. Thomas's office. I make a note to not go shopping aroused from now on.

When I turn on my computer I notice there is a message from him, causing me to shudder. Not today I think I have this hugely important meeting. My nipples instantly harden as I read his message.

He has instructions for me, god I think as I read he.. he can't be serious. Reading it again as I think I must have read it wrong the first two times. I jump suddenly as there is a knock on my door.

"Mr. Thomas, ummm hi what are you doing on this floor?" I ask innocently as he shuts the door.

As soon as the door clicks, I plead "please you... you can't make me take off my panties during the meeting pleasee daddy no."

"slut, you will do it or I will tell the partners what kind of sites you visit." he said calmly but menacingly. He adds "and when I enter the boardroom your panties better be in the draw where I told you to put them slut, but I am not a mean man, so if you do this you will get rewarded."

With that he leaves, my office leaving me alone with my thoughts. I can't do this I think, though its already too late, my nipples are hard an I blush as my pussy begins to respond. For a whole hour I am tortured like this becoming more and more aroused thinking about taking my panties off during a very important meeting.

I enter the boardroom at 10:00, there are 4 people from each company and 3 lawyers including me. Luckily it's a big boardroom so there is space between the participants.

As the head lawyer on the file begins the meetings, I sigh and with my hands shaking drop my pen. Taking advantage of being bent over I slide my blue thong down a bit. Looking around nervously to see if anybody noticed, I think I... I can't do this, god I can't. As one of the company presidents stands up to begin his presentation of the merger proposal, the lights are dimmed.

Shuddering I slowly slide my hand under my dress, never taking my eyes off the screen, as the darkness gives me some cover, I slide my thong from under my bum and down my smooth thighs. Dropping my pen again, I slide the thong off my feet and place it in my work bag.

I look around the table and the man next to me smiles, I don't know if he noticed what I was doing but him looking and me and the fact that I was sitting there with my pussy bare causes me to blush and my pussy to spasm. Looking down I noticed that my nipples were rock hard pointing through my tight dress.

As I sat there trying to concentrate, my pussy gets wetter and wetter. So humiliating I think so aroused so desperate to touch myself. Finally, the meeting ends, I wait for everyone else to leave, then walk over to the end of the room and place my thong in a folder in a draw near the audio visual equipment as instructed.

I arrive back in my office, shutting my door, desperate to make myself cum. As I log on to an adult chat website, I receive an IM from Mr. Thomas, all it says is - no cumming, my office at 12:30.

At 12:30 arriving in his office, I shut the door, I shake with excitement, I am hoping he will let me cum. "slut, I am glad you did as I ask." he says holding my panties in his hand. "But how do I know your cunt (I hate that word and he know its) is still bare?" he states. "pull up your dress now slut." normally I would protest, its soo humiliating, but I am sooo hot.

My hands shakes as I pull the hem of my dress slowly up my legs to reveal my bare glistening lips. I start to smile as he walks towards me thinking he is going to touch me, yess pleassee mmmm I moan in my head. Instead he reaches for a box beside me on the table and says, "you will wear what's in the box tomorrow, tell your husband you will be home late and remember no cumming." With those words he points to the door, telling me to go, as I am leaving he says "don't open the box until you get home."

I spend the rest of the day, trying desperately not to touch myself, I am soo aroused without my panties, wondering what's in the box.

I get home trying to pretend everything is ok, I tell Tom that I will be late tomorrow night as we eat dinner. A bit later while he is working in the home office, I head to the bedroom, pulling out the box that I had hid in the closet. I begin to open it, my hands shake and I have goosebumps all over my smooth skin.

In the box, there is a note from Mr. Thomas, it says:

Slut, you will wear exactly what's in the box, nothing else, nothing less, make sure your pussy is smooth and that you have told your husband that you will be late. We are meeting some important friends of mine at after work.


ps remember no cumming.

I shudder as finishing reading the note, we have never been out in public together I think as I start to go through the box.

In it I find: A rose coloured lacy bra and matching thong I shiver at the thought of it on me. The box also contained a very short pick skirt and a sleeveless blouse made from very thin material. I blushed as I realize that everything is a size too small. Finally I pull out a pair of ridiculously high white high heels.

As I crawl into bed, I fall asleep thinking tomorrow is going to be a interesting day.

As usual my husband was already heading to work as I slipped into the shower. I had such a restless sleep, horrible, erotic dreams played in my head all night. My nipples were hard and I knew I was wet as I enter the shower. I couldn't help myself, the thought of my day ahead had me confused and aroused. As I washed my breasts my nipples all hard and slippery, I pointed the shower nozzle towards my pussy I moaned I was getting closer and closer but then I could here daddy's words "no cumming." and with a sigh I replaced the shower head and washed my hair.

My body loved the feeling on the new thong on my skin and I blushed as the skirt was tight and showed off my bum. The top in the right light would allow anybody looking to see my new bra. The shoes, oh the shoes, showed off my legs and bum even more. My mind was screaming to call in sick but my body had other ideas.

Although I received an unusual amount of stares, the day goes by normally, except that I don't hear at all from Mr. Thomas, which just causes my body to become even more aroused almost craving his attention. Every time my phone rings or my computer signals that I have a message my nipples harden and my pussy spasms, it is driving me crazy. Finally, Mr. Thomas calls telling me to meet him downstairs in the front lobby.

I check my make-up, blush at how sluty I look and head down to meet him. When I get there I see that he is with 2 other men who I have never met and there is a limo waiting outside.

Mr. Thomas says "Anna this is Mr. Bergin and Mr. Crosby, the law firm is thinking of using their new security equipment."

"Hi, nice to meet you." I respond shyly and blush as they stare at my large breasts trying to burst through my top.

"Shall we go to dinner? Mr. Crosby states pointing to the limo.

As we get, I am seated in-between Mr. Bergin and Mr. Crosby, Mr. Bergin, is tall about 6'4 and about 200 pounds while Mr. Crosby is ummm well just fat. Mr. Thomas sits facing us in the large limo. With a tap on the rear partition, the car starts moving.

I blush as I notice how high my skirt has ridden up, as Mr. Bergin passes me a glass of Champaign. I start to pull it down looking at Mr. Thomas who just shakes his head.

Leaving my skirt just below my pussy, I drink nearly the entire glass of Champaign, which quickly gets refilled.

My nerves and confused feelings are suddenly interrupted as Mr. Crosby asks "so Anna, Mike (Mr. Thomas's first name) tells us that you are a very good lawyer and your husband is a vice-president of a consulting firm. I must say he is a lucky man." he adds as to my surprise he places a hand on my bare thighs. Mr. Bergin follows him, placing his own hand on my other leg.

I start to push their hands away, saying "please gentleman, I am a married wom..." Mr. Thomas interrupts by saying "Anna you will leave their hands there and let them do you what they want." I look at him in shock, pleading with my eyes. But I don't say anything, instead placing my hands beside me, my face flush with embarrassment and arousal.

I start to get goose bumps all over as they slide their hands slowly up my thighs as they ask me about my work and family. I blush and nearly moan loudly as Mr. Crosby lightly touches my thong clad pussy, while telling me that he knows my father and mother.

Mr. Thomas just watches and smiles at my arousal and embarrassment. "She is quite the sexy slut Mike, you were telling the truth." My Bergin says. Mr. Crosby still lightly caressing my most sensitive part asks "and she will do anything you tell her?"

I blush as they talk about me as if I am not even there. There crude remarks having an effect on my body. "Yes she will Steve (Mr. Crosby's first name), won't you Anna." He responds looking at me. "Anna," he says as the car slows down to turn into the restaurant, " you will remove your bra before we go inside"

I stare at him shaking my head. "Please Mr. Thomas no my top is so thin." I whisper shyly. "Anna you don't want to embarrass me in front of my friends and clients do you?" "Now your bra please, you can leave it on the seat in the limo."

Hanging my head in shame and with 3 pairs of eyes on my I reach under my top and unhook my bra, pulling one arm out then the other I place the lacy undergarment on the seat. I look at my chest my nipples poking through my top.

"That's a good girl." Mr. Thomas says as the driver opens the door. He smiles as he sees my bra on the seat causing me more humiliation.

I blush as the gorgeous blonde hostess seats us in a private booth at the back of the room, my breasts jiggle slightly as I walk unencumbered by my bra. The booth is round and although private faces the restaurant and the path to the washrooms.

Once again I am seated in-between Mr. Bergin and Mr. Crosby. They talk to each other as if I am not there. Mr. Thomas orders more Champaign while Mr. Crosby and Mr. Bergin return there hands to my thighs, moving them towards my wet pussy.

I want to moan as they both touch my thong, just as the waiter comes by with the Champaign. Blushing I hang my head in shame and say I am fine thank you to the waiter's inquiries.

As Mr. Thomas orders appetizers, my legs are spread open by the hands of Mr. Bergin and Mr. Crosby. There fingers massaging my now very wet pussy through my thong, my nipples harden even more as I stifle a moan. People walking by if they look in at just the right spot could clearly see what these two men are doing to me.

After ordering, Mr. Thomas turns to me and says "you like that Anna don't you, you like having two men you hardly know touching your slutty married body." His words cause me to blush and I moan softly. Biting my tongue but the moan escapes. "oohhhhh mmmm."

"Now Anna" Mr. Thomas calmly says "why don't you go to the washroom and remove that thong, you don't need it anymore, in fact leave it on the counter by the sink in the ladies room."

I shake my head no so humiliating I think. "Anna I think you should do what he says" Mr. Bergin adds as he increases the pressure on my pussy.

Nodding my head shyly, Mr. Crosby lets my slide out, brazenly caressing my bum as I slip by. In the washroom, I look at myself in the mirror, my rock hard nipples are clearly visible through my thin top. Sighing I go into the stall and slide my damp thong down my thighs revealing my smooth wet lips. Adjusting my skirt, I head back to the sink, where to my horror is a women applying more make-up, quickly I wash my hands and not looking at her place the thong on the counter, I hear a gasp as I exit and head back to the booth.

My face flush as enter the booth, I notice that our food has arrived, but before I start to eat. Mr. Thomas says "Spread your legs Anna, you must show us you did as we asked." No hands were needed this time, my legs spread automatically as I placed a fork full of calamari in my mouth. Both hands soon find there way to my bare pussy.

The food stifles a moan as I chew. Mr. Thomas just looks at me and smiles while causally eating. I try to remain composed as two men I hardly know caress my pussy. Mr. Crosby slides a thick finger inside my pussy causing me to moan as a couple head to the washroom. I blush as the three men just chuckle. I have now stopped eating, drinking more Champaign and some water as I try to not moan and groan.

Mr. Bergin is now rubbing my clit, while Mr. Crosby slides his thick digit in and out of me. I am so humiliated as the waiter comes by to take our orders, my mouth open, biting my tongue as Mr. Thomas orders for me. I am soo close I think I have not cummed in days.

Mr. Thomas leans across the table and whispers, "you're going to cum aren't you, you little married slut, right here in a public place in front of all these people." With those words, I grip the tablecloth, my back arches, my body stiffens and I cum on their fingers moaning into my napkin. My pussy spasming in a booth at a restaurant.

"oohhhh ugghhhhhh iimmmmmmmm."

The rest of the meal progresses as if nothing happened, well except for the fact that my skirt is hiked up to all most my waist and women keep coming out of the washroom whispering and giggling about the thong on the counter, causing me to feel so humiliated. We talk about the company, our crack smoking mayor and whether the Leafs will make the playoffs. It's not until the cheque arrives that things start to unravel again for me. Mr. Thomas leans over and whispers in my ear "that if you don't want to have to pay for the cheque you better undo 3 buttons on your blouse"

Blushing and pleading he slides me the cheque, which is well over $500, I gulp, hanging my head in shame I start to undo my blouse. The third button brings the opening to well below my nipples which are clearly visible from the side.

I straighten my skirt and we walk through the entire restaurant, I feel so ashamed as people stare and whisper, I hear one women say that I am probably a hooker and another says that those are my panties in the washroom.

My face is beat red by the time we arrive at the limo. The driver gets a good view of my chest as he lets us in. As we start moving I cant help but notice that the partition is open. I am once again between Mr. Crosby and Mr. Bergin who have placed my hands on their crotches as Mr. Thomas says "now Anna please show our guests what kind of girl you are, show them that you a good slut for daddy." I blush at the mention of the name daddy as my hands automatically start to rub their growing cocks through their pants.

Soon I hear the sound of zippers as the driver catches peaks through the rearview mirror. As my hands wraps around two cocks, Mr. Thomas undoes the rest of my top to reveal my large breasts and very hard nipples. I moan softly as he does and start to stroke the two growing cocks faster.

"That's a good girl." Mr. Thomas says, adding "now why don't you show Mr. Crosby what kind of cock sucking whore you are" I feel so humiliated as Mr. Crosby's hand forces my mouth towards his short but very fat cock.

He moans as I wrap my warm wet lips around his very salty cock. The taste causing me to gag, but I don't dare stop. I bob my head up and down licking his shaft as I do.

I moan "hhhmmmm mmmmmmhhhh." around his cock as Mr. Bergin slides 2 fingers roughly inside my pussy.

As he slides his fingers in and out of me I start to suck Mr. Crosby faster and harder. He groans loudly. He pulls out of my mouth and roughly throws me to the floor of the limo.

"Spread your legs slut." barks Mr. Crosby as his fat body pushes my legs far apart, I moan loudly as he slides his fat cock into my wet pussy. My pussy expanding to take his girth.

As Mr. Crosby starts to slide his cock in and out of me, Mr. Bergin, takes his long hard penis and feeds it to me. Forcing it further and further down my throat as Mr. Thomas just watches enjoying a drink and my torment.

I gag and my eyes water as the cock in my mouth is forced all the way in. Mr. Crosby continues to fuck me harder and harder, the bumps and vibrations of the limo only enhance my arousal. My pussy spasms and despite to be fucked by a stranger and gagging on another strangers cock I can tell I am about to cum.

Goosebumps form all over my body as it stiffens, my back arches as my nipples harden even more. I moan loudly around Mr. Bergin's cock as I cum, body shaking.

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