tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 02

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 02


"Wake up Hollywood, we're here!" Chris said.

I awoke from my slumber in the car to see the sign "Welcome to Palm Springs". We'd driven through the night in Chris' Jeep Cherokee to an assignment we got at the last minute. Our assignment this time was to shoot photos for Rhianna's new album. Our location would be the deserts of Palm Springs. And we'd be in a first class resort for what was expected to be a weekend shoot. Neither of us had been here before, so it was bound to be a weekend to remember.

The resort was everything we'd expected, her record company had sprung for first class rooms and everything would be on their tab. Still, it was hard for me to not look at the prices on everything.

It was incredibly hot there, even at 8 AM when we pulled in. We were met by Amy from the record company, who briefed us on what to expect. Rhianna would arrive later that day, she was giving a private concert that night, so our shoot would have to be quick and efficient.

When she did arrive, it was amidst a convoy of jet-black Hummer trucks. Even though I knew she was relatively tall, she looked like a midget compared to the "walking tree trunks" that served as her entourage. Each one was more menacing than the next. I was petrified to look at her, let alone say "hello". The lead guard was named "Junior" and he immediately started barking orders to Chris and I. It seemed like every scrap of equipment we had was analyzed, I would hope for authenticity, and not for "pawn shop value".

Needless to say, the shoot didn't go well. Rhianna was complaining the whole time, the shots didn't look good, Junior tried to take over everything. And we were fighting the clock. When it became clear this assignment wouldn't be good, Chris said "OK, everybody that's it, thank you Rhianna". To which one of her minders sternly told Chris she was never to be addressed by her first name. She was then hustled out of our workspace. And we stood there in silence looking at each other.

"Its days like this," Chris said slowly, his voice rising in volume, "that make me wonder why I ever got in this fuckin' racket!" he then yelled.

"Hey, you didn't know anything like this would happen, I'm just as mad as you!" I said

"Is there anything usable on there?" Chris said as he pointed to my laptop

"Maybe. Look we're here, let's take advantage of this place. We've been working our tails off lately, let's try and salvage this weekend. We'll go to her show tonight-"

Chris immediately interrupted me saying;

"Oh no, we're not that privileged Hollywood!" He said sarcastically

"What do you mean?"

"We're not worthy of this private show of hers, we just get to take the pictures."

"Wonderful!" I said

"I'm about ready to just pack up and go home!" he yelled

"Well, I'm staying." I said firmly.

Chris was silent, clearly thinking about what I said.

"OK, like you said, we're here." Chris said more calmly.

At least the food was good, and the pool area was top-notch. We spent the remainder of the day lazing in the sun, watching bikini-clad girls walk by. We later found out some were with Rhianna's show. And they all seemed to be going to this area of the complex marked "VIP's only". As you'd expect, the entrance was guarded by another walking tree trunk, probably Junior's partner "Senior".

"Well, I guess that's the closest we'll get to her show, right Hollywood?" Chris said.

"Sure looks that way." I said.

As evening fell, we could hear bits of her show around the complex. I was never a hip-hop fan so it all sounded like heavy bass to me. Somehow I got a few hours of sleep. At around 4 AM, I couldn't sleep anymore. It would be another hour or two before the restaurant started breakfast. So I figured I'd take advantage of an empty pool complex.

When I got down there, I noticed the VIP area entrance was open, and not guarded. So being the curious one I had to take a peek inside. It was incredibly quiet, only the sound of water splashing in the pool could be heard. I slowly walked in, all the while checking if any security honcho would toss me out. There were none. The pool was very large and rectangular shaped, probably Olympic-sized. The water was crystal clear. On either side were small cabanas with lounge chairs. And high bushes bordered the whole area.

And there was a solitary figure in the pool, wearing a 1 piece white swimsuit, slowly swimming laps. The figure stopped and looked up through goggles.

It was Rhianna.

"Hi!" she said pleasantly

"Hello," I said with hesitation and a slight wave "I hope I'm not intruding, the door was open and I was curious what this place looked like. It's nice."

She stood up in the water and looked at me a little more closely.

"You're one of the guys from yesterday." She said

"Uh, I'm afraid so. Maybe I should be going-"

"No, no, stay!" she said.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, come on. Stay awhile. You probably don't get to see something like this everyday." she said.


She was right in more ways than one. I didn't get to see something like this every day. Here was one of the biggest stars in music right in front of me, telling me I should stay where I was. Who was I to argue?

She swam over to the edge of the pool and rested her elbows on the sides.

"I'm sooo sorry for yesterday. It was just a crummy day for me. And I took it out on you guys, I know you're just doing your job." She said apologetically.

"Well, we have our bad days too." I said.

"Yeah, but I'm just not like that always. And I guess having those guys didn't help either. Did you see the show last night?"

"No, we weren't allowed."

"What?" she said with a shocked tone.

"Yeah, I guess it wasn't part of the deal we had." I explained.

"Oh, that's terrible! Well, not so terrible, we had a bad show last night. Everything was just so last minute, I'm really sorry!" she said.

"That's OK Rhi-I mean, uh, Ms. Rhianna, I mean, well I-" I stammered.

"It's Rhianna." She said calmly

"OK, Rhianna, I was told we couldn't call you by your name." I said.

"Who told you that?" she asked.

"The guys who were with you yesterday." I said

"Man, those guys go too far, way too far! I'm glad they're gone." She said with a mixture of disgust.

"Gone?" I asked.

"Right, things were just so lousy I sent them home."

"So who's here with you?"

"Amy, from the label." She said.

"Oh, right, we met her yesterday." I answered.

There was a sudden silence between us.

"Maybe we should start over," I said "I'm Jim."

"I'm Rhianna." she said with a laugh.

I crouched down and we shook hands. I couldn't resist getting a look at her tits. They looked beautiful. And her nipples were erect too. Her hair was still rather short and matted down because of the water.

"Are you coming in?" she asked.

"I suppose I should." I replied. I removed my shirt and jumped in the pool. The water was slightly heated but felt great. Rhianna had moved to the pool's edge. She stretched her arms out against the sides, and was clearly watching me. I was doing laps of the pool like her and trying to concentrate on that. I quickly realized how out of shape I was and stopped midway across.

"I guess I won't be on the Olympic team anytime soon!" I said breathlessly.

"I was never that good either, plus it's tough to find a pool like this," She said "I'm a better singer than swimmer."

"And instead of gold medals you've got gold records!" I said like a true showbiz hustler.

We both laughed.

I boldly swam over to where she was.

"Have you ever been to this place before?" I asked

"Once, like a year ago. You?" she replied.

"Never, something tells me this is like Disneyland for grownups." I said.

"Oh, I've been to Disneyland, baby," she said. "I know better places though!"

"Oh, really? Where?" I asked.

"Well...Let's just say they're places the grownups don't go." She said with a sly smile and a wink of her eye. She then touched my nose with her finger.

"Oh, THOSE places!" I said, now realizing where this was going.

She slowly nodded and moved in a little closer to me with that sexy smile of hers.

"You look good in the water." She said.

"Uh, so do you." I replied.

She moved her hands across my shoulders and started to rub them. I slowly moved my hands to her shoulders and did the same. We were both staring into one another's eyes. I could see her nipples were now clearly erect. And my dick was responding to these soft touches. She now moved her hands down to my chest and rubbed it too. With whatever courage I had, I leaned in and softly kissed her cheek, she did the same to mine. I got a little bolder and kissed her softly on the lips.

"What was that for?" she softly asked.

"For you." I said.

"Ooo..nice." she replied.

Her hands were still moving across my shoulders and chest and I realized it was now or never. I slowly placed my hands on her shoulders and worked down the straps of her swimsuit. Her tits were now exposed, they were beautiful black orbs with silver dollar sized nipples. I gasped a little at the sight of them.

"You like them?" she asked softly.

"Yes, uh, very much." I said with some hesitation.

"Go ahead, you can feel them, I like that." She said.

My hands began to caress them, the nipples felt very hard in my fingers. She began to arch her back a little and her breathing became more rapid. I was looking around the pool, making sure nobody was around. It would be just my luck to get caught with one of the biggest music stars in the world like this. Rhianna moved her hands down to the crotch of my suit and could definitely tell my dick was like steel now.

"Can you take it out?" she asked softly.

Thank god for Velcro flies! I pulled the strip aside and could feel the water on my dick. It easily popped out and looked like a mini submarine. Her hand grasped it.

"Wow, it's beautiful." She said.

"Just like you." I said.

That elicited a sly smile from her.

"How many times have you said that?" she asked.

"Just once." I replied.

As she continued to feel my dick, I kissed her more. This was definitely something special to me. As I kissed her neck, she moaned a little and said;

"Baby, let's go up to the cabana. It'll be more private there."

"Good idea." I quickly stuffed my dick back into my suit, she put her straps up and we quickly swam over to the sides. She hopped out of the pool, grabbed a towel for both of us and we went into the small cabana room. She locked the door and drew the shades. The sunlight began to peek through. She quickly started pulling off her swimsuit and I did the same. As my dick popped out again, she smiled widely.

"Wow! It looks even better than I thought!" she exclaimed.

"Uh, so do you!" I said.

Her tits weren't big, just nice sized globes. Her belly was tight and toned and her bush was nicely trimmed. She walked over to me and we kissed more deeply. Her mouth was hot and wet. She went to her knees and kissed my dick on its tip, then looked up at me, stuck her tongue out a little so I could see the tip, and started to lick my dick like a big all-day sucker. When she took it into my mouth I was afraid I'd explode right there. While she blew me, she kept saying;


Like I said, I nearly blew my load then and there. But I wanted to get at her, now!

"I don't want to end this too soon." I said.

I pulled her up and moved her to a nearby chair. She immediately sat down and opened her legs wide and stroked her pussy. It was already soaking wet. I kneeled down and started on my all-day sucker. She was moaning and saying;

"Uhhh..yeah, baby...uhhh-huh...oh god that's good!"

My tongue seemed to have a mind of its own now. I slid it deep into her pussy and let her folds wrap around my tongue. Her love hole seemed tight but tasted so sweet.

"Oh God!! Yes!! Do it baby! Do it! Uhhhhh....yes!!" she screamed.

I could see her push her chest out as her back arched, then collapse in obvious ecstasy. She rubbed my head a little and I looked up from my "lip service".

"Are you-?" I asked and she nodded in approval.

I stood and she slid down the lounge chair opening her legs wide, draping one leg over the side. I climbed on top of her, not sure if this was the best way to fuck her. We kissed deeply and my dick was ready to go. I slid it slowly into Rhianna, she was smiling and moaning the whole time.

"Ohhh...baby...that's it!" she sighed.

I started moving in and out of this Caribbean beauty, she felt so luxurious. I felt like I was fucking a million dollars. I found myself breathing heavily, so did she.

"Uh-huh...yeah...oh..oh..oh," she gasped "Ohhhh yes!" she cried.

I slowed my pace down and slowly fucked her.

"Oh yes...uh-huh..mmmmm..that's it baby" she said softly, her eyes were closed and reacting to my slower pace.

She looked up at me saying;

"When you come..I want you to come on my tits" she whispered.

"Okay." I was in another world, I couldn't believe this was happening to me. But I started fucking her fast again, this really got her going.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Yes! Yes! Ohhhhh yes!!!" she was screaming

"I'm gonna come Rhianna! I'm coming!" I yelled.

I whipped my dick out of her pussy, she grabbed it and jerked it onto her tits.

"Wow! That's it honey! Mmmmm! Nice!" she said smiling that "Rhianna smile".

I was out of breath and could barely say a word. The whole experience was other-worldly.

"Lay down beside me." She said lovingly.

We both lay on the lounge chair as the sun continued to peek through the curtains. We kissed each other softly. We could even hear voices outside. She put her hands to her mouth and looked at me with a smile on her face.

"I hope nobody heard us!" she said with a laugh.

"I hope so too!" I replied.

"Well, I don't care. You were wonderful." She said sweetly.

"Thank you, Ms. Rhianna. So were you!" I replied.

She stood up and put her suit back on, I did the same. She instructed me to leave the cabana first, and then she'd follow. I gave her one more kiss, and couldn't help but feel her ass a little.

"Hey, don't start something we can't finish baby!" she said cautiously. But with a smile on her face.

"Guess I better shut up and drive?" I said.

"You bet, honey." she replied.

I walked out of the cabana and slowly headed to the exit door. I couldn't help but look behind me and notice Rhianna had now exited and looked over her shoulder at me, smiling.

I met up with Chris for breakfast a little later.

"Hey, man where've you been?" He said.

"Just tried out the pool a little, that's all." I replied.

We were both scanning the newspaper when his phone rang.

"Uh oh, it's Amy." Chris said with a sound of dread in his voice.

"Answer it anyway, I would." I said between bites of bacon and eggs.

Chris picked it up, started to apologize, then stopped and listened. He started to smile the longer he was on the phone.

"OK, yes, that'll be perfect, I can be there in an hour, great, thank you!" he said excitedly.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Get your gear, we just got a second chance!" Chris said as he quickly paid the bill and we were out the door.

Rhianna's people had called Chris and arranged another photo shoot. This time it was under our control. She appeared on time, with only a stylist and an assistant accompanying her. She was smiling and laughing the whole time with us. She had great ideas for photos, and was open to all suggestions from us. She even tried her hand at photographing us. We headed out to the desert that afternoon as the sun was setting and Chris rolled off great shot after great shot. She was driven back to the resort by her people while we broke down the gear. Again, Chris' phone rang as we drove back.

"Yes? Uh-huh, OK, great! We'll see you there!" Chris said.

"What now? Off to Hawaii?" I was tired but still had my sense of humor.

"Better, she's invited us to dinner tonight when we get back!" he replied.

We dined in the private dining room of the resort. It was just Me, Chris, Rhianna and Amy, her record company representative. Amy and Chris huddled up for a few minutes discussing future projects while Rhianna told me stories of life on the road, making videos, and secrets about music stars she'd met. Every smile she flashed at me reminded me of what we'd done earlier, especially when she added a little wink at me. When it was time to go, Rhianna said;

"Hey Amy, get a shot of me with Chris and Jim. They really made this whole weekend worth it."

Amy grabbed a camera and readied her shot.

Rhianna moved in close to me and moved her hand under the table to my crotch and began rubbing it. She whispered in my ear;

"Take good care of this baby, I might need it again sometime."

I'm not sure what the expression on my face was as the camera flashed. But when we saw it later on, Chris said it best;

"Geez, man, you could've at least smiled a little. You're with Rhianna, man!"

Oh, if he only knew!

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