tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 04

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 04


By now, Chris and I had seen our share of good photo projects (Paris) and bad (Rhianna, although in the end it worked out OK, but better for me) and now we got one that would fall in between the two. Chris got an assignment to do tour photos for an up and coming female duo called Tigress. They seemed to me like a 2 girl version of the Pussycat Dolls. But compared to these two, the Dolls truly were rocket scientists. When we were introduced to "Candy" and "Mandy" it was like they had just landed on earth and were now learning the language. They seemed to be all giggles and jiggles. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but even "Hollywood Jim" has his limits. The big bonus for us was that their debut shows would be in Las Vegas. And it was on a weekend when the Dolls were headlining in the same place. "What a coincidence." we both thought.

But Vegas is still Vegas, and we were all prepared for a wild weekend. The hotel was the brand new Painted Desert casino, right on the strip.

When our flight landed, we had a long wait for our luggage. Chris was starting to get nervous, as was I. The record company didn't spring for a private jet, so we were at the mercy of the airlines to have our stuff there. My eyes were strangely attracted to an overweight, seemingly plain-looking girl wearing a garish, mismatched pantsuit. Her hair was tightly wound into her floppy hat and she seemed to speak with a thick accent. Her luggage looked well-worn. She turned to see me and then turned away. Looked again, and did the same thing. I breathed a sigh of relief when our gear finally appeared. We gathered up our stuff but my eyes kept focusing on the mystery woman. Whose eyes followed us as we exited the terminal.

Our eyes glazed when we drove down the strip, with the top down on our convertible, tunes blasting, we were ready for action. It was tough for us to resist the urge to do everything in one night. We still had an assignment, paying big bucks too.

Chris spent the better part of the afternoon shooting the girls on the hotel's rooftop. It was one of those great Vegas days, the sun was like an inferno but Chris was getting great shots of the girls, using every photo trick he could think of. Probably so he could avoid doing another session. I was there with my laptop, organizing the photos and doing whatever touchups were needed. When we were finally done, we all nearly ran over each other trying to get inside first.

Their show that night was hysterically bad, at least to me. The audience seemed to be 99% guys who couldn't get tickets to the Dolls show and were stuck with the next best thing. Chris and I took lots of photos and tried not to crack each other up. With the show over, we decided to stow our gear in our rooms, get some dinner and try our luck at the tables.

I headed up to my room and when I popped the door open with my keycard, I noticed an envelope with the hotel's letterhead had been slipped under it. Inside the envelope was another keycard. But this one was jet black (mine was a plain white), with the hotel's logo and room number embossed in gold. The room number was 711 (how appropriate). That's odd, I thought. I called Chris

"Hey, what color is your keycard?"

"White, why?"

"I just found one that's black and gold under the door."

"Man, that's weird. I've never heard of that. Try calling the front desk."

I called down and they said it was a VIP card

"What does that mean? I mean, I know what it means, but well, what does it mean?"

(Man I can sound like an idiot sometimes!)

"Well sir, the way you describe it, this is the keycard for the VIP rooms. They're made differently than the others. And the rooms are on the top floor in the west tower section."

"Well, can you tell whose room this belongs to?"

"I'm sorry sir, that information is strictly confidential, hotel policy."

"I see, OK, thanks."

I was still confused but thought I'd see what this was all about anyway. Hell, it gave me an excuse to explore the hotel further.

I called Chris and told him what I'd learned about the mysterious keycard.

"I'm gonna see what this leads to, so I'll call you."

"OK, we'll meet up later on." he said

I snapped my phone shut and headed for the "west towers" section that was described. The elevators quickly filled up with other tourists and I quickly felt like a sardine in a can. All the while I thought "if Chris is pulling a gag on me I'll bury him in the desert with all those other mob guys." But as the elevator made its slow ascent to the top and others disembarked, I was soon all alone. When the doors opened at the top, I was facing a rather large security guard who sat at a desk outside the elevators.

"Can I help you sir?" he asked with a deep, menacing tone

"I received one of these, I guess the rooms are here, right?"

He examined the card, fed it into a card reader, all the while looking at me suspiciously. The reader beeped, and he handed it back to me.

"Your room is down the hall, enjoy your stay." and he hit a buzzer that opened the thick doors behind him

I walked with trepidation down the silent hallway. Its walls were electric red with electric green carpeting. It was like being the dice on a giant craps table, watching the room numbers until at the end I saw room 711. I was about to knock when I saw a doorbell. This gets nuttier by the second, I thought. So, ring the bell.

A minute later the double doors swung open

"Hey, Hollywood, I knew you'd come!"

It was Paris Hilton.

She quickly hugged me saying

"It's so good to see you baby!"

"Wow, I can't believe it's you!" I said, astonished

She was, as usual, dressed for the occasion. But this was very different. She had on a waist length white fishnet-style shirt that showed a sexy white string bikini underneath. And her hair was a casually styled golden blonde. She led me in to the luxurious suite with her arm wrapped in mine. There were floor to ceiling windows that looked out on all sides of the strip and she raved about everything there. I could see an equally luxurious bedroom with a satin robe draped over it

"You've got to see this honey!" she said and led me out towards one window. I thought for a minute it was wide open and I would get to see the street very quickly. Instead I saw a flight of stairs leading to a small swimming pool and Jacuzzi.

"Can you believe it!" she squealed "This is the best hotel I've ever been in!"

"Better than your own?"

"Much better!" she laughed. She turned and held me in her arms hugging me saying "Oh my God, Jim, it's so good to see you. I'm sorry I never called you back."

"Oh, that's OK. I understand completely."

"Look, we're here let's get things rolling!"

She scampered off to the kitchen and I slowly followed, looking at our surroundings.

"So what are you doing out here?" I asked, my voice echoing throughout the suite.

"I was about to ask you the same thing. I thought you worked only in L.A." she said from the kitchen

"Chris got the gig shooting Tigress' show here."

"Oh, the Pussycat wannabe's huh? How's he doing? He really did a great job on those pictures. I should have my guys call him for some more."

"He'd love the gig."

I was looking around at everything in this palace of a room.

"Man, a guy like me could stay in here forever. I'd be the new Howard Hughes."

"I might beat you to it, Hollywood. The owners are trying to get me to buy a condo here."

"Nice address."

"Nah, it's too far away from everything. I'd miss my family. I get homesick sometimes."

It was then I noticed on a chair a pantsuit. With badly mismatched colors.

"Gee, this looks familiar."


"The clothing here," I held up a part of it

"Oh that! Well, it's a disguise if you must know."

"A disguise? I saw someone wearing this at the airport today."

"Did she talk like theese, darling?" and she slipped into the same accent I'd heard at the airport


"Right, me!" she giggled

"Where did you learn that accent?"

"Would you believe I took acting lessons? One of our housekeepers sounded like her so I use that voice sometimes. It's even funnier when I use it on the phone."

"You are a crafty one Ms. Hilton!"

We both laughed and embraced. Her smile was a mile wide and her eyes looked just as pretty as I remembered them. We kissed and all the feelings from our last time rushed back.

"Just need to get one more thing, go over to the pool." She said.

I walked down the steps to the pool and stood at the balcony. Looking out over the lights of the Vegas strip, the lights seemed to fade into the desert and the stars took over. The desert breeze was hot. From behind me I heard a voice;

"Hey, Hollywood."

Paris had reappeared at the top of the stairs, but this time, the cover-up was gone, she wore only the bikini bottom and was holding a bottle of champagne and two glasses.

"A little bubbly?" she asked

"Why not, it matches your eyes." I said with trepidation

She walked down the steps, her tits jiggled just a little. She handed the bottle for me to open. As I did, she looked at me and slowly pulled the string on her bikini bottom and it fell away, leaving her naked in front of me.

"Gee, if the cork had popped off at the same time, it would've been like in a cartoon." I said with further trepidation.

She giggled in response. I poured a glassful for both of us

"I think I'm a little over dressed right now, I should be like you." I said and started to take off my shirt. Paris responded with the belt on my pants. As she pulled my underwear down, my dick stood at attention.

"Wow, just as I remember it" she said softly as she began to caress it

I raised my glass.

"Here's to you Ms. Paris"

She did the same

"Here's to you Mr. Hollywood" she said with her trademark smile as our glasses clinked.

It was strange being like this, we walked to the balcony railing totally naked, glasses in hand sipping our champagne. The chill we'd experienced in LA was replaced by a warm night breeze from the desert. As Paris sipped her drink she kept caressing my dick. I responded with soft touches of her face. We kissed deeply, her tongue merged with mine. I kissed her neck and she was moaning and whispering;


She broke our embrace, saying;

"Let's try the pool"

And we both jumped in. The pool was lit underwater in different colors and only about 4 feet at its deepest. But it was perfect for us. We splashed about, it was such a turn on to see her naked body twirl itself around in the water. She dived deeply and stuck ass up for me to see. I swept her into my arms and twirled her around in the water. We kissed underwater and felt each other's bodies all the while. But I was through playing, I wanted her. She felt the same. She led me to the shallow end where the water was ankle deep, crouched down and took my dick into her mouth.

"Oh, I've wanted this for sooo long!" she said between licks "so hard, so soft, all at the same time"

I reached for the champagne bottle and poured some on my dick.

"Oooo...sweet!" she said sexily

Her tongue licked its way the entire length of my dick and I found myself breathing heavily, more than in the past. Her hands were now rubbing my shaft as well. She looked up at me as she did this, flashing me that "Paris smile". Between that look, and her mouth actions I wasn't in control of myself. And I could feel an explosion building; one that I wished would've come later rather than sooner.

"Oh, baby I'm gonna come!" I said breathlessly

She took my dick fully into her mouth and I exploded inside. She swallowed every drop as she looked up at me and showed me the tip of her tongue, bathed in my love juice. She swigged champagne from the bottle to wash it all down. Then I swigged a mouthful and let it spill onto her tits. I responded by licking the vintage concoction off them. I even pored some over her head and kissed her deeply, the mix of her tongue and champagne was incredible. We were laughing the whole time, drunk on champagne and one another. But there was still more I wanted to do. I stood her up and moved her over to the steps leading into the pool and sat her down on them. The water was lapping at her legs and I knelt down and began licking her pussy. She gasped and then began moaning in pleasure. I could see her fondling her tits as well. It tasted so sweet and I flicked my tongue along her folds and she responded saying,

"Yes, baby...ohhh..yes.. just like that."

I used my fingers as well. Inserting one, then two and finger-fucked her. She was now moaning more now,

"Oh baby! That's it!" she cried out.

Before finally letting out an orgasmic scream that echoed off the walls and I felt her pussy juice on my fingers I quickly licked it up too. And now I began fondling and sucking her tits as she rubbed her pussy. We kissed deeply once more.

"You taste good." I said

"You do too."

We stood up, Paris was a little weak-kneed as was I. We both fell backwards into the water and let it cool down our passion. If only for a moment. We were embracing tightly in the water. My hands moved down to that cute little ass of hers and slowly fondled it.

"Nice." I said

"Just nice?" she said

"Well, let's see."

She turned around and bent over. I kissed her ass cheeks and gave them a little slap.

"Oooo, have I been a bad girl?"

"No, a very bad girl" and I slapped them again

She giggled in response. Then she walked over to where the champagne bottle, now empty, was. So she walked up the steps to the kitchen, still naked but dripping naked. I stayed in the pool enjoying the view of Ms. Paris' ass as it casually walked around. Then she returned with another bottle of champagne.

"Open this one honey"

I popped open the bottle

"Can I take a swig?" I asked

"Yes, but not too much."

I took a quick swig and then I shook the bottle up. Paris was sitting on the steps to the pool, watching me, but probably concentrating more on my dick as it began to revive itself. When she saw the look on my face, she gave me a mischievous smile and said

"Don't you dare! You naughty little boy!"

I then released a high pressure spray of champagne at her pussy. She screamed with laughter saying, "Wow! Do that again!" So I shook the bottle up harder this time and jolted her with another spray. Again, she screamed and laughed.

"Oh, my God! That is awesome!" she laughed.

I knelt down and licked the champagne off her body, working my way back up to her face and deeply kissing her. The champagne's effects had definitely kicked in. We tried to stand up but between that and our passion we both stumbled back into the pool, still laughing at each other. We somehow made it back to the pool steps and laid down on them. Paris lay beside me as the water rippled around us and we looked out on the night sky.

"It's just like L.A." I said wistfully.

"Mmm...definitely." She replied softly. She moved up and kissed me on my cheek. We smiled at one another. Words were escaping us at this moment. I reached over for the champagne and downed the last few drops. Paris reached up for what appeared to be a beach bag (probably from Gucci or Louis Vuitton) and pulled out a Trojan packet.

"Just in case, honey." She said.

"Just in case" didn't seem too far away. Apparently my "equipment" must've had a flashback to our previous night together, as it suddenly reacted accordingly. Her hand moved down and began massaging my dick in the water. It was rapidly growing again, much to her delight.

"Mmmm...nice...I like that," she said "I think you're ready now, stand up."

I stood and she lovingly stroked it and applied the condom so it was nice and snug.

"Beautiful." She said softly.

She moved to the top edge of the pool and slowly spread her legs fully. I moved in and slid into her. She immediately began to moan.

"Ohhhhh....baby....yes....mmmmmm...honey" she said breathlessly

I began moving in and out of her, the water rippled at our feet as I thrust into her.

"Oh my god....Yes!! Oh, Jim! Do it! Do it baby! Fuck me hard!! Oh my Goddddd!" she began to cry out.

I was holding her by the waist since I knew my hands would slip on the concrete surface, her legs were almost wrapped around mine. In a bold move, I gripped her waist tightly and stood up while still inside her. She gasped at this sudden change in position. Her legs were now tightly wrapped around mine and I held her as tight as I could, gradually thrusting into her again.

"Oh yes! Yes!! Huh-god! Oh fuck yes!" she screamed between gasps of breath.

She began meeting my thrusts with ones of her own. But she was too wrapped up in the feeling of being fucked in this position to respond, what I was doing to her was too much in itself. I now felt my own ecstasy building inside.

"Uhh...baby I'm gonna come! Oh God!! Paris, baby, I'm coming! Uhhhh!" I yelled.

"Yes! Come in me baby! Yes! Come in me! Oh my God!!" she screamed.

I felt an incredible rush as I came. I wanted to just simply collapse but I realized the position I was in and who I was in it with. So I had to try and come down easy. As my orgasm slowed I gradually lowered myself back into the pool with Paris. I think she realized the predicament we were in too. Once we were safely in the water she floated off my dick. And immediately swam up to hug me again.

As she lay there with me she was catching her breath. I helped her stand up, then took her into my arms and out of the pool. The champagne had obviously hit her, in more ways than one. We staggered to a lounge chair on the balcony and we both laid naked on it, she was wrapped in my arms. The desert heat, not to mention our own, had exhausted us and we fell asleep. This was another one of those dream nights that could happen only in Vegas.

It was perhaps a few hours later that I awoke, Paris was still in my arms and we were still naked on the lounge chair. I could feel the sunlight on my body. I gently kissed her on the head and she stirred awake.

"How long have I been asleep?"

"I think a few hours, must be after 7."

"Oh, look how we are." she said with a smile

"Great way to wake up."

"I'd rather be in bed, want to join me?"

"Why not"

"I'm still sticky from the champagne, how about you?"

"Yeah, I've got some on me, more in my head though." I felt a little hung over.

"Well, we'll just have to take care of that won't we?" she said with a sly smile as she took my hand and we went into the bathroom. It was large and brightly lit. A large walk in shower was there along with a Japanese soaking tub. The shower had glass sides and a bench plus numerous soaps and body washes. The stall was large and could easily fit 5 people

She started the water and set the temperature. Then we stepped in. Showering with a girl has always been a turn on for me and this was no different. She got a shower buff, lathered it and began slowly soaping me from head to toe. And paying particular attention to my dick. "Oooooh...very nice" she said with a smile. "Turn around, let me wash your back". And she gave the same treatment there.

"OK, your turn." and she handed the buff to me.

This was a dream but I wanted to kiss her first. I took her face in my hands and kissed her lightly on the cheek and lips

"Good morning, Paris."

"Good morning, Jim." She said with a mega-watt smile.

I began to slowly wash her shoulders and slowly moved down to her tits, caressing and washing at the same time. She arched her back as I did so. Her pussy was next and I not only used the buff but my fingers as well. She was caressing my soapy dick all the while. I turned her around and leaned her up against the wall, she raised her arms for support and thrust her ass out as I soaped it up. I rubbed my soapy body against hers. I slowly worked a finger into her pussy and moved it in and out. Then found her asshole and did the same. She was moaning and cooing all the while. She reached up and got the shower massager and began washing herself and me off.

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