tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 06

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 06


All of the work we'd been doing was starting to pay off. After working in a cramped studio, Chris made a deal for a much larger facility. It would be in, of all places, a former bowling alley. It was 2 stories, built in the late 50's, and even had a private entrance. So we wouldn't have a repeat of the "Paris smuggling" that had been our ticket to the big time. Chris spent the next month supervising the design of the place. We made a nice deal to sell all the bowling gear (but saved one lane's worth for ourselves, how many photographers can boast of an in-studio bowling alley?) and gained a huge new workspace complete with upstairs offices.

As if all this wasn't exciting enough, Chris got a call that sent us in another direction.

"Hey, Hollywood! What've you got planned for next month?"

"Let me check my calendar," I said with a mouthful of bacon cheeseburger and looking at a blank desk "Gee, nothing."

"Remember Chuck Tyler?" he said

"Tyler? Tyler? Oh yeah! He's the cheapskate who wouldn't let us ride to Vegas for the Tigress show."

I was telling the truth. Chuck said there was no room on the private jet to Vegas for us, and THEN claimed the record company switched planes on him when we suddenly noticed the huge Gulfstream jet at the Vegas airport while we were flying home on a packed commercial flight.

"Well, Chucky-boy is making up for it. How'd you like to go to London with Tigress?"

"London! Are you serious?" I yelled

"You bet! Tigress is doing their promotional tour and we get the job of shooting photos for their website and elsewhere."

"We're there, baby!" I yelled out

"Yeah, well I figured since you invaded Paris it was only fair to let you invade London too." He said with a sly grin.

"Hey! Watch it! You're talking about the girl I loved for one night, and one night only!" I replied with an equally sly grin.

We were over the moon.

Tigress' tour would be a whirlwind 3 weeks bouncing around England, Ireland and Scotland. The girls would be doing lots of TV appearances, interviews, photo shoots, etc. And we'd be along for the ride snapping pictures for the record company and their website. The timing of this was perfect, the builders would be at work while we were gone, so we could shut down the old place, head off across the pond, and come back to a new home. Chris had his cousin supervising the construction so we knew things were in good hands when we took off for London.

For a change, Chuck was a man of his word. We had a private jet taking us to the U.K., and we had Tigress along for the ride. It was a long flight from LA and I hate to admit it, but I slept most of the way. I think Chris was busy reconnecting with "Candy" and "Mandy".

Tigress hit London in a big way, there was a huge reception for them when we arrived and we were snapping away. The next few days were a blur. I was hoping I might get to play tourist at some point.

But we had a big appearance to plan for.

Tigress would be performing on England's top music program "Mega Music 360". And it turned out we'd be part of the performance. Chris had the idea of us playing paparazzi on screen while they performed. This would give us even better pictures. Chuck and the girls loved the idea. I just hoped I didn't trip over anything while on camera.

"Mega Music" was England's version of "TRL" and usually featured a rotating group of hosts. But this week it brought in someone else. Hilary Duff.

We arrived at the BBC studios that afternoon for rehearsals. Chris and I followed the girls around, snapping photos here and there. I was loading shots into my laptop when I heard a banging sound from a hallway. I looked around the corner and there she was.

Hilary Duff, looking cool in a red and white striped Nike running suit and sneakers. Only here she was banging a Coke machine with her foot.

"God damn it!" she was yelling.

For someone as short as her, she packed quite a kick.

"Uh, can I help?" I asked

"Stupid fuckin' machine steals my money!" She angrily replied.

"Let me try it." I said

My approach was a little more subtle. I pushed against the machine 'til it leaned back, then let it go. With a heavy thud, it hit the floor.

And 2 Cokes slid out.

We both looked at each other, amazed.

"Simple." I said with a smile and a shrug of my shoulders.

"I guess so!" she replied with an even bigger smile

"I'm Jim, by the way. I'm doing the photos for Tigress."

"Hi, I'm Hilary." She replied shaking my hand.

"Uh, indeed you are. And you're even prettier than I expected." I said nervously

"Oh, thank you!" she laughed

She noticed my camera and laptop on my shoulder.

"Oh! You're one of the paparazzi guys." She said

"Yes, it was my boss, well, my friend's idea." I replied

"How's that work?" she asked

"Long story, but we went to school together, he does the photos, and I do the computer work." I explained

"Where are you from? Certainly not London." She said

"LA, he has a studio out there."

"Which one? Maybe I know it." She asked

"'East Coast Image'." I replied (Clever name, huh? We thought it would be funny)

"I know that one!" she said excitedly "they did those Paris Hilton shots. Those were so cool!"

That girl's name keeps coming up at the strangest times, I thought.

Hilary was called away by the assistants on the show. She walked off with them but over her shoulder said;

"Great meeting you Jim! See you on the show."

And that was it for my meeting with Hilary.

I smiled to myself as she left. Man, she's cute!

"Congratulations to the lucky man." I thought.

The show went great. I had to remind myself not to look at the cameras while they performed and while we took our shots. But I caught myself looking over at Ms. Duff. She had changed into a white shirt and black leather miniskirt combo. Showing lots of leg too. Stiletto heels completed the look.

She was a long way from "Lizzie McGuire" that's for sure!

After the show, Chris and I thought we'd finally had some time off. Not quite, Mega Music always had a big party at the end of each week's show and naturally, Tigress would be there, and us too.

The party was held at a ritzy hotel in London and it felt strange knowing that we were the only photographers who didn't have to shove one another around for the perfect shot. But that's just what happened as a sea of flashbulbs went off as Hilary walked in. She made a point of stopping for the other photographers. Then suddenly pulled Chris and me over.

"Hey guys! I have my own paparazzi with me tonight, so be nice to them!" she said with a laugh. So the photographers from the states had English photographers photographing them. Strange didn't begin to describe it! But the dirty looks we got from them said more!

The party was a blur, Hilary floated around the room talking to everybody connected with the show, telling them how much she loved being there, loved London, wanted to come back again. I kept my mind on my work. Chris, on the other hand, was working the room in his own way. And it was getting a little too claustrophobic for me. So I grabbed a drink and headed out to a nearby courtyard. Just as I'd begun to calm down, my phone rang. It was Chris.

"Hey pal, you can wrap things up if you want to." He said with a cool professional tone.

"Oh, OK. Uh, where are you?" I suddenly wondered why he was calling me if we were practically in the same room.

"In the limo with the girls, say 'hi' girls." He replied with a laugh and a touch of swagger. I then heard Candy and Mandy, plus unknown others yell out;

"Hi, Hollywood!" and then dissolve into giggles.

"You abandoned me AGAIN?" I said, shocked.

"Oh, come on! Have some fun Hollywood! London after dark is supposed to be pretty wild." He replied with a laugh.

"Uh-huh. I'll see you back at the hotel, I hope!" I said.

"Unless my companions have other ideas, yes." Chris replied

Then I heard chanting;

"Hollywood! Hollywood! Hollywood!"

"See 'ya later pal!" and Chris hung up his phone.

I was alone once again in a strange city. I headed inside to collect my gear and figure out my travel plans. Just once I'd like to leave HIM alone in a strange town.

Just then, Hilary appeared.

"Hey! I was wondering where you went! Your partner just left with Tigress."

"Right, I know he just called from his limo." I said

"Oh, do you need a ride somewhere?" she offered.

"Uh, are you sure it's not a problem?" I said, unsure of the offer.

"Nah, come on. I want to get out of here too." And she took my hand and we were off.

Her limo was, well, what else?

A silver Rolls-Royce.

I couldn't believe my luck. I didn't know weather to admire the car. Or my traveling companion.

She hopped into the backseat telling her driver to take us to the Dorchester. She was just as impressed with our transport.

"I've been in limos before, but this is unreal!" she said with a laugh.

"Man, are you ever right Ms. Duff."

"Oh come on! Everybody calls me Hilary! I hate that formal stuff, it's just not me!"

"OK, Ms. Hilary then." I said with a smile

"I like that! Very classy!" she smiled

"Right! Just like you!" I replied.

She gave me a sly smile at my response.

"Yeah, I like that." As she nodded her head and repeated it a little softer now.

I checked my gear, making sure I remembered everything. It all fit in a canvas messenger bag.

"Nice bag, you keep everything there?" she asked

"Uh-huh. Cameras, laptop, you name it."

"Oh! Can I see the photos you took?" she asked eagerly.

"Sure." I reached for one of the cameras.

"No, wait until we get there, you can show me on the laptop." She said.

We arrived at the Dorchester and went up a private elevator to her suite. It was first class, all the way. Elegantly decorated, and fashionably disorganized. Her suitcases were scattered about the room, the bed slightly undone, the shades drawn throughout.

"You can setup over there, I'm just gonna change." Hilary said as she went into the bedroom.

I set up my laptop and began transferring the photos from my camera. Hilary reappeared wearing silk pajama pants and pulling a black t-shirt down over her.

"Oh cool! I love those shots!" she exclaimed as we scrolled through them.

One photo stood out for her. She was leaning against a wall on the sound stage and the shadows gave her a mysterious quality. Her expression had a far away look to it. It was obviously not a posed shot.

"Is that me?" she asked, stunned.

"Yes, I think I had the camera settings wrong and-"

"No! I love it! Oh my God that is so pretty! I've never seen myself like that!" she said.

We looked through several more shots, she was gushing over how great she looked in some of them.

"Wow! You guys are great!" she said with excitement.

"Let's celebrate!" she said as she bounded over to the phone and called room service.

I couldn't help but notice she didn't seem to be wearing a bra as her tits bounced along with every move. And they looked amazing.

The more she looked at my photos, the happier she got.

"I wish all my pictures looked this good," She continued complimenting me "Can we try some here?"

"Now?" I asked

"Sure!" she replied.

"Uh, OK why not?" I said

"Great! Let me put something else on, I'll be right back!" and she took off for the bedroom.

I was a little overwhelmed at how quickly things had happened. But I dutifully setup my camera again.

"OK, how's this?" she asked warily

My eyes bugged out and I was breathless for a moment.

Hilary had changed into a black satin camisole. Her golden blonde hair stood out and her curves were even more accented. She turned around a few times for my approval.

"What do you think?" she asked

"I like it, very, uh,.." I replied hesitantly, trying to be diplomatic.

"Sexy?" she asked with a smile.

I could only nod my head in response

"Good! I just bought some stuff and I've been dying to see what somebody thinks." She said confidently.

"Uh, let's take some pictures." I had now regained my professional attitude.

Hilary posed looking into the mirror with a sweet smile, then in a chair with her legs up on a table. She moved onto the king size bed and propped herself up on her elbow, now with a look of seduction on her face. I was snapping away all the while.

"Let me put on something else!" and she went back into a dressing area.

I was blown away again.

Now she had on a white silk robe. When she untied it, there was a white satin bra and panties combo with matching silk stockings and a garter belt. Her belly was perfectly toned and her tits were lifted slightly by the bra's underwire.

"Nice!" I thought.

We snapped more photos and now she showed off her ass to me in them.

Just then, the room bell rang and her order had arrived. She quickly tied up the robe and headed for the door.

We sat and munched on nachos. She was looking at me with those sexy eyes of hers.

"So, you like taking pictures, huh?" she asked.

"Well, yes, yes I do." I replied "I'm better at it than I thought. Chris is a great teacher."

"You do a good job," She said slowly "it's not everyday I let somebody take photos like those you know."

"I'm honored." I said

"OK, let's do a few more. I'll be right back." And she left for her dressing area again.

Could this get even better? Is there more lingerie for me to see? Nah, no way!

"OK, what do you think?"

I turned around and she had on a silver satin robe.

"Looks good." I said

"How about now?" she said softly as she opened the robe and was completely naked underneath. Her tits were beautiful C cup size with small pink nipples. Her pussy was a neatly trimmed shade of blonde. Just enough to show she was a real girl and not some fake stick figure model.

"W-w-wow." I croaked out.

"Just wow?" she asked

I was beyond speechless at this moment. She didn't look at all like the sweet characters she played on screen. She was a real woman, and a beautiful one at that!

I still was at a loss for words.

"I'm, I'm not sure what I should say." I said hesitantly.

She walked over, wrapped me in her arms, and softly kissed me on the cheek.

"Say you'll make love to me." She whispered softly in my ear.

I returned the kiss as my arms went around her waist. Our kisses were deeper now.

She began to tug at my shirt and it was quickly removed.

"I want to see you naked now." She said with a smile.

It felt strange being on the other side of things in this situation, disrobing for a girl instead of the other way around. I was the nervous one here, but I complied.

When my underwear dropped, she smiled when she saw my dick.

"Oh, nice!" she said happily.

It hadn't reached full staff yet, but when she dropped her robe and held me, that quickly changed. We kissed deeply, our tongues intertwining. My hands felt her ass. Her hands were wrapped around my dick.

"You feel nice..." she said softly.

"So do you." I replied just as softly.

My hands went to her tits as I felt and caressed them. Hilary breathed in slightly as she felt my hands on her. Her nipples were erect now.

"Uhhh...yes...that feels so good." Her eyes were closed and her head thrown back as I kissed her neck. I was in awe of just how good she felt. She was this sweet, wholesome girl next door. And I was the one with her now.

She turned around and sat me down on the bed, then slowly moved her hands down my chest.

"I want to make you feel good. I hope I do this right." She said with hesitation.

"You've never-?" I asked.

"Well, I've had sex but I never really did, well, this." And she pointed to my dick, now fully erect.

"Oh, I see." I replied

"I tried it a couple of times but I don't think I did it right." She said with uncertainty.

She caressed my dick and then started to lick the tip.

"You don't have to do it if you don't want to." I said calmly

"No, let me try it. I always hear about how guys love this." She said confidently now.

Her mouth now began to swallow my manhood, and I could see she was gagging somewhat. Her tongue went up and down the length of it. She kissed my balls too. That felt good.

"I guess I'll get better the more I do it?" she asked with a smile.

"You're fine now. Let me make you feel good." I said.

"OK." She said.

We exchanged places and I opened her legs. Her pussy hair was a golden blonde.

"I'll be gentle." I said reassuringly.

"OK." She'd tensed up a little but I gently touched her pussy lips and rubbed her outer folds. I could hear her moaning a little.

I gently kissed her pussy and could tell it was getting wetter by the second.

"Oh baby, oh my god, that feels so good." She sighed.

I licked her even more now, and found her clit and gently kissed that too. She suddenly gasped as my tongue worked its way in and around her love nest.

"Oh god! Oh god! Yes! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Yes!" she cried out "Uh-huh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhh Goddddd!" she cried out in ecstasy, I think I'd just struck orgasm.

I slowed down and gently kissed her pussy again. I felt her hands on my head and I stood up and joined her on the bed.

We sat up on our knees kissing and feeling one another.

I loved looking at her body, it was so, so fuckable.

She still had that "Hilary smile" the whole time. I could see that as nervous as she might've been, she felt she was (excuse the pun) "in good hands".

I was caressing her tits softly. Her nipples were erect and my fingertips made her giggle slightly. She must be ticklish there. I wanted to kiss and suck her tits so badly. I moved my head down and eagerly began to suck on her tits, flicking my tongue over them.

My hands went down to her pussy, it was still soft and wet. She leaned against my shoulder. Her breathing was more rapid now.

"Oh yes, oh yes, uh-huh, uh-huh, oh god, oh fuck, yes..." she was close to the edge now.

I continued rubbing her pussy.

"Oh god yes, Oh god, oh god, oh God!" and she buried her face in my chest as she moaned deeply.

I moved my hands back up and held her close to me.

She looked up at me, smiling.

"My God, that was so awesome!" she said.

"I loved making you feel good." I replied.

"Let's make each other feel good" She said "lean back."

She got off the bed and went into the bathroom, coming back with a small metal case. Inside were a few condoms.

"I guess you're ready for anything." I said.

"So are you." she said pointing at my dick.

She put the condom on me and then climbed on top, slowly lowering herself onto me. She inhaled deeply, then slowly threw her head back and let out a deep;


She began rocking herself back and forth on me.

"Uh, uh, uh, yeah!"

I loved it. I was watching this TV and movie star's gorgeous tits rock as well. She was smiling all the time.

"Oh this is so good!" she said in between gasps and moans.

I was largely silent but I was in ecstasy as well. And I was watching her intently.

I pulled her over and switched to missionary position. She was into me even more since she could lay back and I was doing all the work now. We were on an ultra-soft bed as I fucked her. Her eyes were semi-closed and her breathing was even heavier.

"Oh god, Oh my god, Huh-yeah! Huh-yeah! Fuck me! Oh God!" she cried out.

I was ramming into her now as she screamed in ecstasy.

I exploded into her with a heavy "Uh!" from me.

"Oh yeah!" she screamed.

I slowed myself down and collapsed onto her.

We both looked into one another's eyes, and smiled.

"That was beautiful," She said breathlessly "just like I wished it would be."

I rolled off her and we held one another close.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, I always wanted to dress up in something really sexy for someone special," She explained "and you were that someone special."

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