tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 13

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 13


Bridget Marquardt and I slowly regained our strength. The cool air of the bungalow made it easier. I rolled over and looked at her lying there, naked as I was.

"I forgot how good that felt." She said with a smile as she looked at me.

"Me too." I replied.

Bridget sat up and stretched her arms out, her tits still looked so inviting. But my dick needed time to recharge.

"So what are you guys doing tonight?" she asked.

"Uh, I don't know, I'm pretty much letting Chris plan everything. This is as close to a vacation as we've gotten." I said.

"Well, I'm going to the Playboy Club tonight, you should come too."

"Wow, that would be incredible!" I said with excitement.

"Cool! I'll call you later on and we can go together." She said smiling.

Just then, there was a knock on her door.

She got up and looked in the peephole, then opened the door slightly.

"Hi, come on in." she said

I tried grabbing for my clothes, but Bridget reassured me;

"It's OK, it's only Laura. She's cool with everything."

A raven haired beauty walked in wearing a black bikini that matched her hair. She had gorgeous tits, not as big as Bridget's but nice nonetheless.

I was still feeling very self-conscious.

"Don't be nervous, honey." Bridget said.

"Hi, I'm Laura Croft." She said in a low breathy voice .

"Uh, yes, uh I'm Jim." I nervously said.

"We were a little busy." Bridget giggled, still naked.

"Looks like it!" Laura said the same way.

"Laura's a Playmate, Jim." Bridget said.

"July 2008." Laura added.

"Oh, I see!" I said

"I see too." Laura quickly responded looking at my dick.

Bridget and Laura both laughed at my current state, it was embarrassing, but also intriguing. Bridget sat down beside me and held me close as we all laughed at the great double entendre Laura had said.

"Jim's a lot of fun, aren't you baby?" Bridget said looking at me.

"Well, uh, I'm not gonna disagree with someone as pretty as you. Or you, Miss Croft." I responded nervously.

"I'll have to find out sometime." Laura said.

Bridget giggled some more.

"You will." She said.

"I've gotta get ready, nice meeting you Jim." Laura said as she went into the next room.

Bridget had a mischievous smile as Laura went into the next room.

"I've got an idea." She said as she went into the next room, still naked.

She emerged a minute later and beckoned me in with her finger. I had my clothes in hand but she told me to leave it there.

I could hear water running in the bathroom, it seemed Laura was showering.

"Hey Laura.." Bridget said.


"Look out here." Bridget said.

Laura stuck her head out from behind the curtain, and could see us naked together.

"Laura, This is Jim... we just fucked." She giggled as she held me close to her with my dick in her hand.

My eyes were closed, I was so embarrassed.

Laura was looking straight at my dick, now growing in size.

"I'll bet! Looks nice!" she said. "We'll have to do something about that." She giggled.

Bridget took me back out, still laughing.

"So I'll call you in like an hour." She said before giving me a kiss goodbye.

"OK, I'll see you then." I said, still in shock and awe at what just happened.

An hour later, my room phone rang.

"Hey baby!" Bridget said excitedly.

"Well, hey you." I replied.

"Come up to my room and we'll go to the club from there. Bring your partner too." She said

"OK, I'm on my way."

Chris was excited to say the least. We were going somewhere truly legendary. I think he was more intimidated by the fact our guide would be Bridget. She looked so sexy in a vintage white mini-skirt, complete with go-go boots.

We were whisked up the elevator to the top and when the doors opened, I think we both gasped at what was before us. It was looked so sophisticated, icy blue lighting swirled around the ceilings. The lights of Las Vegas were spread out before us. It looked like a million little Christmas lights. Framed Playboy covers were on the walls, a giant painting of Hef over the bar area. Lots of gambling was going on. Everyone cheered at Bridget's sudden appearance. She had security people escort us to a private dining area where our own waiter took drink and food orders as we sat down. Chris and I both looked at each other, amazed at where we were.

Our time there was a blur of drinks, laughter and occasional trips to the blackjack table, where gorgeous bunny girls dealt a few winning hands to us. Bridget stayed close to me the entire time, holding my arm and giving me occasional kisses for luck. She looked so stunning.

As if the night couldn't get any better, Laura Croft showed up and the whole cycle started again as the drinks and laughs flowed freely. Whereas Bridget's voice had an unending perkiness to it, Laura's had a sultry feel to it. I'm not sure who I had more of an attraction to, Bridget or Laura. While Bridget looked hot in her miniskirt combo, Laura had on black leather pants and a white spangled tank top that glittered under the club lights.

Meanwhile, Chris had turned his attentions to a pretty model he met at the bar, then he pulled me aside;

"Hey, what are your plans?" he asked.

"Plans, in this place? I'm still trying to get over the fact I'm here!" I said.

"OK, that's what I thought you'd say. I think I'm gonna stick around with her and see what happens." He said pointing to the girl he'd met.

"Go for it, pal!" I said encouragingly.

"Hey, I think you better got for it too." He replied looking over at Bridget and Laura.

I smiled, I could tell he was envious, but glad things were working out so well for me.

"OK, thanks man. Call me if you need me." I said.

"Go for it 'Hollywood'." He said smiling and tapping his fist with mine.

And then he disappeared into the crowd with his latest find.

"Hey 'Hollywood'!" I heard Laura call.

Bridget was doubled over with laughter.

"Oh, so you told her my secret, huh?" I said.

"Come here you!" Bridget said laughing.

I was in between these two beauties as we laughed and drank some more. I forgot that Laura had an affection for Corona beer, just like me. So we were knocking bottles back right and left.

I excused myself to head for the bathroom. When I stood up from the table, I felt wobbly due to the beer.

After "unloading my tank", as it were, I splashed water on my face and looked at myself in the mirror.

"Wow, this is really happening." I said to myself. "I'm really here."

As I walked out I didn't get far, Laura was outside the door in a dim corner of the hallway. She stood by a bank of vintage phone booths. She looked at me with a come hither look on her face and a beckoning finger.

I walked over and she immediately pulled me close to her.

"Bridget told me all about you..." she said in that sultry voice as her hands wandered my chest and down to my crotch.

"She did?" I said, stunned at how quickly things happened

"Uh-huh...and I want to see what you're all about." she said in my ear.

Laura's hand went for the zipper on my pants and I could feel it slide down and her hand go inside as her eyes were fixed on mine.

"Uh, Ms. Croft..." I stammered

"Laura." She corrected.

"Laura, uh, I don't think we should be doing this..." I continued.

"Alone?" she said with a sexy smile.

"Uh, well..." suddenly realizing what she was implying, then jolting back to reality, as it were. "Uh, no! Uh, here." I finally said.

"You're right." She said.

And she immediately pulled me through the door into the ladies room.

"Wait a minute!" I said, still trying to make sense of what was happening. I looked around and prayed there was no one else here.

Laura pushed me into a stall and quickly got at my belt and zipper. I was too stunned to react accordingly. My hands didn't go anywhere, I probably should've tried to restrain her but she moved too fast for me. My dick was already out and she was holding it lovingly.

"Oh, yes, she was right." Laura said with a smile.

But strangely, she made no move towards doing anything. She held and caressed it. Like she just wanted to "check out the merchandise" as it were.

Whatever her intentions, I was getting more excited the longer she held me and the longer we were here.

Laura giggled at what she'd started.

"I like what I'm seeing." She said in that sultry voice.

"I..I..I like what I'm seeing too." I stammered as I looked at her tits.

"Well, go ahead, do what you want." She said in that sultry voice of hers.

I gingerly placed my hands on them and she breathed in slightly, then leaned in and kissed her. Her lips felt so soft, and her tongue slowly met mine. My hands went to her leather covered ass and gave it a smack. She giggled at the feel of it. I was just about to lift her shirt up when our rendezvous was suddenly interrupted by someone coming in. We froze where we were, trying not to laugh at our predicament, or let our presence be discovered. And I was hoping no one would notice four feet in one stall.

Once the person left, we nervously laughed and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Maybe we should do this somewhere else, we've got lots of time." Laura said.

"I agree." I replied.

'Lots of time?' I suddenly thought

Laura cautiously looked out the door and motioned for me to follow.

We went back to our table, Bridget had ordered another round of drinks and was chatting to some other people.

"Hey! Where'd you go?" she asked.

"Oh, well, uh..." I was at a loss for words.

"I was showing him one of the back rooms." Laura quickly replied.

She then leaned in and whispered something in Bridget's ear. Bridget gasped and covered her mouth, then looked at me. I was trying not to look embarrassed by all this. It's not every day you get pulled into a bathroom stall by a Playmate, with another one waiting for you outside. But it's still a weird feeling.

"You naughty boy!" Bridget said laughing and waving her finger at me sternly.

I was still in between Bridget and Laura at the table as another round of drinks arrived, Corona had been replaced by champagne.

"Laura, did I ever tell you how I met Jim?" Bridget asked

"No, tell me." Laura replied.

Bridget started to tell her how I'd saved her on that rainy day. And under the table, I felt her hand move towards my crotch, then over my zipper, then pulling down my zipper and feeling around inside. I was understandably nervous, but also could tell she was ad-libbing certain details of the story;

"And then I reached into his pants..." she said as I felt my dick emerge from my pants.

"I felt his dick...it was so nice." She continued.

"Really, Bridget? What did it look like?" Laura asked, she was clearly in on the game she was playing with me.

"Well, it wasn't too big, wasn't too small. It was just right." Bridget said.

"Maybe I should check it out." Laura said as she replaced Bridget's hand and began stroking my dick under the table.

"Oh, you're right babe. It's just right." She said smiling at me.

I didn't know what to do at this point. People were passing by the table, and Bridget would say hello, or wave at them with her free hand. At one point, George Maloof, the owner of the Palms came by. Bridget introduced us and I tried to act normal as she and Laura jerked me under the table.

"Great pleasure, Mr. Maloof." I said shaking his hand and trying to sound normal and not trying to stand up.

"Please, call me George." He replied.

"George, great to meet you. I've kinda got my hands full at the moment." I said sheepishly.

"Yes, I see. Have fun Jim." He said as he walked away.

This had gone on long enough.

"OK, that's it ladies!" I said firmly. "I think...I think...we need to take this somewhere else!"

They were both giggling like schoolgirls at my predicament as I tried to regain my composure.

"I think I know where we can go." Bridget said between laughs.

"I do too." Laura said.

And the three of us left the Playboy Club at the Palms.

Where we were going now I did not know.

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