tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 14

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 14


I was trying not to look embarrassed as I followed Bridget and Laura out of the Palms Playboy Club. They were giggling the entire time at what they'd done to me under the table there. Bridget took us to the private elevator reserved for VIP's and we started down. As soon as the doors closed they were all over me again, rubbing my pants and giggling. I had this vision of security cameras somehow catching all this. Sure it was nice and all, but hey, even "Hollywood Jim" has some sense of discretion.

"So where are we going?" I asked hesitantly as these 2 Playboy girls were flirting with me.

"Back to my room." Bridget said "we can have some fun there, right Laura?"

"Uh-huh." She replied.

"Somehow that's what I thought we'd be doing...going to your room, I mean." I said, still unsure what was going on.

Bridget and Laura had me arm in arm as we walked down the hallway to her suite. They were both smiling.

Bridget slid the keycard in and the door unlocked.

"Ready, baby?" she asked with that "Bridget smile".

"I sure hope so!" I said.

"Good." She replied

She opened the door to a luxurious Palms Studio Suite, perfect for a Playboy girl. Make that 2 Playboy girls. It had a high tech look to it. Clean, efficient surfaces throughout, plasma TV on the wall, a sectional couch next to a king size bed. The window looked out onto the Vegas strip. Bridget and Laura dropped their little purses on a side table. Bridget went to the bar area and got 3 more beers. Laura stayed close to me, her arm wrapped around mine, like she didn't want me to get away from her. Bridget brought back the beers, we each took a long sip of ours. Then Bridget leaned in and kissed me, Laura did the same and we were all kissing one another. My hands went for Bridget's tits. Laura went for my jeans, unbuckling them and then pulling them down, exposing my dick.

"Oh yeah! You were right Bridget!" she said as she got a good look at my now erect dick.

Bridget and I were kissing deeply and her tits felt so good.

"Go ahead and suck him, Laura, he's sooo good!" she said with a smile.

Laura Croft immediately started caressing and jerking my dick. Then slid it into her mouth.

Laura looked so hot blowing me, and Bridget was kissing my neck while my hands felt her ass. I reached under her mini skirt and tried to get at her panties.

"Why don't we all get more comfortable." Bridget said.

Laura released my dick and stood up, I pulled her to me and kissed her. She had immensely hot lips and we stood kissing for several seconds.

"Hey! No fair!" Bridget said with a giggle. "I want him too!"

We all laughed and Laura took my hand to the bed.

"Let's see, how should we do this, Jim?" Bridget thought out loud.

"You're asking me?" I said as Laura held my dick in her hands and caressed it.

"I think we should all just take our clothes off and look at each other." Laura said in that sultry voice of hers. "I want to see what this one looks like." She said looking into my eyes.

"Oh, good idea." Bridget said. "Jim, you start."

"Me?" I said incredulously.

"Yes, you!" they both said.

Here I was, being asked to get naked by 2 Playboy girls, one a Playmate, and the other a "Girl Next Door".

"Well, I guess I'm outvoted here." And I disrobed, to their eager eyes.

When I stood before them naked they were both smiling lustfully.

"Now you get naked Laura." I said.

"Thought you'd never ask." She said, and she pulled off her glittered top, revealing her round C cup tits with tiny nipples. Then she unsnapped her leather pants and slid them down, revealing a perfectly smooth pussy. She did a few poses showing off her body.

"Come here." I said to her.

She came over and held me close again, we kissed and my hands felt her ultra-smooth, toned body. Her ass had a perfect curve to it, she moaned slightly as I touched her.

"Your turn Bridget." I said as Laura's head was on my shoulder.

Bridget unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor, leaving her in just her go-go boots. Her huge tits looked yummy as did her ultra smooth pussy.

She came over to me and we all kissed one another again, my hands were on their tight asses, their hands on my hard dick. I turned to Bridget and my hands were on her gorgeous tits, my dick was like steel rubbing up against her pussy. Laura was caressing my back and my ass.

"Nice ass baby." She said with a laugh.

"Isn't he fine?" Bridget said with a giggle.

"Uh-huh." She replied.

"This is fine too." Bridget said as she held my dick.

"Lay on the bed baby." She directed

I did as I was told, and Bridget's mouth immediately went for my dick. Laura was close by and the two went back and forth sucking on my dick. It was heaven seeing these 2 girls I'd only seen in magazines trading licks and sucks with one another. Both were smiling at the pleasure they knew they were giving me. I was still trying to tell myself this was really happening, I was in a Las Vegas hotel suite, and 2 Playboy girls were devoting all their attentions to me.

I was for the time being, the luckiest man in the world.

"How does that feel 'Mr. Hollywood'?" Bridget said with a giggle, Laura laughed too.

And I had a goofy nickname as my calling card.

"Oh...I can't find the words." I said. I wasn't lying.

Bridget and Laura continued their lip service on me.

"Hey you..." I said to Bridget. "Come up here."

Bridget moved off my dick and sensuously kissed me. I caressed her tits that were so close to me.

"It's my turn." I said softly. "Swing your leg over me, baby."

Bridget swung her legs over my face and lowered her hot pussy to my lips. My tongue worked its way into her, and she moaned with pleasure. Laura was still licking and sucking my dick, but I could see she was interested in what I was doing. Bridget was moaning louder now, and her pussy tasted ever so sweet.

I felt Laura come off my dick and say;

"My turn, I want some." in that sultry voice of hers.

Laura crawled up to where Bridget and I were. Bridget smiled and they kissed one another. Bridget slowly removed herself from my mouth and Laura took her place. Laura tasted even better, her pussy was already wet and my tongue got her reacting the same way Bridget did. Laura was more vocal though.

"Oh yes...oh god...oh that's sooo good." She said.

Bridget was lying next to me, propped up on her elbow, watching all this and smiling. She leaned in and kissed my forehead as I licked the lovely Laura.

"Oh my god this is so great!" she said.

"I told you!" Bridget giggled.

Laura began breathing heavily, words were not coming out, then her hips thrust forward and she let out a long, slow "Ohhhhhhhhyyyyessssss!" and I knew she'd climaxed. She and Bridget were giggling now uncontrollably. Laura was lying beside me, running her fingers through her jet black hair, looking totally spent. Her eyes were fixed on me. Bridget kissed me again and looked over at my dick, now pointing straight up.

"Oh my god Laura, look at his dick!" she said with wonder.

Laura was laughing, she knew things were only gonna get wilder. And she had a look on her face that said she wanted more, but wondered if she had the energy. She knew I did!

"You do him first Bridge, I wanna watch." Said Laura.

"OK." Bridget said with anticipation.

I sat up and Bridget got on her back and spread her legs wide. I positioned myself at that gorgeous smooth pussy of hers and slid right in. Bridget didn't gasp or anything, she closed her eyes and her mouth let out a cry of pleasure. I slowly began to fuck her, she felt so hot as my dick went on and out of her. Bridget had a look of pure joy on her face, she was smiling and laughing as I fucked her. I could see Laura was enjoying it too, her hand was rubbing her pussy and she was talking softly, I couldn't tell what she was saying, but her lips were moving.

"Oh yeah! Fuck me Jim! Fuck me!" Bridget yelled out.

I could finally make out what Laura was saying;

"Yeah...fuck her...fuck her baby...fuck her..." she said as her hand rubbed and now fingered her pussy.

I slowed down with Bridget and she could tell what I wanted to do.

Laura moved into position with a look of uncertainty on her face. Bridget leaned over to her left and lay next to Laura as she watched my dick slide into her.

"You're gonna love this..." she whispered with confidence.

"Uh-huh" Laura responded.

Laura's pussy was just as wet as Bridget's but tighter. And Laura looked at me with lust in her eyes. I was feeling so good at this moment, now it was my eyes that were closed with little sound coming out. Bridget was rubbing herself the way Laura did but I could clearly hear her words of encouragement.

"Oh fuck her Jim! Fuck her good!" she said with pleasure.

"Oh god....oh my god...baby fuck meeee!" Laura cried out. "Oh god...oh god...do it baby...do it!" she yelled.

I was pounding into Laura now, she was screaming out. Bridget had taken a pillow and was sitting on it, rocking back and forth. Her tits heaving up and down as she pretended I was fucking her. Laura's tits were swaying back and forth with every stroke into her. I pulled out and motioned with my hand for her to turn over, she did and raised her ass up proudly, it looked so pretty. I re-entered her and fucked her doggie style. Oh, was she hot!

"Get up here." I said to Bridget.

She sat up and held herself close to me as I pounded Laura. Bridget and I kissed with our tongues flicking around one another.

"You like that, Bridget, huh?" I said with an edge in my voice.

"Oh yeah...fuck her ass baby!" she said with a breathy tone.

"Oh my god! He feels wonderful!!!" Laura yelled out with joy.

"You like me fucking you Laura, huh? You like that baby?" I said with a menacing tone.

"Oh yes, you're fucking me so good!" she cried.

"Like watching your friend get fucked Bridget?" I said in the same way.

"Yeah, fuck her good!" she said with a laugh.

I pulled Laura up and kissed her neck, she was gasping with pleasure as I held her close and pounded into her. Bridget came up and held us all as she kissed me.

We were merging as one right now.

And one of us was about to explode.

"I'm gonna come baby!" I said quickly. "I wanna come on your tits!"

I pulled out of Laura and she spun around and thrust her tits out. Bridget did the same and they watched me jerk my dick.

I exploded onto their tits as they screamed with pleasure.

"Oh wow!" Bridget said as my cum flew on her tits.

"Oh my god! All over me!" Laura said with a laugh.

I fell backwards onto the bed and the girls immediately curled up on ether side of me. I was trying to catch my breath. I'd just had every issue of Playboy visualized in front of me. The magazine had come to life.

And I was exhausted.

Bridget and Laura were lying on my chest, and each had a beaming smile.

"See why he's 'Mr. Hollywood'" Bridget said with a giggle.

"Oh yeah...oh yeah." Laura replied, her eyes fluttering.

We were soon asleep in each other's arms.

I'm not sure what time it was, but I awoke with a need to "empty my tank" again. The booze we'd had was now getting its revenge on me and I felt hung over, but still wondered if the previous night really happened. I slowly pulled myself up and looked around.

Yep, it had happened alright.

Bridget was naked and sound asleep. Laura the same but had turned over, her back to me. She felt my movement and turned to look at me, she smiled. I carefully raised myself off the bed and headed for the bathroom. Laura followed me.

As I stood over the toilet, she came up beside me.

"Let me give you a hand." She said with that sultry voice of hers.

She held my dick as I, well, you get the idea.

"You have a very kinky mind Ms. Croft." I said with a raspy voice that only a night of Coronas, sex and who knows what else will give you.

"And you have a very nice dick." She smiled as my tank was emptied.

I finished and then turned to splash water on my face. Laura held me close from behind.

"Mmmm...that was sooo nice what we did. I really needed that. Bridget is such a sweetheart." She said.

"Yes, she is." I said as I turned around and we held one another. She felt so hot. I couldn't resist kissing her. She responded the same way.

"You are one cool guy, Jim." She said sweetly.

"Well, so are you." I said smiling.

We kissed again, my dick was responding to the feel of her warm, soft body.

"Um, I have to..." Laura said.

"Oh, right." And I left the bathroom.

Bridget was slowly waking up.

"Hey, baby. Good morning." She said.

"Hey, good morning to you too." I said as I kissed her.

Laura came out of the bathroom and we all lay on the bed.

"Let's get some breakfast, what time is it?" Laura said.

"Um, like 9:30." I said as I put on my (replica) Rolex watch.

"Oh! I've gotta get going! I'm supposed to be at the Expo this morning." Laura quickly started to gather her clothes up and dress.

"I've got my other stuff in my room." Laura came over and lovingly kissed me. "I'll see you later on Bridget?"

"Right, I'll be there in the afternoon." She said.

Laura quietly walked out the door, leaving Bridget and me.

"So what are your plans?" she asked me as she lay on her stomach, her head in her hands, looking up at me.

"Not sure, let me see what Chris is doing." I reached over and found my phone.

Luckily his phone was on. He'd definitely hooked up with the girl he met at the club. He was feeling hung over too, so he planned to stay in his room for awhile, then sit by the pool.

"OK, maybe I'll see you there later on." I said.

I heard a pause on his end.

"You're with Bridget aren't you?" He said.

"Uh, yes." I said hesitantly.

Another pause on his end.

"You lucky ol' dog you!" He said jealously.

"I'll call you later." I said as I hung up the phone.

"I guess we're on our own Bridge." I said to her.

"Cool!" she said with a smile. "Wanna go for a ride?" she asked.

"Where?" I replied.

"Breakfast." She said.


We got showered (separately) and dressed (separately), Bridget put on a Playboy sweatsuit combo and grabbed her bag.

"Follow me!" she said.

We went downstairs to the lobby. She casually waved and signed autographs for those lucky enough to be down there. I just know they were all looking at me and still saying; "Who's the dorky guy with her?"

Bridget led me to a private entrance to the garage area. There was a vast collection of exotic cars parked there.

"Who owns these?" I asked with amazement.

"Different people, some belong to guests, some are stored here."

There were all manner of Mercedes', Cadillac's, BMW's, Bentley's, and Ferrari's parked there. All shapes, sizes, colors, and all different years too. It was like walking through a car museum as Bridget led me to her car.

"So this is the new wheels." I said as we arrived at her car, a white Porsche Cayman.

"Catch!" She said as she pitched the keys to me.

I caught them one-handed.

"What's this?" I asked.

"We're going out for breakfast, I'm buying, you're driving." She said with that trademark "Bridget smile".

"Well, get Yer' motor running." I said, quoting the old "Born to Be Wild" song.

I slid into the driver's seat, Bridget into the passenger's.

The Porsche roared to life and we were cruising the Vegas strip.

"What do you think?" she asked.

"Feels like a Porsche!" I said with a smile.

"Pull onto the highway, you can see what it'll really do." She directed.

I pulled onto a main highway.

"Hit it!" she yelled.

And the Porsche leaped forward like a rocket.

"Whoa, baby!" I yelled.

Bridget screamed with pleasure.

We were quickly flying down the road at over 100mph.

It was such a thrill, I was driving a white supercar, in Vegas, with a Playboy girl at my side.

Life was good for "Hollywood Jim".

And it was about to get even better.

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