tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 20

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 20


Driving Blake's Mustang was the thrill of a lifetime. Well, maybe the second thrill after the obvious.

"Where to, Ms. Blake?" I asked.

"Your place this time." She replied.

"Why not!" I said.

We drove back to my hotel. The climbing and winding streets were made for this car. Blake looked so beautiful as the breeze from the window blew through her blonde hair. I pulled into the underground garage of the Hilton. Just as I parked, Blake turned and quickly kissed me. I responded with the same. I got out and immediately ran over to her side and opened her door with an elegant flourish of arms. As she got out and took my hand she pulled me back against the side of the Mustang and we kissed deeply, she started to grind her hips into my crotch. We both smiled at one another.

"Maybe we should continue this upstairs." I said.

"I think we should." said Blake.

We went up to my room and ordered breakfast. Blake went into the bathroom and returned wearing a terrycloth hotel robe. We sat by the window and watched as San Francisco awakened for the day. The sunlight only accented the beauty of her face as we talked over breakfast.

"So where are you off to next?" I asked.

"Well, back to New York, finish off 'Gossip Girl' for the season, then I'm doing a movie." She said wistfully.

"Cool." I said

"But you'll never believe where I'm doing the movie!" she said with building excitement. "I'm going to Paris! Can you believe it?" she said joyfully.

"Ah, Paris, mon cheri Mademoiselle Lovely." I said as I mangled her last name in my best exaggerated and phony French accent.

Blake laughed at my attempts at French.

She then leaned in close and said to me in a cultured and elegant French voice;

"S'il vous plaît de faire l'amour pour moi."

I just stared at her as she smiled.

"Okay, you lost me. It sounded beautiful, but what did you just say?"

She laughed, then came over to me and sat in my lap.

"I said..." and she whispered in my ear. "Please make love to me."

We kissed.

"Ah, mei oui` Madame Lovely." I said in my Frenchman's voice.

And I kissed her again, much more deeply.

Blake slowly threw her head back and I kissed her neck, emitting a breathy "Oooooh" from her. I could see inside her robe she was topless underneath. She stood up and slowly untied it, and let it fall to the floor.

She was, in fact, completely naked underneath.

Her face had a look of passion and desire on it. She reached out to me and took my hand. I stood and she untied my robe and it fell too. We stood naked before one another and kissed. Then we fell back onto the bed and our hands wandered all over. Her tits felt as lovely as ever, I kissed and sucked on her nipples driving her mad with pleasure. My dick was getting so hard as I felt this soft vision before me. Blake was constantly moaning. She found the energy to make me lie on my back, she sat up and worked her hands down to my dick and held it in her hands.

"It looks so beautiful." She said softly.

"Just like you." I said.

And she bashfully cocked her head to the side.

She then lowered her mouth onto my dick and began to softly lick all around it, before slowly letting it go into her mouth. It felt incredible. Her hand reached around my dick and slowly jerked it up and down as her tongue moved all around.

As she removed her head from me, she looked at me and smiled, while still jerking my dick.

"Does that feel good?" she said with a smile.

"Feels wonderful." I said.

"It's your turn." She said as she sat up and we traded places.

Her pussy looked so pretty, it was almost clean shaven, with a patch of light brown hair at the top. She opened her legs and rubbed herself. Her eyes were closed, mouth open slightly, with the same soft "Oooooh" coming from it. I knelt down and softly kissed her love nest. It was already glistening, I could tell she was very horny. My tongue softly licked around where her fingers were and I actually kissed her fingers while they were working their magic, she tasted oh, so sweet! My tongue probed inside her and my fingers went inside as well, opening her pussy up further. I boldly pushed my tongue as far inside as I could, Blake was now screaming out in ecstasy. My tongue was awash in her pussy juices. I could tell she'd climaxed. I pulled out of her and licked my way up her body until I was at her tits again, I licked those like before.

"Oh baby...oh my god..." was all she could say.

She could see how hard I was. She looked at me and nodded. I reached over to the nightstand and found a Trojan. She sat up.

"Let me, I like doing this." She said.

I lay back and she put the condom on me, then held it in her hands. She swung herself over it and lowered herself down. Once it was fully in, she slid down until it was fully inside her, then threw her head back again, emitting a long slow moan as her tits were thrust upward. She began rocking herself back and forth, bracing herself on my shoulders.

"Oh yes...sooo good!" she said as she got into a rhythm with me. She looked down and was smiling now.

"I like this..." she said breathlessly

I was getting off on the sight of her tits moving back and forth.

She looked down at me again, then ran her fingers through her hair, playmate style before shaking it playfully and giggling. Then she leaned down and kissed me deeply as we hugged each other. I gently pulled her down off and out of me. She seemed to know what I wanted and turned around, offering up her ass to me. She stuck it way up and she gasped as it entered her.

"Oh my god, we can see ourselves!" she said laughing.

She was right, the mirror on the wall showed me behind her and Blake watching herself as I thrust into her.

"Just like a movie." I said as I banged into her, then leaned down to whisper in her ear. "Our own special film." I said.

Blake sighed in response as I kept fucking her.

"Oh yeah! Fuck me baby! Fuck me..." she said. "Oh god...oh god...I'm coming...Oh god!" and she let out a scream as she climaxed.

I slowed down and pulled out.

She lay beside me as I prepared to enter her missionary-style.

I must've been saving my best for last, because this felt the best of all. I varied my pace from fast to slow, Blake wrapped her arms and legs around me and I was close to her ears, she could hear my breathing and whispered words of love to me.

"Oh yes...that's it...oh Jim...this feels sooo good...oh god...please make love...please make love to me...oh god yes..." she said softly in my ear.

I looked into her eyes, she smiled and closed her eyes saying "yes." over and over.

Then she made things even more interesting as I fucked her slowly.

"Tu es mon home" She said over and over.

Whatever it was, it was turning me on, big time!

I started fucking her harder and she said the same thing

"Tu es mon home" she began saying louder.

I could hold out no more!

"Blake, I'm gonna come, oh my god...Huh-yeahhhhh!" I yelled as I blasted inside her.

She was screaming out with pleasure as all my energy was released into her and I felt myself collapse.

"Oh my god...I felt that! Oh my god...baby...oh baby..." she said as her voice trailed off and her orgasm subsided.

I slowly slid off her and she wrapped herself around my side, laying her head on my chest and slowly rubbing my chest with her hand.

"Tu es magnifique!" she whispered in my ear.

"I think you're practicing for your trip, what was all that you said?" I asked, trying to bring myself back to reality.

Blake giggled.

"I was saying 'you are my man', honey." She whispered.

"And what else?"

"Ah, Tu es magnifique" she said. "It means...'you are incredible'...which you are." She said with a smile and a kiss.

"I should be saying that to you." I said kissing her back.

She smiled and we kissed again, then we let our bodies relax. We got under the bed covers and fell into a deep sleep.

The fact that we'd been shooting all night for a week had really thrown off our body clocks. But that didn't seem to faze Blake. She enjoyed the sleep she was getting, and I did too. When she was asleep, I took that as my incentive to get work done on my laptop. She looked so beautiful in slumber, the way the light was hitting her. I was so tempted to photograph her that way.

We both had planes to catch back to our respective homes. She drove me to the airport the next morning. Chris was waiting for me there and the look on his face was priceless as he saw me walk in with Blake Lively on my arm.

"Oh, so you're the guy he's always talking about!" she said laughing.

"I must be..." Chris said with apprehension. He didn't know if the talk was good or bad. I just smiled.

Blake led me over to a corner of the departures area.

"OK, I'm gonna be strong here..." she said hesitantly.

"Me too." I replied.

"I really loved being with you...and I'm gonna miss you." She said.

"I will too, you...you are very special...I wish you all the best...please call me." I said.

"I will, um, I'll be back in LA after the film finishes. Please, let's get together." She said.

"Didn't we hear that song when we were filming one night?" I said.

Blake laughed that child-like laugh of hers, then she kissed me.

"You take care, baby." She said and handed me a card with her phone number on it. The she walked down the long hallway to her gate. But not before turning and blowing me an elegant kiss.

I smiled, waved, and watched her disappear.

Then I went back to where Chris was sitting, his legs stretched out. I sat and did the same.

"Well, just another day in the life of 'Hollywood Jim', huh?" He said.

I smiled and playfully whacked him with a newspaper I had, we both laughed.

Our flight was called and we headed back for LA.

This had been our biggest contract to date. And word got back to Paramount Pictures how good the film was, how good Blake was, and who the still photographers had been.

Chris was beyond happy.

And I was beyond tired.

How I got myself out of bed the morning after we returned, I don't know. But FedEx was at the door with a package.

"For me?" I asked sleepily.

"That's your name right?" the guy said looking down at his clipboard.


"Then it must be for you." He said.

A smart-ass FedEx guy. It was, as Willie Nelson said, "the last thing I needed first thing in the morning".

I opened the package and found a Williams-Sonoma pressure cooker with a note attached;

"Next time, I'll make dinner."

There was also a ziploc bag with a Fillmore West shirt inside. I slid it open and could smell the Chanel` perfume Blake had worn throughout our time together on the shirt. I deeply inhaled the beautiful scent and smiled. I could just picture Blake standing before me in this shirt, looking oh so sexy!

A note was attached to the bag too;

"Something to remember me by, with all my love, Blake."

Tony Bennett was right, "I Left My Heart in San Francisco".

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