tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 28

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 28


The Triple Threat Tour continued its trek west. We were now headed towards Chicago for 2 nights at the United Center. The shows had really found their groove and we were running like a well-oiled machine. Chris and I were getting great shots everywhere. Rhianna and Tigress turned out to be better clients than we ever dreamed. We had complete access to their inner circle. And to Rhianna, I occasionally had complete access to her. I hadn't had much time with her though, we'd kept our distance from one another following our little fling in Dallas. That was fine by me. We both had our work to focus on. But now that we were in Chicago, she decided to make up for lost time.

How the information got to her, I don't know, but it was my birthday the first night there. I figured Chris had told her somehow. I thought something must be up, because he had this sneaky expression on his face all day.

It might've been frozen on his face for all I knew. The day we arrived, a classic Midwest blizzard had hit Chicago, and it was cold. Not just cold, but arctic cold. And I felt it everywhere. We were all hunkered down in our rooms for the day. And it was now questionable if the show would go on or not. Finally, the call went out that the show was a go.

We went through the usual pre-show rituals of production and fan meetings, dinner with the crew (who were a great bunch with seemingly endless stories of other acts they'd worked with) and then...showtime!

Tigress' show had become the one to see as the tour progressed. I think the girls' realized how big a tour this was and how it could benefit their careers. Word got back to Rihanna and she already wanted them for her upcoming tours of Japan and Australia. So Chris and I figured we should get our passports in order when we got back to LA.

Rihanna hit the stage next and we got our shots. She had a variety of costume changes during her show that went from a black S&M inspired suit with knee length boots, to a classy miniskirt for her ballads, to a hip-hop inspired striped shirt and sweats combo for her encore "Pon De Replay". Once she finished that, she went off stage and changed into a Chicago Bears jersey with "Rihanna 1" printed on the back and orange hot pants before coming back for another encore. She walked to the center of the stage and had a chair brought out.

"That's strange." I thought.

It got stranger!

"OK, Chicago, I've got one more song to do...and I want your help on this one."

I was snapping photos of this, then suddenly noticed Chris wasn't in his usual spot on the other side of the stage.

"I have a friend here...and it's his birthday tonight."

Uh-oh, I thought.

Rihanna turned in my direction, the main spotlights followed, and I suddenly realized some of the stage crew was behind me, with mischievous smiles.

"So I want you all to wish him a happy birthday...his name is Jim...but he has another name...Mister Hollywood...so come on up here Mister Hollywood!" she said with a beaming smile.

Next thing I knew, I was being hustled onstage in front of 22,000 screaming and laughing fans. I was beyond nervous at this moment. Even more so was the fact that Tigress was up there too. I looked around for Chris and saw him doubled over with laughter.

"You sit right here, baby." Rihanna said, directing me to the chair in the middle of the huge stage.

"OK Chicago! All together now..." and all of Chicago sang "Happy Birthday" to me. I was smiling but embarrassed at the same time. She gave me a big kiss at the end. I was about to run offstage when Rihanna stopped me;

"Oh, That's not all, babe." She announced to me and the crowd.

Then she and the band began an acapella intro

"All right now...baby he's alright now...all right now...baby he's all right now..."

And the band kicked into her version of Free's "All Right Now". She was singing it ostensibly to the crowd but it was really directed at me, especially when she kept saying "baby, he's alright now", and looked at me with a sexy smile or a seductive touch on my shoulders. In the instrumental section, she turned that into an onstage lap dance for me. She seductively ran her hands all over my body like an expert stripper and was grinding her cute ass into my lap, which got the expected reaction, and another smile from her. Then, to my shock, she turned her back to the audience and suddenly pulled up her shirt, flashing her tits at me. Which the crowd screamed their approval of. It was so unexpected, and even she was surprised she did it. As the song finished, she leaned down and kissed me. I could tell by the look on her face that she enjoyed it, and wanted to do more, but only with me.

"Thank you Chicago! See you next time!" she yelled as she finished the song.

She took my hand and led me off the stage. Chris was waiting there for me, still laughing.

"You were great!" He said while still laughing.

"Just wait 'til it's YOUR birthday, pal!" I said. "You've done some sneaky things but this beats 'em all!" I was mad, excited, overjoyed, grateful, all at the same time.

The other members of the crew came over and were glad-handing me, telling me how this was the best night of the tour, for them. Gee, nice to know I gave them a thrill.

Chuck sprang for drinks and dinner for everybody back at the hotel bar, it was a good feeling after all we'd been doing to unwind like this, even if it was in the single digits outside.

About midnight, everybody'd had their fill and we spilt towards our rooms. I went to get my room card at the front desk and was handed a note.

"Suite 1717" it read.

"Uh, what's this?" I asked the desk clerk.

"It was to be given to you, that's all I know, sir." She responded.

"OK, I guess a mystery is always good at midnight when you're exhausted." I said wearily. I started to walk away and realized how much I'd had to drink.

"...not to mention drunk." I said to myself.

I figured Chris probably had some final bit of revelry in store for me.

I went up to Suite 1717 and rang the doorbell.

The door opened and Rihanna stood there in a silk nightgown.

"Hey, baby. Come on in." she said with a smile.

I was speechless.

The room was softly lit with candles

"I wanted to wish you a happy birthday." She said in a sweetly sexy voice as she embraced and kissed me.

"Didn't you do that onstage tonight?" I said with a chuckle.

She laughed in response.

"Oh my god, I can't believe I did that!"

"Well, it was a first for me too." I said.

"Did you like it?" she asked.

"It was...unreal." I said smiling as I held her.

"Good." And she kissed me.

We gazed at one another and she smiled widely.

"Let me get you a drink, baby." And she went over to open a bottle of champagne.

"You look really great." I said.

"Thanks...so do you." She said as she handed me a glass.

"Happy birthday, Jim." She said sweetly.

And we clinked our glasses together.

"Thank you, Ms. Rihanna." I said in reply.

Her suite was, obviously, dimly lit because of the candles. But I could see the lights of Chicago outside. I knew it was beyond frigid out there. But that only added to te warm feelings we had at that moment.

Rihanna wrapped herself in my arms and we kissed long and lovingly, her lips felt so good and her skin ever so soft. The silky material of the nightgown only added to the feelings we had at this moment.

"I guess you figured it out, I'm your birthday present." She said with a smile.

"Uh, Chris didn't put you up to this did he? He's not gonna jump out of the closet is he?" I asked.

She laughed.

"No! I wouldn't do that! It is pretty sneaky though!" she giggled.

"OK, good. I've known that guy for a long time and I still don't know what goes through his mind sometimes..." I said.

She then put her finger to my mouth.

"Shhhh, baby. It's just you and me." She whispered.

I could feel her hips moving against mine. Her eyes were closed and a look of deep happiness was on her face.

"You feel so nice Jim." She whispered.

"So do you." I replied.

"Mmmm...so nice..." she continued to whisper.

Her actions had me excited. And I could tell she was too.

Rihanna stepped back from me and slowly let the straps of her nightgown fall away, she was completely nude underneath. Her dark skin looked so exotic in the candlelight. She smiled and let out a little giggle.

She beckoned me with her finger as she slowly walked over to the bedroom. I was so stunned at how this evening had been. I followed her and slowly looked around the corner into the room, unsure of what I'd see.

It was worth it.

Rihanna was stretched out on the bed, propped up on her elbow, a smile and come hither look on her face.

"Come here, Mister Hollywood." She said.

All I could say was "Oh my...".

She smiled at me as she lay there in all her naked glory.

"Why don't you get comfortable and join me?" she said softly.

I took a deep breath and began disrobing for her pleasure.

Once I was naked, she smiled and licked her lips.

I lay on the bed with her and we kissed, our hands were exploring each others' bodies.

"Oh baby, you hard 'mon." she said in that Caribbean accent.

"Do you like it?" I asked.

"Oh, I love it." She said. "I love a hard 'mon." She said with a giggle.

"I love a soft girl..." I replied.

"Mmmm...I know you do." She said as she kissed me.

Rihanna then leaned me onto my back and she took my hard dick into her hands.

"Oh, it's so nice...I missed this...I did tell you we'd have some fun, right?" she said.

"Yes, you did." I said.

"Mmmm...let's have some fun." She said as she took my dick into her mouth.

Her lips and tongue were soft, wet, and hot as she licked the length of my shaft, then took it all into her mouth, making smacking noises as she sucked. She occasionally turned to look at me and smiled, she knew she was turning me on to no end. Especially when she flicked her tongue out at me, then did the same to the head of my dick, now shiny and slick. She now began to jerk me to even more excitement before putting it back in her mouth and licking me even more.

"You gonna come, baby?" she said.

"I think so..." I said as I could feel my explosion building.

"Good." She said as she licked me even more.

"Oh my god Rihanna! I'm gonna...." I yelled out as I exploded into her mouth.

She swallowed every drop, then slowly looked up at me and showed her tongue, awash in my cum. She smiled and took a swig of champagne to wash it all down.

I was still breathing heavily as my climax slowly ended. Rihanna was enjoying all she'd done.

"That was nice baby." She said as she came up and kissed me on the cheek, then held me in her arms. "I know you've got more in you."

"Oh...yeah...I've...got more." I tried to say.

She smiled widely as she laid her face on my chest. Her hand slowly went back down to my semi-hard dick and she lovingly held it in her hand.

"Your dick is so beautiful, you know." She said softly.

"Thank you." I replied just as softly.

Hearing her breathe in my ear was so sexy. I turned and we kissed. I slowly pushed her onto her back and began to caress her body. Her dark skin against mine was equally hot. I kissed her great tits and my hand went down to her pussy. The skin felt so smooth, like it'd just been waxed. My finger began to probe inside her love nest and she was moaning and breathing heavily. I kissed all around her pussy and the smooth skin tasted wonderful, then I licked around it and she was gasping as this sensation flowed through her. My tongue continued to probe her pussy and her body began to convulse with pleasure. Then she arched her back and let out a long slow moan then slowly came back down.

Rihanna had climaxed.

I worked my way back up her body, kissed her tits more, then her lips.

"Oh baby...yeah...oh that feels good..." she whispered in my ear.

I was hard again from all this. I sat up and Rhianna saw how excited I was and began to giggle in anticipation.

"You gonna fuck me Jim?" she asked with a sexy smile.

I could only nod in agreement.

"Oh baby...I want you." She said. "I want you to fuck me."

I was speechless with all that was happening.

"Come on birthday boy fuck me." She said with a smile.

I got up on top of her and slowly inserted my dick in her. She moaned in response.

"Ohhh baby...I've been waiting for this." She said in a sweet voice.

I lay on top of her for a few seconds before I began to slowly thrust into her. She rapidly breathed in and out as I did this. I was looking into her eyes and she was smiling, she was so happy at this moment. Or I should say, WE were so happy at this moment.

"Jim...oh baby fuck me...it's your birthday baby..." she gasped.

I was in heaven as I thrust into this Caribbean beauty, and she was loving everything I did.

"Oh yeah baby!" she was now crying out.

I could feel my dick pulsing with excitement as I fucked her more and her moans and cries only added to the excitement. I rolled over onto my back and she sat up giving me the full picture of her. She leaned way back and slowly moaned, then began to rock herself on my dick, occasionally caressing her tits. She smiled at me.

"Baby...oh I love fuckin' you!" she said with joy.

"I love fuckin' you!" I said back as I thrust into her a few more times.

I slowed down and pulled out of her, she turned and offered her ass to me. I caressed and kissed it, it felt so lovely. My dick slid into her again and she immediately screamed out in ecstasy.


It only turned me on more as I banged into her, her face was buried in a pillow as she continued to cry out in ecstasy. And I could feel my next explosion coming.

"Oh god Rhi...I'm gonna..." I started as I exploded inside her.

"Oh yeah!" she cried out. "I feel it! Oh my god I feel it!"

And we collapsed onto the bed.

Neither of us could speak, we were out of breath. We just lay together on the bed, my dick still inside her. I softly kissed her sweet neck and she cooed;

"Happy Birthday Jim."

"Thank you, Rihanna." I replied.

We curled up under the generous blankets and fell asleep as the snow continued outside.

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