tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 29

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 29


The Triple Threat Tour hit Las Vegas for 2 nights at the MGM Grand Arena. Chuck promised us a night off before we headed down to LA and San Diego for the final dates of the tour. The MGM seemed like a city unto itself. Even though it was our fourth time here, I still remembered that Chris had told me you could never see all of Vegas, it was always changing. He was right. We arrived early in the morning and checked into our rooms. I begged off hitting the sights with Chris in favor of getting some sleep for a few hours. Even this far into the tour, my body clock was still getting used to the pace of a national tour.

I must've been more tired than I thought I was, when my cellphone rang, it was nearly 4 in the afternoon.

"Hey wake up, pal! Chuck's called a production meeting, get down to the Arena." He said.

"OK, I'm on my way." I said yawning.

The tour ran perfectly. Production meetings were nothing to us by now. Any kinks in the tour had been fixed long ago. I think Chuck only called these meetings just so he could feel like a big shot.

Chris and I snapped our photos onstage and backstage. There were always guests coming by to meet Rhianna and Tigress. It was still tough not to get starstruck when someone we'd only seen on TV walked by. I'd already had my "encounters" with the beautiful ones.

And the next one just walked in.

I was on my knees trying to fix a tripod when I saw a pair of legs in black denim walk up to me and kneel down.

"How's my favorite paparazzi?" a voice asked.

It was Lindsay Lohan.

She was smiling and looking hot! The black denim jeans were accompanied by an electric red blouse and white blazer. And her hair was a thick shade of titian red. Much had changed for Lindsay since we'd last seen one another. We'd had a passionate night and morning together, followed by another, sadly, abrupt parting. She had a meeting with NBC about a series that day. It turned out to be the smartest move for her. It was a new drama series called "Blind Item" that was an unofficial spinoff from the "Law & Order" series and cast her as a New York tabloid columnist. Lindsay had really applied herself to the series and it paid off. The series was a surprise hit, the network was happy, and in return sent her on a promo trip to Las Vegas when the Triple Threat Tour arrived. Gone was the posse of hangers-on she was notorious for, the cigarettes and booze too. In their place was a driving work ethic. The former party girl now wanted to be seen as a serious actress with much to prove. She was accompanied only by a personal assistant and her manager. She schmoozed adeptly with network reps, VIP's, entertainment TV anchors and people from the tour.

I stood and gave her a big embrace, hoping not to attract too much attention. I remembered how I'd been once referred to as her "mystery man". It would be best to keep the mystery going.

"How've you been darlin'?" I asked. My smile was as big as hers.

"I feel great! This is the first weekend I've had off in a long time. I had to see this show before it got to LA." She said, beaming. "Now, I have a big question to ask you."


"How's my favorite cat Smokie?" she asked smiling.

"He's at home in LA. I've got a friend watching him. He misses you." I said with an equally large smile.

"I miss him too." She replied, then hugged me again. "But I miss you more. Can we get together?" she whispered in my ear.

"Um, are you staying at the MGM?" I asked, obviously surprised at her directness.

Lindsay nodded. "I'm in one of the VIP Suites."

"How about we get some dinner?" I replied. "I'm starving."

"Perfect, I'm in Suite 24. We can get room service." She said with that "Lindsay smile".

"OK, uh, let me get everything done here and I'll meet you in like an hour." I said.

Just then, her manager poked her head in;

"Uh, Lindsay, there's some people from the network for you to meet."

"OK, I'll be right there." She said as she gave me a quick kiss goodbye and headed off.

I could see Chris standing in the doorway as she walked out.

"You 'ol dog you! You know you're turning into a male groupie right before my eyes." He said.

"I learned from the master." I said as I walked out.

I dropped off my stuff in my room and headed up to Lindsay's suite.

The VIP suites at the MGM were near the top floor and the hallway was deathly quiet as I walked down it. I've always felt nervous at times like this, what was in store for me this time?

I rang the doorbell for Suite 24. A minute later, the door opened a crack and then fully.

"Hi, Jim." Lindsay said with a sweet smile.

She looked gorgeous, wearing a jet black satin floor length robe with a silver belt and trimming, very old-time Hollywood. Her hair was casually styled, a simple gold chain around her neck, with a diamond "L" hanging from it.

"Whoa...hello gorgeous." I said, stunned at the beauty that stood before me.

Lindsay seemed a little embarrassed, then smiled saying;

"Like it?"

"Like is putting it mildly, my dear. You look beautiful." I said, still stunned.

"Oh, you're always such a sweetheart, come on in." she said, giving me a quick kiss, then taking my arm in hers and leading me into her suite. The room was softly lit, with the lights of Vegas spread out before us.

"I didn't know what you'd want for dinner, the menus on the table." She said.

I took a quick glance at it, it all looked delicious.

"What are you in the mood for?" I asked.

"Oh, let's see. Burger King?" she replied.

We both cracked up laughing, remembering how we'd first met.

"Very funny, Ms. Lindsay, very funny! Let's get a Vegas steak." I said

"Perfect." She replied, making the call down to room service.

We embraced and kissed, she felt so soft through the satin material. I could see down the front that she appeared to be topless. As my hand went down her back, she cooed slightly and her ass felt smooth as well.

"Um, are you...?" I asked.

"Uh-huh. I've been waiting for you Jim." She whispered.

I was right. Lindsay was naked underneath her robe.

Our dinner arrived. Maybe the mood was spoiled slightly, but hey, I was hungry.

We ate our dinner by the window looking out at the Vegas lights.

"So how's the tour been?" she asked.

"Man, I'll tell you, it's one thing to be in the audience watching, it's so different to be behind the scenes." I said between bites of a Vegas-style steak.

Lindsay was watching me and slowly eating a big salad for herself.

"Kinda like watching a movie and actually being in it, right?" she said.

"Exactly." I nodded.

She smiled widely, then placed her hand on mine.

"It's so good to see you again, Jim. I'm glad you're seeing me like this, I'm so much happier now... And you're the reason."

"I am?" I said, surprised.

"Right. You said last time that we've both got our lives to live. And that we'd meet again. You sounded so confident, and I believed that completely. I knew I had a life to live and I should really do something with it. I went to NBC, really told them how I wanted the series to work. And look where I am now." She said smiling.

"Yeah, it's a great show. They really knew what they were doing." I said.

"No, I knew what I was doing." She said firmly. "They wanted me to do this goofy sitcom. But I watch 'Law and Order', I told them I really wanted to do something like that. And they'd had a script with my character in it but didn't know how to make it work. I just knew that was the one for me."

As we finished dinner, Lindsay stood and took her hand in mine;

"Come on, I've got something to show you." She said leading me into another part of the suite.

She opened a pair of doors and before us was a softly lit room with a Jacuzzi tub and candles lit around it.

"What do you think?" she asked softly.

"Wow...this is unreal." I said, marveling at the atmosphere.

"Would you like to...get undressed?" she whispered as her hands went over and down my chest.

"Yes, I would." I replied, kissing her softly on the lips.

I removed my shirt, slowly took down my pants as Lindsay watched. She still had her robe on. When I was naked, she stepped back and looked me over.

"Just as beautiful as I remember you." She said as she slowly untied her robe and let it fall to the floor. Her body still looked stunning. Her fair complexion and red hair made for quite a mix. Plus her tits looked just as inviting as before. She had a small patch of red hair between her legs too.

"Just as beautiful as I remember you." I said now.

She smiled, then embraced me. She could feel the building excitement between my legs. It only made her breathe more rapidly.

"Oh, baby...oh I want you..." she said softly.

"You're so beautiful Lindsay..." I was saying. "You feel so good..."

"Come on, let's relax in there." She said.

We climbed into the tub and the hot water felt good. The candlelight reflecting off the water only added to the atmosphere. Lindsay treaded the water, then leaned back, dunking her head underneath the water and thrusting her tits upward.

"Wow! This feels great!" she squealed. "Come here baby!"

I came over to her side and we kissed deeply. Her tongue merged with mine. My hands went for her tits and I caressed them softly. She leaned in and whispered in my ear;

"Oh yes...uh-huh...touch me there...I'm all yours Jim...I'm all yours..." she whispered.

I could feel her hand go down and begin holding my dick. I was getting harder the more she held me and the more we kissed.

I could wait no more.

I moved in and my dick slid into her pussy. She gasped as I entered her, then moaned uncontrollably as I began to fuck her, sliding in and out of her. Her eyes were closed and her mouth just slightly open. It wasn't easy doing her this way, but to her the feeling was wonderful from what I could see. I kept up as steady a pace as I could. I kept thrusting into her and her breathing in my ear was so sexy.

"Oh god...oh yes...baby...uh-huh...uh-huh...yesssssssss...." She whispered.

"Linds...oh god I'm gonna come..." and I exploded into her.

She slowly exhaled as my come filled her.

We looked into each others eyes and smiled.

"Wow, that was quick...but wonderful." She said smiling.

"I must've been more excited than I thought I was." I said breathlessly.

"We've got all night honey, all night long." She said in a soothing voice.

I held Lindsay in my arms as the water circulated around us. She felt so soft, her body so sexy. I knew we'd be in for quite a night!

"You wanna watch me do something?" she said in a sexy voice.

"Do something, like what?" I replied.

"Watch me..." she said with a smile.

Lindsay moved to the other side of the tub, stood up slightly, and began a kind of grinding motion against the sides. She let out a little cry of pleasure every few minutes. Her ass looked so pretty as it slowly moved from side to side. Then she turned and faced me.

"What are you doing?" I asked, intrigued by all this.

"The jets...it's the jets...they feel soooo good." She said.

Lindsay was rubbing herself against the water jets, letting it get her off.

"Oh! I see! My, oh, my Miss Lindsay!" I said.

She giggled in response. She could tell I was very turned on by this little show. I went over to her side and caressed her wet body as she continued to grind herself against the water jets. She was gasping in ecstasy as she felt my hands on her body and the high pressure water jets on her pussy and ass. We kissed and she felt my dick getting hard again.

"Sit up here." She directed.

She kissed me on my cheek, then kissed her way down my chest until my dick was in her loving hands. Then it slowly disappeared into her hot mouth. I looked around the room and could see candlelight and the glittering world of Las Vegas outside. I felt like a king as Lindsay worked her magic on my dick. Then she slowly removed herself and stood up. We held one another close.

"I'm getting tired, let's try the bedroom out." She said softly.

"Good idea." I replied.

We got out of the tub and dried ourselves off. She stared into my eyes as I softly toweled her off and she did the same to me.

We went into the bedroom and it was just as elegant as the rest of the suite. Lindsay stretched herself out on the huge bed, her legs spread wide showing her pretty pussy with its patch of red on top. She felt so free and oblivious to anything, she began to rub her pussy, her fingers sliding up and down it and even sliding a finger inside it too. She looked at me with a smile.

"Come on baby...let's do it together..." she said. "You know you love watching me...I wanna watch you."

"Watch me do what?" I asked.

"Get yourself off, I think you're really hot...do what you've always wanted to do..." she said as she rubbed her pussy. "Come on..." she said with anticipation in her voice.

As I joined her on the bed, my dick was getting hard again. And I could tell Lindsay was turned on. I sat close to her, leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. She sat up, slowly moved me onto my back, and reached for my dick.

"Oh, it's so beautiful." She said as she began to caress it in her hands. "Not too big, not too small..." She said with a touch of innocence in her voice before dissolving into a voice filled with desire. "It's just right."

She swung her legs over me and slowly mounted my dick. It disappeared into her pussy as she let out a long slow moan. She looked down at me and showed a smile of deep passion as she started to rock back and forth on me. Her pussy felt so hot as it wrapped itself around my dick, and she caressed her gorgeous tits as she continued to rock.

"Oh my god...so good...so good." She said over and over.

I could see her eyes flutter. She leaned back and shook her red hair as she screamed out in ecstasy. Then she leaned forward and smothered me in her kisses, she was breathing heavily and whispering in my ear;

"Baby...oh yeah...I love you...you like fucking me, baby? Huh?"

"I love fucking you." I whispered back.

"Say it louder...you love fucking me..."

"I love fucking you!" I yelled out.

"I love fucking this man!" she yelled.

"I love fucking you!" I yelled louder.

"I LOVE FUCKING JIM!" she yelled out.


"FUCK MY PUSSY!" she screamed out.


"OH GOD!! OH GOD! OH GOD!! I'M COMING BABY!! I'M COMING!!" she screamed out.

I pulled her over onto her back and rammed into her with all I had, and I could feel my explosion coming, and coming fast. I looked into Lindsay's eyes, they were half closed and she was in the midst of a silent scream of ecstasy. Only staccato breaths were heard.

"Linds...I'm gonna come...I'm gonna come..." I blurted out as I exploded inside her, I collapsed into her arms as her body shot upward then relaxed. Her arms wrapped tightly around me.

We were both gasping for air.

I felt like I'd just run a mile in the desert. We were both drenched in sweat. I slowly rolled off her and tried to catch my breath. Lindsay was doing the same thing, but she looked over at me and smiled, then rolled her eyes.

"Wow...oh...my...god...that was in...credible." She said slowly. Then she looked up at the ceiling.

We lay there more concerned with being able to breathe again.

Somehow, I'd fallen asleep. Lindsay had too.

She looked just as pretty as I remembered. I turned over and kissed her gently on her cheek. She slowly breathed in and opened her eyes.

"Hey, baby..." she smiled.

"Good morning, gorgeous." I said.

"Oh my, I really slept."

"Me, too. I'm not sure what time it is." I leaned over to the bedside clock. It was after 6 am. I breathed a sigh of relief, I know Chris would be trying to call me but our transport wouldn't leave until at least 10. The tour was setup so most of the crew would already be on the road and people like us could leave later on.

Until then, I had a little while longer with Ms. Lindsay.

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