tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 38

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 38


I never imagined how our careers would be changed after our work on "Dreamer". The film was a surprise hit with fans and critics alike. Its star, Blake Lively, received great reviews and her first Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama. The film's director, John McDonald got equally good notices. For us, it was a huge boost in business, I gained a beautiful lady friend (albeit one who didn't acknowledge this publicly, that was fine with me) and the director specifically asked for us to work on his next project, a spy thriller in development called "The Days of Rage" to be shot in Europe. I got a call at our studio from his assistant. John was having a party for his wife, an artist, and wanted one of us to be there, but more specifically, me.

How could I refuse?

John's house was in the ultra-exclusive Malibu Colony area, on the beach. Where else?

It was a classic California day as I drove the SLK down to the beach, wondering what might be in store for me. As I pulled into his driveway I could see I was among the ultra rich here. John was holding court with several artist friends when I arrived.

"Ah, my master photographer!" he said with a flourish.

"Ah, the master director!" I said in return.

We quickly got caught up, his wife Emily was quite a looker herself.

As the day wore on I mingled with people there, there were a few actors I recognized and I tried, in vain, not to be starstruck when they complimented our photo work.

I went out onto the deck and looked at the ocean amidst the setting sun. Off to the side I saw a beautiful blonde making her way towards the deck from the beach. She had on a casual t-shirt, denim cutoffs and sandals. She had a million dollar smile as she made her way to the bar area and got a glass of wine.

John greeted her with a hug.

"Man...who is that?" I mumbled.

John turned in my direction and called me over.

"Jim! I'd like you to meet a neighbor of mine..." he started.

"Well, not for much longer." She interjected.

"Oh yes, you're moving out today." He said. "Anyway, this is a friend of mine, Jim."

The blonde stuck her hand out.

"Hi Jim, I'm Kate Hudson." She said with a perky smile.

"Oh yes! Great to meet you! Wow, you're just like I imagined." I said

"Oh! And what would that be?" she said with that inquisitive look and smile she had showed so often in her films.

"Uh...very, um, California." I quickly ad-libbed.

She laughed heartily.

"Well, I'll leave you two here, I think the wife has another painting she needs to sell." John said.

"So John tells me you're quite the photographer." Kate said.

"He did? Oh, well, I guess I'm OK."

"Are you kidding? I saw those shots you did on his film. That's why I'm working with him." She said

"On what film?"

"The Days of Rage. I'm gonna star in it."

"Oh, cool! You'll be great, I'm sure."

"I just wish they'd get the project nailed down, it's been in development for a long time. I hate to wait for things like this."

"Me, too. I'm the same way." I said "So you live out here?"

"Not for long, I sold my beach house and I'm just taking a last look around." She said.

"Where are you moving to, if you don't mind my asking?"

"Um...up the coast. That's all I'll say."

"Say no more." I replied.

Kate giggled as we clinked our glasses.

"So do you live out here too?" she asked.

"No! Oh no way! I ain't that successful!"

"Well, not yet, anyway." She added.

"Oh, do you know something I don't?" I asked with that same look she'd given me.

"I know a lot of things, pal!" she replied and we both laughed. It was almost the same giddy laugh her Mom was famous for.

Even like this, Kate was so casually gorgeous. And so easy to talk to, I didn't feel the least intimidated by her.

"Are you gonna miss living out here?" I asked

"Hmmm...yeah, a little. It was nice on days like this." She said looking out at the ocean as the sun began to set. "You wanna see the house?" Kate said as she dangled the keys.

"Sure, why not." I said.

"Come on, then."

As we walked up the beach Kate began to tell stories about living there. The house was largely dark when we got there, and our voices echoed inside. It was a surprisingly small place for Malibu.

I could tell this place had been around a long time.

"Wow, when was this place built?"

"I think in the 40's." she replied as she walked around the place. "Some film director used this place to meet his mistress."

"Oh, really?" I said with raised eyebrow.

"Seems about right, huh?" she replied with that classic smile. "You know, small house, one bedroom?"

"Uh, yes, I suppose."

"My room was in here..." she said as she pointed to what was the master bedroom, it looked out onto a deck with an ocean view.

"Nice." I said.

"I thought so."

Kate seemed to dance into the large main room. She elegantly held out her hand and I somehow knew how to spin her around, dancer-style at that moment.

"Whoa, that wine must've done something to me!" she said with a laugh as she stumbled slightly.

"I guess John has good taste in wines." I replied, the wine was loosening me up too.

"So...like the place?" she asked as she stood close to me.

"Um, it's classy, that's for sure."

I was now getting a little nervous.

"You dance divinely Mr. Jim." She said with an elegant voice.

"As do you, Miss Kate."

We both laughed as she suddenly grabbed my hand and we did an impromptu tango across the floor.

"OK, now this is getting silly!" I said.

We were both laughing now as she fell into my arms. Her smile was radiant and we suddenly kissed. It felt so, so, well...incredible.

"Wait a minute...um...I think this is getting a little too wild." I said.

"I don't think so...I like it." She said with a sweet smile. "I like you."

"Uh, I like you too...it's all just a little bit much right now."

Kate began to hold me closer to her.

"Don't be nervous Jim....you're fine" she said as she kissed me again "Very fine..."

I slowly kissed her back.

Kate smiled at me with a confidence I wished I had more of at this moment.

"Who taught you how to kiss?" she said softly

"Uh...self-taught, I guess."

Kate felt so nice.

"You taught yourself well." She said with that classic smile of hers.

I smiled now, feeling good that such a pretty lady was giving me these kind words.

Kate's hands began to slowly trace over my body, she seemed to be very turned on.

"You feel so...nice." She said softly.

"You do too."

"Jim...would you take your shirt off." she said.

"Are you...sure?" I felt so dumb asking that.

"Yes...I'm very sure." She said looking up at me with a reassuring smile.

I stepped back slightly and pulled my shirt over my head. As it passed over my head, I could see Kate was removing hers. She was topless underneath. Kate had small breasts, but they looked very enticing nonetheless. Especially when she hugged me and I felt her nipples, and her small gasp as they touched my chest skin.

"Oh Jim...you feel so nice." She repeated.

She looked up at me and we kissed again.

Hesitatingly, I reached up and touched her tits, they seemed more sensitive than I imagined and her breathing grew more rapid. Her breaths seemed to do all the talking for her. And her body began to curve in different directions the more I caressed it.

"Oh my...you know what you're doing!" she said with a giggle as she calmed down slightly.

"I guess so." I said sheepishly.

Kate kissed me again and while looking at me, stepped back, unsnapped her denim shorts, and slowly drew the zipper down. She shimmied her slim body and they fell to the floor revealing simple, but very short, white cotton panties.

"How about you do the same?" she said with a smile.

"Don't know if I can shimmy like you..." I said as my khakis unsnapped "but I'll try."

I did the same move she did, and they fell to the floor, as Kate giggled.

"Wow, Jimmy can shimmy!" she giggled as she came back and held me.

My dick was growing as she held me.

"And Jimmy has something else too, doesn't he?" she said.

I couldn't respond, I felt her hand rubbing the front of my underwear, and my dick aching to burst out. I think Kate knew that too, and was getting equally excited. Kate slowly reached inside and her soft hand now held my dick and eased it out into the open.

"Mmmmm....pretty." she said looking down at it. "You can touch me too, you know."

"Yes...I-I-I know..." I finally said.

I reached down to the front of her panties and they felt very warm, I gingerly reached inside and could feel nothing but bare skin, then much wetness. She was very wet.

"Let me slip these off." She said as she pulled my underwear down then slipped her panties off, and we were totally naked.

Kate and I looked at one another, her body was so slim and sexy, her blonde hair and totally bare pussy only highlighted the sexiness I saw,.

"Not bad, huh?" she said while striking a pose.

"No, not at all." I said with a smile of my own.

"That's not bad, either." She said looking at my hard dick, now fully erect.

Kate began to hold it in her hands and let it slide through her fingers.

"So nice..." she said softly. "So very nice."

Kate kneeled down and my dick disappeared into her mouth. I looked up and suddenly saw a large mirror on a wall, reflecting me with a beautiful blonde on her knees completely enveloping my dick.

"Wow..." I heard myself say.

"That good?" she said as she came off my dick.

"No, well yes, but the, um..." I said gesturing with my finger.

"Oh, that!" she laughed as she turned and saw herself "Nice, huh? I always wanted to be a porn star!"

We both laughed now.

Kate stood up and took my hand.

"Let's go out on the deck." She said

Kate led me out to the deck where the sound of the ocean waves proved very relaxing. Kate leaned against a railing and the wind was blowing through her hair. Even in the darkness of evening, it looked so beautiful. She had such a cute ass, too! I couldn't help but touch it, it was smooth as silk.

"Oh, that's nice!" she said.

Kate turned around and we kissed again.

It was my turn.

I kneeled down and she impulsively spread her legs, running both hands through her pussy.

"Oh Jim...yes..." she moaned.

Kate Hudson's pussy tasted so nice, it was completely bare, and totally wet. My tongue was quickly inside her, licking all around her. In the darkness I wasn't sure if I'd found it, but her clit must've been in overdrive thanks to my tongue. Kate was different in that she wasn't moaning or screaming like other girls, she just sounded very soft and sexy as she breathed in rapidly escalating tones. Finally I felt her hips jerk forward and a sexy "Uhhhhyeahhh!" come from her voice, then her breathing returned to (somewhat) normal. I slowly stood up now.

"Wow, baby...wow..." she said with a smile. Then she looked at my still hard dick.

"Gotta give that thing some attention." She said as she lay on a bench built along the sides of the railing, spreading her legs.

"I want you, honey..." she said with a sexiness only she knew.

I smiled too.

I lay on top of her and my dick slid into her, she was so horny now. And oh, did she feel nice! I couldn't believe how hot she was as I started to fuck her. The sound of the ocean only made things hotter, unconsciously I was fucking her in time with the waves. And she was loving it.

"Oh yeah baby...oh yes...fuck me...oh yes..." she said between quick breaths.

I started to go faster now and even thought she sounded the same, it made me feel good. I leaned down and we kissed deeply. My head then went towards her ear and I found myself whispering in it.

"Oh my god Kate...baby...oh yes..."

She turned to my left ear.

"So good...you're so nice Jim...I love this...keep doing it...keep fucking me..."

Wow was she hot!

And I knew I would explode any minute, any second.

"Kate...gonna cum...Kate....oh my goddddd!"

I exploded into her pussy.

Kate responded with a series of child-like "oh's" as she felt my climax.

I slowly raised my head and she was smiling that "Kate smile" at me.

"That was wonderful!" she said.

"I wish it...could've been longer." I said.

She kissed me softly.

"Honey, it was wonderful...I feel so good now."

I gingerly got up from the bench, wishing there was a bed that I could collapse in at this moment. I think Kate felt the same way.

"Maybe we should get back to John's" she finally said.

"Yes, um, my car is there." I replied.

We went back inside and dressed quickly and started back to John's house. Kate turned back and looked at the empty house.

"Thanks for the memories, house!" she shouted with laughter.

It was much later than we expected and all the guests had left John's place. Even the valet parking crew was gone and my SLK was the only car left. Kate and I could only laugh at how this night had gone.

"See you on the set, Jim." She said as she kissed me good night.

"Um, don't you need a ride home?" I asked.

"I am home." She said as she pointed to the house where the party had been held.

"Huh?" I said.

Her smile explained it all.

"You're a clever one, Miss Kate!" I now said.

"Bye, babe," she said with that famous smile as she walked back into her house.

I drove away into the night, smiling just as widely as she did.

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