tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 46

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 46


It was well after midnight, and my condo was beautifully quiet. Even Smokie the cat was asleep. Lying in my king-size bed, a lovely lady curled up beside me. The curve of the bed sheets showed she was naked underneath, as was I.

The lady was Blake Lively, she looked so beautiful in slumber. The evening had been special, but then any evening with her was always special.

The days leading up to this night were a story in themselves. I was still trying to keep all the players and their actions straight...

"You'll never believe who called." Chris said as I arrived at East Coast Image one morning

"Gee, let me guess...Paris? Lindsay? Your mother?" I replied

"Ha-ha, Chuck Tyler."

"You're kidding?"

"I took the call myself. He's back in town."

Early in our business, we'd made an important contact in Chuck Tyler. He was the one who brought Tigress to our firm via a debut show in Las Vegas that was quite nice for me in particular, as it reunited me with Ms. Paris. As Tigress' popularity grew though, he was quickly overwhelmed with the demands of the group and his management company. So he boldly sold his interest in the group as well as his company, which begat us recording software tycoon Marty O'Brien whom I'd met in Hawaii. And while Marty was a good, if sometimes obnoxious, presence in our lives, we had to admit that Chuck's style was more to our liking. Chuck landed on his feet in record time as he was immediately grabbed by a New York PR firm we'd had contact with during the Triple Threat Tour.

And Chuck never forgot his friends.

"So, what's he doing out here?"

"He...has a new job for us." Chris replied, I could see the dollar signs already spinning in his eyes.

Chuck arranged a dinner at Morton's Steakhouse (now I knew he was really moving up in the world, when we first met him, his pockets seems to be loaded with coupons from Subway restaurants). I'd never been there before, so a place with cushy booths, classic red leather seats and endless racks of ribs was amazing. Chuck told us of a new photo campaign he wanted us to do.

"We landed Rachel Ray's production company as a client and she wants some new photos, you guys interested?"

"Sure! I just read she signed some big production deal." Chris quickly replied.

"Great! That ends the first part of this meeting." Chuck said as he took a big sip of his wine

"The first part?" I asked

Chuck then laid out for us some very ambitious plans he had.

"You two have quite the operation, you did Paris' campaign, then album photos for Rihanna...Marty signs you on with Tigress, you went around the world and then some. Oh, you did that movie with Blake Lively, too. Plus there's that Jennifer Aniston movie, I'm hearing a lot of buzz about that film." He now paused to take a sip of his wine "I'd call that big stuff for two guys who were unknowns in this town a year ago."

The way he was recapping our history was intriguing, I knew something big was coming.

"Maybe it's time you moved up in the world a little further. I want to make you guys the staff photo company for us."

"What does that mean?" Chris asked with a mouthful of sirloin.

"Just what I said, you'd be working for us exclusively. You'd be on all our photo shoots, do all press photos, the works. Setup your own operations, graphics, you name it."

My mouth was coated with a glaze of barbecue sauce, so giving any kind of answer looked pretty silly right now. But it sure was a mind-boggling prospect.

Chris looked more thoughtful than I'd ever seen him before. It was his company after all. Even though I had only a small stake in the company that provided a generous salary, I still considered myself part of the business.

"When do you need an answer?" he finally said.

"Give it all the time you need. For now though...let's toast to good times tonight, and future good times tomorrow." He said as we all raised our wine glasses.

The idea of working exclusively for one company was enticing, but we'd been independent for so long. Is this what we really wanted?

"What do you think?" I asked Chris the next day.

He looked at me and exhaled slowly.

"It sure is an attractive offer, we'd always have a guaranteed gig, but I gotta tell you, it's been fun jetting off to some exotic locale as a hired gun...even if it is with Marty."

"Sometimes we have to take the bad with the good." I replied with a smile.

Chris' eyes narrowed somewhat.

"Let's see if we can sweeten this deal a little."

"How would that happen?"

"You let me take care of that." He said with a confident smile.

Until we decided one way or the other, we had the photo assignment on Rachel's TV show. Rachel's people wanted to do a preliminary meeting before we did our actual photo shoot. The day we arrived, the studio was a hubbub of activity, with assistants going back and forth with food, utensils, pots and pans and it was like being in a mega-kitchen. But oddly, we didn't see Rachel anywhere. Once her producer arrived, we found out she wouldn't be there because she was taping one of her other shows back in New York before coming out for several weeks of shows on the west coast as part of a "Rachel Goes West" series. As usual, Chris did all the negotiating while I stood around and watched the crew at work. But I got the feeling that things weren't going very smoothly. Chris and the Producer were in a very tense conversation and neither wanted to give an inch. Before I knew it, we were out of there.

"What happened?" I nervously asked as Chris walked hurriedly to his truck. I could tell he was mad.

"Oh, the usual! Try to be creative, try to be unique! What do I get? A real hard-ass bitch, that's what I get!" he growled. "They want it done one way, their way!"

"Uh-oh...." I said

"Exactly! They don't wanna hear anything I have in mind, some production deal we get! I think she's just pissed they can't use their own people. If we did these photos, they'd be so cheap-looking, no style! I ain't working this way, Hollywood! No fuckin' way!"

Chris got in the truck and his door slam said it all.

"You know what Chuck can do with this great deal of his!" he said as he started it up and roared off.

I took a deep breath, went to my car, and headed home.

"Well, so much for being part of Chuck's family." I said to myself.

After seeing Chris go ballistic and watching a big money deal dissolve, I needed some distractions.

And once again, it was Marty who provided the distractions.

"Hey Hollywood, come on down to the Eagle tonight, big show here with your name on it."

When I arrived at the Eagle, it was loaded with paparazzi guys outside and a stern looking bouncer at the door. I hesitantly gave my name and with a toothy smile, he let me inside.

To my surprise I saw Chris at a back table talking to Marty. When they saw me, I was beckoned over.

"Sounds like you and Chuck had a little disagreement?" Marty said.

"Well, Chris could tell you better than I could, I was just a bystander."

Marty put up a hand.

"Say no more, it'll all work out. But for now, let the dust clear and I'll make some calls, get you guys busy. My girls will be doing some TV work soon so that'll be good."

"I gotta hit the road, see you tomorrow." Chris said as he got up and left.

"You're leaving? Now?" I said, stunned.

"Behave yourself, Hollywood." He said with a smile.

Marty quickly pulled up a chair and sat me down.

"Don't worry about a thing, my friend. I can handle Chuck." He said.

"I'm not sure how I feel about his offer." I said nervously "It's a great deal and all, but...um..."

"Jim...it'll be OK, you have my word. Go get yourself a drink, kid." He said with a reassuring tone.

I headed for the bar like he said. As I waited for a beer, I felt a very soft touch on my shoulder. I turned and had a nice surprise standing in front of me.

"Hi, baby." It was Vanessa Hudgens, looking as lovely as ever in a tight striped polo shirt and equally tight black jeans. Her long black hair looked as gorgeous as ever.

"Well, this is a great surprise." I said as she gave me a soft kiss on the cheek.

I wasn't sure if I should be happy or disappointed but with her was tall boyish kid with causally tousled brown hair and wearing a black blazer with matching pants.

"Zac, this is Jim. He did all my photos for the magazine cover." She said as she gripped his arm.

Now I knew, she was with her boyfriend Zac Efron.

"Oh, yeah. Thanks a lot, pal. Those photos were great!" he said with gee-whiz charm as he shook my hand.

"Just doing my job." I said with a smile and a shrug of my shoulders.

"Babe, there's a guy over there we should meet." He said as he guided her away.

Vanessa looked over her shoulder and winked at me. I think she even made the hand signal for "call me."

I smiled to myself as she walked away, then turned back to grab my beer, and proceeded to bump into a denim clad ass that belonged to a blonde woman standing at the bar.

"Whoa! Sorry about that!" I said

"Oh that's okay." The blonde said as she turned around holding an empty bottle of her own, coincidentally same brand as mine, Corona.

The blonde was quite pretty and wore a vintage Led Zeppelin jersey with a black leather blazer over it. She had an easy smile and very pretty eyes.

"It's not very often someone gets that close to my ass!" she said with a laugh.

"Oh, it wasn't intentional..." I quickly said.

"Dude...it's a joke." She said with her eyebrows raised. "Hi, I'm Ashley." She said as she extended her hand

"Jim." I replied.

"I know you now, I saw you with Vanessa and Zac. I guess she likes you."

"Oh, she's just a..." I began.

"...a friend. Yeah, I've heard that many times. She's had a few friends when we've worked together."

"Oh, I didn't know you worked with her."

Ashley looked at me with confusion.

"You don't know me, do you?"

I looked harder at this blonde beauty, she did look a little familiar.

"I'm Ashley Tisdale." She now said.

"Oh! Right! I get it now!"

"Took a little while, huh?"

"Yes, I know you now."

"Bright boy." She said with a playful punch to my shoulder "now how about buying me a drink?"

"Good idea."

Two Corona's were in our hands as we headed for a table.

"So you and Vanessa know each other, professionally?" she said with an emphasis on 'professionally'.

"Yes, it goes with the job." I said as I took a sip of my beer.

"You do good work...think you'd like to do me?"

"Uh, that depends..." I said hesitantly

"On what?" she replied leaning in close and smiling.

"Uh...on weather or not I can think of an answer at this moment."

Ashley and I both laughed.

"Seriously, I know Vanessa and she said you took great photos and I trust her, so let's get together sometime." She said with an easy smile.

"OK, here's my card." I said as I gave her our business card.

"Great, could I use your cellphone for a sec?"


She quickly punched some numbers on my phone and looked like she might be checking her voicemail.

"Jim from East Coast Image." She said reading my business card before flipping the phone shut.

"What was that for?" I asked.

"Oh, a little trick I learned...I just called my phone and now I have your phone number." She said with a sly smile.

"Very clever, Miss Ashley."

"Thanks. I'll uh, call you soon." She said as she got up to leave.

Marty called me back over to his table where Vanessa and Zac had joined him. As I sat down, Vanessa was on my right and Zac was between her and Marty. As the night wore on, Marty went into his usual spiel about plans he had for Tigress and how Vanessa fit into those plans. I had to wonder if he was gonna put the moves on Vanessa the way he did with his other protégés`.

To my surprise, the moves were being put on me!

I felt a hand on my knee, then the hand slowly crept up my leg. I had a flashback to when I was in Vegas with Bridget and Laura. But this time, it was Vanessa who was letting her hand do the walking! And she kept a sly smile the whole time, listening to Marty, and smiling at Zac. This girl was a better actress than I thought!

Vanessa had her hand on my crotch now and it softly gripped my "package". And I was getting hard, very fast. God, I hoped Marty didn't ask my opinion about anything!

"So, Jim...what do you think?" he now asked

Aw, crap!

"Um, I-I-I think it's a good idea." I said.

"What's a good idea?" Zac asked

"Uh, what was the question?"


"Yes, I agree." I said.

"Exactly! Like I said..." Marty replied and continued.

Thank God he didn't ask me "who's on first?"

Vanessa was giggling at my predicament, she knew she had me right where she wanted. She then leaned in toward my ear.

"Unzip it for me..." she whispered.

"Not here!" I whispered back.

She smiled and giggled in response.

"Tell them you're getting another drink." She said.

"Uh, I'm gonna get another beer." I said

"Why get up Jim, I'll get a waitress over here." Marty said as he raised his hand.

"Oh, no, no I'll be back." I said quickly.

"I'm gonna go powder my nose, babe." Vanessa said as she gave Zac a quick kiss on the cheek.

Vanessa and I got up and she followed me to the bar, then took my arm and pulled me toward a dark corner of the back stairs leading up to the club owner's office. She turned and checked all around her, making sure we couldn't be seen. I was petrified to be in a situation like this, but Vanessa's soft hands were far from petrified. I felt my zipper slide down and her hand go inside as she began to kiss me.

"Oh, Jim...thought about this all night long." She said as I kissed her neck. "Wish...wish we could fuck again...so gooooood." She said breathlessly as she caressed my dick and let it slide through her fingers.

I was still looking around, wondering if we'd get caught.

"Oh Vanessa..." I finally said, acknowledging her graceful handjob that made me feel so good.

"Oh Jim...so nice...so hard...make you feel good, baby."

Vanessa's hand slid up and down my dick, she watched her progress with a big smile. I wonder if Zac got the same treatment I was getting here?

I tried to work up the courage to touch her in the same way but I was getting very close to my point of no return, and hoped I wouldn't cum on the floor.

Suddenly I heard footsteps behind me. It was Derek Adams, the club's owner.

"Gotta stop!" I said to Vanessa and we quickly reassembled ourselves as Derek came down the steps.

"Vanessa! Good to see you again, where's Zac?" he said as he held his glass of Scotch. "James...you're looking rather...happy I see."

I was still trying to stuff my dick back into my jeans.

"Oh, yeah Derek...great night, you know." I said, sounding like I'd just run a marathon.

Vanessa's hand was covering her mouth and she was laughing uncontrollably.

"You take care of that baby..." she said as she walked away, still laughing. This whole evening was getting too weird for me.

"OK, I've had enough." I said to myself.

I said my good night's to Marty and everyone else and headed home. Vanessa's naughty smile as I left told me we'd be meeting again very soon.

When I arrived back home, it was after midnight and there was a surprise phone message for me.

"Hi, Jim it's Blake! Um...I'm gonna be in town the day after tomorrow, and we should have that dinner you promised...so gimme a call, honey, bye!"

I couldn't help but smile, Blake Lively's back in town. Nice.

I remembered when I saw her last, I promised I'd make her dinner in the pressure cooker she gave me as a memento of our time in San Francisco while she was making "Dreamer". And she promised to wear the vintage Fillmore West t-shirt she had filled out so nicely. I still had it in the Ziploc bag she sent it in, I wondered if the scent of her Chanel` perfume was still on it. But then I suddenly realized that I hadn't a clue what to make for her. And I never bothered to read the manual on how to use the damn thing! I dug out the machine and the recipe book, figuring while at the store I'd suddenly be inspired.

I now dashed out again into the night looking for an open grocery store. Luckily, my usual one was open late and it was pretty empty for this time of night so I could probably think what culinary delights I could prepare.

Yeah, right!

I was fumbling through the book and found something that seemed easy enough.

OK, I can do this.

As I cruised the aisles, my cart started to fill up with ingredients. OK, pretty good so far.

Last ingredient, olive oil.

I never realized how many varieties there were. I suppose I could just pick the one with the most artistic label. Or I could just go for the celebrity version.

I turned to a woman standing nearby reading the label on a spaghetti sauce jar. She had on a grey fleece jacket and matching sweatpants. Her black hair was in a loose ponytail.

"Uh, 'scuse me... do you know if this is any good?"

She turned, looked at the bottle I was holding, and snickered.

"Well, it better be. It's got my picture on it." She said.

I looked at the bottle and realized it was "Rachel Ray's EVOO Olive Oil".

And the creator of it was in front of me.

"Oh, my..." I said, stumbling for something witty.

"It's good stuff, believe me." She said.

"Yes, like you said, your, uh, name's on it."

"What's your name?"

"Jim, I guess yours would be Rachel?"

"You got it!" she said with that perky tone she was famous for. "So, I would guess you're a single guy?"

"What makes you think that?"

"Well, I don't see a lot of guys here this time of night. And... judging from what you've got there" she said looking at my cart "You seem to eat more than just microwave junk."

"I guess you're right, I'm gonna try out a pressure cooker so I wanna do it right."

"Oh, cool! Mind if I see the recipe?" she asked.

"Yeah, sure, might as well get the opinion of an expert."

"Hah! Far from it, pal!" she laughed with that sexy rasp of a voice as she looked over it.

"This is pretty good, I should try this on my show while I'm out here."

Hey! That's right!

"Really? I didn't know that."

"Yup, I got in this afternoon and we were supposed to get some photos done. Apparently there was a problem with the photographers. I heard they were really great I wonder what happened?"

"Yes, that is rather strange..."

She looked over the recipe book some more.

"Think you can do this yourself? Usually guys aren't the best cooks."

"Well, I figure if I have this stuff" I said as I held up the olive oil bottle "I can't go wrong."

"That's for sure! Uh, what are you doing tomorrow? What am I saying, it's tomorrow already!" she said laughing as she realized the hour.

"Well, working. Why?"

"Come down and see us tape the first show. Give the security guys this."

Rachel handed me a colorful business card with the production company name on it.

"Come down at like 10."

"Well, OK, I'll be there."

"Great! I'll see you then, nice meeting you Jim."

And she headed on her way.

I guess I can consider this an encouragement of my culinary pursuits.

"We are in luck!" Chris said excitedly the next morning.

"How's that?"

"The CW Network had a new series coming and we just got the photo gig."


"Hellcats" was a new series following a college cheerleading squad captained by Ashley Tisdale.

This is encouraging, I thought.

Once we got to the set we were met by Amy Adamson, our old contact from the Rihanna photo shoot we did in Palm Springs. Amy had us shooting photos as they filmed several routines for the series. It was like every high school fantasy as several girls showed up in royal blue cheerleader outfits with yellow striping and began a whole series of moves to the song "Misirlou" as we snapped away. But I didn't see Ashley anywhere, there was one tall blonde with long curly hair who seemed to be a team leader and probably the star of the series but she didn't make me look twice. I found out later it was the show's star Aly Michalka. Finally I saw a cute brown haired girl wave to me and smile and I realized Ashley had gone from golden blonde to her natural chestnut brown since we last met.

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