tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 52

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 52


Up to now my only contact with the hierarchy at Artists Unlimited had been confined to my boss Jeff Murphy and his boss Chuck Tyler. The last few days Chuck had been in meetings with the legal department over the pending lawsuit filed by his former partner Marty O'Brien. As a result, Jeff was taking on more than his usual workload. And I was about to find out a little more about the history of AU in a most unexpected way.

I was delivering some new photo sheets to Jeff's office. His secretary Natalie noticed me as I came off the elevator.

"Hey, gorgeous." She said with that classic smile "Coming to see the big boss?"

"Oh, Natalie, are you talking about yourself again?" I said without looking up from my photos before acknowledging her smile with my eyes and my sly smile.

"Go on in." she said

To my surprise, Jeff had company. A rather gregarious and animated man was talking a mile a minute as Jeff watched, barely getting in a word. Seated was a silent brunette haired girl I only saw from the back of her head.

"So like I said!" he continued "this one can't miss, she's got all the right moves, all the curves, big plans for this one Jeff!"

"Right, I agree, big plans." He said before noticing me at the door. "Jim! Great to see you!" he said as he jumped up from his desk "As usual, it's been an adventure with you, keep in touch." He said hurriedly to the man, like he was glad to see me and end this meeting.

The gentleman escorted the lady who was seated to the door.

"How ya doin'? Gary Mackas, great to meet you" he said with a generous handshake.

I now got a better look at his companion, whoa!

She was fairly short and petite, but had a body that screamed centerfold in her low cut black t-shirt and matching jeans. I couldn't help but get a glimpse at a generous chest that filled out the shirt incredibly well.

"Hi, there darlin'!" she said with a sweet accent as she was led out by Gary.

"Yes...hi to you too." I said as she walked out and gave me a sweet look back at me over her shoulder.

I watched her as she headed for the elevators before turning back to Jeff, who leaned back in his chair and let out a long sigh as he looked at the ceiling.

"Who...was...that?" I said to Jeff

Jeff finally leaned forward in his chair.

"Shut the door, Jim." He said with a sigh

I did and took a seat.

"OK, you just saw a part of the company we don't talk about."

"What side is that?"

"Long ago when the agency opened, one of their first clients was a company called VCX, they used a different name back then but you can probably guess what they do. Anyway, as my dad tells it, they kept us going for awhile until we picked up some real clients. Gary's dad was close friends with mine and he always promised to keep them on, it's a little more important now because his dad is, well..." his voice trailed off.

"His dad is what?"

Jeff spun his hand slightly around his head like he was trying to say something as his eyes looked upward.

"Not well?" I said

"Yes, that sounds a lot better than what I was about to say, thank you."

"OK, that answers who the guy was, but who was the lady with him?"

"All I know is her name is Laura, she's from Texas, very Italian and she's their new up and coming starlet. But that's probably all we'll ever know."

"Why's that?"

"Gary Mackas only comes in here once a year, thank god, to re-sign his paperwork with us since he runs VCX now. Like I said, it's a part of the agency we don't talk about freely. And I'd appreciate it if you did the same."

"OK, you got a deal."

"Thanks, between us getting sued by Chuck's old partner, and all my other work, I really didn't need that clown showing up. Even if the girl with him was, well..."

Again, his voice trailed off and he spun his hand again, like he was waiting for me to provide the right words.

This time I just started at him.

"Let me know when you find the words." I said as I left his office with him still trying to find the right words.

As I got on the elevator, my cellphone buzzed with an incoming text message;

"Meet me at the Polo Lounge tonight, would love to see you again." A pair of hearts and kissing lips emphasized the sender, "Mimi Sheraton" whom I knew as Paris Hilton. She was right; it had been awhile since I'd seen her. I never knew what she had in store when she contacted me. The Polo Lounge though was different. I'd heard of it but never been there. Perhaps she was looking for a real date. We'd never had one in all the time we'd known one another.

I pulled into the Beverly Hills Hotel's underground garage and found a space for my Mercedes SLK convertible next to a gleaming Corvette Stingray of 1970's vintage with a license plate that said "CIAO BELLA".

"What a sweet ride." I said to myself as I looked it over before heading inside to the famous Polo Lounge.

"Good evening sir, are you meeting someone?" a crisp doorman said at the entrance.

Now I was stuck! If I said her name I'd be out of there fast. Maybe her alias would work.

"Uh, yes...Mimi Sheraton." I said

"Ah, yes." He said "Have a seat at the bar, she'll be down momentarily."

This was not the place to order a Corona!

"Uh, yes...vodka martini, extra dry." I said

"Any particular Vodka, sir?" the bartender asked

"Oh, uh...whatever's popular should be fine."

I had never ordered a martini in my life. That was strictly my dad's drink of choice. I took a sip like I would any other drink and the concoction hit me immediately.

How he ever drank these every night I'll never know! He must've had a steel plated liver implanted during the war.

My phone buzzed again with a message from "Mimi".

"Can't make it tonight, flight from NYC delayed indefinitely, gonna stay overnight here, so sorry!" with some sad faces added.

"OK, tonight I'm just another well-dressed patron at the Polo Lounge" I thought.

What do I do now?

I happened to look at the huge mirror behind the bar and noticed a woman entering. She had on a short, low cut dress somehow held up by sparkling straps. She said a few words to the doorman and made a slow path to the bar where she sat a few seats down from me.

"Hi, Jack." She said with an easy southern drawl "just a ginger ale for now, honey."

I tried not to look but I suddenly realized it was the girl from this morning. If this is the girl Gary said had "all the right moves, and all the curves", man, was he right!

Just then she turned in my direction and caught me looking at her.

"Hi there! I saw you this morning." She said

"Yes, evening."

She walked over to my stool and sat down, oh my god what a body!

"I'm Laura, I never did get your name."

"Jim." I said as we shook hands

"Are you waiting for someone?"

"Well, I was" I said "I just got a text message from her cancelling our date tonight."

"Aw, too bad." She replied as she sipped her drink "I got stood up too, my man is back in New York. I was supposed to spend the whole weekend with him here."

"Man, that would've been cool." I replied

"Still is, he told me to enjoy myself and charge everything to his company." She said as she jangled her room key.


"You know it baby!" she said "so what do you do over there?"

"Oh, I run the photo department."

"Awesome! I get pictures taken too. I guess you can figure out what kinds." She said with a giggle as she looked down at her chest.

I was looking too, oh, man was it a beautiful view.

"Nah, I have no idea what kinds of photos are taken." I said

She laughed as only a starlet could laugh.

"I think you like what you're seeing." She said "Don't be ashamed."

I looked at her face now, just as cute as the rest of her.

"OK, yes. I, uh, like what I'm seeing."

"Would you like to see more?"

She seemed to get a thrill out of her directness, and how it affected me.

"Us Texas girls we get to the point, you know." She said as she leaned in closer to me.

"I guess you do." I said

Man, this is going somewhere but I wonder if I should watch my step with her?

"So how'd you meet Gary?"

"Oh, I came out here for a different job, but that didn't work out like I wanted. So I decided to use what I got here." She said giving her self (and me) another look at her ample chest "I used to do that back in Austin, had a lot of fun there."

"I've always wanted to check out that area, I hear it's a lot of fun."

"Oh! You know it, honey! The stuff with Gary is just for show. The real stuff I like to do is with another friend."

"Uh-huh, and who would that be?"

"Alex, she takes good care of me, maybe you'd like to see my room? It's so awesome."

"OK, that sounds good. Maybe we could have some dinner sent up or something?"

"I like the idea of something." She said with another giggle.

Laura and I walked out of the Polo Lounge.

I was in uncharted waters now.

The elevator smoothly carried us upwards and now Laura's hands were moving upwards as well.

"I guess your hands have a mind of their own." I said

Again, Laura gave me that starlet giggle.

"Hey, I'm from Texas, baby" She said as her hand softly moved to my crotch "we don't bullshit around."

Soon we were in a luxurious suite the likes of which I'd only seen in Vegas. It wasn't high-tech but instead had that old-world kind of charm, or old Hollywood charm as the case may be. Laura casually walked around and dimmed some lights as I looked out onto a garden type courtyard.

"Pour me a drink, honey." She said

"Anything in particular?" I asked

"Oh, just a little wine." She said holding her fingers apart slightly

I looked around the small bar and found some wine and poured two glasses worth. I then also noticed a bottle of Jack Daniel's. Finding a shot glass, I poured myself one and quickly downed it. I needed a little "shot of courage", as the song goes. I also hoped the right words would come too, as the Eagles song once said.

Laura stretched out on a sofa, legs tucked underneath her as I joined her.

"So, who's this Alex you're friends with?"

"She's a nice lady. She's taken very good care of me"

"Alex, huh? Rather unique name, ever call her Al for short?"

Laura tried not to spit out any of her drink as she snickered at my remark

"It's short for Alexandra. She provides companions for special occasions and all."

"Oh, like an escort service?" I said half-jokingly as I took another sip of wine.

She nodded.

Now things were much clearer. Play it cool, Hollywood. This might turn out better than you expected. The operative word being MIGHT. She must've picked up on the look of surprise I had on my face.

"Oh! I know what you're thinking!" she quickly said "Um, I don't consider what's going on here to be, you know, work."

"Okay, then." I said, still wondering if this was for real.

"I said that my date stood me up." She continued "...and he gave me this for the weekend." She said as she looked around the room "seems a shame to let it go to waste, right?" she said with her eyebrows raised and a cute smile.

"OK, uh, right." I said "You, or should I say, we, should put it to good use."

She nodded slowly, still smiling, before getting even closer to me.

"So, babe..." she said softly looking down at her ample chest "you like what you see?"

"Oh, yes...yes I do."

"You know the phrase, 'reach out and touch someone'?"

I nodded

"Why don't you reach out...and touch me." she said softly as she rubbed my crotch again "...and I'll reach out...and touch you."

Her touch felt incredible, I was immediately getting hard. We were so close that it felt natural to kiss her. Her lips were soft and wet. I turned to those beautiful tits of hers. She leaned in further and their fullness was apparent and my hands were caressing those beauties. Even through the material of her dress, they felt soft and warm, the nipples already hard. And she wore a beautifully fragrant perfume that only heightened the sensations I was feeling.

"Oh baby...Let me make things easier..." she moaned

Laura slid the straps of her dress down and held her tits, they were enormous! Bigger than any starlets' I'd seen, and all real from what I could tell. She held them in her hands before leaning in and offering one to my mouth.

"Take it, honey...take it...love it..." she said as my lips and tongue began to suck and lick her nipples "....yessssss...just like that baby...oh just like a baby...ohhhhh... suck my boobies...suck 'em...ohhhhhh goddddd!!!" her moans had taken on a pleading quality that got hotter and sexier the longer they went on.

By now her hand had found my zipper and as she felt her way inside my pants I felt like my dick would explode through my pants. But somehow she got it out.

"Ohhhh...so beautiful...so nice..." her hand had wrapped around it and was softly jerking it to full length, which didn't take much effort!

Her moans were so hot the more I licked and sucked her tits

"Oh honey...honey...baby...let me make you feel good...lean back." She said

Laura leaned down and held my dick in her hands

"This is gonna be fun." She said with a smile as it disappeared into her wet mouth, she looked at me as it went all the way in then as she slowly came back off it.

"Mmmmm...fuck this is nice, baby..." she said with a sexy moan "....this is nice..."

I was speechless the whole time, it was all so unexpected. But I did as I was told, I leaned back and enjoyed her work, watching her take all of it into her mouth, feel her tongue swirl around the head. When she came off my dick, she brushed it across her face, seductively swirling her tongue before touching it to her tits, around the nipples.

"Like this baby...like how I suck your cock?"

All I could do was close my eyes and breathe slightly.

Laura smiled

"I like it too." She said as she stood and draped herself over me, kissing my cheek and lips softly.

"Why don't we take out clothes off?" I whispered in her ear between kisses

"Oooo...thought you'd never ask." She replied slowly and softly in my ear.

Laura slowly stood and I did the same. She let her dress slide off her and onto the floor. As I removed my tie and shirt she stopped me.

"Oh, baby look..." she said as she stood before me in her silk panties showing off a large spot "you made me all wet...made me wet my panties...you naughty boy." She giggled

"Well look what you did." I said as my pants were off and my dick stood straight out.

"I'll just have to take these off, won't I?" she said as she slowly slid her panties down, revealing a perfectly smooth pussy that looked beautiful. She was very close to me and now slid my underwear down and knelt down, getting the full picture of my hardness.

"Ahhhh, so beautiful." She said looking up at me.

Laura took my dick back into her mouth and her lips wrapped around its length as it slid in and out of her hot mouth, it felt incredible. All the stresses of work seemed to melt away and I felt so good.

So good...so nice...I could feel...could feel like...

With a groan I exploded into her mouth, Laura didn't move, she only jerked me off, getting every drop. She looked up again and I could see a slight dribble of cum on the side of her mouth, which she seductively licked off.

"That was nice, baby!" she said

I was still panting, my knees felt a little wobbly.

"I'm sorry it was...so quick." I said panting

"Oh, don't be!" she quickly replied "Just makes the next one more fun."

Laura stood and held me close.

"You did fine, baby..." she said softly with a kiss "Just fiiiinnne. We've got lots of time."

Her accent sounded so sexy, the way she said "fine"

Though my dick was softening, I could feel it brush against her warm inner thighs. Maybe I'd be ready for more action sooner than I thought.

"Let me return the favor." I said

Now I knelt down

"Open your legs." I said

Laura opened her legs slightly as I knelt on the floor and could now see her beautifully smooth pussy. It was nicely pink and I could see it glisten slightly.

She was horny, all right.

My fingers gently touched its folds, then went inside slightly, she was very wet.

Laura breathed in slowly as this new sensation took hold. I got closer and kissed her pussy. My tongue replaced my fingers and it teased the outside folds before it slid inside and I licked her pussy, she tasted wonderful and I could hear her breathing get rapid and her moans erotic the more I licked her. Her hands gently caressed my head.

"Oh Jim...uh-huh baby that's it...uh-huh...so hot baby...so hot."

My face was practically buried in this beauty's pussy.

Laura was super-turned on now, and I loved what I was doing to her.

"Uh-huh...uh-huh...UH-HUH! UH-HUH! OH MY GODDDD I'M COMING BAYBEEEEEEE!" she screamed out as her legs buckled.

Her pussy tasted even better as I felt her orgasm on my tongue.

She slowly dropped to my level now and I immediately kissed her

"Taste yourself, honey." I said as I deeply kissed her.

She almost seemed to be crying.

"What's wrong? Did I do something bad?" I was so confused at this moment.

"No! No! You were great!" Laura somehow said "It's been awhile since I felt like that. You just seemed to know what to do, not every guy can do that."

"Really, you mean that?"

Laura nodded and closed her eyes slightly, as if to emphasize how I'd made her feel.

We held one another on the floor. When she released her grip on me, she ran her fingers through her thick black hair.

"That was so awesome baby." She said "I see you're ready for more."

My dick was hard again, thanks to her sounds.

"Let's check out the bedroom." Laura said seductively

We both slowly stood, but I surprised her by swooping her up in my arms, all that time in the gym had finally started to pay off when it counted.

The bedroom was certainly luxurious, that's for sure. The bed was elegantly large as I carried Laura in and laid her on the bed. She immediately rolled over to make room for me as I joined her. Our arms were quickly around one another for a long lingering kiss.

I could feel the ultimate experience with her was about to happen when I heard the doorbell, freezing us both.

"Who's that?" I asked

"Hang on, babe. I think I know." She replied as she got off the bed.

"Aren't you gonna put on a robe or something?"

"Why? I'm not ashamed of my body, neither should you." She said as she left the bedroom.

I heard the door open and it sounded like she was glad to see whoever it was. Laura returned with another lovely lady in tow.

"Jim, this is Vicky." She said before turning to Vicky "You're just in time, babe."

Vicky was a stunner with thick blonde hair and a figure to match Laura's.

"Whoa! Who's this?" she said with a big smile and jaunty tone.

Laura hopped onto the bed and wrapped her arm around me

"I met him in the Polo Lounge, his name's Jim and he's..." she turned to me "very nice."

"Well if he's a friend of YOURS, babe he's gotta be nice!" she said with a hearty laugh. "Can I get a drink?"

"Sure, the bar's out there." Laura said as she turned to me and gave me a quick peck on my lips. She got off the bed and went to a small bag on a table and adjusted her makeup a little. "What are you doing out here tonight, anyway?" she asked Vicky

"The Congressman is in town, the one we went to the party with, remember?" Vicky said from the other room.

I could see Laura's eyes widen in the mirror's reflection as she remembered.

"Oh, wow! He's back?" she laughed

"Uh-huh! He was speaking to this group, says he'll run for another term, gonna clean up Washington, blah-blah-blah."

"Was this before or after you gave him a BJ?"

Vicky laughed again.

"Who was this?" I asked

Laura looked back at me through the mirror, her naked body looking so nice.

"A good escort never tells her secrets, right Vicky?"

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