tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 53

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 53


Everything was a jumble of lights and sounds. I still couldn't move, my legs were numb and I had no way of knowing what had happened. I felt some movement and voices both hysterical and commanding around me.

"What's your name?"

"Can you move your arms?"

"Courthouse is in lockdown!"

"Move this one over!"

"Have three confirmed in the courtroom."

I couldn't focus on anything. Then I felt an upward motion and then wheels beneath me and saw the ceiling lights quickly moving. The outside was another jumble of lights and sounds. I could hear a helicopter in the sky above, Police and fire sirens on the ground. Finally I heard something familiar.

"Jim! Oh my god, Jim! Oh baby!" a hysterical woman screamed

"Miss, NO! You can't go in the ambulance, no!" a man's voice said

"I'm his fiancée'! I'm with him! Please, please let me go with him! JIM!!!" she continued to scream as I heard the ambulance doors slam shut.

I couldn't see the woman's face but she sounded familiar.

"Blake..." I somehow mumbled

"Stay with me, brother." A man, probably a paramedic said "Stay with me."

I felt sleep coming over me but the commotion inside the ambulance kept me somewhat awake, I was still trying to get a grasp of what had happened and where I was going.

More bursts of sound and light as I entered a brightly lit, antiseptic-smelling room. Perhaps it was the smell but I suddenly felt the brick wall of sleep (or consciousness) hit me hard.

I was trying to get my bearings on everything. The last thing I remembered was being in the county courthouse, I was waiting for word if I'd have to testify in the lawsuit against Artists Unlimited (or AU) and the company's manager Chuck Tyler. His ex-partner Marty O'Brien had filed a lawsuit claiming that Chuck had conspired to steal their top clients, a female music trio called Tigress whom they'd discovered, away from him. And I was named in the lawsuit as I was now affiliated with Chuck's company. The day the judge would announce his decision, our attorney Michael Baldwin smartly brought one of his clients whom I knew rather well, Blake Lively along for moral support. Michael gave me the news the suit was thrown out of court and had returned to the courtroom for further business.

Now everything around me was dark, a door far off in the distance was slowly opening. I was walking down a very long hallway dimly lit from above. I walked towards the door and entered.

How'd I end up in a nightclub? It didn't look like the Eagle, or another other place I'd been to. Still, it was pretty swanky, I'll say that. Red leather seats everywhere, a good band was playing. Man, I feel like I'm back in a rat pack-era nightclub. I've even got a nice suit on too, but I don't recall owning a suit like this one. Maybe Paris bought it for me? Everything was still pretty hazy, probably a mix of cigars and pot smoke. At the far end was a big table, maybe whoever's there could tell me where I am. As I got closer, the person laughing and holding court became clearer.

No, it can't be.

"Chris...?" I said

My old partner Chris was holding court with several lovely ladies. He had a drink in his hand and a big cigar.

But he was...no, it can't be.

He looked at me with a confused look but then raised his hand up to stop me.

"Hey, Hollywood!" he said with surprise "What are you doing here? You're early...way too early" he said as he looked at his watch, a beautiful gold one "...it's not time for you yet...not time...go back...I'll be here when it's time...we all will."

Chris slowly waved his left arm and I followed its path. I saw several hazy figures then they became clearer. I saw my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, even family pets.

They were in the middle of a huge white light, but that light was slowly dimming and I felt myself drifting backwards. But I could still hear the echo of Chris' voice;

"It's not time yet...I'll be here...we all will...go back...go back..."

Suddenly I felt a huge jolt in my side, then another, a third dropped me to my knees.

"OK, we got him back!" I heard a voice say

"Vital signs are stable." Another said

"Get him up to the OR, let's move!" a third said

Sleep came over me again.

How long I slept I didn't know. But it was quiet when I awoke. The room was large with a big window that overlooked the city, the sunlight gently streaming in. I could hear a steady beeping and felt something attached to my arm that looked like an IV setup. On my finger was clamped what was probably a pulse monitor. OK, I know I'm in a hospital, and I can feel everything attached or clamped to me. Even though I still felt very sleepy I needed to do an inventory check. OK, legs are there, I could see those, and I could move my left one, but the right felt numb. Left arm is there, and so is the right, that's good.

I guess I made it, but what happened was the question I still had.

The monitors beeping became a little more rapid and I saw a nurse at the doorway.

"He's waking up now." She said as she came over to me "You're OK, your doctor's on the way."

Over the hospital PA I heard

"Dr. Ross to 315...Dr. Ross to 315."

Three more people came in now and one seemed to be the doctor in charge.

"Hi, Jim...I'm Dr. Ross. You gave us quite a scare." He said with a cool demeanor.

I tried to talk but my mouth felt like a slime factory.

"That's OK, you won't be able to talk for a little while. You've been asleep for a week so...that's understandable." He coolly said as he made some notes on a chart.

"Can you wiggle your fingers?" he asked as held up my other hand

I wiggled my fingers, they still worked. That's a good sign.

I tried to indicate with my fingers I wanted to write something.

"Someone you want us to call?" a nurse said as an IPad was quickly produced.

I shook my head and tapped out on the IPad;

"What happened?"

Dr. Ross sat down beside me

"You were part of a shooting that happened at the county courthouse, you survived." He said calmly "Your leg was pretty banged up by the bullets. The surgeons put a little hardware in and you'll be fine. You lost a lot of blood in the process so that's why I said you gave us a scare. But the bottom line is, you're gonna be fine, no problems walking, running, dancing, whatever you choose to do."

I typed out a typical smart-ass remark;

"Set off metal detectors for rest of life?"

Dr. Ross chuckled.

"Good question, let me know next time you travel. I've got a couple of those things in my knee from all the basketball I played."

I typed again on the IPad;


"What do you mean?"

I showed him the pad and tapped it

"Were there others?" Dr. Ross asked me "Others at the courthouse?"

I nodded

He hesitated.

"Yes, yes there were." He began "But I don't know the specifics, there'll be some detectives coming down, they'll have all the details." He said as she stood up.

The nurse came over to me

"Was there anyone you wanted us to call?"

I thought a minute, tapped out an answer;


"Blake? Is that a last or first name?"

I tapped my answer


The nurse went for a bag with my personal items and found my IPhone. She quickly accessed the address book and scrolled down.

"Is this it?" she asked as she showed me the phone with Blake Lively's number. I nodded.

"You want us to call Blake Lively?" she asked looking surprised.

I nodded.

"OK, I, uh, will." She said "my daughter is going to be very jealous."

"So is your husband." another nurse said as she made notes on my chart "...how many times did he make you watch Gossip Girl?"

I heard the nurse with the phone say she was calling on my behalf, it appeared she'd gotten her voice mail.

Soon, I could eat and drink again, and luckily my voice was still there. A little scratchy but, still there.

"You're quite a popular patient." A nurse said as a large bouquet of flowers appeared. "This is the third one you've gotten today. Should I read the card?"

I nodded.

"It just says...'so happy'." She read "and it's signed with just a B."

I smiled and croaked out a "thank you."

I didn't need to know who it was from.

Just then another arrangement was brought in.

"This one's from...Mimi Sheraton." The nurse read

I knew it was really from Paris Hilton.

"Like you said...I must be popular." I croaked out

As if on cue, yet another arrangement arrived, I could only give an easy smile as the nurses marveled at the number and size of arrangements that were arriving.

"My, the card on this is pretty fancy." A nurse said as she showed it to me

The card said "wishing you all my love" with the initials "KNK" in elegant script

I knew it was from Kimberly Nicole Kardashian, the script lettering gave it away.

Just then, I saw Roger Sullivan at the doorway with another gentleman I didn't recognize.

"Hey, is it okay to see you?" he said

I motioned them in with my hand. They came in and quietly shut the door.

"Jim, this is someone you'll need to talk with." Roger said

"Hi, Jim, I'm Special Agent McCallum." He said as he showed me his badge and ID.

"He needs to get some info from you and can answer any questions you have."

"Perhaps the best way to do this is just tell you what we have so far and you can ask anything in the process."

I nodded, I'd heard those words before.

McCallum took a deep breath and started his explanation

"When the judge announced his decision, Mr. O'Brien was very upset and managed to wrestle a gun away from a bailiff and shoot him, and then the judge, fatally."

I could only breathe in.

"What about Michael?"

"He was hit and it was touch and go with him but he's OK. His assistant probably saved his life. She took the worst of it."

I suddenly remembered his assistant was my school friend Dana Liebowitz.

"What about her?" I asked

"She's in the ICU unit but I don't know her condition." Roger said as he stood "I'll go find out."

"Go on..." I said to Agent McCallum

He took a deep breath before continuing

"From there, he went out into the hallway and that's when he saw you."

"It felt like my leg exploded, was that when I got hit?" I said

"Yes, his first 2 shots hit you, and then the wall."

"I was on the ground by then."

"Right" he said before continuing "when he got close to you a witness said he raised the gun up and that was when another officer shot him."

"Is he...?" I asked

"Yes, he was shot dead by the officers. According to the ballistics report, he had one shot left in the clip."

"So...if he hadn't been shot...I would've been..." I said slowly

"You would've been his last victim."

I didn't know what to think, what to feel after hearing that. I just felt energy drain out of me.

Roger came back in the room.

"Dana got out of surgery last night, but they think she'll be fine." He said.

I nodded.

"Do you have any questions, Jim?" McCallum asked

I breathed outward

"I think I'm good for now."

McCallum flipped his notebook shut.

"If you have any other questions, my contact information is with the doctors."

Roger sat by me. There was an understandable silence now. I was staring out the window now as the slow realization of the events that happened was becoming clearer.

"Hey" he said breaking the silence "You're alive, Jim. Remember that."

"Right, but it's just so strange, so strange." I said "Roger...I saw him."

"Who? Who did you see?"

"Chris...and my relatives...they were all there."

Roger's face said it all.

"You saw him?"

"Yes, he was there, it seemed like a swanky nightclub. But I know that he's..."

My voice trailed off, I now knew what had happened to me, and what I'd seen. Roger now realized it too.

"Well, I'm no therapist but...all I can say is you'll be OK."

"Thanks, man." I said as I held my hand out for him "Thanks."

I figured the best thing I could do was try to get moving and not dwell on things. I was soon up and about and eventually I was released. Chuck had a new treadmill waiting for me at home, between that and a stack of movies and books, I was set for a recovery. One surprise that arrived for me with the treadmill was an elegant black walking cane with a silver handle at the top.

"What the well-dressed photo guy should always have." The card said

I examined it and discovered a small button under the handle. When I pushed it, there was a "click" and the top slid off, revealing the handle to an elegantly deadly sword hidden inside. The last time I saw something like this was in a French costume drama.

It was only when I was lying alone in my bed that night, big screen TV playing an old Star Trek episode, that it hit me what could've happened. I looked down at the foot of the bed and saw Smokie the cat hop up and slowly make his way to me, as only a cat could, and stand close to me. His crystal blue eyes and purring really told me how happy he was to see me home, he stuck close to me the rest of the evening.

"I missed you too, pal." I said softly as I stroked his head "I missed you too."

To my surprise, getting around wasn't too tough with my new hardware. Chuck Tyler assured me everything was running smoothly in my absence, but after a few days at home I was already starting to feel bored, and eager to get back in the saddle. I mean, you can only watch so many Law & Order reruns.

Just after talking to Chuck and being assured once again everything was fine, I heard a knock at the door. At the door was a pretty girl with short blonde hair dressed in green hospital scrubs.

"Hi! Are you Jim?" she asked


"Hi, I'm Rita and I'm supposed to check up on you. I know you were recently released from the hospital."

"Oh, OK." I let her inside "I'm doing fine, taking my meds and all."

"Good, you seem pretty active." She said as she jotted down some notes "Been doing any walking?"

"Yes, I've got a treadmill upstairs."

"Good, mind if I see that?"

"Sure" I thought it was a little suspicious. I don't think she indicated exactly what she did at the hospital. Nor could I see any ID hanging from her shirt. I'd seen those everywhere at the hospital.

Rita looked over my room, in particular the bed.

"Looks pretty comfortable." She said

"Uh, yes...it works for me."

"It would for me too. Hop on up here, let's see how you're doing."

This was getting weird.

Rita made sure I was comfortable and leaned in close to me as she fixed my pillows. I couldn't help but get a look down the front of her shirt and it was clear she wasn't wearing a bra underneath. And the view was very nice! She gently stroked my legs before standing at the foot of the bed.

"Mind if I put on some music, usually relaxes the patients."

"Uh, okay." I was getting confused, her whole demeanor didn't add up.

Rita turned on the mini stereo I had on a bookshelf.

"Uh, you work for the hospital?"


"Mind if I ask what exactly you do?"

"Patient Therapy, I'm here to make sure you get back to normal all the quicker." She said as she returned and stroked up my legs until she got to the crotch of my running shorts. Then she began to softly rub my crotch.

"Does that feel good?" she asked

"Uh, yes...yes it does."

On the one hand, I liked what she was doing but I still thought this was very questionable behavior for someone who's supposed to be in the medical profession.

"Good, I'm glad that's working well. You might need that soon."

"OK, uh, this is getting a little weird for me." I started to say before the doorbell rang. I was about to get up when Rita stopped me.

"No, no, you stay here, it's just my colleague. She'll answer all your questions."

I looked around to see if my walking cane was nearby, it was.

But it turned out I wouldn't need it as I heard voices coming up the stairs. One sounded very familiar.

"Hey, baby. How're you feeling?"

It was the lovely Laura. I'd spent quite a memorable night with her and her friend Vicky at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She was dressed like Rita but her scrubs were dark blue.

"Was Rita taking good care of you?"

"Yes, she was. So you're her colleague?"

"Actually it should be the other way around, but if I showed up it wouldn't be as much fun."

"Fun? For you or her?"

"No, fun for you." Rita said

"Ready for another surprise?" Laura said as she came over to my side of the bed and softly kissed me.

"We're here to do thorough examinations." She said in a very doctor-like tone.

"Laura felt it was important we make everything's 100%." Rita said in the same tone.

"Really, and uh, how do you plan to do that?" I asked, knowing what would be in store.

"We're both very professional, aren't we Laura?"

"Yes, very." She replied

"So, we should get started." Laura said "Rita, help Jim get undressed."

Rita removed my t-shirt, her soft hands caressing my body throughout.

"How does his skin feel, Rita?" Laura asked

"Very nice, he takes good care of it." Rita replied as her hands softly caressed me. All the while, she was looking directly at me, like she was enjoying this little game.

"That's good. I'll make a note of that." Laura said as she wrote something on a clipboard that somehow appeared. "...skin tone, normal."

Rita loosened the string ties on my shorts and slid them down, revealing a growing bulge in my underwear.

"There seems to be a growth in his underwear." Rita said "a rather large one."

Laura looked closely and caressed the bulge.

"Hmm, that should be examined more closely, good observation Rita." She said as she made another note "remove his underwear, let's get a good look."

Rita did just that and my dick sprang out, startling Rita a little.

"Ah, I see what made that bulge in the underwear." She said to Laura

"Ah yes, the patient does appear a little excited" she said as she continued to make notes. "See if it reacts to stimulation."

"Which kind would be best?"

"Hmmm, try manual stimulation first." Laura said "like this."

I couldn't believe what was happening. These two ladies were playing their part so well and I couldn't believe they were saying the double entendre's with a straight face especially when Laura grasped my dick and started to stroke it up and down.

"Oh, yes. I see what you mean." Rita said as she took over.

"How does that feel, Jim?" Rita asked as she looked at me seductively.

"It feels wonderful." I said

Rita was giving me a slow handjob as Laura watched. It took a lot for me to resist exploding in her hands.

"I can really feel his hardness." Rita said

"That's good, let's move on to oral stimulation." Laura now added

Rita gave me a naughty smile before her head disappeared into my lap. Laura sat nearby watching her friend's work closely. I could see that she was getting turned on watching this. I closed my eyes and could feel myself leaning back, it felt so good. Laura was close by and held me softly.

"Mmmmm...just relax honey...she's making you feel good, I know." She said, adding a soft kiss.

Rita's head began to move up and down the length of my dick, it was so sexy to see her lips expand as it got the head, and then as it made a "pop" sound as her mouth came off.

"I think a second opinion is in order here." Laura said as she turned to me "Do you concur, Jim?"

"Concur?" I replied, my breathing getting a little heavy

"Yes, it means, 'do you agree'?" Rita said "didn't you see that movie "Catch Me If You Can? You know, when Leo DiCaprio is impersonating the doctor and all he says to other doctors is 'do you concur?' when he has to make a medical decision?"

"Oh! Yes! Yes, I uh, I concur." I now said

"Good, Rita, let me take over." She said as she handed her clipboard to Rita

Laura held my dick, slick from Rita's "oral examination", and slowly began to jerk it before ever so slowly swirling her tongue around the head. Her eyes were on me all the time as it went deep into her mouth.

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