tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 67

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 67


With his typical bravado, and at his own birthday party no less, Chuck Tyler made the grand announcement that Amy Adamson would be taking over management of the R&B trio Tigress as they began a comeback tour. And she wasn't kidding when she told me of wanting to bring back Tigress in a big way. Even if it was just a one-off show in Japan, she wanted to get the girls back in the public eye again, get them back onstage where they belonged, to remind everyone that these girls were music superstars. There wasn't much press for the shows, no big press conference or interviews, that part she'd handle later. They literally flew in, did the show, and flew out. It was a stealth show intended to generate buzz, those who were lucky enough to see it would then spread the word and then they could come back for a much bigger show.

Now a year later, with a comeback album that went triple platinum, she wanted to do it all over again. Starting with a return engagement in Tokyo at the same dance hall they'd performed at before.

For me, it was another whirlwind I was but a part of. We arrived in Tokyo at night and I stayed close with Amy and her crew since I didn't speak the language. What I saw of Tokyo was a lot of neon, flashing lights and signs that made no sense. With the whirlwind show over with, and being so tired from the flight, I was just staring out the window blankly as our limos and SUV's smoothly navigated the highways in the rain to our hotel. And even the hotel rooms were from another world, the only thing I recognized was a bed.

As was my luck though, my body clock said otherwise, and I couldn't find "my sleep zone" as it were. Room service was closed for the night. I looked out the window at all the lights.

"Maybe I'm not in such a strange land after all."

I dressed and went downstairs to see what a Tokyo hotel bar was like.

It seemed just as raucous as an American bar, it looked like baseball was on the large TV's, strange to see the billboard's in another language. None of the teams looked familiar. Wouldn't it be odd if I saw a Red Sox game here?

A bartender seemed to spot me instantly and asked for my drink order, at least I thought that's what he was asking. I looked around for something familiar. Then I looked down at the bar and spotted a coaster.

With the Corona logo,

'Muchas gracias, Corona.' I thought as I held up the coaster to the bartender

He saw the logo and nodded as he went into a cooler for a bottle.

Luckily the power of plastic still holds sway around the world and I had a small bit of America in my hand and a space at the bar to take in what I was seeing in this strange land.

That phrase 'you all look alike to us' seemed to be true, the girls were exotic, of course. But I wasn't looking for a one night stand, not here. If I'm this far away from home, a two or three night stand seemed more proper.

Or so I thought.

An oriental beauty made her way to the bar area. She had on that classic "little black dress" and simple heels to compliment black hair that just grazed her shoulders. I was definitely focused on her because it seemed like I'd seen her somewhere before. Like I said, I was reminded of that old phrase 'you all look alike to us' as I looked at her. She got her drink and smoothly thanked the bartender and took a sip through a straw. As she did this, I leaned back on my stool. She saw me and stopped.

"I think I know you." She said, luckily in English.

"For some reason, I think I do too. But I've never been here before." I said above the noise in the crowded bar

"Are you from the states?"

"Yes, I think that's where I've seen you."

"What's your name?"

"Jim." I said

"I'm Shiori, Shiori Osato." She said as she extended her hand

Now I began to process her name as best I could. She still reminded me of a friend of a friend, but that was a long time ago. And a name like Shiori I would've remembered easily.

"Do you mind my asking what you do?" I asked

"I'm a model, I work in the states but I'm originally from Tokyo."

"That's a weird coincidence."

"Oh, how's that?"

"Well, it's kind of a long story but a girl I met shared a house with this actress in LA and she said she used to model with a girl from Japan..."

"Wait a minute..." she said slowly before exclaiming "That's how I know you! You're the photo guy, right?"

"Yes, yes that's me."

"Then we have met, I probably said my name was Cheryl when we met, it's easier for people to remember than Shiori."

Aha! The mist in my memory suddenly cleared.

"You remember my friend, then." she said as she took my hand.

Cheryl guided me through the bar towards a table by a window where a woman was sitting.

"Hey, look who I found!" she said

The girl turned to us and her eyes widened, mine too.

"Holy guacamole..." I said

Her "friend" was none other than Catherine Bell.

The girl who gave me a motorcycle ride to remember. Along with a very cool jacket that I had to admit was still hanging in my closet, unworn. It felt a little weird to wear a motorcycle jacket when, technically, I didn't ride.

Catherine riding me though, was another story.

"Oh...my...god!" she said as she stood and hugged me exuberantly "What are you doing here?!"

"I'm working for Artists Unlimited now, doing what I do best." I said.

"Cool! When I met you, you were like a freelancer, right?"

"Right, they made me an offer I couldn't resist."

"That is incredible! I can't believe you're here!" she said as we sat down together in the booth.

"I was doing photos for Tigress' show tonight." I then remembered how the time difference affected things "Actually it's already tomorrow isn't it?"

"Right!" Catherine laughed "The time change really messes up your mind doesn't it?"

"Ah, you crazy Americans" Cheryl laughed "You still can't keep your time zones straight, can you?"

Catherine looked so good, even in her own little black dress, but hers showed off her ample assets more than Cheryl's did. And she had her hair cut in the short military style she'd had on "JAG" for so many years.

"I remembered how we met at the old house." Cheryl continued "I think you had fun that day." She said looking at me, then at Catherine.

"Best bike ride I've had in a long time." She said as she looked at both of us with that sexy look she did so easily.

"What's with the short hair? It looks good on you." I said

"Oh, I'm doing a JAG movie over here." She said as she playfully shook her head "We just finished some night shooting."

"No kidding! That's really cool." I said

Catherine in her Marine uniform again, yummy!

Cheryl ordered another round of drinks

"How long will you be here?" Catherine asked as she sat as close to me as the booth would allow.

"Not long, Tigress is doing a hit and run show in town and I did the photos."

"Hit and run? What's that?" Cheryl asked with a laugh

"Well, I just got in a few hours ago and then it's back to LA in a few hours. So this isn't gonna be a tourist trip for me. I doubt I'll see much daylight."

"Or us, for that matter." Catherine said with a sly smile as she twirled the straw in her drink.

"And what does that mean?" I replied with an equally sly look

"Well...Cheryl only saw you for a minute last time." She said in that slow, shy but oh so sexy tone she did so effortlessly

"Right, you just came and went." She added

We all laughed at her double entendre`.

"Ah, so true, I was coming and going all at the same time."

"Do you have to be?" Catherine asked with that same look as before "Cheryl didn't get to know you very well last time, you know...like I did."

We were looking at one another much differently now, and at Cheryl, who had that same sly look as Catherine.

"Uh, yes, you're right. Maybe I should, uh, get to know Cheryl better. Maybe we should go someplace like..."

"Like my room?" Catherine added

"Yes, like your room." I said, grateful she found the right words easier than I did.

"I think that would be very nice" Cheryl said

"Perhaps we should go, then." I said.

Cheryl, Catherine and I got up from the table and casually made our way out of the bar towards the elevators. Cheryl turned to Catherine and seemed to whisper something in her ear, making her giggle as she pushed the button for her floor.

As we rode up the elevator, Catherine stood close to me.

"It's been awhile, you know." She said as she held my arm

I looked at her now. I knew I was in for another encounter to remember. They never grew old, they were always fun and they were always nerve-wracking for me.

But somehow, I got through it.

Catherine and Cheryl opened the door to a room larger than mine and with an even better view of the Tokyo night. The raindrops on the large windows only made the room even more exotic.

"What do you think?" Catherine said as she dropped her purse on a table "Nice, huh?"

"Wow...definitely." I said as she gazed out the window

I felt Catherine come up behind me and hold me

"Mmmmm...so good to see you again, you know."

"Yes, you too."

"So...what should we do?" I heard Cheryl ask

Her tone implied only one thing

"I think maybe we should get more comfortable." Catherine replied

Her tone echoed Cheryl's.

"I think Jim deserves a little fun" she said "After all, he came all the way to Japan..."

"...and all he got were two girls in a hotel room." I said as I faced Catherine and Cheryl.

Oh! Why did I just say that?

No matter, both girls laughed. My eyes were closed and I probably had a look of humorous embarrassment on my face at what I just said.

Catherine kissed me deeply

"Jim...feel my boobs..." she said in a voice that cannot be described in words. "I know you want to."

My heart was racing as I felt those beautifully large orbs of hers. Her eyes closed slightly as she breathed in, then a smile came over her as she exhaled. Cheryl was behind her and softly kissed her neck, I kissed Catherine's lips and her cheek, she had a beautiful scent about her as Cheryl started to unzip her dress. Hearing the zipper as it slowly went down her back was so erotic.

"Oh...so nice." She said "I think you'll like what you see, Jim..."

"Yes, you will." Cheryl added

From behind, Cheryl gradually eased Catherine's dress downward from her shoulders and down her arms as she looked at me and her beautifully large breasts were revealed. She didn't look bashful at all as she became fully topless in front of me. I was speechless.

"He likes big tits, Cher." She said to her friend

"I can tell. I hope he likes mine, too." She said as she looked at her smaller, but still pretty tits that filled out her dress nicely.

I was caressing Catherine's beautiful tits, they felt so soft in my hands, and I could tell she must've put some kind of lotion on them to make them even better. I kissed her as my fingers made the nipples hard.

"Ohhhhh baby...yessss..." she moaned

I could see behind her that Cheryl had started to take off her dress. Her tits were nice sized like I thought. They looked like a good B size with cute nipples like I'd seen on oriental girls in magazines.

"Your friend looks nice too." I said to Catherine

She looked over her shoulder at her and they both smiled.

"We should all get naked." She said looking at me.

"Yes...we should." I said, not with hesitation but with, of all things, confidence.

Where'd THAT come from?

Catherine began to shimmy out of her dress, I removed my simple blue shirt. Cheryl unzipped her dress fully and it silently dropped to the floor revealing tiny black thong panties that seemed to only cover her "naughty bits".

"Ah, you look beautiful Cher." Catherine said to her friend

"You think so?" she replied "He hasn't seen the best part yet."

Both girls snickered at me as I was down to my underwear.

Catherine was down to just her silky black panties.

For some reason, we all paused knowing how far we'd gone. We all looked at one another, not certain what to do next. Catherine smiled that classic sexy smile she had, easily breaking the tension between us.

"I think I'd like to see Jim naked, wouldn't you Cheryl?"

The excited look on Cheryl's face said it all.

"I think he'd like to see you naked too." She added

"OK, then. We don't want to disappoint him, do we?"

Catherine Bell slid down her panties at the same time Cheryl did hers, I seemed to be in sync with them and we were all naked.

The last time I'd been with Catherine she'd had a perfect landing strip between her legs, now she was totally smooth. Being Oriental, Cheryl had a pretty patch of thin black hair between her legs. It looked almost like a beautiful black flower. They both smiled as they could tell I was definitely excited seeing them in all their naked glory.

"Wow, you never told me how pretty his dick was." Cheryl said to Catherine

"It is, isn't it?" she replied "So, Jim...how do we look to you?"

"Incredible." Was all I could say.

Catherine moved over to the large bed and seductively laid on it, Cheryl and I joined her and we now began to softly touch and caress one another. Cheryl's body immediately reacted to my touch, Catherine lay on her side watching us as we now kissed. Her lips tasted wonderful and her hands gently touched me all over. I did the same to her, pausing to feel her tits with their tiny nipples. Cheryl breathed in softly the more I touched her. Catherine was close by, I could see by her face she liked seeing her friend experience the same feelings she did when I was with her. My dick was getting super hard the more we touched. Cheryl and I kissed deeply, our tongues touching. Cheryl breathed seductively as I kissed her neck. Catherine was on the other side of her head and whispering in her ear. Though I couldn't tell what was said, it made her sigh and say "I know..."

Catherine looked at me and winked.

My hand went down to her breasts and caressed the nipple, quickly making it erect.

"That feel good?" I said softly as I kissed her cheek.

"Yes...so good..." Cheryl sighed

Catherine was still close by her friend, but now began to softly touch her shoulder.

"You're so soft..." Catherine said softly to her friend "...so nice..."

She repeated these words as she leaned down and kissed Cheryl, my hand drifted down and my fingers softly touched her pussy, she was very wet.

"How does she feel?" I heard Catherine ask

"Nice." I replied


I kissed Cheryl again, Catherine did the same. I slowly moved downwards to her pussy, my finger began to tease around it before I softly kissed it. Cheryl breathed in sharply as my lips and tongue began to explore her. I looked up from her pussy and saw Catherine and Cheryl deeply kissing. Catherine pulled back and offered one of her beautiful tits to Cheryl, who eagerly began to suck on her nipples.

It was amazing to say the least!

I sat up on my knees and watched them.

"You both look so beautiful." I said

The girls looked at me and returned my words with smiles. Catherine now sat up and walked over to me on her knees and we kissed. Cheryl sat up on her elbows.

"I wanna watch you now." she said to us.

Catherine turned to her friend.

"Oh, you do, huh?" she said before turning back to me "what do you think, Jim?"

"I think you should listen to your friend."

"Uh-huh...and I know what I want to do." she said as she gently grasped my dick and began to slowly stroke it.

Catherine was stroking my dick to full hardness before she leaned down and took it into her mouth, her lips making it nice and wet as I felt her tongue swirl all around it. Though my eyes were closed, I'm pretty sure I was leaning back and letting out a low moan of my own and breathing rapidly.

Then I heard an "oh...oh yesss.." from Catherine.

I looked down and saw that Cheryl's head was behind her, her tongue deeply licking her pussy. Catherine came off my dick and she bit her lip as Cheryl continued probing her pussy. Cheryl came up and gave me a lewd lick of her lips.

"Finger fuck her..." I said.

"Oh yeah baby..." she said before I saw her finger disappear into Catherine's pussy, making her cry out.

"Oh god! Oh god that's it!" she cried out.

"What do you want baby? What do you want?" Cheryl said in a more dominating voice "Tell me!"

"Wanna fuck...wanna fuck.." Catherine replied breathlessly

"Yeah, that's it...you want Jim to fuck you?"

"Oh yeah..." Catherine said before looking up at me "But I wanna watch you first..."

I knew what to do.

I pulled Catherine up and she switched places with Cheryl.

"I'm not always this way, you know." Catherine said to me.

"I just like to watch." Cheryl said, adding a kiss on my cheek before she lay back on the bed.

"...Go ahead, Jim...fuck her." Catherine said as she lay next to Cheryl, her hand softly touching her own pussy.

Cheryl showed no signs of hesitation as I got on top of her and my dick slid into her super wet pussy, I only heard a beautiful sigh from her.

I slowly began to fuck Cheryl, her pussy felt beautifully warm, Cheryl's eyes were closed and Catherine was close by watching us, a finger now inside her pussy.

"How does he feel?" she asked her

"Wonderful..." Cheryl sighed.

I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her closer, her breaths more rapid as we fucked. Then a long moan from her that indicated climax. I slowed down and lay atop her.

"Oh my god...that was unreal...oh god you were right babe..." she said with a laugh

"My turn." Catherine said

No offense to Cheryl, but Catherine was the one I really wanted to fuck.

I was on my knees looking at her as she opened her legs and gave her pussy a little rub. It was probably a flashback to my younger days, but I couldn't resist stroking my dick a little.

"You wanna jerk off to me?" she asked.

"No, just having a flashback." I said

"Mmmm...I'd love to hear about it." she smiled "...come on, babe..."

I slid my dick into Catherine Bell's pussy, and it felt just as good as I remembered. I began to fuck her just like Cheryl but it felt different with her. I leaned down and licked her tits as best I could. Cheryl was next to us, rubbing her pussy as we fucked. Then she turned and began licking Catherine's tits too.

"Ohhhh...yes Cheryl...sooo good..." The more Cheryl licked Catherine's tits, the more both of them were in ecstasy.

Cheryl softly kissed her cheek, then resumed licking her nipples, I could see the tip of her tongue as it danced over them.

"Oh that's nice... so good..." she said in that sexy tone she did so effortlessly "...just do it baby...anything you want...just do it..."

Cheryl looked up at me, then kissed my cheek the same way.

"You two look so hot together." she whispered to me "I love how you make her react."

"Let her lick you..." I said as I kissed her.

Cheryl's eyes widened.

"Ooooo...kinky!" she giggled.

Cheryl faced me as she straddled Catherine's face and lowered her pussy onto her. Catherine eagerly held Cheryl's hips and began licking her pussy, making Cheryl screech with pleasure. Her eyes closed and her face showed extreme pleasure coming over her in waves the more her tongue probed her pussy.

Catherine now "came up for air" as it were.

"Do Cheryl some more." she said.

We switched positions and I was fucking Cheryl again. But now Catherine straddled Cheryl, who now licked her pussy. Catherine let out a wonderfully erotic moan, then leaned forward and we kissed deeply, our tongues merging.

"Oh god! Oh my god...so good!" she gasped.

Unable to continue kissing me, she held onto me as Cheryl also moaned louder, then cried out in ecstasy as she climaxed.

Catherine's body suddenly jerked forward onto me

"Oh my god...oh god...th-that felt so good..." she said breathlessly.

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