tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 68

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 68


Author's note-Thanks again for your patience! This story references events & people found in chapters 1 and 59.


"Well, this is different" I said as I walked out of Chuck's office with his top assistant, Natalie Hayden and examined the tickets I'd been given.

"You're gonna go aren't you?" she asked

"Sure, I mean, I'm not gonna turn down free tickets. It's just the event is a little out of my realm."

"Oh, come on!" she said "Opera's kinda cool if you ask me."

"Yeah, you might be right. Maybe a little culture will do me good."

"I wouldn't really call this a full-on opera anyway. It's just a concert by someone with an opera style." She added

"You're correct there, too. I can always get her CD autographed for my Mom."

"Wow, you just think of everything, don't you?" Natalie replied with a touch of sarcasm.

"Hey, my mama raised me right." I replied with a wiseguy smile added in.

Natalie's response was an "oh, brother" roll of her eyes.

Artists Unlimited was handling a concert by the Welsh opera singer Katherine Jenkins. She'd made herself known to Americans by competing on "Dancing with the Stars" and had done rather well. So her record company wanted to play up that success with a major concert tour with a full orchestra that would open at the Hollywood Bowl. Chuck Tyler, who ran Artists Unlimited, was generously giving out tickets to his top people.

This was also that rarest of occasions, a company function I wouldn't be taking pictures at. And if I did it would be for my pleasure, not the company's.

So, it was time to "suit up!" as the saying goes.

As I've said before, I've never been much of a clotheshorse. But being around Paris, Lindsay and Blake, I somehow became one unconsciously. It was at times like this when I wish I had their phone numbers so I could get their assistance on what worked and what didn't on me.

It was while driving home that I took the plunge and went back to the Grove shopping mecca and the Giorgio Armani store. Immediately I felt like a slob in there, with stores like this, I felt like I should dress up just to browse. But at least I had an idea what I wanted.

Or so I thought!

I was presented with rack after rack of dark suits in every conceivable style, but they all looked alike and the sales staff seemed more intent on getting me out of there, they had their own idea of what an ideal customer looked like. And it wasn't me.

The next day, I sat in my office and cruised the net hoping I might find what I was looking for, I quickly realized it's not easy buying something like this. I looked at my cellphone and thought, what have I got to lose? I scrolled through the address book and recent calls and luckily it was still there.

The number for "Mimi Sheraton", aka Paris Hilton.

I hadn't talked to her in a long time and she was, for better or worse, my first introduction to Hollywood. What's the worst that could happen? I get her voice mail? The number would no longer be valid? What have I got to lose?

The number I dialed rang about 6 times, and I was about to hang up when to my surprise, I heard a breathless voice answer;

"Hollywood! Oh my god, what a surprise!"

It was Paris all right.

"It's been so long, where are you?" she asked excitedly

"I'm in L.A. I was gonna ask you the same thing."

"I'm in Macao, I just got back from the casino."

"Did you win?"

"Oh, Hollywood, what do you think?" she replied in that effortlessly sexy voice

"I think I just asked a dumb question."

We both laughed.

"Listen, the reason I called is I'm going to a classy event here and I need some of your knowledge."

"Really? Like what?" she asked in a curious tone that seemed to ooze sex.

"Well, I'm going to see Katherine Jenkins, you know, that opera singer."

"Sure, I know her, she's a good dancer too."

"Right, it's at the Hollywood Bowl and it's a big event for the company and I feel like I should buy a really classy suit but it's been a long time and-"

Hearing an excited gasp I knew she was way ahead of me.

"Ah! Say no more, babe! Let me make a couple of calls, I'll get back to you."

"Oh, um, OK." I replied, stunned that she could instantly know what I was looking for. But then again, she's Paris.

"Just promise me one thing."

"OK, what?"

"Promise me you'll send a photo of you in the suit." she said in a sweet tone of voice.

I chuckled

"Absolutely, I'll even wear it when I buy you dinner, how about that?"

"Oh, Hollywood...you're still a charmer!" she giggled

"You like McDonald's right?"

We both laughed

"OK, babe, I'll call you back." she said before turning on her sincere voice "It's so good to hear from you again, Jim."

"You, too."

"OK, I'll call you real soon." she said as she hung up.

Step one, completed.

I had an idea what she might do but with Paris, always expect the unexpected.

And I was right when I got an unexpected call the next day.

"There's someone here, claiming to be your tailor." the guard from downstairs said.

"My tailor?" I replied before realizing what this really meant

"Oh, yeah, send him up."

"It's a her." the guard replied

A her?

A few minutes later, a gorgeous brunette lady entered my office with two male assistants and a multitude of supplies in large rolling suitcases.

"You must be Jim, Paris sent us." she said

She quickly introduced herself as Gigi Macaroni and they quickly began taking measurements as different fabrics were brought out.

Within 30 minutes I was fully measured for a suit that would be delivered in 3 days time. I even took their offer of an extra suit in gray.

A guy like me should always look his best, right?

Paris was a girl of her word. The suit arrived on time and I looked like a million bucks, ready for a night at the opera. Or, in this case a night at the Hollywood Bowl.

So did my date, Natalie.

She had also made a trip to Rodeo Drive too and met me in a midnight blue cocktail dress that made her look like two million bucks.

"Yowza, you look good!" I said in amazement.

She gave me a quick little spin.

"You think so? I haven't worn something like this since my Prom night."

"Your date was one lucky guy." I said as we got into the limo the agency provided.

"Yeah, right...he dumped me for some cheerleader the next day."

"Ouch...Well, consider this the make-up date." I said, trying to be uplifting.

Natalie smiled widely and held my arm as we headed for the concert.

The concert couldn't have been held on a better night. It was a clear, moonlit night and a gentle breeze was felt everywhere.

"How much do you know about opera, anyway?" Natalie asked as we took our seats and complimentary glasses of wine arrived at our box, courtesy of Chuck.

"I think it's usually in Italian and sung by guys in tuxedos named Luciano or Enrico."

"Come on, I thought you knew everything, Mister Hollywood."

"In this case I don't...and why are you calling me Mister Hollywood, anyway?"

"Chuck calls you that all the time." she said defensively.

She had me there, luckily the lights dimmed and Katherine came onstage.

It's been said that music has a way of "transporting" listeners, and this night seemed like one of those experiences. Katherine had the audience spellbound as she made her way through a diverse catalog of arias and standards. Natalie was just as transfixed and she softly held my hand throughout the concert. The night seemed to fly by.

For her final encore, only a single spotlight lit her as she sang in delicate Italian the theme from "The Godfather". I looked over at Natalie and could see a tear in her beautiful blue eye, she turned to me and bashfully smiled. I nodded, I was just as caught up in the music as she was.

As we made our way out of the venue, I did a double take as I saw a short brunette in the tiniest of black dresses with a taller blonde accompanying a well-dressed, but feeble looking, gentleman with snow white hair and thick glasses that seemed bigger than his face. The brunette saw me me and held up her wine glass, adding a little wave.

It looked like...Laura Austin? With her "partner in crime" Vicki?

Nah! Couldn't be!

Could it?

"See somebody you know?" Natalie asked

"Oh, uh, I didn't get a good enough look...feel like another glass?"

"No...some us have work in the morning, you know."

"Yes, good thought! I think I see our limo driver over there."

My relief at avoiding an unplanned "encounter" was short-lived, though.

"Jim! I can't believe I'm finding you here!" I heard behind me.

I turned around and it was indeed, Laura Austin I'd seen. She gave me a happy hug, Vicki was close by.

"I didn't expect to see you here." she said happily "who's your friend?"

"Oh, uh, this is Natalie Hayden...she works for Chuck Tyler."

"So good to meet you...Laura Austin, Jim and I go way back." she said in a tone that certainly implied that our friendship did go way back.

"What do you do?" Natalie asked

"Oh, Vicki and I coordinate special events for Mr. Turner." Laura said, pointing out the older man I'd seen with her "...strictly on a freelance basis." she added.

"Really? That sounds unique." Natalie said in a curious tone.

"Oh, it is..." Vicki quickly replied "We should be going, Laura. Mr. Turner doesn't like to be kept waiting, you know."

"Yes...good to meet you Natalie...Jim, you and I must get together soon. " Laura said as she and Vicki rejoined "Mr. Turner".

Natalie watched them walk off with a confused look on her face.

"Do you know that guy?" she asked me as we headed to our limo.

"I was gonna ask you the same thing."

"Sure looks like you knew the two ladies."

My mind scrambled to come up with a plausible explanation.

"Oh, well, uh, she's just a friend I see once in a while." I finally said

Natalie had a skeptical look on her face.

"Uh-huh..." she said, still looking at me skeptically "I've heard that before."

"Come on, in a business like this everybody is friends with everybody else." I said as we got into the back seat of the limo.

"Riiiiight..." she said with that same look as before, minus the eye roll.

The traffic was slow getting out of the complex and we were soon checking text messages on our phones. Mine though had one I didn't expect.

"Wearing your new suit?" it said

"Mimi Sheraton" was texting me.

"Yes, how did you know?" I responded

"I saw you at the concert, your date looked lovely." she texted before adding a minute later;

"So did you!"

She was there?

"You were there?" I texted to her

"Look out your window." she responded

I looked out and saw Paris giving me that classic smile and wave from the window of her limo.

"Any chance we can meet up later?" she wrote

"Not sure. Rain check?"

"You got it." she replied, adding on several smiley faces.

Her limo turned left out of the lot and into the Hollywood night.

I turned to find Natalie slumped against the side of the limo, asleep.

I gave her a soft kiss on her cheek and held her hand as our limo pulled onto the highway, she held mine.

Natalie still lived with her Mom, Gail Hayden, a fellow agent but at a different agency. Natalie didn't know it but her Mom and I once had a torrid one night stand long ago and while it was fun for both of us, to me, she could be somewhat overwhelming to be around (plus she didn't know her daughter was seeing me occasionally). I accidentally discovered her connection to Natalie when she had her own one night stand with me. So lest my connection with both ladies came out, I tried to avoid any unplanned encounters with Mom. Once we reached her house, I gingerly woke her up. She breathed in and looked around.

"We're home?" she said sleepily.

"Yes, uh, I hope you had a good time."

She smiled.

"Of course I did, this was really nice."


There was that moment of hesitation as I leaned in, then she leaned in, and we kissed. It felt just as nice as the last time, but this time we weren't hiding in her bedroom.

"I'll, um, see you at work tomorrow..." she said as she reached for the door handle.

"Yes, uh, Chuck's probably got some big assignment lined up for me already."

Natalie started to get out but I followed her.

"Hey..." I said as I pulled her back and kissed her again.

"Good night..." I said.

I watched her walk inside the darkened house.

"OK, Freddy...let's go home." I said.

As the highway lights flashed by, I looked at my phone and contemplated my next move.

Then I smiled.

"Why not..." I said as I sent a text to "Mimi Sheraton".

"Still awake?" I wrote

A few minutes later, the phone "dinged" with her response.

"For you, of course!" she responded

"Fancy a nightcap at my place, luv?"

"I'd love one, I've never seen your place!" she wrote back.

"OK, you've been warned..." I wrote as I included the address to my condo.

"See you there." she replied, adding the same smiley faces.

The limo pulled up to my condo and just as I got out, another one pulled up and out stepped the lovely Ms. Hilton. She said something to the driver, who looked at me and nodded before getting back in the car and driving away.

Clearly this wasn't going to be just a quick drink.

"Thanks, Freddy...drive safe." I said as I pulled out a couple of twenties, but Freddy held up his hand, stopping me.

"No need, sir...Mr. Tyler's taken care of everything." he said

"Oh, well then...get yourself something to eat, on me."

"Now that's a tip I can accept." he said with a chuckle as he pocketed the cash "Good night, sir."

Ms. Paris stood in the driveway by my Mercedes SLK convertible.

"Nice wheels." she said as she ran her hand over the trunk.

"It does me rather well." I said as I approached her

Paris embraced me and we kissed.

"Hi, Hollywood...it's been a long time." she said softly with that famous smile of hers.

"Oh, this place is just as I expected." she said as she looked around my condo.

"Thanks, I might be moving soon though."

"Really? Where?"

"Have you heard of a place called Metro West?"

"You're gonna move there?" she said excitedly

"Well, it's not confirmed..."

"Oh, you should! I know all about that place...the developer tried to get me to buy a unit there."

"Why didn't you?"

"There's a house in the hills I've wanted to buy for a long time, and my accountant thinks it'll be going back on the market so if I wait, I'll get a better deal. That doesn't mean you should wait though, what's holding you back anyway?"

"I don't know...I've never done something like this." I said as I popped open a bottle of wine "The arrangement seems pretty good though."

"What kind of arrangement is it?" she asked as I poured her a glass.

"You really want to know?"

"Come on...you're talking to Paris." she said seductively as she leaned in close to me.

We both started to laugh. She knew I was a sucker once she turned on that "Paris voice".

"OK, Jennifer Aniston is buying a unit there and she wants me to sublet it from her, same price for what I pay here monthly, and she'd give me the option to buy it outright if I wanted to."

That part was true, Jennifer had told me of her intentions a while back but we'd never signed anything confirming her offer. It seemed like she'd be buying it either way, it was just a matter of who'd be living there. To her, this was just an investment.

"And you're hesitating?!" she replied incredulously "For someone with a name like Hollywood Jim, you've got a lot to learn!"

"I never said I was a business whiz."

"You just live on your good looks, right?" she replied with a touch of sarcasm

"Oh, snap!" I said "Just for that, Ms. Paris, I should take you over my knee."

Paris turned around and pulled her dress up, revealing a golden tan and the tiniest of thong panties.

"Go ahead, baby." she said over her shoulder with a giggle and a wiggle of her ass.

Instead of a hard smack, I gave her ass a soft rub.

"Oooohhh baby...you shouldn't do that." she said in a soft voice.

"Oh, yeah...why not?"

"You know why...you naughty boy!"

"Oh, yeah...why's that?" I said slowly as I continued to rub her ass.

"I might be tempted to do something, you know?"

"Like what?"

"Like this."

Paris turned around and pushed me against the kitchen counter to kiss me passionately. But before I could respond, there was a meowing sound at our feet.

"Who is this?" she said excitedly as she picked up Smokie the cat.

"Smokie, my, uh, roommate as it were."

"What a pretty kitty." she said as she held him close "wow, he's so soft!"

I sheepishly nodded.

"You know, I'm not that surprised you'd have a cat now that I think about it." she said "It's probably the perfect pet for you."

"Well, sometimes I wonder who chose whom."

"I've heard how pets choose who they get close to...they always know...isn't that right Smokie?" she said as she gave Smokie a kiss on his head before giving me an equally soft one on my lips.

Paris took a closer look at me in the suit, then began taking pictures of me in it with her phone. Even in the low light, her phone seemed to sparkle. No surprise since it was covered with little diamond crystals.

"Oh, very nice...Gigi does good work...very nice." she said as she softly ran her hands over the silk material "Mmmmm...very soft."

Paris loosened my tie with equally soft moves, then worked her hands inside my shirt.

"You feel so nice, Jim...it's been a long time hasn't it? I really missed you." she said in a near whisper.

As you'd expect, my pants were getting tighter with every touch of her hands. Soon her arms were wrapped around my neck and we kissed deeply.

"Babe...undress me..." she whispered in my ear.

I felt around the back of her dress and the zipper was soon making its way downward. Paris easily moved her slender frame so it slid off her shoulders and dropped to the floor, leaving her topless in front of me. She gently held my hands and stepped back slightly.

"Like what you see?" she asked in that "Paris voice" the world knew.

"Always." was all I could say in reply.

"How 'bout showing me your bedroom, Hollywood?"

Once we were in my bedroom, my jacket and shirt were soon off and she now started to loosen my belt.

"I missed this so much, babe..." she said in a whispery voice.

Paris slowly pulled my pants and underwear down and smiled at me.

"Just like I remembered it." she giggled before she slid down to her knees and took my dick into her mouth. I soon felt her tongue swirling around its length. My hands softly felt the top of her head. Out of the corner of my eye I saw our reflection in a nearby mirror.

"Hey, we can see ourselves." I said

Paris looked up and smiled at me.

"Remember the first time you said that?"

She was right, as usual, back when we first met I said the same thing when we were at her place.

"H-h-how could I f-f-forget..." I stammered, making her giggle all the more.

I was just trying to hold out as long as possible. Luckily, Paris knew just what to do in these situations.

She slowly stood up and slid her panties down. With her eyes on me all the time, she lay seductively on my bed and spread her legs.

"It's all yours, Hollywood..." she said. She knew I was looking at her perfectly smooth pussy.

I began to softly kiss my way up her equally smooth leg, her gentle sighs turned to moans, until her pussy was before me.

"Kiss me there...kiss me there..." she sighed.

My lips and tongue touched her pussy lips and she gave the most beautiful of sighs, I must've struck bliss with her. I wanted more though, as I licked around her pussy and I could feel her moistness dripping onto my tongue.

She was ready.

I plunged my tongue into her and she loudly gasped.

"Oh god! Oh yessss..." I heard.

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