tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 72

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 72


Author's note-Thanks again for your patience!

I'd first met John McDonald when he directed Blake Lively's film "Dreamer" and I was working with my late partner Chris to get his fledgling photo business going. John was impressed with our work and he continued to hire us as chief still photographers on his other film projects. That got the attention of Artists Unlimited and led to the acquisition of our company East Coast Image. McDonald branched out into television as Executive Producer of Lindsay Lohan's comeback vehicle "Blind Item". He now set his sights on a spinoff series titled "Lady Vegas" that would star Eva Longoria as Charlotte Reynolds, CEO of a Vegas casino.

The pilot for Eva's series was worked into the season finale of "Blind Item" and would find Lindsay's character, New York gossip columnist Paula Mallory, pursuing a story in Vegas. Lindsay and I had spent time together in Vegas before but she wisely kept things professional this time around. She was in the midst of negotiating a new contract for next season and for a change had some leverage in the negotiations. We met surreptitiously in a coffee shop late one night, it reminded me of our first meeting in a Burger King.

"I can't say much now but..." she began, trying not to get excited "...this could be really great!"

"How so?"

Lindsay leaned in close to me

"Remember that big contract Jennifer Aniston got long ago? When she was doing "Friends". You know, million dollars an episode?" she said, looking down slightly.

I nodded.

"Double it." she said while still looking down, then looking up at me slightly with a confident smile added, like she wanted to see my reaction.

I'm pretty sure my eyes widened and mouth dropped open. Lindsay snickered as she sipped her coffee.

I looked around and then leaned in so I wouldn't be heard.

"Are you serious?" I said, leaning in for emphasis.

Lindsay nodded.

"Really? This is for real?" I asked, still unsure what I was hearing.

Lindsay nodded again.

"I've got a meeting with my agent in L.A., so I should get going." she said as she started gathering her things together "I promise we'll, uh, have some fun another time."

I smiled and nodded, I wasn't disappointed. We both knew our times together were best experienced when prying eyes didn't know it.

Lindsay stood up, looked around, then gave me a quick kiss goodbye.

"Bye, babe." she said as she walked out.

The waitress soon came over with a generous slice of cheesecake and refilled my coffee.

"Oh, I didn't order-" I started to say

"The lady up front paid for it."

I looked towards the front and saw Lindsay give me a smile and a small wave as she left.

I leaned back in the booth and smiled to myself. Hollywood always loves a comeback, perhaps this was its latest.

The cheesecake wasn't too bad either.

The pilot episode for "Lady Vegas" would be directed by David Riley, another protege' of John McDonald's. Riley had directed several episodes of "Blind Item" so this was nothing new to him.

David's plan was to film all of Lindsay's scenes first so she could go back to Los Angeles and continue negotiations with the network, as well as meetings for a new film.

"I'll call you soon." she said as she gave me a quick kiss goodbye and left the set.

"OK, step one complete." David said as he signed some papers "Now its on to parts unknown."

"What's that mean?" I asked

"It means that Eva is on the way, and I don't know what to expect."

"Never worked with her, huh?"

"Have you?"

"No, but I wouldn't concern myself about it."

"I hope you're right." he replied

Turns out I was right. Eva breezed onto the set, wearing blue jeans and a simple (but very form-fitting) red t-shirt with just one assistant in tow.

"David! Hello, so good to meet you." she said in a breezy tone.

"Yes, hi...this is Jim from-"

"Artists Unlimited, I know you guys well!" she said in that super confident voice of hers "Tell me, is Jeff Murphy still there?".

"Y-yes, how do you know him?" I asked

"He used to be a gofer during my soap opera days." she said with an exuberant laugh.

She knew how to break the ice, that's for sure. David seemed reassured now and he began to discuss the days' schedule with her.

"So how long have you been doing photos?" I heard behind me

"Huh? Oh, a couple of years now." I replied as I turned to see a pretty blonde.

"Good, Eva is always looking for a good photographer" she before adding "Oh, I'm Deborah Daily, I work with her."

"Jim" I said as we shook hands.

"You'll be seeing more of me." she said as she went to take a call on her phone.

David's plan today was to shoot a lot of Eva walking through the casino set with a cute blonde playing her "assistant" who looked somewhat familiar to me but I hadn't gotten close enough to her yet to find out who she was. The producers were completing negotiations with the Aria Casino in Vegas for the exterior scenes, David already had a climactic night scene set atop a parking garage planned that he was eager to shoot as soon as possible.

David had a simple, no-nonsense directing style. I could tell he didn't want to waste time or do multiple takes of a scene unless something really went wrong, so the first day's shooting breezed by.

"OK, everyone I'll see you in Vegas." he casually said to everyone at the end of the day.

Was I going to Vegas again?

Turns out, I was.

I was no stranger to the Aria Hotel/Casino. It was perhaps the sleekest addition to the Vegas strip and it would serve as the outdoor location for "Lady Vegas". But for the show it would be known as "The Eldorado".

Upon my arrival in Vegas, I learned that work on "Lady Vegas" had gone smoother than expected, so a minimum of retakes would be needed here or back in LA. And my time in Vegas would, once again, be a whirlwind.

And I would once again tell myself, one of these days I'm gonna come here on my own.

The production company and the network set us all up with rooms throughout the vast complex. Mine had a generous view of the strip that was sure to look even better when the sun went down. It was times like this that I still had to pinch myself and wonder if all this was real, and happening to me?

"Will there be anything else before I leave, sir?" I heard behind me

It was the bellhop, standing in the corridor with my bags.

"Oh, uh, no..." I said before fishing through my pants for a tip. A crumpled twenty seemed to do the trick.

"I never know how much to give at times like this." I said nervously

"Oh, anything is appreciated, sir." he replied "enjoy your stay at the Aria."

"I sure will."

I soon got a text message from David telling me the schedule for tomorrow. Until then, I had the rest of the night free.

OK, I'm on my own in Las Vegas, what should I do?

I got out my iPhone and decided to let it recommend my dinner choice for the night.

Then I remembered my late partner, Chris Foster.

When we'd worked together, he'd told me about this great steak and ribs place called Lou's he'd always wanted to take me to in Vegas, he felt he'd reached the big time if he was in a corner booth working on their house special with a bottle of their best wine and a hot blonde, brunette or redhead (preferably all three) nearby.

Well, I didn't have the hot blonde, brunette or redhead but I could have the next best thing, right?

I stepped out into the Vegas night time and looked around.

As if on cue, a limo pulled up to the curbside and its window slid down.

"Heyyyyy...Jimmy boy!" a slurring voice called out.

It was David Riley, our director. I guess when he wrapped production for the day, he unwrapped another production at night.

"Whatcha doin' here kid? Come on, the night's still young." he slurred.

"Don't you have a TV show to film in the morning?" I said as I walked over to the car.

"Time means nothing in Vegas! Come on..." he said as the door swung open.

And with that, we were off.

David's limo delivered us to a different hotel and we somehow stumbled into what looked like a martini bar populated with young sophisticates, and us. Matching drinks arrived soon after.

But from there, I had no memory of what happened next.

I awakened in an elegant bedroom, with strangely no ill effects of the previous night. But I knew this wasn't my room, the furnishings weren't at all what I remembered. And a sweet smelling perfume was nearby too, I looked to my right and saw a woman's head resting on my chest. She breathed in and turned to look at me, her smile only made things even more confusing. But I at least knew her name.

It was Eva!

"Good morning sweetie." she whispered, adding in a kiss on my cheek.

"Uh...how...wh-what..." I was stammering more than I could ever recall right now. And it only made Eva giggle.

"Quite a night, huh?" she said

And then I woke up for real.

This time in my room, and the effects of the previous night now came screaming at me. I was still in my clothes from last night, too

Similar effects were apparent on David's face when I arrived on the set. He sat in his directors chair, dark sunglasses on, head down, mumbling to himself.

"Feel like directing, Jim?" he mumbled

"No, I'll leave that to the professionals."

"Call me when you find one..." he slurred as he got up from his chair to leave.

"Uh, not so fast pal! You've got a job to do." I said as I held him back.

"Right...gotta make the boss happy..." he said before summoning up the energy to clap his hands and say in his best director's voice "...all right everyone...set up for scene 12..."

"Scene 12" was the climactic night time scene he'd planned to shoot with Lindsay and Eva but time constraints forced a rewrite so it would take place in the daytime.

In the scene, Paula/Lindsay accidentally confronts a stalker who's been pursuing an actress she'd also been pursuing as part of a story for her column. This results in a shootout atop the Eldorado's garage. I had to admit it was kinda sexy to see Lindsay in a situation like this, even more so when she delivered a spot on karate kick that disabled the stalker and gave Charlotte/Eva the perfect shot she needed to bring the man down.

"Where'd you learn to shoot like that?" Paula/Lindsay asked Charlotte/Eva in the scene.

Without missing a beat Charlotte/Eva responded;

"Where'd you learn karate?"

"I've had a few dates who were, uh, all hands...if you know what I mean."

"What a coincidence..." Eva replied casually as she holstered her pistol "So have I."

"CUT! PRINT! BEAUTIFUL!" David yelled.

He hugged both actresses then turned to the crew.

"OK, everyone you've just finished the first episode of Lady Vegas." he said happily to applause from everyone.

Lindsay's eyes seemed to lock on my smile, she immediately came over to me and as we hugged she appeared to be holding back tears amidst her smile.

"Why are you crying?" I asked, thinking it was just tears of happiness at a job well done, a further step in the resuscitation of her career.

"I'm leaving the series, this was my last scene." she sniffled.


"It was my decision...sometimes money isn't the most important thing."

I was shocked, but the way she said it, I knew there was more to it than that. For now though, just being understanding was enough.

And understanding was what I had to be as she was led away with her assistant, she gave me that same over the shoulder wave as she disappeared.

"Oh, well..." I said to myself.

I joined the core members of the cast and crew for a huge dinner that was loaded with lots of laughs and generous amounts of food and drink. The Aria had reserved a special area with our own private bar that only added to the exclusivity of the occasion.

"So, you've directed Lindsay and now Eva" I said to David "what's next for you?"

"Another scotch." he replied

"Is that all?"

"Until the network lets us know if we got a pick-up or not."

"Any idea which way they'll go?"

David gave me a look that said it all.

"Maybe I should get another drink too." I said as I headed for the bar.

Other than a couple of crew members and their wives/significant others, the dimly lit bar was pretty much empty. At the bar, I saw the back of a brunette girl in what seemed to be black leather pants and a matching silk blouse ordering a glass of wine.

"Seven and seven, please." I said

"Hey, the photo guy." the girl said to me as I ordered.

I turned and saw it was Eva.

"Lady Vegas herself." I replied with a smile

She chuckled at my observation.

"Looks that way, huh?" she said "What do you think of the show?"

"From what I saw of the filming it looked pretty good."

I then thought of her co-star.

"Um, w-what did you think of Lindsay?"

"She's good...real good." she said slowly and firmly.

I was happily surprised.

"Wow, you think so?"

She nodded.

"I heard all the stories, but I'll tell you..." she started as the waiter brought our drinks "I watched some episodes of her show before I signed on, she's good. I think they tried to get her for some episodes of Desperate Housewives at one time."

I was happy for what she said about Lindsay but not sure if the news she'd given me was known by anyone else, keeping quiet was my best move.

"Let me ask you, then..." she said to me "...what do you think of her?"

"Oh, uh, same as you...she's good."

Eva took a sip of her drink then put her elbow on the bar and leaned in closer to me.

"OK, but what about as a person?" she asked

"I only know her as an actress."

"Come on...you've had a fling with her, haven't you?"

"Well, what makes you think I did?"

"I could see it from the way she hugged you when we finished."

"She's just a good friend."

Eva gave me a skeptical look in return, I don't think she was buying my explanation.

"OK, what if she was more than a good friend?" I finally said

"I'd say...you're a rarity in Hollywood."

"What's that?"

"An honest man..." she said before adding "...not to mention kinda cute too."

"Well...the uh, same goes for you, doll."

It must've been the whiskey talking for me to say that!

Eva let out that giddy laugh she was famous for.

"You're funny." she said with a big smile.

"So are you."

She began to look at me closer now.

"Would you...like to go someplace a little quieter?"

I looked around at the nearly deserted bar.

"Sure. Uh, lead on, Miss Eva."

She gave me that winning smile of hers.

Eva said some quick goodbye's to people on the crew, and to David, our director (who looked like he was about to fall off the bar stool he was seated on) and we were off.

Accompanied by a hotel security guard we were led to a bank of private elevators. The guard explained it was for VIP's and enabled us to bypass going through the casino.

"Vegas thinks of everything." I said to him

"Yes sir, it does." he said as the elevator doors opened "Enjoy your evening, call me if you need anything."

"Thanks, Jack...we're all set." Eva said as she handed him what looked like a generous tip.

"So, uh, where are we headed?" I asked

I sorta knew where, but insecurity always gets the better of me.

"Someplace nice." she said with a confident smile as the doors closed.

The elevator swiftly delivered us to a top floor suite of rooms.

"My, my...so this is how the upper class lives."

"I've gotten used to it." she replied as she turned on a few lamps and went behind the bar "Want a drink?"

"Oh, sure...a Coke would be good." I said as I looked around.

"Coke? Come on, I thought guys like you lived it up."

"OK, then...what're you having?"

"Tequila." she said with a slight sexiness in her voice, like it was meant as a come-on.

"Then a tequila, it is."

"Great!" she said as she eagerly brought out glasses "I've been dying to try this, it's a new blend."

I was intrigued as I joined her at the bar.

"Really? How so?"

"I don't really know the specifics, but the company wants me to do ads for them."

"So I'm the guinea pig, huh?"

We both laughed.

"In a matter of speaking, yes." Eva laughed as she poured two glasses worth.

We both held our glasses up.

"Cheers to you." I said

"Salute mi amigo." Eva said in perfect Spanish.

The tequila went down smoothly.

"Man...that's nice." I said smiling.

Eva nodded and returned my smile.

"Want another one?"

"Sure." I said as she poured two more glasses "Trying to get me drunk?"

"And take advantage of you?" she replied innocently as she slid my glass to me.

We downed two more tequilas.

"Yes." she said casually as she turned her glass over.

I looked at my now empty glass.

"I guess you're doing a good job, then." I replied.

Eva gave me a big smile, then leaned across the bar and we kissed.

"Did I do that well, too?" she asked.

"Uh...unless it's the tequila talking...I'd say you did."

"Then you should kiss me back."


I kissed Eva a little more deeply, she had beautifully soft lips that tasted just slightly of tequila and lime, but what a nice taste it was!

Eva came out from behind the bar and led me to the suite's bedroom, a sly look on her face.

Her suite was furnished in shades of soft blue and white with a large bed. The huge windows showed the Vegas night in all its shades, with the stars above giving extra light.

"What do you think?" she asked

"It's...incredible." I said slowly as I looked out the window before turning to face her "I mean, I've been in Vegas before but somehow seeing it like this is...I don't know...more special."

Eva held me loosely in her arms.

"You're pretty special too, you know." she said

"Really? How so?"

"Oh, come on...do you really need to be so modest?"

I didn't know how to respond.

"You're a great guy, don't ever doubt that." she said as she took my hand and led me into the bedroom.

We kissed again in the soft light of the room, she had a wonderful scent about her, and her lips felt even better as we kissed and my hands began to wander her body. She quietly sighed as I gingerly touched her breast through her shirt, then gave me that smile she was famous for.

"Kiss me, Jim." she said softly

We kissed long and deep this time.

Once our lips parted, she leaned in close to whisper in my ear.

"Take you clothes off..." she whispered

I wasn't sure I heard her. I mean, I was, but did I?

"Take your clothes off." she repeated

She looked closely at me and nodded. Like she knew I wasn't sure I heard her.

"Let me help you." she said in a calm voice

Eva slid my suede jacket off and began to unbutton my shirt. The tips of her her soft fingers lightly touched my bare chest, tracing a pattern as she looked at me with her dark brown eyes.

"That feel good?" she asked with a sexy smile.

"Oh yes...very good."

"I'll make it even better." she replied as my shirt was now fully unbuttoned.

Eva now started to unbutton her own shirt, slowly opening it to reveal she'd been topless the whole evening. Her tits were a nice B size and as she hugged me and our chests were pushed together, I got an immediate hard-on. Not that everything she'd already done hadn't aroused me already.

"Mmmm...you feel nice." she said softly.

"You do too."

"Good...take your pants off, hon."

I began to unbutton my khakis and and she unsnapped her leather pants, sliding them down to reveal matching thong panties. When we were both naked she held me close again.

"Mmmmm...I love holding a man like this...feels so nice." she said softly.

My hands slowly drifted down to touch her ass, it felt nice too. I could feel the head of my dick touching warm, bare skin. She was obviously smooth as silk between her legs.

I now boldly swept her up into my arms and placed her on the bed. She was happily overwhelmed at my gesture, and as I stood by the side of the bed, she rolled onto her side and held my now fully hard manhood. She gave it a few soft strokes, looked up at me, and slid it into her mouth. She let it slide around her mouth, her cheeks expanding just slightly before letting her tongue work its magic. She moved closer to me so she could give her full attention. Now she caressed my ass.

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