tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAdventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 84

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 84


For as long as I'd been working at Artists Unlimited, I never really learned much about the background of Chuck Tyler & Jeff Murphy. Though Chuck was the public face of the company (thanks to some well-chosen appearances on entertainment shows and more recently cable news outlets) behind the scenes, it was Jeff who did much of the work and was who I reported to. And this time, it was Jeff who was the beneficiary of his job.

Jeff was originally from Wisconsin, and naturally grew up a Packers fan. For his birthday, Chuck had sprung for an all-expenses paid trip to Green Bay for a Packers game.

Guess who was also a beneficiary?

"Hey Jim, you wanna go to the Packers game with me?" he said to me.

"Uh, sure!" I said enthusiastically "Who're they playing?"

"You don't know? What kind of football fan are you?"

"The kind who's been out of town lately doing his job, that's who."

"OK, then. Check out the tickets." he said as he tossed me an envelope.

I looked and saw they'd be playing the New York Giants. I must admit, it was a little tough to be "Mister Cool" at this moment, being a longtime supporter of "Big Blue".

"Ah! Now that you put it like this...sure I'll go."

I really wanted to scream but figured I should save my voice for the game.

"I figured that would be your reaction..." he said as he started to leave "Oh, better get your cold weather gear out."


"Didn't you see the date and time?"


"Night game, in December."


Remembering all my usual winter gear was back home in Connecticut, I immediately went online to L.L. Bean and ordered up some gear, rush delivery.

I was set for a football fan's dream trip.

Or so I thought.

The day before Jeff and I were to leave for Green Bay, Chuck called us into his office.

"You're kidding me!" I said to Chuck.

"I'm not." Chuck said casually "I need some photos and you're my guy."

My heart sank.

Chuck had no problem with me going to Green Bay but, thanks to him, it would be a working trip. And thanks to agents and managers changing addresses, Artists Unlimited had picked up a couple of NFL players and added them to our "roster" as it were.

"Respectfully, Chuck...I don't think I'm the guy for this, I'm not a sports photographer."

"Don't worry about that, you've always done good work. I trust you." he said before adding "Look, I promise next time I'll leave the work to the guys from Sports Illustrated or tell the team to do the work themselves, that way it won't cost me a dime."

He had a point there, I'll say that.

I looked at Jeff who gave me an apologetic look before finally saying;

"Look at it this way you'll be closer to the game than I will. Not many people get field access, you know."

I could only shrug my shoulders.

"And I'll still be there, too." I said remembering how I never minded getting what would be considered lousy seats at concerts, I was there and that's what mattered.

"Now that's the spirit!" Chuck said "Have fun at the game, boys. I've got a golf date to pack for."

"Where?" I said in shock.

"Sunny Palm Springs...or is it Arizona?"

"I hope he loses all his balls." I muttered as we left his office.

"I hope he loses his clubs." Jeff replied.

Game day, or night as it were, arrived and it was a true bone-chiller. Everywhere I went I heard words like "wind chill" and "arctic front". Add snow flurries and I knew this was gonna be one assignment I'd remind Chuck of whenever I wanted to get out of any projects.

My assignment had me getting game photos of 2 players from the Packers whose names escaped me; I only looked for the numbers on their jerseys. And even that wasn't certain. So I decided to do the best I could. Jeff was safely above it all in a cushy VIP box. I was curious what it looked like but at the same time, did I really want to add insult to injury by doing that? Maybe a carefully worded text would work.

Nah, maybe it was for the better if I didn't know.

Concentrating on my work was best. I got my cameras and zoomed in on the players I was supposed to follow as one of them went to do a sideline interview with a heavily bundled up reporter from Fox Sports. Now I saw one of the advantages of my assignment. With a zoom lens I could see it was Erin Andrews, looking good even in a black down parka with a white wool hat that still showed bits of her thick blonde hair even when pulled down tight. She did her sideline interview and then turned to another guy who seemed to be part of the crew. To my surprise, it was Mario Lopez from "Access Hollywood", the guy I referred to as "Mr. Buffed" more than a few times.

"What's he doing here?" I said out loud.

Though we'd met before, this was the frozen tundra of Green Bay, not sunny Los Angeles. How he was keeping warm in just a leather jacket with a scarf around his neck I'll never know.

"Something's not right here!" I thought as I ran over to catch him.

"Mario!" I yelled as best I could over the crowd noise.

"Hey! What are you doing here?"

"I should be asking you that!" I said.

"Well you know big game...uh, once in a lifetime experience..."

"Connections, right?"

"Of course!" he laughed "I'll have to introduce you to Erin."

"I can't turn that down."

"Great, meet me here at halftime, you should get a photo of us."

By halftime, I was freezing. And the flurries had turned into a full-blown blizzard. Even with layers of LL Bean's best, the chill was going straight to my bones. Mario bounded over, looking like he'd been in the skybox the whole time. Which with my luck, he probably had.

"Come on, let's see if Erin's available."

Mario found Erin on the sidelines, clutching some kind of hot liquid.

"Jim, meet Erin Andrews."

"Hi, Jim. I'd shake your hand but I don't want to let go of this cup." she said

"I know the feeling, I grew up in Connecticut and I can't recall being this cold."

"Let's get that photo." Mario said as he got out his phone and somehow got a shot of the shivering trio we were.

The game inevitably went into overtime and the temperature continued to drop. But finally, a Giants fumble led to a game winning touchdown for Green Bay. Even though my loyalties were with "big blue" I wanted to get out of there, and fast.

My phone buzzed with a call from Jeff;

"The airport's closed, we're stuck here 'til morning."

"You're kidding!"

"Wish I was, I don't know what the hotel situation is, wanna try anyway?"

"I don't think we have much choice." I said as I spotted Mario "Look, I see someone who might be able to help, call me if you get any info."

"You got it."

I ran over and caught Mario before he disappeared with the crew from his TV show.

"Hey, I just heard the airports closed." I said breathlessly

"I heard that too. I think we got some rooms at the Holiday Inn."

"I know this is an intrusion but do you think I could somehow share one with somebody? I'll pay my share."

"No problem, you can ride over with me and the crew."

"I owe you one."

The ride over was only a mile or two but agonizingly slow, plus the heater in the minivan wasn't working well, either.

We got our rooms and I would be in with an assistant producer whose name escaped me (Mr. Buffed naturally had a suite to himself, when I heard that I was suddenly tempted to revoke that favor I owed him). As we made our way to our room, I could see Erin coming down the hallway still in her huge parka, and apparently still shivering.

"Uh, I'll see you in the room." I said to the assistant.

(What was his name?!)

"Hey, Erin...you okay?" I asked

"Just very...cold." she said as she fumbled for her key

"Let me help you."

I got the card key to work and her door unlocked.

For all the popularity she had, her room was no bigger than any others, and certainly not comparable to what "Mr. Buffed" probably had.

"I've never been so cold...cannot believe the one time I come up here for a night game the airport closes." she said as she began to unzip her coat.

"That's showbiz." I shrugged

She looked at me and we laughed.

"Let me see if room service is open, maybe I can get something hot delivered."

"Good idea." she said

Luckily the hotel kept room service stayed open later to keep the football crowd happy.

"How 'bout some cocoa?"

"Perfect." she replied as she began to warm up and unzip her coat "Add in some nachos, I'm gonna get some sweats on."

Erin grabbed some bright blue sweat pants and what seemed to be a hoodie and went into the bathroom. I called room service and ordered a generous amount of hot cocoa be delivered. Erin returned in sweats and a royal blue hooded sweatshirt with Greek lettering on it.

"What do the letters mean?" I asked

"Oh, that...Zeta Tau Alpha" she said with a smile "Sorority I was in."

"Ah, what college?"

"Florida Gators, baby."

"I see, Gator girl?"

"Wrong, I was a Dazzler...it's a dance team they have there."

"Gee, I didn't know that."

"Well, it's something I keep low-key. If you know what I mean."

"I see, you could always say it was a warm-up for Dancing with the Stars."

"If it was, how come I didn't win the damn thing?" she said with a laugh as there was a knock on the door.

The cocoa did its job as we sat on the couch. Erin checked her phone for messages and quickly sent some text messages.

"Where'd you say you were from?" she asked.

"Oh, Connecticut. I thought I was used to winter, man was I wrong."

"Hey, look at me. All those years in the business and I'm like an icicle!" she said as she offered her hands to me. They were cold alright, and very soft.

"Lemme warm you up." I said as I rubbed her hands with mine.

"Hey, that actually feels good." She said with a laugh before her voice softened a little "How long you been in this business?"

"Couple of years, friend of mine started the business and we got bought up by Artists Unlimited."

"You guys do sports photos too? I didn't know that."

"Not really, my boss just signed a guy from the Packers and figured he could get some extra photos since I was coming up here anyway."

"I figured you guys just did, you know, Hollywood stuff."

"We do, I guess they're trying to branch out." I said as I sipped my cocoa "No offense, but there's times I'd rather be a fan and this was one of them."

"I hear ya, it's a tough gig sometimes...um, is it good doing those kind of photos?"

"Sure, you've done that sort of stuff before."

"Yeah, but...never the kind of glamour stuff you do." She said with a kind of wistful look on her face.

"What do you mean?"

"What do you think? I think the only time I ever got, you know, glammed up was when I did the dancing show. The rest of the time is nothing special."

"Oh, I wouldn't say that. Uh, sometimes y-you're the best part of Giants games." I said nervously.

Erin gave me a smile and cocked her head to the side like she was saying "oh come on". I just nodded.

"I think you're the first football fan to ever say that." She finally said.

"It's, uh, nice to be first..."

I found myself closer to her than before and she didn't find it odd. Then again, maybe she was the one who'd gotten closer.

"You're right...it is" She said with a little flirty smile "I like it too."

I leaned in and we kissed, softly at first, then a little longer. Her face still felt a little chilly. I could feel a bit of whatever makeup she had on her face too.

"I'm probably still a little chilly, right?"

"I don't mind."

She had a shy smile on her face now.

"Neither do I."

We kissed again, stronger this time.

"That's nice! I didn't know California guys kissed like that."

"Uh, maybe 'cause this one's from Connecticut."

Erin giggled a little at my witty remark.

"Why don't we go on the bed?" I suggested.

She nodded.

I kicked off my boots and sat waiting for her. Erin stood at the foot of the bed and gave me a provocative look swaying a little as she loosened her blonde hair and let it fall free, it was thick and lovely. She took the bottom of her sweatshirt and began to slowly raise it upward, revealing a smooth and much toned belly that was the result of many hours in the gym. She hesitated a little before pulling it up and over her head. I gasped a little when I saw her breasts, nice C size with tiny pink nipples.

"Look OK to you?" she asked softly.

"It looks beautiful." I replied in the same tone as I sat up and started to remove my sweater but she stopped me.

"No, no, I want to do it." She said as she began to slide her sweatpants down. Underneath she had on simple pink panties that stayed on as she joined me on the bed.

"Sit up."

She softly kissed my cheek while her hands went under my sweater and began to pull it off me until my bare chest was revealed. She softly traced patterns on it with her fingers, which had since warmed up. She was making little sounds of pleasure as she did this. I turned to her and placed my hand on her breast and began to caress it. She began to softly moan as I did this. We kissed deeper and her tongue met mine and felt great.

"So nice..." she cooed "Don't stop..."

Her hand now drifted downward until it felt my crotch and my growing hardness. She leaned down and whispered in my ear;

"Take your pants off...I wanna see you naked..."

I began to unzip my jeans when she stopped me.

"No, do it the way I did it."

I rolled off the bed and stood at the foot of it. Erin sat up like I did to watch. I looked at her, sitting topless, her blonde hair just slightly covering her tits. My eyes were locked on her as I started to unzip my jeans again and as I did, saw that while her eyes were on me her hand was softly rubbing the crotch of her panties. It soon disappeared inside her panties and her eyes fluttered slightly. It was very sexy to see this intimate side of her coming out before my eyes. I let my jeans slide down and my hard-on was evident. Erin's chest heaved slightly as she saw me in my underwear. She smiled widely and beckoned me with her finger. As I climbed back onto the bed, she pulled the covers back and got underneath them. I joined her and we kissed a little more. She began moving her hands underneath the covers then slowly revealed her panties, letting them dangle in her hand.

"A little souvenir for you." She giggled.

"You want the same from me?"

"Nooo...just having you here is good enough." She said in a whisper "But you should get as comfortable as me, you know."

"Good idea." I said as I slid my underwear off and tossed it aside "I don't think these would be as good a souvenir as yours anyway."

Erin and I kissed deeply now. Our hands were roaming over each others bodies and her soft touch felt beautiful. I let my hand drift slowly down until I could feel her soft and wet pussy. Erin let out a slow, sexy moan in my ear as I fingered her.

"That feels so good...don't stop...don't stop..." she whispered over and over.

I rolled over and got on top of her. She opened her eyes and nodded to me. I could feel her legs open further as I entered her. Her pussy felt warm and wet. I wrapped my arms around her and began fucking her. She met each of my thrusts with a sexy "oh" sound that only increased the more we fucked. Even in the dim light of the room I could see she was giving me a look of sexy lust. I slowed down and deeply kissed her.

"Let me be on top, hon." She said

I carefully rolled over to my right and she followed until she sat up and as the bedcovers dropped away I could see her body better atop me. She dramatically ran her fingers through her thick blonde hair and gently caressed her tits. I could see she was totally smooth between her legs too.

"Ohhh...that's better...oh yeah..." she said as she began moving up and down on my dick "Oh fuck yeah...oh baby...ohh baby...oh my god...gonna cum...gonna cum...ohhhhhh!"

Erin threw her head back as she climaxed, then leaned down to kiss me.

"I didn't think it to be so quick..." she said breathlessly "Let me make you feel good..."

Erin climbed of my dick and lay beside me. She gave me a soft kiss on my cheek and began to slowly stroke my semi-hard dick, coated with her juices. It became erect again the more she stroked it.

"Just relax, babe. You've got a beautiful dick, you know that...so nice..." she whispered in my ear as she stroked it "Very nice...oh baby...that feel good?"

My eyes were closed. I was trying not to explode. But her touch and her soft voice were too intoxicating.

"Kiss me, Jim..."

I turned and our lips met again.

"You wanna cum, baby?" she whispered "You can do it...so nice...ohhh baby...you made me cum...it's your turn..."

I could hold back no more and exploded. Erin jerked every bit out of me and kissed me again.

"That was nice!" she said in a giggly voice "Been a long time since I did that."

"You-you do it well."

She laughed.

"Messy, but fun." She said as she got off the bed and went into the bathroom to wash her hands. She switched off the lights and rejoined me in bed. We both felt very warm and were quickly asleep.

The buzzing of her phone on the nightstand awoke us. She quickly turned over and grabbed it.

"Yes? Uh-huh...OK...OK, um, I can be ready in like 10 minutes...I'll meet you in the lobby."

She bolted out of bed and quickly dressed.

"You've gotta go?" I asked.

"Right, the airport's reopened and they've got a jet waiting for me. I'm supposed to be in New York in a couple of hours."

"Oh, uh, OK."

"Yeah, I'm filling in for Kelly Ripa." She said as she quickly tied her hair in a bun "Um, I'm really sorry I gotta go."

"It's OK. It goes with the job, right?"

"Right." She said as she came over and kissed me again "I'll, um, call you when I'm in L.A. OK?"

"Alright, better catch your flight."

"OK!" she said as she dashed towards the door "Oh! Breakfast is on me!"

And with that, she was gone.

I fell back to sleep, still trying to remember the name of that production guy I was supposed to share a room with. Maybe "Mr. Buffed" knows it.

In the morning there was a thick white blanket of snow outside. As I read over the room service menu, I had the TV on and there she was with Michael Strahan talking about the previous night's game and her mad dash to New York.

"Lemme tell you, it was cold up there!" she laughed "But you find ways to keep warm."

I couldn't help but notice the smile she gave the camera at that moment. Michael gave the camera that quizzical look he was famous for as the audience laughed. I glanced down at the floor and saw the pink thong panties she'd been wearing.

She left me a souvenir after all.

It was strange, going from bitter Midwest cold to sunny LA. I went through the routine of getting my duffel bag from baggage claim, then shuffling through the airport past paparazzi guys snapping photos of someone. It was only when I got into my car and started the engine that I remembered the guys' name and banged the steering wheel.

"It was Jim!"

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