tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of James & Julia Ch. 3

Adventures of James & Julia Ch. 3


On this unseasonably mild December day, as they made their way to work together, Julia was looking out the window as she and James approached downtown. As the office tower that holds James's office came into view, Julia was reminded of the erotic tour she had of James's new office and the fantasy she fulfilled as she seduced him in the chair in front of his desk. It had been a wonderful evening with dinner and the Messiah at the NAC, followed by the seduction.

The seduction actually started early with Julia changing into Santa-red lingerie before James picked her up for dinner. During dinner James noticed Julia's stocking tops that peaked out from the tight red skirt that she wore. With this small revelation, James's excitement began to build. Julia had hinted earlier that, over the holidays, she intended to wear the crimson bra, panties and garter belt that James had given her the previous year. The light coloured stockings were the only hint that James needed in order to know that beneath the sexy red business suit were garments meant to provoke another type of business!

During dinner and the recital, James's excitement was building as periodically Julia shifted in her seat, showing more of her lovely stocking-covered thighs. This was likely why James picked this night to show Julia his office. Honestly, he was too excited to wait until he got home to have her, and from the stories Julia had written him over the years, thought that she may enjoy a little pinch and tickle at the office.

When they arrived at the office, James showed Julia around and, in particular, showed her how well the hangings in his office work. After the short tour, James turned the lights out in his office, and snuggled more closely to Julia.

At that point, Julia, realizing that the mood was right to fulfill her fantasy, took over. She began to kiss James with purpose, slipping her tongue skillfully into his mouth while she slid his suit coat off and sat him down on his office chair. She moved her kisses down slowly nipping at his neck and chest as she continued her journey. Julia's hands were also busy and she loosened his belt. Finally, as her hands and mouth met at James's belt, Julia paused and removed the top of her suit revealing the red bra that James knew was beneath. Her breasts were full and firm as, restrained within the bra, they formed a racy and seductive décolletage. Freed from her suit jacket, Julia lowered James's zipper and eased his stiff manhood from his pants.

With James exposed, Julia slowly stroked him and eased his shirt up so that she could gain access to his chest. While she continued the slow stroking, Julia took James's nipples in her mouth, first one and then the other, sucking each and vigorously manipulating them with a hard, pointed tongue. This, combined with Julia's hands pumping his cock, was about all James could withstand without exploding. Sensing this, Julia eased off and slowly began to run kisses down from James's chest to the centre of her interest. While Julia enjoyed James's excitement under her skillful hands, this night she wanted to feel him in her mouth.

In preparation for her finale, Julia stood momentarily and raised her skirt above her hips revealing the crimson panties and garter. James's reaction was predictable. His already stiff cock got harder. Enjoying James's reaction, Julia started a little bump and grind routine that she had planned. She swayed back and forth rhythmically, caressing her breasts for James's pleasure and ultimately moving one hand down to her panties and slowly massaging her pussy. As she performed, Julia got more excited and leaned back against James's desk so that James could better observe this wonderful show. With her bottom partly supported by the desk, Julia spread her legs and continued to play with the moist centre of her sexuality. With her legs wider apart, Julia used two hands on her pussy, one spreading the lips of her vagina wide and the other softly but rapidly attending to that nub of flesh that gave her so much pleasure. As James watched this very personal show, he very lightly stroked his cock. He couldn't help but give himself some stimulation while being seduced so wonderfully. He did know, however, that he needed to save himself for the next part of Julia's performance.

As Julia approached her orgasm, she slipped first one and then another finger into her pussy. With one hand rubbing her clit and the other with fingers deep inside her, Julia came powerfully.

Without even taking a moment to recover, Julia moved to James's chair and knelt in front of him. As she toyed with him and put a wet finger in his mouth, Julia asked: " Did you enjoy the show? Would you like me to finish what I started?" James replied breathlessly that he had indeed enjoyed the show and would love Julia to continue with whatever she would like to do. " Well then, I think I would like to take your cock deep in my mouth and suck on you until you explode".

With that, Julia went down on James exploring every inch of his stiffness with an expert tongue. She alternated between licking and kissing his cock and taking it deep within her mouth, bobbing up and down on it, first slowly and then with more purpose. After a very few moments of this spectacular performance, James exploded in Julia's mouth as she continued to kiss and lick and play with James's steaming hot cock that was dripping cum which was also starting to discreetly show at the corners of Julia's broadly smiling mouth.

"Are you enjoying yourself?"' she asked rhetorically. James could only smile as Julia curled up in his lap for a few moments before they made their way home to bed.

As James pulled the car over at the side of her office to drop Julia off, he had no idea what Julia was day dreaming about, but thought something was up as Julia gave his thigh a light squeeze as she hopped out saying "I'll see you tonight".

The morning was taking on its usual routine of messages, mail, phone calls and memos when Julia looked out the window of her newly located office to see that, at last, snow was starting to fall over the city. This was always a welcome sight before Christmas and the spirit of the season seemed to grow with every flake.

It had been quite some time since Julia and James had had their encounter with Diane and Megan (Chapters 1 and 2 of the Adventures of James and Julia). But each year since, as the snow first starts to fly, Julia's thoughts return to that December a couple of year's back when she set out to find that special, and so personal, Christmas gift for James. As it turned out, the memories and the gift of photos are cherished by both James and Julia and continue to add excitement to a wonderful love life.

With the snow lightly falling, Julia thought that she would pop across the street to Starbucks to buy a cappuccino. While she was waiting to place an order, Julia noticed a familiar looking woman in line ahead of her. Yes, she thought the woman ahead with the shoulder length auburn hair and well-tailored outfit had to be the Megan she was thinking about only a few minutes before. She hadn't seen Megan or Diane since that final evening she and James had spent with them almost two years ago. Julia didn't want to be rude, but she wasn't at all sure that she wanted to get Megan's attention. Given the nature of their last encounter, simply exchanging pleasantries and nothing more may be difficult.

As these things usually work, the decision to say hello, or not, was taken from Julia as Megan saw her and waved vigorously as she made her way to where Julia was standing. "How are you? Are you ready for Christmas? It's been so long. You look well, how's James?" In the flurry of questions and answers and hugs, Julia found that she had agreed to sit and chat with Megan over their cappuccinos. After they got caught up (Megan determining that James and Julia were still together and Julia hearing that Megan and Diane were still an item), Julia accepted an invitation from Megan for both a dress up New Year's Eve party and a date the next afternoon to shop together for new outfits for the party.

As Julia made her way back to the office, she wasn't entirely sure what she was getting herself and James into, but felt an unusual excitement and couldn't wait to get home to tell James about her encounter and their invitation.

When Julia and Megan met at the Rideau Centre for a light lunch the next day, Megan gave more details on the nature of the dress for this "dress up" party. Evidently what she and Diane had in mind was that the gentlemen should wear formal wear and that the ladies should dress as provocatively as they dared, while looking sexy but not cheap, at least not too cheap!

With this apparel challenge, Megan thought that she and Julia would be shopping for new outfits, as well as suitable and matching lingerie and hosiery. As Megan spoke, an image came to Julia of a dress she had seen at One-plus-One that would be perfect for the type of attire Megan had described. It was a floor-length, tight, black, strapless beaded cocktail dress. It had a long slit up one side so the wearer would be able to walk and would be perfect with the pair of elbow-length black gloves that Julia had been looking for an opportunity to wear. When Julia described it, Megan agreed that it would be perfect and as soon as the cheque was paid the ladies made off in search of the dress.

When they arrived at the store, after a brief description of the dress, the clerk lead Megan and Julia to the dressing room so that Julia could try the dress and get Megan's opinion. The dressing room was unoccupied and the section that Julia and Megan were lead to was actually quite large with a wide wing-backed chair in one corner. Megan helped Julia with the zipper of the dress she was wearing as Julia slid out of it, revealing a plumb coloured bra and matching panties that were cut high up Julia's legs. Megan approved of the lingerie and remarked on the very shear nude panty hose that Julia was wearing. Megan sat back in the armchair while Julia slipped into the form fitting dress and only rose when it became evident that the zipper was a little tricky. As she helped Julia with the zipper, Megan lightly ran her hands along Leary's hips and up her sides to just below Julia's underarms. " The dress fits perfectly," she said, asking Julia if she was happy with it. Julia loved the dress, thinking that if suited her as well as she imagined it would. With the decision made to purchase the dress, the ladies summoned the sales clerk and started the hunt for Megan's dress.

In response to the clerk's question on what she might be looking for, Megan, much to the embarrassment of the young women, explained that she wanted something in dark green, with a low V shaped neck line that just covered her bottom and was so tight that her breasts were bursting out and the space between her cheeks would be apparent to anyone who cared to cast a gaze in their direction.

After a few moments, the young women returned with a dress for Megan to try. This time, Julia sat back in the deep wing-backed chair while Megan slipped out of her suit and into the green dress. The fit was sensational, achieving just the effect that Megan seemingly had in mind. It was tight over her trim and fit body, showing just enough cleavage and accentuating a firm bottom with just the right amount of separation. Julia thought the dress was perfect for Megan and, when asked to help Megan slip out of it, found herself brushing Megan's sides and hips lightly with her fingertips.

When Megan told the sales girl that she would take the dress, Megan asked if she could also help them with some lingerie purchases. The young asked their sizes and what the ladies had in mind and then disappeared for a few minutes.

When she returned from the adjacent Vie En Rose, she had an emerald-green push up bra and matching thong for Megan, accompanied by a pair of very shear hint-of-black stay ups. For Julia she had a longish black bustier with garters, matching high-cut panties and shear black stockings.

With no hesitation, Meagan stripped out of the underwear she had on and trying the lingerie that the young woman had brought her. First she stepped into the thong and then lifted her breasts into the bras as she pulled it around her. Finally, she sat on the edge of the armchair and roll the stay ups onto her long legs. All the while, Julia watched in fascination at her friend's absence of inhibition and love of things sensual.

With the new undergarments on, Megan primped in front of the mirror asking Julia's opinion and admiring her self, knowing that she would achieve the desired effect with this lingerie.

When it came Julia's turn, it was clear that Megan expected Julia to strip out of the plumb-coloured garments she wore while Megan watched, and to slip into the selection that the sales girl had chosen. Although a little shy at first, Julia could she no way not to do this without offending Megan and was a little excited about the thought of being naked in front of this attractive women she had been so intimate with not so long ago.

Julia stripped quickly and stepped into the panties first. Next came the bustier. As she played with it, however, it became evident that she may need a little help getting into it, at least for the first time. Without being asked, Megan came and stood behind Julia grasping the back of the bustier on either side and bringing the sides together to meet so that they could be joined. As she did the clasps, Megan playfully touched Julia's bare shoulders. Leaning over, Megan breathed into Julia's ear whispering how hot she thought Julia looked in the outfit and how horny she new James would be when the outfit was modeled for him.

Satisfied with their purchases, the ladies called it a day saying that they would see each other on New Year's Eve.

When New Year's Eve arrived, James dressed in a tux he had purchased recently and Julia wore the outfit that she and Megan had so carefully picked out. James and Julia had arranged for a small limo to take them to and from the party, with a tour of Ottawa's Christmas lights on the way. As they sipped champagne and marveled at the lights, James couldn't keep his hands off Julia, having grown very excited watching her dress. In the gloves, stockings, bustier and strapless dress Julia was stunning and seem to call out to be touched.

As they arrived at the party, were greeted and settled in, James and Julia found that all the revelers seemed to have followed the theme. The gentlemen were in black tie. The ladies, for their part, wore many different types of outfits. Each of these outfits was, however, in its own way quite sexy.

Diane, the co-hostess, wore a very short black leather halter-top dress accompanied by five-inch spike heels. A number of women wore slip dresses that revealed a variety of thongs, see through bras, stockings and tan, well toned bare legs. A couple of rather severe looking, but unarguably beautiful women wore dark suit jackets that stopped just below their bottoms. Below that they wore only stockings held in place by garter belts and very high spike heels.

With a couple of glasses of good champagne secured, Julia and James joined the group that was dancing. Megan and Diane were using the studio for the party and ha d lots of room for designated areas. There was a bar set up in one corner, a dance floor, a sitting area with a number of comfy couches and love seats and even a small stage near the sitting area.

After a few dances, the tempo of the music slowed and James took Julia in his arms, holding her tight as they slow danced. While they danced, James whispered in Julia's ear how sexy she looked and how excited he was getting being with her in such a provocative place. While they continued to dance, James and Julia could feel some eyes upon them and looked up to see Megan and Diane slow dancing beside them. "You two can't spend the whole evening together" they chimed. "We're cutting in". With that, Megan took Julia by the hand bringing her into position for a slow dance, leaving James and Diane to do the same.

James held Diane at a friendly but respectable distance, but noticed that Megan was holding Julia quite close. He watched as Megan rested one hand on Julia's bottom as they danced and seemed to be talking in Julia's ear. What Megan was saying was how beautiful Julia looked and how happy she was with the shopping they had done together. She also mentioned that after most of the twenty odd guests leave a small group of eight or ten was going to stay for some entertainment. She hoped that Julia and James could stay.

As midnight approached, Julia, James, Megan and Diane changed back to their original pairings, waiting the stroke of twelve. As the midnight clock stuck, Julia gave James a deep wet kiss that nearly curled his toes. As they emerged to take a breath they could see that Diane and Megan as well as many couples in the room were breaking from deep wet embraces. With that breaking of pairings, the room started to mix exchanging the polite check kisses that were a custom of the annual welcoming of the New Year. From time to time, some old friends would exchange kisses with a little more passion.

When Megan and Diane arrived at where James and Julia were standing, Megan first kissed Julia and Diane kissed James. Diane and James's kiss although chaste was a firm kiss on the lips accompanied by a hug. Diane placed her hand on the back of James's neck and his hand slipped low on her back.

Megan and Julia's kiss, however, was influenced by the champagne and although it started out chaste, under Megan's initiative became very exciting. After the first light brushing of their lips, Megan whispered that holding Julia and seeing in her new outfit was making her hot. She asked if, in the spirit of the occasion she could have a real kiss. Without responding directly, Julia tilted her head towards Megan as her lips parted. The kiss that followed was warm and wet and very exciting. While they kissed, Megan held Julia's bottom closely slipping her hand inside the top of the long slit at the side of Julia's dress. As they explored each other with their tongues, Megan's fingers could feel Julia's shear stockings as they ended at that garters that held them in place.

When their kiss was over, partners were changed and Megan and James, and Diane and Julia, exchanged kisses. But these kisses were nothing like the one that the two women had just experienced.

At about 1:00 a.m. many of the partiers gave their final wishes for a happy new year and made their way. Julia had told James that Megan had asked them to stay on a little longer, but didn't mention that some form of entertainment was to be expected.

When the right group was left, Megan and Diane asked if everyone would pull up a couch or love seat by the stage, because a little entertainment was on its way. Some of the remaining ten, or so, guests seemed to smile knowingly and sit a little closer to the stage. Others, like James and Julia, didn't seem to know what to expect and curled up in couples on their own love seats a few feet further.

In a moment, the lights dropped except for a few dim stage lights, and a couple of the gentlemen lifted a leather couch onto the stage. The stage was really only a platform about ten feet by twelve feet wide and two feet high.

Megan and Diane took the stage together, welcoming the new intimate group and welcoming them to sit back relax and enjoy. "A few of our guests wanted to reward this smaller group with a little provocative display, hoping that if the spirit moved some they might have a performance of their own.

After Diane and Megan took their seats beside each other on a love seat in front of the stage, Joe Cocker's "You Can Leave Your Hat On" started to play and an attractive blond woman took the stage. As the music played, she duplicated Kim Basinger's striptease in "Nine and a Half Weeks", slipping out of a black suit jacket and pants, white blouse, white panties and garter and a white sheer slip.

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