tagNovels and NovellasAdventures of Venkat Pt. 01

Adventures of Venkat Pt. 01


CHAPTER I: Suckling Aunt

I am Venkat. That Sunday morning in May was a fateful one for me. It was on that day that my uncle's wife with her four-month-old baby came into our home in Conjeevaram, in Southern India, for a three-month stay. My town is the home of the world-renowned colourful brocaded silk saris. My grandfather was a weaver of the saris, and three of his four sons follow their father's trade. My father, the youngest, markets the products. He takes samples to retail outlets in Madras 60 kilometres away and takes order from them on behalf of many producers in the town. I do not want to get into this family business. I want to study and become an engineer. After schooling I am in college studying mathematics and physics. At nineteen I am rather old for my class. That was because I joined school late. I am top in the class though, and I am sure to get a seat with scholarship in the government engineering college in Madras. Little did I know that the guests who were coming in for a short stay would blast my hopes.

My uncle is from Arani, a town fifty miles away, also known for saris, though Arani saris are inferior in quality to Conjeevaram ones. He was on the way to Dubai to work in a cloth shop. He needs three months to get visas to take his wife and child with him. He requested my mother, the eldest of his many sisters, to look after his wife and baby in his absence. My mother readily agreed. This uncle is her favourite little brother.

Our house is a small one. On the ground floor there is one large room that we call the hall. At one end is the kitchen. The way to the first floor is by a very narrow and steep stairs. There are two rooms in that floor with a common narrow veranda. My father and mother use the hall. My room is one of the first floor rooms. The other is vacant. My uncle left the same evening to Madras to board the plane to Dubai. His wife and baby settled in the hall, but the smoke from the wood fire in the kitchen filtering into the room was more than the baby could stand. My aunt was willing to take up the vacant room on the first floor. But the problem was that she could not have my mother's help to look after the baby. My mother had severe arthritis of the left hip and cannot climb up the steep stairs. My aunt said she would be able to manage if I could give her a helping hand from time to time. I said I could. I was on vacation then and had all the time in the world to be of help to her.

The arrangement worked well. In the mornings my aunt took the baby down; after lunch she came up and again in the evening stayed down till dinner. I liked the little boy. He was very comfortable with me. I rocked the cloth cradle and whenever possible I carried the little one. My aunt is a very friendly person. At first she used to cover herself with a sari when feeding the baby, but as days went by she was freer. I liked to watch those big breasts and the swollen nipple that the little boy munched. Yes, to me it appeared that he was making a hearty meal of the mother's nipple!

One afternoon I was dozing in my room when I heard the baby whimpering. He never cried lustily. I went to investigate. My aunt was reclining on the cane chair soundly asleep. Her hand holding the baby's head was resting on the arm of the chair and the baby was too low to have contact with the nipple. No doubt he was complaining. I placed my hand on the head and neck of the baby and held him up. That was not enough. I had to bring the nipple to the mouth. I gingerly held the breast and lifted it up. The baby grasped the nipple and started its chewing act. The breast was soft and spongy and I found myself becoming hard. I was ashamed that I had allowed such feelings towards an aunt.

It needed great concentration to hold both the baby and the breast, crouching as I was by the side of the chair. I was so focussed on my job that I did not notice aunt. When I did so after a while I had a shock. She was now awake. Her large eyes were wide open, and she was smiling. She kept on smiling as I stared at her in horror at the impudence of my act. Then she slowly raised her hand and placed it behind my neck. Then she pulled up my head closer and closer towards her. She kissed me on both cheeks and then gently touched my lips with hers. To my embarrassment and guilt I was hardening again. By the sign language she indicated that I place the baby on the cloth cradle. She then beckoned to me to come near her. Still in the sign language she asked me to sit in front of her on the floor. She then came to the edge of the chair and exposed her other breast. She pulled my head towards it.

'Suck,' she said. I hesitated. She held the back of my head and pushed it towards the nipple. My closed lips were touching it.

"Suck," she said again. I caught the nipple with my lips.

'Not like that, like this,' she said and sucking her lips in to cover her teeth she bit my little finger to show me how it was done.

'Bite,' she said. I did that. Salty fluid same into my mouth. It did not taste like milk at all. I worked on the nipple maybe for a minute and then I ran away to my room. I bolted the door and lay face down on the cot in a state of utter confusion. I must have slept off for when I woke up it was late evening. I washed and went down to have coffee.

Aunt was with my mother chatting as if nothing has happened. My mother was holding the baby. I wanted to go to my room but aunt called me and made me sit down and talk with them. My mother did not notice any change in me.

That night I bolted my room and slept. Next morning when I came down aunt was already there with the baby.

"Did you sleep well?" she asked. I nodded. "I did not," she said. "Sudir was whimpering all night. I think he was missing you." I felt deeply ashamed for having let down the baby.

"To night I will look after Sudir. You can sleep," I said.

I went out. I just roamed the streets. I came home had lunch and went up. As I was crossing aunt's door she called me in. She wanted me to carry the boy for a while. She wanted to know what I did in the town that morning. I told her I went to my friend's house. I was fidgety being alone with auntie.

Quite suddenly Aunty referred to the event.

"You should not have run away like that. You are like another baby to me. You have as much right to drink milk from me as this fellow." she said. Suddenly all the suppressed emotions broke out and I started weeping. Aunty got up and took the baby from me and put it in the cradle. She then sat by my side and hugged me as she wiped away my tears.

"I am bad," I wailed. "I did not drink like Sudir. I was excited." Aunt broke into laughter.

'Have you watched Sudir when he feeds. His tiny organ becomes big too from time to time." I had observed it too.

'It is a natural reaction," she said. Then she hugged me and kissed me. I am ashamed to say that I became hard again.

"Come sit by my side," said aunt. I did so. She sat with her leg crossed as she always did while feeding the baby. I sat at the edge of the cot but aunt took hold of my shoulder and pulled my head on to her lap. In a swift movement she exposed her breasts and offered a tit to me. I accepted without any show of reluctance. I sucked just as she had taught me to. I was sexually aroused and I didn't care. Aunt took my hand and placed it on the other breast. I gently kneaded it. I felt my aunt's hand fiddling with my dothi and soon she undid it and with her soft delicate spider-like hand got hold of my hard organ and held as if it was a stick. Then she moved her hand to and for just as I do when masturbating. I was coming, and from the vigour with which I was sucking she would have known that I was indeed coming, but she continued till I poured in her hand; yet she continued till I was done. She wiped her hand in my dothi and then pulled me up and kissed me on the lips. I was too confused to respond. She made me lie on the cot; she lay beside me and she patted my bare buttocks as if I was a baby being put to sleep. I slept. It was evening when aunt woke me up. She kissed me again on the lips and then asked me to go to my room. I took my dothi and wrapped in round went to my room. I had no feelings of guilt this day.

Chapter II

Aunt goes all the way

The next morning I went to the temple and watched the pilgrims, the women especially. I came home had lunch with aunty with my mother serving. Aunt was in a silk sari. She said she had been to the temple with the baby that morning. There are many temples in our town and the one aunt visited was nearer our home than the big temple that was my usual haunt. After lunch Aunt went up taking Sudir with her while I stayed in the hall and read the newspaper. It was well past one when I went up. The door of auntie's room was open but aunt was not visible from the veranda. I peeped in.

"Come in," said Aunt. Aunt was sitting on the cot; Sudir was on the cradle. Aunt made room for me by her side. I sat down. She held my hand and then slid towards me till our thighs were in contact. She held my hand very tenderly. She was still in her silk sari.

"I will change my sari," she said, "please close the door and rock the cradle, Sudir is wriggling." I did so. Aunt removed her sari. She was now in her skirts and blouse. She then removed her blouse and then her bra. I have seen those breasts of course but they looked different when she was standing. She looked up; we made eye contact. She smiled and I smiled back.

"You like to see me this way?" she asked. I said nothing and made no gesture either.

"Why no answer."

"I like it very much," I mumbled for such was the case. She loosened her skirt tape and then she let it go. It fell. Aunt was standing before me totally in the nude.

"You like it?"

I did not answer. My hands were trembling. Aunt noticed it. She come close to me and took my hands and held it.

"Fear or excitement?"

I looked up.

"Both?" she asked. I nodded.

She bent down and hugged me and kissed me on the lips. She then took a step back and asked me to look at her.

"Have you seen a naked woman before?' she asked. I said I had not.

"Come closer, sit on this stool and look at me." I did so.

"Any comments?"

"No hair," I mumbled.

"I shave," she said. "Please feel it."

I took my hand gingerly towards her pussy. I touched it.

"Smooth?" she asked. I nodded.

"You can open it and see." I gently parted the lips.

"What do you see at the top," she asked.

"The love button," I said.

"Touch it, no, not with your fingers. It is too sensitive for that. With you tongue," she said. I touched with the tip of my tongue, and then I licked it. She moved back and sat on the cot and then lifted her legs. I continued to lick. Her feet were in the air and she was moving her buttocks rhythmically. I continued and soon she was vibrating.

"Take slow swipes," she said hoarsely. I did so and then she moaned, made clicking noises and between deep breaths said, "it's wonderful." Then she got up and pulled me to the cot and removed my dothi and took hold of my cock. Her thighs were spread out and she held my cock and inserted it in. She moved rhythmically and I must have done so too though I do not remember for I was in a daze. Then I knew I was about to ejaculate. It was then that my emotions got the better of me and I started sobbing. Tears flowed from my eyes as I ejaculated and aunt was kissing me and rubbing her cheeks on my wet cheek and also licking away my tears. I could feel her tongue softly playing on my cheeks and for some reason even in that moment of high emotion I was wondering how long her tongue was for it make such wide swipes of my cheek. Her feet were locked round me as if she feared that I might run away. And then it was all over. We rolled over with aunt now on top and she spoke endearing words and kissed and continued licking my face. And then we lay side by side.

I must have snoozed off for I got up with a start. Aunt was lying by my side hugging me still.

"I want to go to my room," I said. Aunt smiled and nodded. I went and lay down for a while and then I washed and went down for coffee. For the next six weeks we were ardent lovers. She taught me how to penetrate from behind, and she made me come in her mouth. The first time I tried to withdraw lest I soil her mouth, but she held me till I had discharged the whole load, which she swallowed.

My days of pleasure ended with the return of my uncle.

One day I had to go to Madras to hand over some documents to our lawyer. I left early in the morning and came home late.

"Your uncle is back," said my mother and when I went up he was there with aunt and the baby.

"Without Venkat I would not have been able to manage the baby," she said and uncle thanked me. He presented me with a gold plated wristwatch he got from Dubai. The next day they were busy visiting temples. Anybody watching the couple would not have suspected that my aunt was anything but a darmapatini (perfect wife). My trust in women was completely gone. They left the next day.

I knew God would punish me for having participated whole-heartedly in incestuous relations with an aunt. Some times I dreamt that I was a leprous beggar sitting at the gate of our big temple. God did punish me but it came one step at a time, which our wise men tell us is God's way. The first of these came soon enough.

I told you that I was a topper in my class and that I was sure that I was sure to secure an engineering seat in the premier college in Madras with full scholarship. When I joined after the vacation I did not find my old friends with whom I used to do combined study congenial company. These studious, hard working boys (I thought of them as boys now) who giggled even when the word kidney was spoken, were not in my league now. I needed competition to keep me functioning at my best. When that was gone I slipped. I lost my top spot and in the final examination did not secure enough marks even for a seat in any engineering college. I had no choice but to join a diploma course in mechanical engineering in Madras.

My father who rarely spoke to me had a few words to say before I left for Madras to join a technical institute. For the first time in my recollection he gave me some advice. 'You are a handsome man,' he said, 'you can easily get friendly with women of low character. Be careful.' For the first time I came to realise that I was a good-looking fellow. I looked at myself in a mirror in one of the furniture shops. I was tall and fair and my features were that one of the popular movie stars. Even at that age I wondered if my good looks were a curse rather than a blessing.

Chapter III

Pleasures of oil bath

In Madras I lodged with a distant uncle and aunt. The uncle was fifty and his wife about 45. They had no children. They lived in a terraced house they owned in the Seven Wells area of Washermanpet in Madras. They lived in a long narrow room with a small side room attached to it. They removed some of their stores from that room and allowed me to occupy it. A kitchen was in one corner. The bathroom and toilet were separate construction in the compound as it was in most ancient houses. The toilet was two metres by two metres unplastered brick walled structure with a corrugated sheet for roof. It occupied the extreme corner of the compound. The bathroom was of plastered wall but roofless area close to the house. A six feet high compound wall surrounded the house on all four sides. The terrace stairs was inside the hall. There was a door to it that was always closed and locked. The reason was obvious—from the terrace the interior of the roofless bathroom was wholly visible.

My uncle like my father was in the sari trade. Like him he took samples of saris to dealers, but to towns in Andhra Pradesh and Orissa along the main rail line linking Madras to Calcutta. Some days when the sample packs were large I would go with him to the Central Station to load the goods in his compartment in the Howrah Mail. He would be away for a week or even 10 days at a stretch.

I settled into my routine very quickly. The technical institute where I studied was walking distance for my rural legs. I did well in my studies and was on the way to becoming an engineer of sorts. My aunt was about my mother's age, but because she never bore children, and because of easy life they led in the city, she looked younger. Her attitude was also not that of an old woman. She was a movie addict and many afternoons in the company of a one or other of her neighbours she visited movie houses for matinee shows. She would give her comments of the movie to me when she served dinner. There were a couple of male stars she was an admirer of. She was a jolly woman who most of the time mumbled hit movie songs. Her cooking was good too.

Her husband was a serious and religious type. When at home he did his pujas every morning and I have never seen him without sacred ash on his forehead. About their conjugal relations I of course knew nothing, but judging from body language I should say it was very little.

It was a Saturday morning about two months after my coming to Madras. It was an off day for my institute. I got up late for I had been to the night show the previous day. I was having my bath when from the corner of the eye I could spy someone in the terrace. I did not look up but by placing the stainless steel vessel I used for pouring water on myself in a particular way I could get a faint image of the person above. It was aunt. I was excited. I fantasised and got my organ as big as I possibly could and I flaunted it. I rubbed it as if masturbating but did not take it to a conclusion. I kept my organ erect till my bath was over. When I came into the room the terrace door was locked.

Aunt served breakfast. I made eye contact with her and smiled. She smiled back rather nervously I thought. From then on whenever I got a chance I bathed at a time when aunt could go up and look. Sometimes she did, but not always. I was happy that my movie addict aunt has something other movies to entertain her.

Aunt always took oil bath on Fridays. She seems to have missed one Friday and took oil bath on Saturday, my off day. She sat on a stool with a bowl of perfumed oil by her side. Then she asked me if I would rub oil on her head. Many women ask younger men to do that for men can rub it better than women. I have done that for my mother. I must have done a good job for aunt swayed and moaned as I shampooed her.

"Now I'll go for my bath; when I call you came and remove the oil that you rubbed so well into my hair," she said. I waited outside the bathroom and when she called I went in. I expected her to have her skirt tied at armpits level but she was totally in the nude. She sat on a wooden plank used for washing clothes. She faced the wall with head bent down as if in shame at her nakedness.

My hands were shivering as much from fear as from sexual arousal. She was facing the wall and crouching so tightly that there was no immodesty in her pose. I collected a generous quantity of soap-nut powder paste in my fingers and applied it to her scalp and kneaded her hair. I did a thorough job of it. That done I rinsed the paste off her hair and then tied her hair in a chignon to the top of her head. So far I stood behind her. At that point I should have offered to leave. I did not. I took the cake of soap in my hand and applied it to her back. At that point she should have asked me to leave. She did not. I rubbed her back, as I am sure her back has never been rubbed before. I then applied soap to her neck and cheeks and face and then I washed it off. All the while aunt kept her eyes tightly closed even after I had washed the soap away. I was no longer behind her but by her side. Her crouch has loosened and I could see her breast, a fine pair and uplifted for they had never suckled. She was crouching with knees fully flexed. I could see her pussy with the lips slightly open. Now it was decision time. I plunged ahead.

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