tagBDSMAdventures with Lisa

Adventures with Lisa


"Can I come round? I've got a surprise for you." It was my sister's friend Lisa, recently turned eighteen, and now my girlfriend. She was slim, about medium height, with a gorgeous figure that had filled out in the past few months to something like 32-20-32. Her eyes were blue and her curly hair was that colour that wasn't blonde and wasn't brunette. I'd not long found a flat and it was still a little disorganized, and Lisa had been helping me get things straight.

"Sure, let yourself in. I'll be back in about an hour."

"Thanks. See you in a while, Love you!"

I had no idea what she was up to, but I had soon realised she had a much better idea of how a place should look and was happy to let her organise me. I opened the door of the flat and looked around. There was nothing different from the morning when I'd left for work. A little surprised, I looked harder. There was a note taped to the TV. I detached it and then read it. 'Your surprise is in the bedroom'. Puzzled, I shrugged off my jacket and headed for the bedroom. And there was my surprise! Lisa in her school uniform, blazer, blouse, tie and pleated skirt, tied to my bed. It was obvious she had tied herself up, spread-eagled, blindfolded and gagged. Her ankles were tied with cord and her wrists cuffed. There was another note taped to the headboard. 'Your uniform kink meets my bondage kink.'

"What have we here?" I said, disguising my voice. Lisa shook her head, suddenly worried that someone else had found her. "Sorry Lise, it's only me" I laughed. There was a muffled reply which sounded something like 'Masfard'. "So, you like to be tied up then? I would never have guessed." I sat alongside her and ran my fingers down her face and then her neck to her tightly stretched blouse. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra just by looking. I let my fingers circle first one breast, then the other, before I began to unbutton the white blouse. Pulling the shirt free of her skirt, I exposed her tits and then gently kissed each one. "No bra, Huh Lise? Aren't you a naughty girl?" Lisa's breathing quickened as I massaged each bosom in turn, interspersed with kissing and licking at her pert young nipples. My hands strayed to her lithe legs, one running down each leg to the simple white socks below her knees, and then starting back up again. I rucked up her skirt as my hands returned up her thighs, flipping the pleated material across her stomach. "Lisa! You are wanton, no knickers either. What am I going to do with you?" I lowered my mouth to her sparsely-haired pussy, my tongue playing with the sweet folds of her cunt. "Horny aren't you, Lise? Your little love-channel is leaking already." She grunted something that I couldn't make out. "What?"

"MMmm Me."

I crawled back up her body and took off the blindfold and removed the gag.

"Just fuck me, you tormenting bugger!"

"Oh! Okay." I got up off the bed and took off my clothes. My dick was stuck out like a flagpole in front of me. Lisa was looking over at me. "Want a taste?" She nodded. I straddled her chest and laid my knob on her lips. She circled it with her tongue and then moved her head forward, enveloping my knob-end. I eased my hips toward her, my dick slipping deeper into her mouth. I pulled back, my prick glistening with her saliva. I shuffled backwards until I was knelt between her legs. My hands went to her hips, lifting her ass from the bed. I crawled forward until I could rest her butt on my thighs. I leant toward her, positioning my cock at her entrance and then penetrated her sweet spot. Lisa moaned in pleasure as I sank deep into her. Slowly at first, I began to move in and out, my tempo increasing as I felt her cunt clenching around my member. Faster and faster I went; sweat beginning to pour from me. Lisa came once, then again, each time her young pussy grabbing at my pulsating cock. I could feel the pressure start to build in my balls.

"I'm gonna come babe! Where do you want it?"

"Come on my belly!" She gasped.

I pulled out and jerked the last few strokes until I came. The hot jizz squirted out, splattering into her pussy hair and onto her thighs. I subsided and lay beside her.

"So, tell me. How long have you been tying yourself up?"

"Since I was about twelve or thirteen. It gives me a huge buzz."

"It certainly makes you one horny little bitch, babe. How did you find out about my uniform fetish?"

"You left your computer on last week. I took a look at your web site favourites. How about untying me and fucking me some more?"

"That depends, my little fuck monster."

"On what?"

"On whether I can tie you up a different way."

"Oh yes please!"

I released her from the bed and had a quick look at the ropes and things she had brought with her in a small hold-all as she slipped off her Blazer.

"How about a hogtie? I should be able to manage that okay."

"How can you give me a rogering if I'm in a hogtie?"

"Thought of that. If I position you on the edge of the bed, your mouth will be at just the right height." Lisa smiled broadly.

"Okay, do it, but you have to make me come afterwards."

I crossed her ankles and bound them together first, then tied her knees. Next were her wrists. Again I crossed them. Finally I took a piece of rope and wrapped it around the crossed ankles, then pulled the knot to the tied wrists, tying it off deftly.

I looked down at Lisa. Her eyes were shining in excitement. Her hands were caressing her shoes. The school uniform was nearly all undone. The tie, although loosened was still around her neck, but the blouse was open and pulled out from the skirt, which was rucked up around her buttocks. She was trying to reach my dick with her tongue.

"Easy tiger." I admonished. I waggled my prick around in front of her eyes, teasing her. Laughing, she tried to catch it with her mouth.

"Come on. Let me have it."

"Magic word?"


"Who teaches you such language?"

"You, you annoying sod. Please can I have your cock in my mouth, now?!"

Giving in, I once more laid my dick against her lips, which quickly parted, encircling my growing member. I let her tease me with her tongue and her teeth for a while and then I pushed forward. In the position she was in, my cock sank deep into her throat. The sudden pressure caused Lisa to gag. I pulled back quickly, dropping to my knees as she coughed and spat dribble.

"No." She gasped. "I can do it, you just surprised me. Try again, but slowly."

Again I put my now drool-covered prick in her mouth, and held her head with my hands. Lisa began to breathe through her nose. Carefully this time I eased my cock into her welcoming mouth until my balls were against her chin, her nose in my pubes, the tip of my knob brushing the back of her throat.

"Fucking hell Lisa, That is just awesome. Can I carry on and face-fuck you? Wave your fingers if it's okay." She waggled all her fingers, happy to let me gratify myself with her throat. I only made two or three deep thrusts though, I wanted to give her pleasure now, it only seemed fair. And she was close to choking again. I pulled out of Lisa's mouth and sat beside her, undoing her bonds. She regained her breath and then demanded to know what I thought I was doing. "I thought you wanted a shag."

"Well, yes." She calmed down. "But I like it better when I'm tied up." She said shyly.

"You've only just realised that, haven't you?"

"Yes, I suppose so." I'd finished untying her. She looked at me. I nodded.

"All right. Strip off and I'll tie your hands together and then I'll bang you." She stood and practically threw her clothes to the floor and then held her crossed wrists out to me. A few deft movements and she lay back expectantly.

"We need to plan this better next time." She said, luxuriantly stretching her bound wrists over her head.

"I agree. Research is required. Now stand by for a fucking."


Over the next week or so I read Lisa's books on bondage, making a few notes on knots and positions. We both acquired a few bits and pieces. I bought her another school uniform, so that she could leave one at the flat. She also dropped off her old Girl Guide uniform. We also put together a list of other possible uniforms, maid, cop, wedding dress, nurse, but decided they could wait. We tried dressing her in a football strip, but that didn't work. Unbeknownst to each other we had both bought a couple of toys. I had got a harness gag with a penis dildo fitted. It could be worn with the dildo in the mouth or sticking out; I thought that with a little training she wouldn't have so much of a problem deep-throating me. I also got a pair of nipple clips, a dildo and some cuffs, hand and leg. Lisa had got a double strap-on and a butt-plug. I think we'd both got the same idea of her fucking me as a different option; the butt-plug could widen my ass, and hers of course.

"So, what are we going to try next?" Lisa asked.

"I thought we could go for an outdoor theme with the guide uniform. Tied to a tree, or pegged out maybe." I replied, gauging my words to her reactions. She nodded thoughtfully, her eyes gleaming.

"All right." She said slowly. "Any ideas as to where?"

"I've done a little bit of a recce. There are a couple of possible locations deep in the woods, away from prying eyes, but suitable for our needs." Lisa began to put on the guide uniform.

"Sounds perfect. I'll get ready, you find the stuff you think you'll need and put them in a bag."

It was only a short drive to the woodland car park that I'd selected, well away from most of the visitors and close to where I wanted to go. I pulled up and turned to Lisa. She was about to get out when I grabbed her arm.

"Wait a moment." She looked at me questioningly. "Shall we do this properly?"


"We start here, rather than when we get to the site I've chosen." Her eyes lit up and she held out her hands. I reached into the bag and retrieved one of the three pairs of handcuffs, clicking them around her proffered wrists. Next were the newly acquired leg cuffs, snapped shut around her white sock-clad ankles. "Want to try this too?" I said, taking out the new harness-gag. Lisa's eyes widened and she nodded her head, entranced. I fixed the harness upon her head, fitting the penis gag between her teeth before tightening all the straps. "How is it?" I asked, amused at the way she was already beginning to drool.

"Hmt hmmms ha htt huse."

"A bit loose?" I asked; she nodded. I checked the buckles, adjusting the ones that needed it. "Better now?" Lisa nodded. I picked up her uniform hat and put it on her head over the harness-gag. I grabbed the bag with the bits and pieces, and went around to help her out of the car, shutting and locking it behind her.

The trek to my chosen site took a bit longer than I'd thought; the result of Lisa's bondage. The little clearing was perfect for our purposes. I could peg Lisa out spread-eagled or suspend her from several sturdy branches. To start with though I cuffed her to a tree, hands behind her around the trunk, the leg cuffs as well. Already Lisa was breathing hard, saliva dribbling onto the guide uniform, turning the light blue colour a lot darker. I slipped my hand inside the tunic, finding that again Lisa was without underwear. My fingers stimulated her sweet young tits for a while, until I pulled the tunic open and exposed her breasts to the sunlight. Lisa opened the eyes she had closed while I had been toying with her chest. I had turned away to the bag of goodies and rounded back to her with the nipple clips in either hand. She didn't try to back away as I thought she might, but instead thrust her body forward, wanting to experience the clips on her pert young tits. I obliged her, carefully attaching one clip to either nipple. Lisa shook herself, seeing if I'd put them on properly, I had. Behind the gag Lisa smiled, luxuriating in the pinch of the clips on her breasts. I knelt in front of her, rucking up her uniform skirt to reveal her pussy.

"You little whore; you've shaved your cunt!" I exclaimed. Lisa just waggled her hips in front of me. I put my hands behind her on her buttocks and pulled her pelvis towards my mouth. My tongue teased her slit for a moment before I sank it between the folds of flesh. Lisa had already cum, I could taste her. As my tongue licked at her clit she thrust her groin forward, cumming again. She slumped back against the tree.

I wanted to try a little suspension bondage, to see how far she could go. I had a rope pulley prepared and attached it to a fairly high branch. I released Lisa from the tree and stood her below the pulley. I didn't need to ask her if she was ready to try this, I could see it in her eyes. I clipped her handcuffs to the pulley and then pulled slowly. Lisa's arms were raised above her head. I pulled some more until she was on tip-toe. I looked at her enquiringly. She nodded and I pulled a third time. Lisa's feet left the ground and she swung in the gentle breeze. Her head was now slightly higher than mine. I tied off the pulley and stood in front of her. I removed the nipple clips and nuzzled her tits as the blood rushed back. Now I unzipped her skirt, letting it drop to the ground. I stripped off my trousers and boxers and stood before Lisa once more. As she hung, her pussy was at about the same height as my cock. I pulled her toward me, taking the weight off her arms and then slipped into her welcoming cunt. I wasn't able to get deep into her because of the tie, but it didn't matter to Lisa; she came almost at once. I let her down after a few thrusts and laid her on the ground. She was moaning in pleasure. I took off the harness-gag and kissed her.

"MMMmm! That was wonderful." She purred. "But you haven't cum yet. Do you want me to try and deep-throat you?" To answer her I knelt over her. She tilted her head back and I slid my rampant dick between her lips and into her throat. The penis-gag seemed to have helped her with her breathing as I pumped her mouth. I came just as she was starting to have trouble. I pulled out and shot a stream of jizz across her tits. Lisa coughed a little and then smiled at me. "Can I pick the next scene?"

I nodded.


I was beginning to wonder what I had let myself in for. Lisa had tied me to the bed the way I had first found her. Before she had bound me the butt plug had been inserted with some lube easing the way and then she had put the harness-gag on me, but with the dildo pointing out. She'd left the blindfold off so that I could see what she was up too. She came in wearing her newer school uniform. It was tighter than her real one and the skirt was shorter. Instead of white socks she wore stockings and suspenders. An evil smirk on her face, she crossed to the bed and ran her nails down my chest and across my belly to my stiffening dick.

"I could get used to this, babe." She said, wanking me gently.

"Mmll hont." I mmphed. She laughed and then dropped her head to my cock. Her sweet lips encircled the head and her tongue began to tease. It was the work of moments to get me fully hard.

"That looks ready." Lisa said, kneeling over me. Carefully she positioned herself and then sank onto my cock. I closed my eyes and was prepared for her to ride me. She worked herself up and down a couple of times.

"That should do it." She said, climbing off. She saw the look on my face. "You don't think I'm doing all the work do you?" She put a knee either side of my head and lowered her now slick pussy onto the dildo sticking out from my face. Once she'd sank all the way down she leant forward and grabbed my dick again.

"All right, you ram my pussy with your face thing and I'll suck you off. If you get me to cum first, you take over."

I began to piston my face dildo in and out of her wet cunt, determined to get out of this and return the favour. What I hadn't counted on was Lisa's control. She had a way of waggling her hips that made it awkward for me, and she was so good at blowjobs now that it didn't take long before I spurted. The jizz shot upwards, some going on her blouse, most of it on my belly. Lisa licked at it like a cat with cream. She rode my face for a while longer and then let herself cum.

"Sorry babe, you lose! Now I'm fucking your ass."

I groaned. I'd known what she wanted to try and wasn't sure I could do it. She took off the gag, licking her juices from the dildo and then releasing me. "Not going to plead?" she asked.

"No. A deals a deal."

Lisa put me on my knees and then tied my wrists to my ankles before leaving me alone as she dropped her skirt and fitted the double-ended strap-on to herself. As I knelt I slowly realised that the butt-plug didn't feel that bad and began to wonder what this would be like.

"Oh! You smutty sod. You're looking forward to this."

"I'm not!" I protested.

"That's not what your cock is saying babe." She was right; I was getting hard again at the thought, pre-cum oozing already. The bed moved as Lisa got behind me. She pulled out the plug and almost immediately put the head of the strap-on into my ass. "I'll go slow." She said, and then eased farther in. I moaned into the bed and then felt her body close to mine. It was all the way in already! She began to fuck me gently, as I had done the first time we'd made love. For five minutes she fucked me and herself until she came and lost the stroke.

"I don't know if you can make me cum this way Lise." I said. "It looks like you cum just as I'm nearly there."

"I'll give it one more try, shall I?" I grunted my assent. "Tell me if it starts to get sore."

"Don't worry, I'll tell you."

She began again; longer, deeper thrusts this time, the pace quickening as she gained momentum. I heard her cum again, but she barely faltered and kept pounding my ass. My cock began to twitch.

"That's it Lise! I'm gonna cum!"

She pulled out and rolled me over as I jizzed, spurting over myself again. She smiled and licked me clean again. She untied me and took off the strap-on.

I rubbed my wrists.

"I can see I'm going to have to be inventive for our next encounter."

"Oh good!"


As it turned out, it was Lisa who initiated the next game. She called me one Friday afternoon, before I'd finished work.

"You'll never guess what I just bought for only ten pounds?"

I was tired after a long week and succumbed to sarcasm.

"The Ark of the Covenant? The holy grail?"

"Don't be silly. If you can't be serious, you can wait until tomorrow." She put the phone down.

The next morning I felt much fresher and went out early to do some essential shopping, and pay some bills. When I returned I knew Lisa had let herself in. There was some confetti on the floor and wedding music playing on the stereo, but Lisa herself wasn't in the front room. I followed the confetti trail into the bedroom. Lise was kneeling by the bed, her hands cuffed behind her back. Although I couldn't see it, she also had the harness gag on. The reason I couldn't see it was the bridal veil over her face. And not just the veil! She was wearing a wedding dress, the whole outfit, including white silk gloves. "A ten pound bride?" I asked. Lisa looked around at me, her blue eyes shining in excitement. "Just the cuffs and gag?" She shook her head, and then raised herself slightly so I could see the cuffs around her ankles. I helped her stand and then ran my hands over the bodice of the dress, caressing her breasts. I stood in front of her and let my hands slip down to her ass; there was a gentle clinking, as if from another chain. I knelt in front of her and ran my hands up her lithe young legs, rucking the dress up. As I passed the tops of her white stockings she groaned. Once more she was without panties, but this time she had attached some clamps to the lips of her pussy, each one connected by a small chain. Fascinated, I ran a finger over her sex. She moaned again, her pussy beginning to get wet.

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