tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAdventurous Little Katie Ch. 03

Adventurous Little Katie Ch. 03


*This 18+ story is purely fictional. Its exceptional horny characters do not exist except in pure fantasy. Enjoy!


Judge Jurie works at the pinnacle of the public justice system, but in very private practice the wily old man is a pompous old prick with double standards and a lustful bent for young skirt on the sly.

Why? Because he's an egotistical self-proclaimed protector of the innocent who's quite handsome in his shock of grey hair and rugged looks and while he's popular with the older ladies he's a closet devil of a kind they'd find too naughty for words.

He certainly doesn't practice after hours what he preaches in the courtroom. If you're already wondering what's this got to do with adventurous sexy little Katie, the 18 year-old comely teenager whose very diminutive size and absolutely innocent face entices males to mistakenly think she's of another school of thought so hang about and see how this pillar of society works when no one's looking over his shoulder.

And he's found it in the new-to-the-working-world beguiling tiny model Katie. She's sweet by any mouth-watering taste and a mere 4ft 7in. in high heels.

Thanks to his secret 'VIP' membership of an adult entertainment agency called 'Cherished Companions Come to You' the randy old bugger with such lecherous leanings is about to meet Katie in his after-hours private chambers.

Looking at the agency's pictures of her dressed as a flirtatious and vexatious wayward schoolgirl even the learned judge is learning that not every working girl has big tits and at least one school allows a skirt that sits level with the bottom of her backside cheeks.

He swallows at the sight of midget mimicking small frame with invitingly perky one and a half inch high puffy areola mounds on the tiniest tits he's ever seen and a ripple of excitement runs through his loins.

That she has to carry proof of age ID with her on all her companion modelling jobs doesn't concern a man like Judge Jurie because no one tells him what to think let alone how to think. His fetish is his favourite fantasy and he sure isn't telling anyone at work about that. While he sits in his chambers waiting for her to arrive the Queen Cleopatra- styled entertainment agency owner Lana, a buxom 6ft tall very shapely woman with flashing black hair that descends below the level of her open cleavage satin business shirt, gives Katie a soft warm kiss on the lips as she's about to head out the door to meet up with the testy old judge.

"Oh what a ravishing little brat schoolgirl you look," she purrs, "Judge Jurie will end up beside himself when he looks you up and down."

"Is he a fit or fat for his age," Katie queries. "I mean he's a judge so he must be a bit ancient?"

Lana laughs. "Well Katie he's not that old you know, I mean many a much older man is still fit for a fiddle; I mean fit as a fiddle well into his life cycle so if you're going to hold anything against him it better not be his age. Okay he's a grandfather age in your case but go and have some fun turning the old guy on. You know he's going to make out you've landed yourself in his courtroom for being extremely naughty and he'll want to remind you how important he is."

Katie learnt this much from her Uncle Zach about older men -- the older they get, the younger they want to feel. In any case she figures in this fantasy business there must be lots of older men yearning to reclaim something of their past -- the scent and feel of a naked nubile body so firm, so smooth, so tantalisingly delicious.

She shrugs her narrow shoulders and straightens up her broad rim felt school hat with its fake badge 'Angels Elementary Public School' and gives a cheeky smirk. "Okay then Lani it's just as well I can't help myself sometimes, this could be fun."

Katie heads off while across town the horny old judge's perversion for a sexual high sees him skimming through the description of her provided by the agency boss. He's satisfied that she seems a hot little number he can count on to quench his carnal desire. Alongside an alluring schoolgirl bumfreezer skirt picture of her pouting her hot lips, arms folded like a defiant wag the notes describe her as a repeat offender who regularly skips school, ignores authority, acts way too precocious for her age and needs straightening out after being caught in the school library giving a head job to the head cleaner. How she mounts her defence against the learned judge before he can mount her will be interesting indeed, especially since she's running late. That makes him even more agitated as he sits impatiently. He adjusts yet again his ceremonial barrister's type wig and the courtroom long black robes that hide the truth he's wearing nothing underneath except a concealed weapon attached to a big set of balls.

Finally she arrives and proceedings get underway, his private chambers suddenly becoming public open space for the anonymous audience of Literotica readers equally anxious to find out whether the bawdy inclined public protector finds little Katie truly innocent or guilty. In his own arena the big man is a law unto himself and he quickly acts as prosecutor and judge if only to be fair so that little Katie knows she's on trial and if he finds in her favour he can still try her again and again, and again, if he's that good.

No sooner has the alleged school dropout arrived that Judge Jurie's booming voice startles her with a characteristic barrister-like scare tactic, a sneering expression and wave of the finger in her face. "You're holding up the court, how dare you be running late and making me wait," he booms. But he's not acting, even if little Katie is.

"Okay I'm pleading not guilty already if you want to know," the hot little honey replies haughtily. "I don't hurry for any man, I do as I please so go stick your dick up yourself," she laughs, giving him a patronising flutter of her fake eye lashes to make her seem older.

"Ha!" he exclaims excitedly liking what he sees and hears, a veritable fuck baby if he ever saw one. "I know your type, a little smart arse coming into my courtroom thinking you can sexily flutter your long eyelashes in my face and expect me to just give you a slap over the wrist."

"Oooh, you scare me mister judge and I bet you're bald under that wig ha ha."

His eyes narrow and look piercingly at her. "I find your attitude offensive and contemptuous for an offender coming before me in my courtroom. If you offend me any further you little street tart I'll increase the penalty when I work out what it should be if you're guilty enough."

Katie shrugs her juvenile size shoulders and shakes her tight little backside and pokes out her tongue. "That's cool Mr Judge, I don't mind bending over for it, it's better than a slap on the wrists."

"You'll call me Your Honour, not Mr Judge, where's your respect?" Didn't they teach you anything about judicial protocol?" he bellows, waving a finger.

"Look at this disgusting charge sheet you junior size tart, I should throw the book at you...giving head to the head cleaner in the library...what have you got to say for yourself when you should have been in class?"

"Um, well maybe because I'm in a class of my own Your Honourable and because he's a head cleaner I made sure I gave him a good head job and cleaned him up finger licking' good," Katie smirks, wiping her lips with her fingers to show him how.

The caustic judge raises a caustic eyebrow. "Oh you did eh? " Well you little teenage smarty pants, what's this report on the charge sheet about you staying back late at school then with the French teacher when everyone else had gone home?" Eh? What were you up to then, come on speak up, was there a frog down your throat, eh?"

"Ha, oh that day," Katie laughs. Okay your honours, I'll confess to that much, he wanted to see if I could do an oo-la-la Can-Can jig just for him and I said I sure can."

"So? And so? Judge Jurie gets impatient for some lurid detail.

"Well he got a real front desk gawk didn't he, seeing how high I could lift my legs and how my scanty school panties got caught up in my crack; you'd think he'd never seen a schoolgirl's camel toe ever before the way his eyes bugged out."

"Disgusting behaviour for someone your age," he barks, I can see I'll have to straighten you out young lady even if I end up making a woman out of you." Judge Jurie shakes his head and squeezes below, his erection steadfast because he's very much into being turned on by a horny little devil.

"Are you going to give me a paddle with my panties down for being upfront with you mister judge? I mean, you know that girls just want to have fun, go ask Cyndi Lauper she put it on the record."

"I've got something better in mind for you young whipper snapper starting with a blindfold and don't give me your lip about Cyndi Lauper putting things on the record... she also cut one not long ago called Lay Me Down and that gives me a good idea what to do with you right here and now." Katie laughs. "Where have you been all my life Mr Judge; don't you know us schoolgirls we like to fantasise about older men with dirty minds and big cocks and yeah, we learn to orgasm years before you'd ever know about it. "

Judge Jurie bangs his fist down. "You ought to be ashamed for indulging yourself with wet fingers as a school girl without parental supervision. No wonder you've landed yourself in my court you passionate little pipsqueak. Fingering yourself to orgasm without adult monitoring is totally selfish.

"Anyway when did you start this disgusting habit of pleasing yourself without asking permission? Raunchy curiosity's written all over his face as he leers at her. "I must warn you that whatever you say will be taken down as evidence and I'll use it against you."

"Um, well your Dishonour it was long way back, straight after school or under the desk in class sometimes but I only got hot quivers from inside my pussy not like the feelings I get these days going right through me almost. I did it once in a bus on the bench seat sitting a jolly middle-aged man in a track suit and gee, I wonder if he worked out what I was doing with my hand up my school tunic? It's a real buzz to do it if I know a man can see me doing it. Now how's that for a confession?"

The crusty judge squeezes a bulky shape under his black robe and leans right over his Bench waving a big finger as Katie cuts an innocent looking expression that turns into a haughty smirk. "I've heard enough you little orgasmic opportunist, coming into my courtroom telling me how you learned to play with yourself in school and me, a respectable pillar of mature society having to imagine how sexual gratification felt for you... I'm finding you guilty of being a younger than springtime wannabe, a flirtatious little fucker, a hot young body in a class of her own and for having mouth-watering lips that make you irresistibly kissable to horny old men. What do you have to say for yourself you little hot arse?"

"Okay mister judge and jury I must be guilty then because I love turning horny old men on knowing they must wank themselves silly thinking about me. It's my way of letting dirty old men wanting it off with a bit of young skirt to live it up, like you right now eh?"

"Enough of your insolence you sizzling little sexpot, I'm putting this here blindfold on you right now so you'll be in the dark as to how I'm going to punish you for making me drool about how you try to disrespect old fashioned Alpha male authority. Prepare to feel helpless you puerile piece of undersized pumpkin."

He walks up to Katie in his long black ceremonial robes to reveal a beastly thick rock hard seven-inch penis thrusting out from a gap in his long black robes.

"When's the last time you ever saw a cock as good as this one, eh?" he sneers as he puts it right up to her face and ties the blindfold tightly behind her head, brushing aside her twin pigtails. Katie says nothing but she feels her love juices warming up inside by the way he's giving her the stick about who's in charge. He proceeds to strip her naked and his ageing eyes bulge when as he kneels down to see her perfectly waxed smooth prominent pubic mound and a perfectly eatable virgin looking pussy with fully recessed inner lips and wide puffy outer labia making her look the part of the young brat she wants him to think she is. An urgent shiver runs through his loins at the prospect of teaching a young smart arse a lesson as lays her on the carpeted floor, smacks her tight small butt with an open hand before squeezing her high set cheeks outwards so that her generously displayed vulva sits up provocatively. He can't resist a soft low growl as animal instinct consumes his thoughts. He stares at the wondrous sight for a whole minute.

His courtroom captive wonders what's going through his mind as she lays head down blindfolded on her navel because she can't see him still staring between her smooth youthful bare thighs and slowly stroking his masterful phallus.

"Okay you rebellious little brat you like to play with yourself and show off to older men so show me how you can masturbate with both hands while you've got your back to me. I want to see it from behind right between those desirable firm thighs," he orders snappily.

The randy old lawman breaks into a smug smile as he sees Katie's left hand sliding under her torso towards her lower region and her right hand angling back to access her pussy from above.

Watching both sets of fingers meet from under and over and seeing them probing slowly at first he leans closer to admire the freshness of her cute body as she angles her hips slightly to one side with slight elevation that allows better access with one hand working three fingers up to her knuckles inside and the other exciting her clit.

Even horny old Judge Jurie hasn't seen a babe do it this way and the sight of her small perfectly proportioned backside sends an erotic message to his brain as he glances at her school clothes and skimpy underwear on the floor beside her. He feels his penis, hard as a rock, and he's thinking if someone else was watching how her unsullied looking fat hairless pussy would look from behind with his swollen weapon squeezing her lovely labia way to the side as the shaft worked its thickness in right up to his big balls.

For one reason or other the very sight of naked Katie prone and masturbating with her shapely youthful thighs and well developed buttocks arching slightly higher every new minute and twitching about right before his eyes makes the old prick score her way above the older fantasy models he's set his sights on in the past. Katie gives him a real treat because she knows how older men feel about younger chicks with tight smooth bodies.

It can't get better even if he demands it, he thinks, licking his lips. Katie's boobs might be miniscule compared to big jug birds but the high puffy areolas are erotically more erogenous with erect nipples that stand out like a lighthouse on a rocky crop. What a contrast, he thinks, to the 30 year-old part-time redhead receptionist he enjoyed last month with breasts that could have got her a centrefold spread easily in a glossy men's magazine had she preferred going more public than secretly private for the kind of money to get her new sports car.

Katie can't help but orgasm, she's so sensitive to touch that her cute little pussy craves satisfaction and it's always better for her when someone is watching. She moans softly at first and doesn't have to fake anything as she gets progressively worked up to a climax.

Unbridled, the old man picks Katie up and lifts her upside down with her head dangling above the carpet as he puts her invitingly open thighs either side of his head and drapes them over each shoulder ready to give her a taste of his tongue.

Not a word's spoken because the horny old judicial boss cocky is in his fetish element with her pressed right up to his hungry mouth. Like a man possessed, he's into her as if he's eating a hamburger -- okay, a small burger. Her sighs that turn to loud moans and constant gasps when he changes the angles with his nose sitting right against her bare pubic bone keep his tongue working overtime. In his dirty old man mind he's thinking about what he's doing, too right he is, as he imagines things about her that a judge shouldn't be imagining. But of course, Judge Jurie isn't packing a hard and fast thick seven-inch weapon just for show.

He succeeds in making her come more than once with his relentless tongue ploughing into her crevices, her feet jiggling about behind his broad shoulder blades. His masterful experience works in different ways on her highly sensitive clitoris to turn tumultuous teasing into total torment.

But after having many minutes of hot sweet unadulterated virgin flesh inside his mouth he swings Katie back to her feet, his cock throbbing, and grabs some tape to bind her wrists behind her back making her feel more helpless with the blindfold.

She knows not to interrupt a man by talking when he's horny provided he knows what he's doing so she stands subserviently without question. He sits her down and presses the tip of his rod right to the edge of her rich red lips glossed and glistening. He'll ensure her saucy young mouth will be dripping with his cum before too long.

He wriggles the head against her mouth and finds it easily resting on her tongue, a primary instinct resulting in the right action to match the mood of the moment.

'Suck my cock you hot arse prick teaser, come on slobber on it good and proper, I want to see those sweet young wet lips open nice and wide to get wrapped around my fat erection and get working on it."

Katie's hot inside because she loves the dominant sensation of a man's penis right where it belongs -- in her mouth, twisting her mouth around it like a fish thrashing in a net and dragging back and forth with fervent friction, her cute moans making Judge Jurie realise he can't last much longer.

The blindfold makes the moment twice as erotic for Katie because she's in the dark and knows she's at his mercy with her hands tied, his cock in her mouth, and it feels erotically thick and hot. For the old man it's now or never and he suddenly withdraws short of shooting his full load into her mouth. That can come a bit later he figures as he lifts her off the chair and straddles her nude small frame up to his very large body, plonking her on his lap and with expert precision, spikes her tight wet cunt with his very vertical shaft.

She lets out a loud girly gasp as she feels the huge swollen object pushing its way somewhat easily between her tight inner lips, normally well hidden, but now gripping hold of the broad shape in the way that well- trained vaginas do when they know what's good for them.

"Oh my god," she purrs several times as he begins to thrust joyfully once he gets it full length into her from her sitting position, her short legs draped over his broad thighs. After all, Katie's mere 4ft 7 in frame is so sensationally subordinate to his commanding 6ft 4-inch bulk as he bounces her on his lap like a gregarious grandfather would if he were so inclined and could get away with it.

His mouth leans into her body and suckles on her big dome-like areolas, but they only seem big because the rest of her breast is so small. Sucking on them makes him think he's feeding on juicy marshmallows with little knobs he can get his teeth on to nibble and pull tantalisingly out as far as possible.

Judge Jurie leans into Katie's ear, nibbling her lobe, licking and breathing into it with a hot breath. "You're a very fuckable pretty young thing aren't you," he whispers and without hesitation, clamps his mouth against her aroused and swollen rosy red glistening lips and with her hands tied behind her back, uses his brute strength to pull her face into his without letting go.

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