tagInterracial LoveAfrican Queen And White Princess

African Queen And White Princess


Miss Jojo here. Everyone's favorite blonde tormentor. I'm reading a letter from my former submissive, Tamara. The butch Black woman I so enjoyed taming. Certainly brings back memories. I actually missed you quite a bit too, Tammy! I've been back to fucking with my young white women ( which I love) but I certainly do miss humiliating a beautiful Black Amazon like you! Where were we in our last fantasy, do you recall? I think I had you in that old barn ( 'the slave pen') where I Dominated that dumb little Black slut Veronika last summer!

Before she ran away from me like the ignorant 'spook bitch' that she is! Okay, Tamara,I'll be your Mistress! ( I don't care much for the word 'Dominatrix'!) I realize you feel your 'race play' fantasies are unusual and/or 'forbidden' but they're not! *smile* You're just opening your mind and your imagination! That's WONDERFUL as far as I'm concerned!

Have you ever played with a White Mistress before? One who knows a lot about 'racism' and the sexual 'folklore' that's attached to it? And one who's an actual Sadist? ( I'm not one of these weirdoes who'll expect you to actually injure yourself in RL for me but we may very well fantasize about violent, injurious -maybe even deadly physical mistreatment!

Your Teutonic Mistress is very pleased that Her ways intrigue you, dear! ( They either frighten or anger most submissive Black females! )

I'm not 'Celtic' though and while an insult like that would usually get you a smack in the face (or a severe kick in that fat black ass of yours!) I'll let it go this time! ( You're an unbroken beast and a 'jungle bunny' besides! What would you know of Aryan racial hierarchies? *smile* )

Anyway,' Tammy', I'm rather intrigued by you! Physically more so than anything else!

A fucking big brown Amazon!!! And one with brains too! That should make my insults and my 'humiliating' treatment of you all the more exciting for the both of us! And I love a Black woman with a shaved (or 'stubbly') cunt!

You jungle beasts have vaginal and anal areas that look like black rotten fruit compared to the beautiful pink organs of us White Goddesses and even though your cunts are disgusting to look upon I rather like them!

And the thought of your fat 'Black bitch' ass has me excited, dear! I'll start in on you again 'from the top', Black bitch! Remove all your fucking clothes and 'display' for me! That's right! Look right at your Mistress as I stand here unlimbering my 'flogger' ( my Daddy's old leather belt, the one with the metal studs embedded in it!) and fondle those big boobs of yours!

Squeeze those big Black nipples for me and SMILE like the Black whore you are! That's it, Tammy! Good girl! Shake up and down like a fucking Watusi, you Black bitch! Make those udders bounce for me!

Good! Let me see the sweat fly off of them! Mmm! Now,did you tell me you have a shaved cunt, Tammy? If you don't you'll shave the thing for me right now! And you'll save the shorn pubic curls too! I may decide to tickle your big 'boogie' nose with them later! You make me giggle, bitch.

Lay back on the dusty barn floor and display your big Black cunt for me! Smile like a whore as you hold it open for me to 'inspect'! ( If you really wanted to please me, Tammy,you'd show me a photo of your cunt! I never used to 'request' that my slaves share 'pictures' with me but I find that it adds to the intensity of my Domination of you! )

Make yourself CUM ( like a sow!) for me today! No matter where you are! At home, at work, wherever! Slip into the bathroom and 'Jill Off'! Make your cunt slime drip down your big Black thighs!

Did you like my fantasy message to you earlier, dear? Imagining you bare-assed naked and being made to 'display' yourself like some kind of stupid slut for me while I sassed you with every racist comment that came to my mind in a dusty old barn certainly got me turned on! You'll do everything I ask, huh? I've heard that from quite a few Black women before...

Okay! Not that this means much to me, but because it'll do for now. I want you to proclaim the fact that you're my property in your heart! Do it RIGHT NOW, jungle queen! Write "I'm the property of Lady Jojo on your chest "! I'll tell you when you can stop.

Did you diddle your big Black cunt like I asked you to today? I'd love watching you play with yourself, Tammy! I can just imagine the exciting noises you'd make as you teased your clit and slid your big Black fingers in and out of your meaty cunt!

Tell me what sounds you make as you jiggle off for me, Black bitch! Are they just 'polite' little sighs and soft moans? Or do you grunt like a regular sow in heat and whisper vulgar words to yourself as your cunt gets juicier and juicier? Do you yelp when you cum, or growl and sob? I want you to whisper my name, over and over, the next time you orgasm, girl! I don't care if you're alone or if you've got some ugly ghetto guys cock in you! I can't wait to see you again!

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