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Crazy For Her


Dammit it's my first day and I'm already 15 minutes late. Aiden thought while rushing into his job at Hollister.

"Hey Tom I'm sorry I didn't think traffic was going to be so backed up but I promise this is the only time this will happen." Aiden explained to his boss.

"It's ok I understand you are new to this city but I don't take too kindly to tardiness. But come on in the back room for your first day orientation." Tom said while guiding Aiden to the back. As soon as Aiden got back to the room he saw that three other people were sitting at a table waiting for him. He guessed they were other trainees because they didn't have a name tag on like the rest of the employees. He sat across from the only guys who was staring at the girl adjacent to him. Aiden looked to see why he was staring and noticed this beautiful chocolate goddess. She had brownish/mahogany colored hair that was all swept to the side in curls and she had invader zim earrings that said 'epic'. She had big chocolate eyes that kept a smile in them. She was talking to the other girl and gave her the most beautiful smile he has ever seen. He looked back at the other guy and thought that the guy was a better match for her since he was or looked to be black too. He was a lighter complexion though. Aiden was a white guy but he has always loved black women. He didn't have a reason like everyone else, he just always been drawn to them but he never dated one for fear of getting turned down. Don't get him wrong he thought other women were beautiful too especially since his girlfriend now is Asian. He loved his girlfriend but he wasn't in love with her, frankly he really liked her sex but in all his past relationships he only stayed because the sex was always good. He snuck a look at the goddess and thought she could be the kind of girl to take your heart.

"Ok guys I'm going to get the paperwork, so you should get aquainted with each other since you guys will be working together." Tom said breaking Aiden out of his admiration.

"My name is Keagan." the other guy said shaking hands with him and the girls.

"I'm Aiden." he said shaking everyone's hand.

The chocolate beauty spoke up and looked to everyone with a smile and a childlike voice "My name is Skylar."

With a little bit of an accent the other girl spoke up and said "My name Esmarelda but you can call me Relli, because Skylar is the only one who can call me Esy."

"So you girls know each other already?" Kegan asked.

"We are best friends!" Relli exclaimed. "So how old are all of you guys anyway? I'm 21." Relli supplied.

Aiden and Keagan answered at the same time "21."

They all looked at Skylar who hadn't answered yet. "Well I'm 20 but my birthday is tomorrow so I'm right there with you all." Skylar said shyly.

"I told her to go partying but she doesn't want to so we are having a girls night at my place." Relli said with a mischeivous smile on her face.

"I would love to take you dancing." Keagan said flirting with Skylar. Aiden saw red when Keagan openly flirted with her. He knew he shouldn't be jealous for three reasons 1) he just met her 2) she didn't belong to him and the most important one 3) he had a girlfriend. He knew at that moment that he had to stay away from that girl.

Skylar smiled and said "Maybe or you can hang with us and we can have a get together at our place. Oh and Aaron you can come too."

It took him a while to notice that Skylar was talking to him but he corrected her and said "Thanks, my name is Aiden."

"Oh my gosh I am soooo sorry, I am bad with names. Aiden Aiden Aiden, ok I think I will remember it now." She said with an apologetic face. Aiden loved his name on her tounge.

"It's ok." Aiden said with a smile.

"Ok guys, here is your paperwork to be filled out at your houses not here. I have your name tags ready. Keagan will you come with me?" Tom said. Then he and Keagan left the room. Aiden and the girls made small talk while Keagan and Tom were wherever they were. Aiden tried his hardest not to take glances at Skylar but she was just too beautiful. It looked like she didn't have any interest in him because early in their conversation Relli had called dibbs on Aiden. He thought they were amusing, calling dibbs on people and whatnot. But wait doesn't that mean that Skylar had Keagan by default? Oh no he did not like that idea at all. Speak of the devil, he came walking in with his smooth demeanor and a nametag around his neck.

"Relli, Tom wants you. He's at the register." Keagan said sitting across from Aiden. Relli got up and blew Skylar a kiss while Skylar caught it and put it in her pocket as Relli left.

"So what does Relli mean when she said she has dibbs on me?" Aiden asked. He tried not to say it but it came out anyways.

"It just means she thinks you're hot and I can't have you. You know like how you call dibbs on something when you were younger?" She laughed.

"So does that mean you got stuck with me?" Keagan asked wagging his eyebrows at her.

Laughing again she said "I guess that's what it means." That made Aiden clench his jaw with jealousy. He changed the subject and they continued to talk. He also tried his hardest to keep Keagan out of the conversation by directing all questions to Skylar.

"Sky, Tom wants you." Relli came in pulling her tag over her head. Skylar got up and walked out. As she walked away Aiden took in her backside. She had a nice round ass that sat well in the shorts she was wearing. Her thighs slightly rubbed together, yet they were toned just like her calf muscles. Every step she took her ass would alternate up and down and up and down. Aiden was in a trance and he felt his dick stir in his pants as he pictured that ass sitting on his cock.

Bringing Aiden back to planet Earth Relli whispered "Ok guys I am throwing a surprise party for Sky at our place. It would be nice if you guys come since we work together and all. I have everything planned but I just need someone to keep her busy for a couple of hours while a couple of friends and I prepare. I was wondering if one of you would like to take her out for me?"

"I can take her since I already asked her out on a date." Keagan said a little rushed. Aiden was rolled his eyes.

"That sounds great! Thanks Keagan." Relli clapped. Aiden was mad because he felt like he didn't even get a chance to speak up. Keagan was so fast to answer and it was clear that he wanted Skylar. Whatever, he would find a way to get her. Ugh what is he thinking?! He shouldn't even be thinking this way! Aiden chastised himself. They all talked again waiting for Skylar's return but it seemed like she was taking longer than everyone else took. Finally after 15 minutes Skylar was back with a smile on her face tying her tag around her belt loop.

"You're up Mr. Aiden. Ha I got your name right." She said smiling.

Before he left he turned to Skylar and asked "Since I'm new to this town, do you mind showing me around tomorrow? I'll even buy you something to eat while we're out."

" I would love to!" Skylar said looking into his eyes. "I can't believe you've never been around Dallas but I will try to show you a good time." She added.

"I'm sure you will." he said giving Keagan an eat shit stare. Then he sauntered out with a confident air.

"Are you ok with me taking him around town, you know since you called dibbs and all?" Skylar asked jokingly to Relli.

"I don't too much appreciate you taking my man out on a date before me but since it's your birthday, I'll let you. But no touching!" Relli said laughing. They all talked about why Skylar wasn't doing anything on her birthday. They tried to keep up the front that it was only going to be a small hang out at their place. They also discussed where she should take Aiden on the tour, which Keagan wasn't much help with since he wanted Skylar to himself not her with the pretty boy Aiden. Although Keagan would give it to him, Aiden was a handsome guy. He was about an inch taller than Keagan who is 6'2. Aiden had brown hair that hung to the middle of his neck and grey eyes the color of thunder storm clouds. He wasn't scrawny like most tall people, he was lean like a professional surfer. Gosh Keagan hated those pretty boy types that got all the girls, Keagan wasn't bad looking either he was in shape and had the abs to show it. Which he planned on showing Skylar one day.

Tom and Aiden walked in after a while later. Aiden sat at the table while Tom gave them their schedules and told them they could go. When they got outside to their cars they exchanged numbers and went their own way. The whole time Aiden drove to his apartment he was behind Skylar and Relli's car. He felt like he was following them until he got to his apartment complex. He realized they lived in the same complex and he silently sent a thank you to the sky. They turned off the second street, he lived on the fourth turnoff. He smiled to himself but then quickly lost it when he remembered he had a girlfriend waiting for him to Skype as soon as he got home.

*******Saturday. Skylar's birthday. 8 pm********

Skylar pulled up to Aiden's apartment. She called him and he answered "Hey I'm outside" she said.

"Ok just come in, my roommate will open the door for you." Aiden said. Skylar walked up to the door and as soon as she did she saw this cute guy open the door.

"Hey beautiful, you must be the birthday girl?" Cute guy smiled.

"Yes, thank you. My name is Skylar." She said holding her hand out.

"Girls usually never say thank you when I compliment them, I like that. My name is Butch and I'm a hugger." Butch said pulling her in an axe laced hug.

Skylar hugged him back and saw Aiden walk out with his jeans hanging low on his hips drying his hair. He had a killer body! Skylar's mouth was watering when his stomach and arms flexed when he rubbed his hair dry. She looked in his eyes and saw something flicker in them. What? she didn't know.

"Hey don't be hitting on my tour guide in front of me, she's mine today." Aiden joked with Butch.

"I can do what I want, I don't have a girl back home, you do." Butch said smiling at Skylar. She felt a tight pull in the pit of stomach at the mention of a girlfriend. She sighed and thought oh well they all have a girlfriend. She went to sit on the couch until Aiden told her to follow him.

Aiden didn't want Skylar anywhere near Butch. All the ladies fell for his charm. He wanted to see her in his room anyways. She sat on his love seat infront of his plasma tv.

Skylar looked so pretty in her yellow sundress and brown cowboy boots. Today she had her hair in a braid to the side but it didn't look like a regular braid. The yellow against her skin made her look like she was glowing.

"Oh cool you have mortal kombat? I love that game, lets play." Skylar said looking up to him. Oh grief this girl liked video games. He was in love. His girlfriend hated when he played video games.

"Sure, let me hook it up." Aiden said facing the tv toward the bed because he had a plan.

"Are you ready for this beat down you are about to receive?" Skylar asked with her fists in the air.

That got Aiden to laugh "I usually take it easy on girls but I'm about to go down on you...er...I mean I'm about to take you down."

Skylar shook her head at his stumbling. "Bring it on!" She said walking to the bed lying on her stomach.

She looked so damn good lying on his bed he felt himself tent-poling his pants. "I'll bring it alright" he said low enough that she didn't hear.

They got to playing, messing with each others control to mess the other up. They also made small talk finding out about each other. They have been playing for an hour and a half. No he didn't let her win but she was a great sport saying she got him next time. He was overjoyed on the inside because by her saying that she implied that they would be hanging out again. Her phone rang playing Jason Mraz "I'm yours" and he smirked because she looked exactly like the type of girl to listen to indie music.

When she got off the phone he asked her "So you like Jason Mraz huh? What other type of music do you listen to?"

"I listen to it all. I'm what they call eclectic, you want to hear some more? I'll get my ipod out of my purse." She ran out and got her ipod and stuck in his dock. Aiden doesn't know what it is about this girl but everything she did seemed so sexually arousing. He stood up to turn the tv off and close the door.

"Dude I know you hear this a lot put you are tall!" She said looking up at him.

"Sweetheart I know you get told this a lot but you are really short." He countered with a smile. She took off her boots and hopped on his bed doing a come hither with her finger. Her face looked so sexy with that smile in her eyes. He was in a trance when his body moved on their own accord. He stood right in front of her grabbing her by the waist. He looked her up and down and she had the perfect hourglass shape. Her 34C breasts were pushed up to show her cleavage in her dress that made is mouth water with anticipation.

Skylar put her hands on his shoulders and gave him an excited smile "See now we are the same height." Aiden thought if he just moved his head in half a meter their lips would be touching. "How tall are you exactly?" Skylar asked leaning her head to the side.

"I'm 6'3. How tall are you, 4'11?" He said joking with her.

"Ha ha very funny. No I'm 5'2 thank you." She said playfully hitting his shoulder. She looked over his shoulder and with a shocked face she said "Good golly it's 9:46 and I haven't taken you nowhere! Let's get on up out of here."

Laughing but feeling bereft when she left his arms Aiden said "Ok let me put a shirt and some shoes on."

They left and she took him on a great trip around the city. She even showed him some of the popular rave spots that surprised him because he didn't picture her as the rave going type. She showed him to her favorite park and they reclined on the back of the car looking at the stars and listening to the ipod with one earpiece in his ear and the other in hers. As they listened to the music they talked about what they thought the meaning of different songs were and they got to know each other. He looked at his watch and saw it was going on the time he was supposed to bring her to her apartment.

"Hey I never seen your place, can I see it?" Aiden asked.

"Oh puh-lease you just want to get in my bed" Skylar said laughing.

"Maybe so maybe not, we will have to see." Aiden said loving the thought of them rolling on her bed making hot passionate love.

"Ok come on, I think we are supposed to meet Esy anyways at our place." She said getting in the car. They got to her apartment so he texted Relli that they were outside. When they got inside everybody yelled "SURPRISE!" and Skylar was so surprised to see all of her friends and some new ones including Butch.

As soon as they got in Skylar playfully hit him in the chest saying "You knew this whole time you sly dog?" then she hugged him.

She went and greeted everybody and then they finally got the music pumping. After a while there was a knock at the door and it was the landlord when Skylar answered. Aiden didn't too much like this man because he was a total asshole. But when Skylar looked to the landlord, he had lust in his eyes when he said "You know I'm right next door, the music is too loud."

"I'm so sorry Mr. Dennis it's my birthday and Esy threw me a suprise party, I can shut it down if you want." She said giving him her sweetest smile.

"Oh, well I didn't know and I didn't get an invite. How old are you today?" He said with lust still in his eyes.

" I'm finally 21 today." she said doing a cute little dance.

"I thought you were 17 or 18, so you are officially an adult. I'll let this one go as long as you come by tomorrow to get your birthday present from me." He said kissing her hand and walking away. Aiden was pissed. Why did everybody want his gir-..Skylar. Ok she wasn't his girl but damn if he didn't feel that in his heart. Whatever, he needed a drink. And with that he headed over to the makeshift bar. He sat as Flyleaf "All Around Me" played and Skylar made her way to the dance floor dragging Relli to the dance floor by her hand. They turned to each other and started singing the lyrics and dancing with each other. Relli spinned Skylar around to grab her waist and dance with her hugged up against her. Relli was holding Skylar like she was a precious ruby. He narrowed his eyes to really see what was going on but maybe they were just that close. Of course Relli wouldn't like Sylar like that since she called dibbs on him. He liked this type of party because they played all types of music and they played fast and slow music. The music sped up playing "Donk" by Soulja Boy. He saw Butch walk up to Skylar and asked her to dance. He saw his roommate dancing with Skylar holding her by the hips like he did in his room. Skylar was dancing with Butch and all Aiden could see was red as he contemplated where to put Butch's body when he commited a homocide. He took a shot of vodka and shook his head because he couldn't do that to his roommate. He didn't know what it was about this girl but she had a pull on everyone, the only thing that kept him from looking at her the wrong way was because she seemed completely oblivious to all the people crawling after her. She was such a sweet girl and he only knew her for one fucking day. He knew he was lost when he first saw her smile at the orientation at work. He knew he couldn't stay away from her but he knew he couldn't have her so he decided that he would rather have her as a friend than as nothing at all.

"Trading Places" by Usher came on and Skylar didn't have a dance partner..yet. So Aiden rushed to her while she was swaying to the beat. He put his hands around her and pulled her in close pressing his growing cock on her ass. She turned around to see it was him and put her hand on his cheek looking him in the eye. She walked away from him and Aiden felt so stupid and played because she danced with everyone else. Until he heard Relli announce "Oh my girl is giving someone special a lapdance, I sure hope it's me girl."

The crowd made a circle so Skylar could put the chair in the middle. She grabbed Aiden by his belt and pulled him to the chair. Aiden was happy as hell and praying no one could see his raging hard-on through his pants. He plopped down and Relli said "Bring that song back DJ" and the song replayed. She teased him with the sway of her body and the slight touching she was giving. Skylar was grinding on him and Aiden just knew she could feel him poking her through her dress. She turned around and straddled him and kissed him on the neck. Damn he was about to explode in his pants if she kept this up. She got off and turned back around so her back was facing him and she sat on his lap with her hands on his knees grinding her soft plump ass on his cock making him grab her waist and grind on her too. Too soon the song ended and everyone clapped and some guys even asked could they get one too. Aiden hated when other guys tried to push up on his girl. She was his and they made it pretty clear with their dance they shared! Greatfully she politely declined and went to get a drink.

After two hours or so later he could tell Skylar was a little toasted because she was nodding off on the couch. He asked Relli what to do with her and she said take her to her room so he picked her up and Relli pointed the way to Skylar's room. He laid her on the bed and noticed a black marker on her desk. He went to get it and turned back to Skylar with her dress pulled up to her stomach. Damn if she didn't match her underwear to her dress. She was wearing a yellow lace thong and Aiden had to bite on the inside of his cheeks welcoming the pain. He licked his lips, uncapped the marker and wrote dibbs on her thigh. His hands were shaking when he pulled her dress down slightly brushing her skin when he did. When her skin touched his he felt electricity go through his body. After that little episode he thought it would be safe if he made his way back to the party before a party erupted in his pants. Before he left he heard Skylar let out a slight moan while she turning the other way.

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