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After Darts


This happened a long time ago, but it seems like it was yesterday. What reminded me of it was the old oriental screen I had to toss out today because of the huge hole in it, courtesy of my two cats.

When the wife and I were feuding, we would put up the screen to block off the bedroom from the living room. Telling each other to keep out and I was home first, and this happened one night after she came home from a dart match.

I'm a light sleeper, so at 2:30 am in the morning I usually hear her when she strolls in. Especially when she is staggering drunk, well this night was no different except that she wasn't alone. I got up real quietly and peeked around the corner to come face to face with the screen, well I was groggy and forgot that I put it up. She was laughing and giggling like crazy as I watched her get helped in.

He was a tall black man I never saw before,they came in and he asked .. "So where is your husband anyway?" she giggled and said that I was out playing with the boys.

I think we were fighting anyway, and she was thanking him up and down as she was giggling. He looked to be much older in his 40's at least. I thought she was thanking him for a ride home until I listened more carefully she was saying that he saved her,and that guy wouldn't take no for an answer sounded like she was hit on at the bar.

I was tired of looking through the crack in the screen, so I ripped a small hole, getting it bigger by the minute. Now I had a view of the whole living room. He told her that his buddy didn't mean any harm, and didn't know she was married.

"I couldn't believe that he did that though, and trying to get me to touch him at the bar. I'm so glad you saw what was going on, I didn't want to all get out of hand." she was saying. Her teammates are very protective of her I knew them all really well. "There would have been a brawl if any of them found out, anyway I didn't believe a word he was saying at all." she continued.

"What was he telling you anyway?" he asked.

"Ohh he was bragging , that's all. I didn't believe a word of it, no one could be as big as he said. That's when he grabbed my hand and tried to get me to touch him. So, then you came over." she smiled at him. There was a long nervous silence. I could understand how anyone would be tempted. After all she was dressed from work in a almost mini-dress, it was light brown and cut a few inches above the knee. Finally she broke the silence blurting out. "I have seen movies before with cocks that big, but I think they are fake. It's all trick photography." she paused for a moment and added "No guy really has 13 inches. " and she grinned at him and I swear she was staring at his crotch, but she was on the other side of the room. It was hard to tell.

He sank down lower in the loveseat and said "It's true you know, we are a lot bigger." he grinned right back at her ..

"No way!!" she said. "My husband has a big cock and I can just barely take him all the way, there is no way a woman can take all that in her pussy." and as she finished that she put her feet up on the coffee table kicking her flats off. Her knees were bent and she slumped down into the couch across from him. We had a L-shaped living room set up, she looked at him over her knees. Actually pulling on the hem of her dress to keep it down, but we could see her panties very clearly. The hunter green satin ones, which are my favorites, and they had a big wet spot on them.

"Well .." he started. "you really have to know how to treat a lady good when you are built so big. You have to get her really into it." he seemed very cool in saying all this, very matter of fact.

"First, I have never seen one that big." she said "Second, it would never fit, not in me anyway, no matter what anyone did." she exclaimed. She was squirming around obviously excited, then she sat back up and crossed a leg under her. I would assume that she realized that she was showing off her wet spot. Although now you could see her nipples pushing against the material of her dress.

"Well, mine fits in all just fine." as he laughed. "I have had some startled looks from ladies at first sight." he kept on.

"I don't believe you either!!" she cut him off. "Why don't you prove it???" she said as she sat forward, looking at him with raised eyebrows.

"Ok!!" was all he said as he stood up, and unbuckled his jeans. She didn't seem fazed as he pulled down his jeans, and out popped 8 inches of black cock when soft.

"See, your not anywhere near that big." she sat back and grinned.

"Well, you have to play with it some to get it bigger." he had a huge grin on his face as he moved over in front of her.

"Alright, but I don't think it will get much bigger." As she took that big cock in her hands, it grew huge immediately, the head looked the size of an orange. It was inches away from her face as she stared at it. He was hard as stone now and at least 12 inches, and she was holding his huge ball sac in one hand squeezing and jacking the monster with the other.

"It would never fit in anyone." she moaned as she was transfixed by it's sheer size.

"Sure it will." and he grabbed her by the chin and tilted her head up to look him in the eye. "I can make it fit in you." he grinned down at her.

"No way, never would you get it all in." she continued stroking, never leaving eye contact with him.

"In fact you will want more than I have after it is all the way in your pussy." he pulled her hands off his cock. She looked at him wondering why he made her stop, she leaned back against the couch and put her feet up on the edge. This time not pulling the hem down, and her dress riding almost all the way up. He leaned down putting his face inches from hers and reached to her panties rubbing the front.

"This is a good start." I watched him slide her panties aside and push a thick finger in her wet pussy.

"It will never fit." she groaned out pushing against his finger. Then as if she awoke from a trance, she pushed him aside, getting up and walking to the middle of the room.

"Sounds like a dare to me." she said defiantly.

"Even better a bet. I bet you can't do it. There's no way." she stood with her hands at her hips. "If I win you have to do anything I say." she continued, pulling her dress over her head. As she did he stepped out of his jeans, his huge cock bobbing in front of him.

"Ok then. It goes for me too, you will have to do anything I want for 24 hours, how's that??" and he looked over at her grinning ear to ear seeing her staring at his cock. Then she reached around unclasping her bra and letting her hot 36d's loose "DEAL ..!!!"

As he was pulling his shirt over his head she stepped out of those hot panties, leaning back against our dining room table. She watched him move towards her huge cock bobbing in front, he grabbed her arms and lifted them over her head making her get up on her toes.

"I know what ladies like you want." as he lifted her by her wrists. Her ass lifted onto the table and her legs spread as wide as I had ever seen them. Her pussy was dripping, literally glistening as she leaned back on her hands pushing her crotch out towards him. Only inches from that huge cock, his hand went to her pussy and slid 2 fingers in this time.

"Never!!" she moaned. "You'll never get it in me .." as he pumped his fingers in slowly but deep. I could her them squishing as he sawed them in and out. She sat forward grabbing his face. "It will be fun to have you do anything I want." She giggled, and she kissed him deep and as I saw them part I watched there tongues reach out for each other.

"Ohh Baby, you are gonna love this!!" he said as he grabbed her ankles and pulled them up in the air. She went flat back on the table as he dove right into that sopping wet pussy. His tongue was licking all up and down on her lips, as his hand reached down to finger her. Then I watched him toy with her little pink rosebud asshole. As he licked her she went crazy, moaning loudly and pushing against his fingertips. She was trying to get him to push a finger into her ass. I was amazed. Her hands were on his head pulling his face into her crotch she was grinding on his face as his finger teased her asshole.

"YESSSS I'm gonna cummm ..!!" she groaned. Then he popped a finger into her ass she was dripping so much from her juices it slid right in and it happened she lost total control and came like mad. Grabbing the edge of the table quaking all over. "YESSSS Yesss yesss .." was all she could say.

Even before her big "O" was over he stood back up. His cock was still hard as stone. He grabbed her ankle once again and started to rub that orange-sized cock head all over her pussy lips, she was biting her lips hard not saying a word.

"Well .. Baby .. it's time now, your ready for me." he said grinning. She was still grabbing the table's edge as he teased her with his cock "Come on Baby, you know where you want me to be right don't you ..???" she still was biting her lips and wouldn't say a word. "Let me hear you say it. Tell me to try." but still not a word, but her hips were moving down trying to get it to go into her pussy.

"Pleaseeee .." she moaned quietly.

"Please what Baby .. please what??" he teased her more.

"Pleaseee .. fuck me fuck me now!!" she groaned as I watched the head get in-between her wt pussy lips.

"Not good enough baby. Tell me to try ..!!" he wouldn't stop teasing her.

"Pleaseee fuck it all into me ..!! " as she looked deep into his eyes.

"DO IT ..!!! Fuck me with that huge cock ..!! I need it all so bad PLEEAASSEEE!!!" as she begged him now.

"If I do, then you are all mine Baby ..!! All mine you are gonna be my slave!!" and as he said that he stuffed half into her juicy hot pussy and stopped. "Yessssss " she came all over his cock. Grinding down to try to get more.

"I want to be your slave ..!! Fuck it all into me pleassee!!!" as he started to fuck into her deeper her head was going back and forth as she shoved her hips downward to take more of that huge black cock.

"Ohh yes ..!!I'm so full ...!! More give me more ..!!" as he started to pump into her faster deeper she was grinding into his huge cock. Mumbling something I couldn't hear then I saw it, his balls were bouncing off her ass. The table was drenched with her juices. "Pleassee give me it all ..!! Get it all in me I need it ..!!" she was moaning.

"Look .. Baby .. look down at us!" as he looked himself. She leaned over and saw all his huge cock pumping into her. Her pussy was wide open, her clit was protruding out of its hood. She was red and her lips looked huge and swollen that's when she felt it.

" Yess ...!! I feel your balls on my ass...!!" she reached around to grab and squeeze them.

He groaned out and said " Ohh Baby ..!! I'm gonna cum if you do that ..!! You are so hot inside ..!!"

"YESSSS!! I have to feel you cumm in me!! All the way in!!" as she squeezed his balls hard. He plunged in to the hilt and he looked frozen, frozen in my wife. "OHHHHhhh my Goddddd!!! Yessss ..!!! I feel it all up in me!!" she was twitching like in a seizure, and the cum was running out along the sides of his cock. He froze motionless. "My Godd it's like a hose went off in me ..!!! It's so goooddd!!" as she laid back and was biting her lip so hard she almost drew blood.

He backs off after her grinding on him for a minute or two, and I watched his cock pop out of her. The cumm ran out of her like a faucet her fingers went down and gathered some up. She brought the cum up to her lips.

She tasted it saying "I love being wrong, sometimes I just love to be wrong ..!!" then grinned up at him licking those fingers clean.

Needless to say I came so many times watching, that my balls were having dry heaves. It was a beautiful sight to see her filled so well once again.

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