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After School Delight Pt. 01



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Words: 14,530


This is the story of two High School students who overcome their personal difficulties to find love. To complement this story, it may help to first read my 'Brief History', as an optional preamble (at only 2500 words, it really doesn't take long).

As with most of my work, there is a lot of background and character building in the early stages. For this reason, I would recommend reading the episodes in sequence.


Title: After School Delight: Part 01 -- Angela's Kisses.

Angela and I were at high school together. We were both seventeen when we first met. We were in the same class in the 5th form, but although we had both been in the same school since our first year, we hadn't really met before.

Angela came up from the 'B' stream class because she wanted to take exams and get a decent qualification to leave school with. I had been in the 'A' stream all through school, and as there wasn't any 'B' stream in the 5th or 6th years, suddenly we found ourselves in the same class. Even then we didn't get to know each other very well, not at first, as we had desks on opposite sides of the classroom.

Angela's desk partner, Suzanne, wasn't a particularly kind person, and she was quite mean to Angie. She used to tease her because of her looks, and the fact that Angie had a fairly common speech impediment - she couldn't pronounce the letter 'R' properly. Suzanne took great pleasure in trying to embarrass her because of this, and the fact that she was so shy. Angie often appeared slightly bedraggled and unkempt, but that, I believed, was because she came from a relatively poor background and her parents didn't have a lot of money to spare for nice things, like new clothes for the children. Because of this, Angie often had to wear things bought from charity shops, and there was also a lot of 'make do and mend' in her world.

Academically, Angie wasn't outstanding at anything very much either (hence her being condemned to the 'B' stream classes for most of her school life), apart from biology at which she excelled. Coincidentally, that also happened to be my worst subject, so when the opportunity arose, it gave me a chance to get to know her a little better.

After a year of 'admiring her from afar,' when we both moved up to the 6th form she asked for a move of desks. Her primary motive was to get away from Suzanne, although I never discovered her reason until much later. As I hadn't made many friends either, our form teacher, Miss Pringle, asked if Angela could sit with me. I was more than happy with that. I felt it might give me occasion to find out a little more about her. At least it would give me someone new to talk to, and maybe I could be the alpha-dog in a relationship for a change.

By way of a massive contrast to what Angie was used to, I always tried to treat her with kindness, and although we still didn't speak much, despite the fact that we now sat together, it didn't take very long before we became reasonably good friends. Even so, she always seemed to keep her guard up - as if she was afraid of trusting anyone. It would be some long time before I would find out why.

I wouldn't have described Angela as a pretty girl; not at all in fact, but she 'was' undeniably attractive, which probably seems like something of a contradiction, but hopefully all will become clear. At about 5ft 9in, she was quite tall for her age; almost a foot taller than me, but then compared to me almost everyone is tall I suppose. She had a rounded face, with slightly plump looking puffy cheeks and a small mouth with lips that always appeared wet, giving her a permanent pouting appearance, and it was rare that anyone saw her smile.

Also, she wore large unflattering dark rimmed glasses which gave her a geeky appearance, but her body was something else. Angela had a body to die for. Sweet Jesus what a beautiful body; a lovely long, slender neck, creamy white shoulders, slim arms, a beautiful straight back which pushed her chest out (posture is so important, don't you agree?), exquisite flat tummy, perfectly rounded hips, sturdy thighs, a pert little bottom, simply gorgeous long legs, but her most beautiful feature without a doubt was her bust.

You see, the thing about Angie's breasts was they weren't loose and floppy like so many of the other girls. Some girls had large, heavy breasts, and they seemed to take a great pride in how buxom they were. Others were smaller, and while there is always something to be said for every variation of shapes and sizes, for me, Angela's figure was perfect.

As we grew through puberty, Angela developed the most amazing pair of beautiful, firm breasts. They were each about the size of half a large orange or a medium sized grapefruit, shaped like a pair of semi-conical blancmanges (a strange simile I know, but that's what they reminded me of). They were a deliciously creamy pink in colour with pale caramel brown nipples that simply begged to be licked and sucked.

I imagine you're probably wondering how I could possibly know all this about a school friend. Well - because we were in the same class, we would have Games and Gymnastics together, and of course the communal showers after a sport period, are a wonderful place for young ladies of my persuasion to admire the local talent on offer.

Angela was always very shy at school and as I've already stated, apart from me she didn't really have any friends; not that I knew of anyway. In the showers, she would usually hide in a corner. I, on the other hand, had always been quite comfortable with my body despite my tiny size, so I would be happy to move around in the spray, taking full advantage of all the lovely sights on display.

So it was after a gym session one day and we were all in the showers as usual. I was feeling 'curious' is probably the best way to describe it, but I found myself idly looking around at the other girls (that's not so unusual for me). On this particular day, Angela had her back to me and although I wasn't conscious of it, I must have been staring. She had developed into something of a beauty, and on this occasion she looked quite simply stunning. As I enjoyed my candid view of her delicious nubile body from behind, I began to get a feeling of butterflies, and that unmistakable tingle between my legs. I watched her washing and I knew then that I wanted her.

Every now and then I would get a fleeting glimpse of one of those lovely firm young breasts, and it held my attention for far longer than it should have. Someone must have spotted me looking at her and several of the other girls started giggling. They obviously all had their suspicions about my sexual preferences, even if they didn't know for sure, and the fact that I was now watching Angie so intently, set their minds on overdrive.

She looked around to see what was going on and just caught me looking away. A few seconds later I glanced up again to see her looking over her shoulder directly at me, her face straight and serious. My immediate thought was 'Oh crap! Busted!' and I looked away, humiliated by my own lack of 'shower etiquette'. I continued washing trying not to look up, lest I might be caught again, but the nearby presence of her beauty was so tempting I simply couldn't resist.

As I nonchalantly glanced up in her direction she had turned to the side to wash her legs and now I could clearly see those beautiful firm breasts hanging from her body, but not hanging exactly; standing proud would be a better description. Once again I found myself staring, as she seemed to take an unusually long time to wash. By this time, most of the other girls had finished and left, and ordinarily Angie would have gone too, yet there she still was, washing her legs, and I was lapping it up.

I could feel my nipples stiffening as I took in the forbidden beauty of her nude body, and then it happened. Nothing momentous, yet significant enough for me to believe that she was available. She glanced up to look directly at me again, and for just a second there was the hint of a smirk on her face. A beautiful little smile, then it was gone.

My mouth opened and she turned her back, reached for a towel and stepped away from the spray, turning off the tap. Usually at this point she would face the wall to wrap the towel around herself (yes, I had watched her before and I knew the routine), then she would leave as quickly as possible. On this occasion, however, she turned to face me, taking her time as she wrapped herself in the towel, giving me a clear view of her stunning full frontal nudity for a good second or more. Then another quick, coy little smirk over her shoulder as she turned to go, leaving me literally aching for her.

She was teasing me!

I could hardly believe it but the more I thought about it the more certain I was. She knew that I wanted her and she was teasing me. All through the rest of the afternoon and the following day I couldn't stop thinking about her and the way she had looked at me. It was an alluring, inviting smile. I was so sure that she wanted me too, but what if I was wrong? What if my imagination was playing tricks? Perhaps my pent up desire had made me see something that wasn't really there. If I approached her and just came out with it, and she rejected me, it would be so humiliating; far worse than being caught staring at her in the showers.

I decided to wait until the biology lesson the next day. I would find a chance to ask her to help me with the exam prep.

We were sitting together as usual and the subject was human anatomy. We were looking at the female reproductive system. "Do you understand this?" I asked her.

"I think so," she replied. "Why? Don't you?"

"I was never able to remember things parrot-fashion," I admitted.

"Well it's not weally pawot-fashion, is it. It's just wemembewing what evewything does."

That was a perfect example of why the other girls made fun of her, but I found it quite endearing. Bless her - she did try to overcome it, mostly by skilful avoidance of words that caused her problems, but sometimes it was just so obvious, and some girls can be so cruel - they would ask her things to try to make her say words with lots of 'R's in.

"Maybe I just need some help with it?" I told her. I wasn't really fishing for anything - just thinking aloud to be truthful, but it did the trick.

"I could help you," she offered, smiling brightly. I looked at her. She was simply beautiful when she smiled.

"Would you... really?" I asked. I had to consciously stop myself from saying 'weally'. That would have been disastrous.

"Of course," she said. "You've helped me so much alweady. I'd like to do something to help you in... as well."

"I haven't really helped you, have I?"

"You've been a good fwiend to me. I don't weally have any fwiends here. I always knew it would be difficult moving up to the 'A' stweam, but I didn't expect evewyone to be so..." She didn't finish the sentence.

"I know," I told her. "Some of this lot can be quite bitchy when they want to," I said quietly.

"Tell me about it," she sighed, looking decidedly pensive.

"What's your problem with them anyway?" I asked.

"You mean, apart fwom not being able to say Wed Wed Wobin?" she laughed.

"Err... yes... I suppose." I hadn't realised that she would be able to laugh at herself over something like that.

"Oh..." she looked thoughtful, "I can't weally say. Not here anyway. Maybe I'll tell you one day."

"I'm a good listener..." I said, smiling, "and I promise, anything you tell me will be just between us." She just smiled. "So... You said you could help me with the biology?"

She smiled again. "Would you like to come to mine for tea one day after school? Then after, we could go to my woom and we'll see what we can do."

"Oh would you? That would be so kind. I'd love that," I said, excitedly.

"Check with your mum and I'll find out which day would be best for me."

"Oh lovely. Thanks. Would you like my phone number? Then we can arrange it more easily."

"OK," she replied, smiling.

We swapped mobile numbers and when I got home that evening I asked my mam if I could go to have tea with a friend one day. She said it was fine anytime I wanted, as long as I let her know, so I sent a text to Angie and we organised it for the following day. That was on the Wednesday evening.

All day Thursday I was feeling excited and Angie had a happy, confident air about her too. We had Technology and English in the morning, and Games in the afternoon, and we played netball. Angie and I were on the same team, and we were pitted against a team that included Suzanne. Suzie was being a bitch as usual; constantly trying to get the ball close to Angie, but dropping it just out of her reach, and making it look like Angie was losing all the points for our team. I got my own back though. I'm not really big enough to be that effective at netball, but when I get the ball I can be deadly accurate with it. This one time it came to me and there was no-one else close enough to take it. I popped it up high, over Suzanne's head and into the corner just out of her reach. It landed right on the line on the farthest corner of the court, and she had to run for it.

The problem with playing netball indoors is, the space around the court is so restricted. Suzie went crashing into the bars at the side of the court and gave her wrist an awful bash. Of course I went rushing over to apologise, but Miss Delaney our games mistress, insisted it wasn't my fault; 'just one of those things' she said. But it did mean that Suzie was out of the game from that point on, which meant that, without her repeatedly setting Angie up, we recovered our score from 4-7 to finally win with 11 to 10, and Angie managed to score four of the points, making her the highest scorer that game. She was delighted.

In the showers after Games, Angie was her usual withdrawn, bashful self, and despite a lot of whispering and sniggering going on behind her, she seemed oblivious to everyone else. But once again, she took longer to wash herself down, and when she had finished she turned her head toward me, a serious look on her face as she gave me a clear view of her exquisite nakedness from the side, as she reached behind her for the tap and her towel. Now I knew it was for me; how much more doubt could there be? There wasn't any coy smile this time, but there was no mistaking that she was letting me have a look, and a good long look too.

We both dried off together and we dressed together, each of us making a conscious effort not to look at the other, and both failing miserably in our resolve.

"So!" she said after we had dressed, "What would you like for tea?"

"I don't mind. Anything that's on offer," I said with a smile.

"Hmmm... Do you like meat patties, or maybe fish cakes?"

"Depends how juicy they are," I replied, with a grin. She gave me one of her cute smiles, and her face simply lit up.

We walked along together for about ten minutes on the way back to her house, and not a lot was said, but she kept looking at me. I suppose I must have been looking at her too or I wouldn't have noticed, but each time our eyes met she gave me a little smile.

We turned into her road to be presented with two rows of large terraced houses lining either side of a fairly narrow road, oddly devoid of parked cars.

"Does no-one drive around here?" I asked.

"There's a block of gawages and parking bays at the end of the stweet," she told me. "There's no parking allowed in the stweet," she said, pointing to the double yellow lines painted on the road beside the kerb.

I remember thinking that it was odd there was only one alleyway between the houses for every six front doors. "Don't all the houses have back doors then?" I asked, curiously.

"Yes," she replied. "There's a little path at the back of the houses to get to the back door. It's quite stwange. We have to walk through someone else's back garden to get to our back door," she smiled. "Come on. I'll show you."

She took me by the hand and led me down a dark alleyway which opened out into an array of gardens, some planted with vegetables, some adorned with brightly coloured flowers, and one simply overgrown with weeds. "There's a gwoup of lads live there," she told me. "They're not intewested in the garden. I think they play in a band or something, she said. Most Fwidays and Saturdays they seem to be loading guitars and amplifiers into a big white van and going off somewhere. They often don't get back until the wee small hours."

This was probably the most we had spoken in all the six months we had sat together at school, and it occurred to me that if she could avoid any words with a hard 'R' sound, there was nothing wrong with her speech at all. I wondered if I might be able to coach her to overcome it, but I didn't want to embarrass her or have her think I was criticising, so I decided to let it lie for the time being.

We arrived at her back door and I'm ashamed to say I was quite surprised at how smart and tidy the garden was, and how everything was clean and well kept. It only surprised me because I would have thought that, if there wasn't money for new clothes, I half expected the house to be in a state of disrepair too. Clearly that was somewhat naive of me but fortunately I hadn't said anything.

We stepped into the rear outhouse, and we could hear Angela's mum in the kitchen, washing pots at the sink.

"Hi mum," Angie called. "This is Macey."

Mrs Bolton smiled as we came into the kitchen, hurriedly drying her hands and bending forward to greet me with, "Hello Macey. How lovely to meet you. Angela has told me so much about you," then adding, with a wide smile, "Oh. Bunches. How... lovely." She stroked my head gently, and I felt obliged to smile politely, then she took my hands in hers and held them for a moment, gripping my fingers for a second as I reluctantly tried to ease them free.

I looked at Angie and she gave me a reticent little smile, and shrugged slightly. "It's really kind of you to invite me," I reciprocated. "I've been so looking forward to meeting you."

"Really?" she said, "looking surprised and flattered.

"Of course," I replied. "Sitting with Angela this year has made such a difference for me."

"Oh. That's lovely to hear," she told me, smiling as she seemed to be studying my eyes.

"Yes. Angie is so good at biology and I'm ashamed to say it's my worst subject."

"Well, we're all keen on biological things in this house, aren't we Angela." Angie just smiled, apparently embarrassed about the whole affair.

"Well, we have an exam coming up soon, and I'm not very confident about it," I confided. "Angela offered to help me to prepare for it."

She smiled again, looking me up and down, and I have to admit I felt more than a little awkward.

"You have a lovely garden," I told her, breaking the tension.

"Oh. How kind of you to say so," she smiled. "Do you do anything in the garden?" she asked.

"I like to get a tan," I joked. "That's about it."

"Yes. I'll bet you do," she replied, looking me over and biting her lip. I really didn't know how to respond. I began to feel uneasy.

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