tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAfter School Project Ch. 03

After School Project Ch. 03


(Author's notes: This is the third installment in this series. It follows directly behind the previous two chapters, so I would suggest reading them first. Otherwise you may find yourself a bit lost. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy. All participants are 18 years of age or older.)


Judith's weekend passed in a haze of embarrassment. It had all started Friday morning when Ren, her teenaged tormentress, had called upon her before school had started. Ren had given her instructions, adjusted her clothes, and teased the teacher enough to keep Judith on edge throughout the day. Then, when school was over, Ren did something even worse—she ignored Judith and left her to stew alone.

That night, following the instructions Ren had given her, Judith watched the video from the day before when Ren had taken her. She had played with herself as instructed, but wasn't allowed to come. That left her with a burning frustration; an aching yearning that gnawed at her without respite.

A chance encounter with Ren at the mall led to an all-too-brief encounter. Judith's new mistress had granted her a small release, but it was soon apparent to the teacher that the orgasm that Ren gave her in the mall bathroom was just more fuel for her fire. A fire that was raging inside of her, consuming what was left of her self-control.

This all led to Saturday night with Judith sitting in her bed, holding a pair of her panties in one hand and a vibrator in the other. Ren's final orders kept ringing inside Judith's head, "You may also make yourself come. But, only with your face in a pair of panties."

At the time, Judith had scoffed at the idea. A couple hours later, as her need mounted, Judith started contemplating the idea. She rejected the notion again, but as the day went on her mind kept drawing back to it as her only source of release. Each time she considered it Judith felt her resistance crumble a little more.

Fuck it, the horny teacher thought to herself as she decided to give in. She lay back in bed and turned the vibrator on low. Judith gently pressed the toy against her sex, her already aroused nerves coming alive with the vibration. Moving the panties to her nose, she inhaled deep while sliding the vibrator inside of her. Her fragrance saturated the silk. The pure sexual smell of it hit her like a hammer blow.

Groaning deeply, Judith reveled in her debasement. There she was fucking herself with a vibrator and burying her face in a pair of her worn panties. All at the whim of a teenage girl—her student even. Ren wasn't even present, but still was manipulating the poor teacher into obeying her barest command.

She knew, the little bitch knew. Judith thought to herself as she writhed in pleasure, bringing herself off. She was awash with embarrassment, shame, and humiliation. In her present circumstances such things were like gasoline thrown onto an open flame; they simply intensified the strength of her sexual response.

Working toward her second orgasm, Judith's thoughts turned again to Ren. She contemplated the teen with wonderment. Ren manipulated her with such ease, and was able to accurately predict and anticipate her response.

That was just the first time Judith gave in. Her relief and satisfaction proved to be only temporary. It was a scene that Judith found herself repeating every couple of hours, but each time with less reluctance. Then she did it once more before going to bed.

Sunday morning Judith checked the e-mail account Ren had given her but again found nothing. With no direction from her young mistress, Judith spent the day mostly as she normally would. Several times that day she succumbed to her arousal, each time following Ren's directions.

Monday morning Judith checked her e-mail for instructions again and this time there was a message waiting for her:

Good morning,

How is my little panty-sniffer this morning? No playing with yourself at work. Plan on being occupied after work, if you can't, tell me immediately.


Judith's excitement grew at the brief note; she couldn't wait to be "occupied" by Ren again. Already feeling the anticipation, she began getting ready for work. Remembering Ren's words, she put extra care into choosing her clothes. She picked a gray pants suit. She knew the pants clung to her butt nicely when she walked. She rejected the usual blouse and instead wore a red camisole, so that the lacy top would peak out from her jacket.

Once at school the day stretched long for Judith. She seemed to be more or less constantly aroused since Ren first took her. Added to that was the anticipation of meeting with Ren again after school. Between the two, Judith was wet—embarrassingly so. By ten o'clock, the teacher already felt the need to change her underwear but first she had to find Ren and seek permission. Judith had a free period and knew Ren had a study hall at the same time. Judith hoped she could catch her and find enough privacy to ask then.


Ren was sitting in a quiet corner of the library, reading during her study period. Hearing the door open, she glanced up and saw Judith enter the room. The teacher looked around until she saw Ren and headed her way.

Ren felt the corner of her mouth quirk up in a sly little half smile as the teacher made her way toward her. Ren could sense her discomfort and reveled in it. Judith stopped at Ren's table, her cheeks already turning pink from the embarrassing situation. She was silent a moment while Ren gave her an expectant look.

"About what we discussed on Saturday," Judith said in a quiet voice, "would now be a good time?"

"Hmm?" Ren asked.

Judith looked miffed when it became obvious Ren wasn't going to let her out of this gracefully.

"Miss," the abashed teacher said while her blush deepened, "may I change my panties?" Judith leaned down, looked Ren in the eyes and whispered in a throaty voice, "The ones I'm wearing are all wet…"

Ren flashed a grin and thought, Very nice, but this game is still being played.

"Of course you may, little one. Go over there and change them," Ren said, pointing to an empty row of bookshelves. Judith froze and paled at the words. Then her features started turning red with a gradual, deep blush.

"I can't," Judith whispered urgently.

"Of course you can. More importantly, you will."

"I'll be caught."

"Unlikely. The library is almost deserted, and hardly anyone comes back this way. So you're pretty safe, but the longer you take the more likely it is someone will wander by. So, if I were you, I'd hurry your cute little ass."

Judith gulped and nodded before she headed for the aisle Ren had indicated. Ren slipped her camera from her bag and, holding it under the table to keep anyone else from seeing it, pointed it at Judith.

Once she reached the relative privacy of the shelves, Judith turned to face Ren. Ren saw her eyes focus on the camera, and the teacher stuck out her tongue at it in childish defiance. Not only were Judith's hands shaking, but Ren could see a fine tremor running through her body.

She's trembling in fear, literally, Ren thought to herself. The teen almost decided she'd pushed the older woman too far this time; she was about to stop Judith and let her off the hook. Before she did, she saw the teacher close her eyes and take a couple deep breaths. It seemed to steady her, whatever she did. When she reopened her eyes, Judith seemed nervous but no longer on the verge of panic.

Ren, watching from a table several feet away, saw Judith pull her fresh panties from her pocket and set them on a shelf. Next, she slipped out of her shoes. Taking one last look to make sure no one else was around, Judith reached down and unfastened her pants. Her hands still weren't steady, so she had a little trouble at first. Once they were open, Judith quickly pushed them down.

Stepping out of her clothes, Judith grabbed her fresh undies and jerked them up her legs. Her old panties were a sodden mess when she pulled them free of her pants. She set her wet knickers aside and struggled back into her pants. Finished redressing, Judith marched back to her young mistress with her discarded panties clutched in her hand.

"Happy?" Judith asked, still red-faced with embarrassment.

"Very. You've been a good girl," Ren said, watching her teacher shiver with the emphasized words. Ren gave her a sly, knowing smile. "I plan on being here again during lunch break, after I eat, just in case there's anything you want to ask me later today. Why don't you run along for now?"

Judith's eyes narrowed and she glared down at Ren. When the look didn't seem to accomplish anything Judith turned and walked away with a sigh. Ren grinned to herself and returned to her book.


Judith was in emotional turmoil when she left the library. At first, all she felt was lingering embarrassment from her most recent ordeal. Anger soon over-wrote the shame. As she walked, Judith was consumed with a silent rage at allowing Ren to put her into that situation. Her initial anger just was. It was all encompassing and left no room for specific thoughts.

As Judith's initial fury cooled, she began to fume, her thoughts forming internal rants. How could she? I could have been caught; I could have lost my job. Never mind my job, imagine how humiliating it would be—caught half-naked in the school library. Why do I let her do things like that to me? Judith realized that part of her wanted to do them, but didn't want to admit it.

I need to refuse things like that. But I can't, I can't seem to refuse her at all. Whatever she tells me I just go along with like an obedient puppy. She told me to change my panties in the library, and I just did it. As she thought that, Judith pictured the scene in her mind: her standing there among the books, stripping from the waist, as Ren looked on with an amused, superior expression.

The image provoked a wave of lust that washed away most of Judith's anger. She did it to me again, she thought to herself. I'm just a plaything for her. Judith felt a flutter of arousal pass through her as she called herself Ren's plaything. She growled at herself in annoyance at the reaction.

Judith stomped back to her classroom to prepare for her next class. She tried to bury herself in work. It was only a partially successful tactic. She was able to concentrate on teaching, but the feelings of desire and anticipation were with her constantly.

Lunchtime found her back in the library. The room had even less people in it the second time. It was mostly a repeat performance, but Judith had gotten over some of her nervousness and indignation; the second time was much easier for her. Feeling more playful now, Judith even did a complete turn to give Ren's camera the full view.

The period for Ren's class finally came up. Judith felt herself getting nervous again. Other than tracking her down in the halls, or pulling her out of another class, this was the last time she would see Ren during the school day. She had to find a way to ask permission without drawing attention—which would be a hopeless task if Ren decided to play more games with her.

When the class ended, Judith noticed Ren was moving a little slower, letting most of the rest of the class leave before getting up to leave.

"Ren?" Judith called as the girl was walking past her desk. Ren stopped and looked at her expectantly. "Can I?" Judith asked, muttering the words under her breath. Judith saw a corner of the teen's mouth quirk up at the question. Oh god, she's going to make me say it. There are still students here. If she makes me say it I'll just blurt it out, I know I will.

Ren just nodded instead, and then continued walking as if nothing had happened. Breathing easy again, Judith slipped out between classes to visit the faculty restroom for a quick change.


Judith desired the final bell to ring, at least as much as her students did. On a regular day she wasn't nearly so eager. Ren had changed that. When the bell rang dismissing school Judith was ecstatic; she was glad the school day was over. The end of school wasn't the end of her waiting however, and soon the teacher found herself knotted with anticipation.

Judith knew Ren couldn't do anything while students and faculty were still wandering the halls. This was the first time Judith knew that Ren was coming; it wasn't a hope or an assumption, she had been told. The minutes dragged by with agonizing slowness, and her body was soon vibrating with need.

School letting out had also ended Judith's responsibilities for now. Without them, the teacher was free to give in to her desires. As she sat there waiting, Judith felt her body growing warm with arousal, her skin getting hotter like she was burning from within. She didn't know what the girl was planning for her, but she knew Ren was going to do something. The mystery was part of the appeal Judith knew. She craved Ren's attention, as she never had anything else.

Judith stewed in her lust for half an hour, waiting for the younger woman's appearance. When Ren strode into the classroom, she found the teacher flushed with excitement, her breathing already turned heavy. The girl smirked at her lover, clearly seeing her need. Ren turned slowly, casually locking the door.

Judith wanted to yell at her to hurry, to rush to her and take her, to do anything to make things happen now. She did none of that. Judith knew that, in this relationship, she was the taken, not the taker—and that's how she wanted it, that's what she craved. Watching Ren walk towards her, Judith felt herself getting hotter with each step. By the time the girl stood in front of her Judith was panting with eagerness.

Ren slipped her fingers into Judith's hair and pulled her head back; the older woman hissed and arched her back. Bending over her, Ren gave Judith a deep kiss. Judith's hand came up and gripped her young mistress's hips—her fingers clawing at her through the denim. Ren pulled back, giving Judith a superior, self-satisfied smile.

"Want something?" Ren asked her very aroused teacher. Judith just writhed in her seat, whimpering with longing. "What was that? Use words."

"Yes," Judith hissed, her breath ragged.

"But, do you deserve what you want?"



Judith gave another frustrated whimper before responding. "I've been a good girl."


"And," Judith said, "good girls get rewarded."

"True," Ren said, smiling. She reached down and opened the jacket of Judith's pants suit. Ren casually slid her hand around Judith's breast, cupping it and giving it a squeeze. Judith loved the way the younger woman handled her, it was so confident and proprietary. The teen's entire demeanor seemed to say, "This is mine, of course I can play with it." Judith cherished it, and watched her mistress fondling her with smoldering eyes.

"So you want your reward?" Ren asked.

"Oh, yes, please."


The horny teacher went into action with a growl, shedding her clothes as fast as she could. The only thing that slowed her was fear of tearing them. In moments, Judith stood naked and panting in front of Ren, eagerly awaiting her next order. Ren pushed her back, pressing her down onto her desk. Judith laid spread out on the wooden surface like some kind of offering.

Ren turned away from her teacher for a moment. She stripped from her waist, and then retrieved her strap-on from her bag. Buckling it around her hips, she turned back to Judith. The impudent teen fished her teacher's moist panties from the pile of discarded clothes. Taking the lacy red cloth, Ren rubbed it into Judith's dripping sex. Standing between her teacher's legs, Ren took the wet knickers and shoved them into Judith's mouth.

Judith opened her eyes wide in surprise. The panties were still warm from her body, and now saturated with her taste. Before the startled teacher could protest, Ren slid the dildo into Judith's wet cunt penetrating her quickly. Any concerns Judith had vanished the instant Ren impaled her.

Judith moaned loudly, even with her improvised gag. Ren placed her hands on Judith's inner thighs and pushed them open wide. The dominant teen shoved the phallus deep into her submissive teacher, causing her to groan deeply in pleasure. Ren began pumping the fake cock in and out of Judith's wet pussy, each stroke making the pinned teacher mewl in hedonistic delight.

This fucking at the hands of the domineering teen was what Judith wanted, what she'd been longing for all weekend. The teasing and frustration she'd experienced all day, the masturbation she'd indulged in, even the encounter in the mall—it was all just a prelude to what she was experiencing now. Three days of foreplay, and now Ren was giving her the main event. Finally, Judith was able to give herself to Ren.

No, not giving. I'm being taken. With that thought, the over-stimulated teacher came. Judith's thighs clamped shut around Ren's hips, and her hands clenched at the air. This orgasm gave her deeper satisfaction than any she gave herself, or even those given to her by anyone else. The pleasure was much more intense. Ren gave her something no one else did. Judith didn't know what it was, but she knew she was now addicted to it; it instilled in her a craving stronger than any drug.

Ren pushed the older woman's thighs back apart and continued to bear down on her. The teen worked her fake cock into and out of Judith, rapidly pushing her toward another peak. Sliding her hands along Judith's body, Ren squeezed her teacher's breasts. Her hands gripped the pliant flesh, causing Judith to groan.

Still thrusting with her hips, Ren leaned down. A small curl of red lace was sticking from Judith's mouth, and Ren took it between her teeth. Jerking her head, Ren pulled the impromptu gag from Judith's mouth and flung it aside. With the gag gone, teacher and student's lips met together and each explored the other's mouth.

The constant building pleasure from the fucking she was receiving kept Judith moaning into Ren's mouth as the two shared a series of deep, lingering kisses. Breaking the kiss, Ren stood up straighter. She grabbed Judith's hips in a firm grip and began fucking her in earnest. Each thrust caused the desk to shift position—drawers rattled and the legs squeaked across the floor.

Judith tried to meet her mistress's thrusts, but mostly she just writhed and squirmed beneath her. Ren's firm grip on her hips kept Judith centered on the desk, but the rest of her body was in constant motion. Judith reached out and clutched in mindless exhilaration. They found the sides of the desk and gripped. She squeezed hard enough that the edge of the wood bit into her palms enough to cause pain. She licked her lips and tasted the salt from her sweat.

Ren fucked the submissive woman hard and fast, soon bringing her to a second climax. Ren didn't stop there, or even slow; she kept going at an unrelenting pace. Looking up at her mistress, Judith saw Ren's hair fly in every direction with the motion of the teen's body. Ren's face was flushed and beaded with perspiration. As Judith watched, and droplet of sweat rolled down Ren's nose and fell onto her heaving chest.

Judith was shuddering through her third orgasm by the time Ren came. The teen squeezed the older woman's hips hard and pushed in deep. Grinding the fake cock into Judith's cunt, Ren let out a deep moan. Judith watched the girl squeeze her eyes shut tight as her body shuddered.

Ren leaned down on the desk, supporting herself on her elbows. The strap-on still buried inside Judith, Ren loomed over the prone teacher panting from the exertion. Judith lay limp beneath her with eyes half-lidded and breath still ragged. Still damp from her sweat, her skin turned cool as she reclined in repose. Judith felt detached from her body, and from the world. She felt like she was floating somewhere between worlds, in a place without time or thought.

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