tagErotic CouplingsAfter The Card Game

After The Card Game


We were barely inside our front door when Dennis hugged me, 'You were so hot tonight!'

'You mean at the cards or the other?'


'Well, if you call losing almost every hand, then I was hot.'

'Well, I thought that was the objective in strip poker.'

'Once I was stripped I didn't have many alternatives.'

Dennis grinned, 'I didn't see any unhappy winners.'

'That's true.'

We kissed. Dennis probed my mouth with his tongue. He pulled me against himself and hugged me tight. I could feel his hard-on pressing into my thigh.

We broke the kiss, 'You won a couple of hands too.'

'I did, didn't I?'

'Yes you did. Do you want your prize?'

'If you're not too tired.'

'Why would I be tired?'

'Well, you did reward four winners.'

I kissed Dennis. My hand caressed the fly of his jeans, 'It feels like we have a winner here. An unrewarded winner.'

'May I have my prize now?'

'I should go douche and clean up first.'

'No, I want you just like you are.'

As soon as we were in our bedroom, I opened Dennis' fly. He hadn't put his underwear back on after the card game. His erect cock popped right out into my hand. Then into my mouth.

'I loved watching the guy's expressions as you blew them.'

I looked up as I stopped sucking, 'I do try to give good head. Just like this' I slid my lips down the length of his shaft.

'You give the best.'


Dennis unbuttoned his shirt as I sucked away. He touched my head, 'That's good. Let's put it into play.'

I stopped blowing him and stood up. Dennis finished stripping, then helped me undress. We hugged and kissed. His wet hard-on pressed against me.

'Let's do it doggy.'

I got on all fours on the edge of the bed.

Dennis rubbed my ass, 'You've got a nice cream pie.' I squatted down to get myself in line with his cock. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down between my legs. 'Gorgeous.'

The crown of his cock touched me, then Dennis entered me in a slow push. 'You're so slick. Slick but tight.'

I looked over my shoulder at him, 'Well, there are four loads in there.'

'And I'm going to add a big one in a little bit.' Dennis began to fuck me with steady strokes. He varied the length and speed of his strokes and I tried to squeeze and relax my muscles to massage his cock and give him a good fuck. He certainly was giving me a good fuck. The best of the evening.

He buried his boner deep, then pounded me with several rapid short strokes, 'AHHH!' I felt his cock pulse and I was filled with a wet warmth.

'I'm cumming with you.'

Dennis leaned over my back. I turned my face and he kissed my cheek. 'Do you remember our first time, Paul?'

My Lover's softening cock slipped out of my asshole and nestled itself in the creamy cleft between my ass cheeks. His hand groped around until he found my dripping cock.

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