tagErotic CouplingsAfter the Concert

After the Concert


The following is based on a true story.

There were four of us that night, all guys, going to a concert at the local arena. We were all freshman at college, and going out for the last time before final exams and summer vacation. The concert was great - we had floor seats and stood yelling and singing the whole time. We ended up next to this beautiful girl that one of the guys seemed to know from school. Nikki was gorgeous - around 5 foot 7, brown hair, sensual green eyes and a perfectly proportioned body.

Her breasts strained against her t-shirt, and her jeans were so tight, they perfectly conformed to her sexy ass. As the concert ended and the lights came up, Dave told us that he was going to give Nikki a ride back to campus. The five of us squeezed into Dave's four-seater. Somehow I ended up sitting on the hump on the way back, but next to Nikki, so I didn't mind so much. The two of us made small talk the whole way back to campus, and I told her I knew of a party going on, if she wanted to come with me. She smiled and said, "Sure."

We got out of the car, and I told Nikki that I needed to pick up some alcohol from my room before heading up to the party, so she followed me up the stairs to the third floor. (The elevators were always slow or broken, and the stairs were the fastest way to go sometimes). We were a little sweaty after the concert and the stairs by the time we reached my room. As I went about finding a bag and packing up the alcohol, Nikki flipped through my CD's.

She found "The Cars' Greatest Hits" (ok, ok, this was the mid-80s....) and cooed "Ooohhhh I love The Cars!!! Can we listen to this for a while before we go to the party?" Here I was with a beautiful girl in my room, who I just met - what would YOU say? So she put on the CD and sat down on the bed, as I offered her a beer. We sat there, drinking, talking about classes, summer vacation, stuff like that. We finished our beers, but the CD was still playing so I asked her if she wanted another. She nodded as she sucked down the last few drops of Molson.

As I sat back on the bed with our beers, she took hers from me and set it down on the floor. Taking my hand in hers, she leaned forward and kissed me. It was a small kiss, one like when you're unsure if the other person is feeling the same way you are. I kissed her back, and as we broke our kiss she looked down at the bed, and bit her lip. I turned around and put my beer on the desk and pushed her head up with my index finger. I tilted my head and kissed her again - more passionately this time. She wrapped her arms around my neck as our mouths opened and our tongues wrestled together.

I was still very inexperienced at this time. I'd only had one serious girlfriend, and no one-night stands, so I really wasn't expecting to do much more than some kissing before being told we needed to stop and go to the party. We kissed for a few minutes before taking a break and drinking some more beer. I chugged mine a little, getting some more courage from the bottle. I scooted closer to her as we kissed again. I still wasn't sure what was going on, and I loved kissing Nikki, so I let her dictate the pace. My hands caressed her back, over her t-shirt as we kissed. She pushed her hands under the front of my shirt and stroked my chest up and down. I took this as a sign to do the same to her, as I slipped my hands under her shirt and felt her incredible breasts.

They didn't even fit in my hands. I fondled them through her bra as we kept kissing. After a few minutes I took a chance and pushed her bra up over her tits, and groped her bare flesh. Her nipples were already hard and sticking out as a pulled and teased them. She moaned into my mouth as I felt her tits, rubbing and squeezing them over and over. I reached around and unhooked her bra. She broke our kiss and pulled off her bra and t-shirt, leaving her naked from the waist up. I couldn't help but stare at her breasts. They were magnificent!

Perfectly shaped, full...her nipples pointing straight out at me....I pulled off my shirt and dove in to her tits. She held my head to her chest as I hungrily licked and sucked her breasts. She was squirming and moaning as I pulled her nipples into my mouth, sucking them in and out. We fell back to the bed, as I laid next to her, licking and sucking on her nipples, my left hand fondling her other breast. I moved my mouth back and forth between them, licking and kissing all over her sweet skin. This was all so new to me; I wasn't a virgin or anything, but I kept expecting her to make me stop.

As I devoured her breasts with my mouth, I moved a hand behind her and slid it into the back of her jeans, squeezing and rubbing her sexy ass. This turned her on even more and she started rubbing my cock through my jeans. For the first time, I thought I might actually get laid here, although I think I would have settled for a handjob just to release the tension in my balls. I pulled my hand out of the back of her tight jeans, and unbuttoned them from the front. I quickly pulled down the zipper and shoved my hand inside her pink panties.

She moaned loudly as my index finger found her clit. Nikki grabbed the back of my head and held me hard to her chest as I fucked her with my finger. She was so wet as I spread her juices around, fingering her in and out, then up to her clit, over and over. She bucked her hips, moaning, ohhhhh Jake.....she reached down and pushed her jeans lower. I followed her lead and moved down to her feet, and as she lifted her hips, I pulled her jeans and panties off all the way. I was surprised - Nikki had a completely shaved pussy, except for the little tuft of hair above her clit. I had never seen a pussy so clean and bare before, except in magazines. My previous girlfriend never even trimmed her pussy hair, making eating her an adventure just to find it. Nikki saw me staring at her bare flesh and smiled at me.

"Do you like it?"

"I love it," I told her. And with that I buried my face inside her legs and attacked her sweet pussy with my mouth. She was going nuts - thrashing against the bed as I licked and sucked her as hard and fast as I could. She tasted so incredible - so much better than my ex-girlfriend did. I moaned into her pussy, "Oh Nikki....you taste so good. I love eating your pussy..."

That was enough for her, as she came hard on my mouth. As I sucked all her juices she rocked her hips against my mouth, and when she couldn't take any more she pulled me up and kissed me hard on the mouth. As we broke out kiss she told me "Nobody's ever done that before." I couldn't believe it. I loved eating pussy - how can anyone not want to taste Nikki's? She's so beautiful, and her pussy so incredible. She told me that as much as she loved sucking cock (more about that later) none of the other guys she was with ever liked eating her pussy. I told her they didn't know what they were missing. I moved back to eat her again and she stopped me. She shook her head and whispered "Fuck me Jake," as she tried to pull me on top of her.

I pulled away and reached into the desk drawer to grab a condom. (I may be horny, but I wasn't stupid.) I quickly put it on as she drew me back to her. She reached down and guided my cock inside of tight pussy. I started pounding her as hard and fast as I could. She wrapped her legs around my ass and her arms around my neck as we fucked each othe. Nikki was incredible. She was squirming and moaning as we thrust at each other. She kept calling my name "Ohhh Jake!!! Ohhhh Gggdddd Jake, fuck me!!!!!" My ex was never so active in bed, and Nikki made me want to fuck her to death. My cock drove into her over and over as she gasped and moaned.

I was fucking her as hard as I could - barely pulling my dick out before slamming it back inside her again. I knew I wouldn't last long, and soon I could feel my balls start to ache. I pound her harder....calling out "NIKKKIIIII....ohhhh Gggddddd Nikkkiiiiiii!!!!!" I came hard.... my whole body spasming as I collapsed on her. She pulled my face in her hands and kissed me.

"That was incredible," she said, as she rolled me onto my back. I watched her as she positioned her beautiful body, kneeling between my thighs. She took my softening cock in her hands and gently rolled off the condom. She leaned down and slowly licked up and down the sides of my cock. I was coated in my cum, and she hungrily licked it off like it was her favorite food. As she cleaned all the cum off my cock, I started to get hard again. She looked at me and smiled, as she reached into my desk drawer for another rubber.

Nikki ripped open the package and forcefully covered my cock with it. She spread her legs as she straddled my cock, and with one hard motion, she sunk down on me, impaling herself on my shaft. I moved my hands to her huge tits, rubbing and squeezing them as she fucked me hard. I watched her as she rode my cock - I had never done it this way - my ex was so conservative - always in the dark, missionary position - it was the first time I'd ever seen my cock as it moved in and out of someone. It was such a turn-on I thrust my hips up at Nikki as she fucked me. I moved my hands away from her tits and put one on her hip, and the other I used to finger her clit.

She went nuts. She kept calling out "OHHHHH JAAAKKKEEEEEEE" as I fingered her harder and faster. She slammed up and down on my cock again and again, as her orgasm got closer, her breasts bouncing up and down . She held onto the wall with one hand as she slammed down on me again. I felt her pussy clenching me as she came hard on my cock.... squeezing my shaft deep inside her pussy as her whole body shook in ecstasy. As she calmed down, she climbed off my cock and in one swift motion rolled off the condom and sunk her mouth over my shaft. I watched her head as it bobbed up and down on my cock, a blur of motion.

She reached between my legs to rub my balls (how did she know I loved that?) as her mouth fucked my cock. She drove all the way down on me, my whole cock deep in her mouth.

Quickly she moved up and down my cock as she rubbed my balls. If I hadn't just cum a few minutes ago, I would have lost it by now for sure. She slid all the way down my cock, taking me deep in her and kept it there. Instead of moving her head up and down she swirled her tongue all over my cock. It was incredible!

My whole cock inside Nikki's mouth as her tongue drove me crazy. It was all I could do not to explode right there. I kept calling out "Ohhhhhh gggggddddd ohhhhh gggdddddddddddddd" as she drove me insane with her tongue. She pulled her head back until just the top of my cock was inside her as she teased me. That was all it took - I thrust my hips up at her and came. She slid her mouth half way down on me as I shot load after load of my cum down her throat.

She kept sucking as she emptied me. I watched her as she swallowed it all, this beautiful girl eating my cum and loving it. As I finally emptied my balls, she gave me one last lick, and I pulled her to me, kissing her hard on the mouth. She moaned and told me nobody ever kissed her after a blowjob, either. I smiled and kissed her again. She looked at the clock and yelled "Oh shit!!!" I asked her what was wrong, and she told me that she lived at home while going to school, and she told her parents she'd be back from the concert no later than 2:00. It was nearly 2:15 now.

We quickly got dressed (I tried not to be too disappointed, since I was hoping she'd stay over and we could fuck all day on Sunday) and I grabbed my car keys and drove her home. She lived about 20 minutes away from campus, and as we drove, she kept rubbing my cock, teasing me. I reached over, trying to drive one-handed and played with her tits. She never bothered to put her bra or underwear back on, so I had my hand up her shirt, playing with her hard nipples as we drove.

She moaned loudly, and unbuckled her seat belt. She leaned over and unzipped my jeans. She pulled out my cock and started sucking me again as I drove! I couldn't believe it, and I almost lost control of the car. I told her she needed to stop, or we'd both get killed before she got home. Reluctantly she sat back up in her seat (I don't know who was more disappointed, me or her) and at the next block I turned to her, kissed her as I played with her tits (her shirt was now pushed up to her armpits) and told her to recline the seat all the way back.

She smiled, and leaned it back, almost horizontal, as I whispered, "unbuckle your pants." She pulled them down to her knees, and as the light turned green, I started fingering her quickly. The scent of her wet pussy filled my small car as she squirmed in the seat. I did my best as I drove, concentrating mostly on her clit, sending her quickly into another screaming orgasm.

She sat the seat back up, and pointed out her block. I turned the corner and she told me to turn off the headlights as I drove, so her parents wouldn't see us coming. As I pulled quietly into her driveway, she dove back onto my cock, sucking me for all I was worth. I couldn't believe how much Nikki loved to suck cock, as she furiously bobbed her head up and down, her hand rubbing and teasing my balls.

I leaned the seat back to get more comfortable as she lifted her head off my cock. I had no idea what she was doing, when she started licking my balls. I couldn't believe it - I never had that done before. She was jerking me off with one hand while her mouth licked and sucked my full balls. I moaned and called out ohhhh Nikki...I'm gonna cum.....She moved her mouth back to my cock just as I shot my third load of the night. Some of it hit the side of her face, but the rest went straight down her throat. As she finished squeezing the last of my cum out of me, Nikki sat up and kissed me deeply. "Thanks for a wonderful evening, Jake."

I kissed her back, and told her how incredible she was. She smiled and waved goodbye, my cock still sticking out of my jeans as she went inside her house.

Unfortunately, the semester ended before I could see Nikki again, and I was due to transfer to another school closer to my home for the next term. So to Nikki, wherever you are, thanks for a great night. I never hear The Cars without thinking of you.

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