tagBDSMAfter the Garden

After the Garden


Here is the sequel to "The Garden Part1 and 2". Please contact me with any positive criticism that you have. I have no illusions that everyone will enjoy the story. However, I will take any constructive criticism that will help me continue to write my stories. I hope you enjoy!


It is barley dawn outside and Nicolai is back already. When Nicolai left last night, Blake took me to bed and I have not risen since. That was barely 7 hours ago. My body still feels tender from all of yesterday's activities. I am slowly waking at the end of their conversation, trying to glimpse what might be in store for me, and I don't much like what I hear.

"Are you sure about this Nicolai?"

"Look, you hired me. You want her compliant, today is how that happens. If you have any hesitation, back out now, Blake."

"It's not hesitation, Nicolai. It's jealousy. I want to do it, but I know I would cave. So, I'll watch from the camera."

"What camera?" I ask sleepily. "What's going on?"

Both men turn to me. "How long have you been awake?" Nicolai asks suspiciously, a hardness glaring in his eyes.

"I....I....I just woke up." I stutter out. I am rapidly blinking since my vision hasn't fully cleared from sleep yet.

"Riggghhhttt." Nicolai drawls. "Well you should have let us know you were awake when you woke up, instead of trying to eavesdrop. See Blake, this is what today is about. In the presence of Masters, she is still disrespectful. Anabel, you will respond to each of my question with "No, Sir", or "Yes, Sir". If you lie, you will receive 10 spanks with the belt for each lie, and trust me, you won't like it. Understand?"

"Yes." I reply, sighing and rolling my eyes.

Too late I realized my mistake. Nicolai was in front of the bed in one stride, grabbing my face in one hand and bending to eye level with me.

"Yes! Yes, Sir! I'm sorry." I sputter out quickly.

"That's more like it." He says, standing up slowly. He walks to the end of the bed, staring at me. "Now, remember, I want the truth. And if you lie, I will know."

"Yes, Sir." I say, ducking my head.

"See Blake, she's learning already."

I cut my eyes over to Blake. He's standing there staring at me, lust fully emblazoned on his features.

"Now! Anabel. Do you love your husband?"

"Yes, Sir"

"How many men were you with before him?"

"2, Sir."

"Did they please you sexually?"

"No, Sir"

"That's 10 lashes for the lie."

"But it's not a lie!" I yelled out.

"I didn't ask for excuses! And it is a lie, even if it's a partial lie! Now that will be 5 more lashes for the outburst and you will tell the truth or it will be another 10 lashes!"

"It was a mistake! He didn't even know I liked it at first."

"Tell your husband."

Sheepishly, I turn in the bed to face Blake. "It was the last boyfriend I had before you. We were fighting. He said I was impossible to please. I was yelling at him. He grabbed my shoulders and slammed me against the wall. I was so aroused at his use of force that I kissed him, hard. We ended up in bed. He was very rough with me, telling me not to speak, that he would take his pleasure from me. I was confused because it turned me on. He forced me to all fours and pounded me mercilessly, pulling my hair and smacking my ass. He used my hair to ride me like a bitch in heat, called me a nasty slut, and....."

"And what, Anabel. Tell him!" Nicolai roared

"And I loved it, OK!" Heat blazed in my face, embarrassment taking over, I fold my knees to my chest and hide my face.

"Now..." Nicolai quietly states. "Do you see?" Nicolai asks Blake, gesturing to me. She needs this, she is just too embarrassed to say that she likes and needs it. "Leave her with me for the day, and she will be liberated by days end."

Silence fills the room. My own heartbeat thunders in my chest as I try to calm down.

"Fine." I hear Blake say. He begin to walk away but Nicolai stops him.

"I want you to be here for the rest of the questions." I inwardly groan at the thought of having to answer anything else.

"Anabel..." Nicolai begins. "You have already said you love Blake. Do you love me?"

"Hell no! I mean, no, Sir!" I quickly correct.

Nicolai smirks at my statement. "Then why in the last two days were you able to respond to me better than you ever have for him?" Nicolai asks, pointing a finger at Blake.

"I don't know, Sir"

"Five lashes. Only because I think you have an idea, but, you are unclear on why. So try again." He says, placing his hands on the bed.

"Power. I say quietly. There is power in your voice. Blake has it too, he just rarely ever uses it."

"Good! And you need that, don't you? That's why you do so many things to infuriate him, in hopes that he will use that power?"

"Yes, Sir." I say, burying my face again.

"She needs this Blake, and she need to know you can give her what she needs. So! Change of plans. We will do this together. You have to show her that you can give her the power she craves."

Suddenly, I feel the bed dip and the covers are yanked away from me. I scramble to cover my naked body.

"Stop!" Blake says, forceful and yet quiet.

I put my hands on the bed, knees still to my chest, eyes cast down. A finger lifts my head and I look directly into Blake's eyes.

"No more hiding."

"No more hiding, Sir." I say, slowly nodding my head.

He swiftly kisses me, using his lips to convey what I already knew, that he loves me. He wraps one arm around my waist and guides me out of the bed. Still wrapped up in kissing him, I never saw Nicolai move. Unexpectedly, I feel cold leather on my wrist and my right arm is pulled over my head.

When I break the kiss to look up and what is going on, Blake raises my other arm and locks my other hand into the opposite cuff. Before I can protest, the links connecting the cuffs are placed onto a hook in the ceiling. "Where in the hell did that come from?" I wonder to myself.

Slowly my gaze filters back to the men in front of me. "What are you doing?" I quietly ask.

"It's not for you to ask questions, slut. I want you to think about this while Blake and I go downstairs. First, the next time you speak to either one of us, you will refer to us as Master Blake or Master Nicolai. Second, you are nothing but a vessel for us to use how we see fit, holes to pump cum into. Oh don't look so worried slut, you will get your pleasure too. But I'm a bit of a sadistic bastard, I like to watch you suffer a bit first."

Nicolai laughs at my expression. "Come on, Blake. She needs some time alone I think."

The men both exit the room, leaving me standing in the middle of the floor, arms high above my head. After panicking for several moments after they leave, I calm down and relax into my position.

"This is what you wanted isn't it?" I ask myself. "You want to be forced, commanded. You want to feel their power rush over you, knowing you will do whatever you can to please them."

I had never thought about it before. Never thought about how I really feel. Master Nicolai's questions have helped me to understand that I am at my best when I am under the command of a Master. "You can do this!" I think to myself.

I can see the clock on the wall and realize that 30 minutes have passed. My arms are beginning to get tired and my shoulders ache. I can hear footsteps coming up the stairs.

"Are you ready, Slut?" Nicolai asks from the doorway.

"Yes, Sir." I respond, head lowered.

"Look at me Anabel."

Slowly I lift my head, eyes meeting his.

"I expect obedience, but my goal is not to break you. Be proud of your body. Look at your Masters, do not hide yourself, body, or mind every again. You want to say something, say it. Unless of course I command you not to." He says with a devilish smile.

"Now, let's get your punishment over with so that we can move on to the finer things. Its twenty lashes I believe." Nicolai remarks as he begins removing his belt. Blake stands in the doorway, removing his as well.

"Please, I'm sorry. I don't need them. I won't lie anymore. I understand my feelings now. I know that I need this. Please don't." I stumble over all of this as they advance on me.

"You need this. You want this. Submit."

I whip my head around. This cannot be Blake talking. His voice is so...melodic, calming, deep, and demanding, all at the same time. I can feel my juices begin to flow. I need what he is offering.

"You lied. You need correction and we are here to give it to you. Do you submit to us Anabel? Will you let us break you free?"

Two simple words is all it will take. I can let them teach me, show me, punish me...."Yes, Sir!"

I can see Blake's cock visibly jump in his trousers. I smile, blush creeping over my cheeks, and lower my head.

"That makes it a total of 22 lashes. I warned you not to hide yourself." Nicolai says.

Quickly, I snap my head up, my breathing quickening. Blake walks to me and blindfolds me. By not being able to see, I am heavily relying on my sense of sound to get me through this. The carpet in the room muffles the sound of their feet, making it nearly dreadfully difficult to figure out where either of them are.

"Ahhh!" I scream. A belt has landed on my lower ass cheek and shocked me.

"Count!" Nicolai commands. "I will deliver the first 11, and Blake the last 11, understand?"

"Yes, Sir."



"Two, three, four, Sir!" I stumble out, trying to keep up. Suddenly, I feel hands rubbing and caressing my ass, tracing the lines that the belt have made. Although the sting is a shock at first, it gives way to a deep warmth that settles in my core. My cunt has begun to drip its juice, coating my pussy lips.

As soon as the hands are gone, SMACK, SAMCK.

"Five, six, Sir!"

This pattern continues on until I reach 11 strikes of the belt. I sag against my bonds when I feel Blake step up behind me. I know that it is Blake because his aftershave is pungent and filters through the haze in my brain.

"Master Blake?"

"Yes." He replies, his voice husky and deep.

"I'm ready to receive my punishment." I say breathily.

"Oh my sweet....you will be. You took that spanking very nicely, just like Nicolai said you would. So, I think we should up the ante....just a bit."

"What do you have in mind Blake?" Nicolai asks.

"I think she needs a bit of pleasure with her pain." Blake responds.

They must be communicating silently because I don't hear anything more. The next thing I know, I can feel both men pressed against me. A mouth bites and sucks my nipples into eraser sized peaks while stroking my hips and thighs. A mouth is on my neck, licking, sucking, and biting the column of my neck and shoulder. I moan, helpless to do anything else.

My cunt is a faucet now. My juices have begun to drip and smear onto my thighs. My clit is aching for attention, demanding that one of the mouths on me travel lower. My holes are convulsing, begging to be filled.

Suddenly, I feel a pinch on both nipples. Pressure that is more than a mouth is pulling down on my tits. However, in my haze, I feel no pain, only pleasure.

"We just clamped your nips. And now, now Nicolai is about to place a Butterfly right over that clit. It will buzz away as I give you the last 11 strokes and you are not to cum. Do you understand me slut? You are NOT to cum!"

"Yes, Sir." I reply. I feel Nicolai begin to peal open my pussy lips.

"Good god Blake! She dripping cunt juice everywhere. I knew she needed a firm hand but....she is really turned on."

"Good! That will make her punishment all that more hard. Now strap the butterfly on."

I can feel the cool gel of the butterfly press onto my clit and swiftly come to life.

"Ahhhh!" I half moan and yell. I twist in my bonds, but all that does is tweak the chain attached to my nipples and pulls them as well. I still my body and try to calm down. However, the constant vibration of the butterfly has me perpetually on edge.


"Oh fuck!" I yell.

"That will be another 2 smacks Slut. We told you to count. That makes a total of 13. " Nicolai comments from the sidelines.

"Yes, Sir. That was three, Sir."


"Four, five, six, Sir" I can barely concentrate. The hum of the Butterfly is strumming through my body, the clamps are a welcome pain to keep the pleasure of the vibrations away. Without my sight, I am lost in my own brain. Caught in a constant battle between straining not to cum and remembering to count all of the strikes of the belt.

"TEN, ELEVEN, TWELVE, SIR!" I am losing the battle. I try to squeeze my legs to relieve the pressure but it just presses the Butterfly harder into my clit. I am sweating profusely from the strain of not cumming, my head is swimming, and the only thing I can hear is loud noise in my ears.

I know that the last smack is on its way. I can hold out just a moment longer. Simultaneously, the smack comes, the clamps are removed, and the Butterfly is turned off.

"Thirteen, thirteen, thirteen....." I continue to say. I whisper it like a mantra in my head. I sag in my bonds, no longer having the energy to stand. Strong arms support me from behind while someone unties me from the ceiling. My bonds come loose and I sag into the person behind me.

"I've got you. Just hold on." It's Blake's voice in my ear.


"Shhhh. It's ok sweetie. I know just what you need."

He lays me down on the bed, legs hanging over the side. My nipples throb from the clamps being removed, I have cunt juice dripped down my legs to my knees, and my ass is on fire.

Abruptly, my knees are placed on Blake's shoulders and he dives into my pussy face first. He attaches him mouth to my clit and sucks deeply.

"SHIT, SHIT, SHIT! NO! Please stop. I can't hold back anymore."

"It's alright." Nicolai says. "You can let go now. Cum for Master Blake."

I am so ready to hear that. I fist my hands in Blake's hair and scream as my orgasm hits me like a freight train. I scream and scream and scream until I black out. The last thing I remember is Blake grinning like a Cheshire cat, face covered with my juice.

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