After the Party at Christmas


"Yes, Diane," Margaret said. Like Andrew, she knew far better than to complain.

Ariana and Tara looked surprised when Diane ordered the latter to go first and took over tickling Andrew's left foot, but Andrew wasn't surprised. Diane no doubt wanted to save herself for last. Wordlessly, Tara pulled off her emerald-green bra and panties. Andrew found himself thinking, as usual, that she looked more naked without her glasses than without her clothes. The shy one of the house certainly knew how to carry herself in the nude. With a triumphant smirk that invited Diane's ire but somehow didn't receive it, Tara climbed onto the bed and knelt just over Margaret's face. "You have your orders, dear," she cooed. "And you know what I like, with your hands."

The flicks and swirls of the feathers about Andrew's feet were just as frustrating as ever, the sense of torture coming slowly up his legs was sweet agony, but watching Margaret forced to pleasure Tara while her own beautiful pussy lay fallow was far worse. Still, he couldn't bring himself to look away from the show as Margaret followed her orders with aplomb, working demure Tara into a bustle of energy and joy as she writhed about beneath her. As Tara had said, Margaret had a way with her hands, and particularly with her thumbs, which teased Tara's vulva just right while her tongue went to town on her clit. Tara's exultant sighs and gasps grew steadily longer and louder, and she threw her blonde mane back in joy as she neared her climax.

Andrew's cock had sprung back to attention with the lovely show, jealousy and all, and of course Diane took note of it. "Can't keep this down, dear, no matter what we tell you?" she teased, waving her feather duster threateningly at it.

"Oh, Diane, no!" he said, knowing it was no use.

"I told you to keep your eye on Margaret!" she warned.

Andrew turned back just in time to see Tara grind into her mouth as she orgasmed. "Unnhhhhh! Yessss! Yes, lick it!" Tara shrieked in delight, and Andrew drank it all in as he felt the torturous tickling on his once-again-hard cock. He wiggled with the sensation as well as with envy for Tara, who rolled happily off Margaret and awaited her next orders.

"Ariana," Diane said, without actually looking at her as she was focused on tickling Andrew into a frenzy. Andrew was nearly hyperventilating with the sensation when Ariana set her feather duster down and tore off her underwear. "Tara, get over here and help me with Andrew!" Diane added.

Tara did as she was told. As Andrew watched Ariana sidle up to the bed, he felt Tara's first strokes on his side. He wiggled and whimpered, and heard Tara say, "Like that, do you?" From the location of her voice, he was able to guess if he turned his head he'd be greeted with a close-up look at her freshly satiated pussy. But orders were orders, and he kept his eye on Margaret as Ariana parted her vulva with both hands and plopped down just over her mouth.

Andrew did like it. He liked the teasing sensation all over his body, and he liked the sound of Ariana's intense moans as Margaret had no trouble working her into a frenzy. But he longed more than ever to bury his face in the forest between her thighs and give her the pleasure she was so good at giving the others. He did his best to imagine that as Diane and Tara continued their tickling, which had him writhing every which way in his restraints.

As always, Diane could read him like a book. "Tara," she said, "I do believe I know what Andrew is expecting at the end of the rainbow here."

"Well, it'll only be fair to Margaret, won't it?" Tara said. "Besides, you said..."

"I said we'd stop tickling him after she gets us all off. I didn't say I'd let them anywhere near each other!"

"Oh, but Diane, it is Christmas!" Through all this, neither Tara nor Diane let up on their tickling; now they were stroking the feathers in time with their comments. "It's the season of giving, and Margaret certainly is giving."

"If she's not big enough to keep her panties on all day, perhaps she's not big enough to get her presents," Diane opined. "As for Andrew here, I think he's enjoying every bit of this. Aren't you, Andrew?" She gave him a particularly sadistic swipe between his inner thighs as she asked.

"Oh, uh, no, Diane! I accept my punishment!" He had to say it fairly loudly to be heard over Ariana's intense moans as she squeezed Margaret's head between her knees and ground into her lips again and again. Andrew suspected she'd already come once and had managed to evade Diane's notice. But it was no use to protest.

Margaret was free to protest, as no one could understand what she was saying with a mouthful of Ariana's pussy. Ariana, of course, thrilled to each vibration as Margaret complained. "Yes, say that again!" Ariana grunted. "Perfect!"

"Ah smmmf, oo orrrdy mffff!" Margaret squeezed Ariana's calves as hard as she could, but that only intensified Ariana's pleasure as she continued flailing away.

"That's soo good!" Ariana said between shallow breaths. "So good!"

Margaret saw her opportunity, and began speaking non-stop. "I want to fuck Andrew all night while you watch, you bitch!" was what she really said, but all the others heard was more gibberish...and Ariana's uncontrollable screeches as she came to an orgasm she couldn't hope to hide.

"Ohhhhh..." At last Ariana slipped off Margaret onto the other side of the bed, exhausted.

"Ariana?" Diane said. "You're not done, you know."

"I already tickled Andrew," Ariana said, curling up and not opening her eyes.

"And you double dipped on Margaret," Diane said with a laugh. "Yes, of course I noticed that. Besides, we said the torture would continue until we've all had our turn with Margaret." Undoing her bra and then swinging it at Ariana like a whip, she added, "And I haven't had my turn yet."

"Can I torture him some other way?" Ariana sat up, not wanting another whelp from Diane's bra, and joined the others in watching Diane slide her panties down.

Diane looked down at her own lush bush, and smiled. "I believe you can, Ariana." Rather than sitting on Margaret's face, she ordered Ariana off the bed and lay down in her place beside Margaret. "Tara, come over here," she said.

Tara dropped the feather duster, giving Andrew a reprieve at last, and stood at the foot of the bed. "Yes, Diane?"

"What do you think Andrew would think of the view you've got, Tara?" Diane asked. "Two full bushes at his command?"

"Well, I think he'd kill for it, Diane," Tara said.

"And what if I ordered him to finger Margaret and me at once?"

"Can't imagine a better Christmas present for a guy like him," Tara cooed.

"Oh, God!" Andrew whined in longing.

"I do believe you're right," Diane said. "But he won't be getting that present just now, Tara. You will."

"Oh!" Andrew couldn't help snapping.

"That's enough out of you, Andrew," Diane said. "If you can't behave yourself, you won't even get to watch. Ariana, since you're so greedy tonight, why don't you climb on and block his view?"

"Gladly!" Ariana lost no time in straddling the armchair and Andrew's face. "Andrew, you really need to learn to appreciate a dainty bush like mine anyway!" she teased, just before she clutched his head in both hands and clamped his mouth onto her vulva.

Andrew, knowing as always there was no use in resisting, set to work on giving Ariana yet another round. His hands itched to caress her back while he licked and sucked, but they were still locked down.

"Oh, that's nice!" Ariana egged him on. "Never mind the others! Just suck my nice hairless little clitty! Isn't it so much easier to find!" Her teasing was just as torturous as the harmonious lusty groans of Margaret and Diane on the bed, and he couldn't hope to ignore either one, nor his longing to be the one playing in their furry pussies, Margaret's especially. Still, giving Ariana such pleasure was better than nothing, and no longer being tickled was quite welcome as well.

Having guessed Ariana's game last time, Andrew made it his business not to let her hide anything this time, and he licked and sucked hard and fast. It worked, for he had her shrieking loudly enough to be only a little bit aware when Diane's orgasm rang out. On that note, he bore down even harder on Ariana and pushed her to the loudest screams of the evening; he did not want to have to overhear Margaret's orgasm if he couldn't be a part of it!

He didn't overhear it, for Tara wasn't nearly as dexterous with her left hand as with her right, and Diane declared the game over once she had come down from her own orgasm. "That's enough, Tara."

"But Margaret hasn't..."

"And she won't, not just yet."

Ariana, having curled up atop Andrew, asked, "Are you finally going to let the poor two dears at one another, Diane?"

Diane sat up and stretched, but didn't answer Ariana. Instead she told her, "Come down from there and help Tara untie Margaret." She stood up and got the key off the dresser, and unlocked Andrew. "Now get out of my chair, dear, you know the rules."

"I sure do!" Gratefully Andrew stood up, and gazed in admiration as Margaret stretched out, newly free from her restraints as well. "Diane, may I? May we?"

"Merry Christmas, Andrew and Margaret," Diane said, settling herself in her chair. Ariana and Tara knew to draw back from the bed and settle themselves on the loveseat over by the closet, and Margaret opened her arms to Andrew.

"Get over here, Andrew," she purred. "Somebody's hungry for you..."

Andrew floated across the room into her waiting embrace. At long last he placed a kiss on her lips and a gentle hand in her bush. Savoring her passionate sighs in his ear, he ran his fingers through the lush hair and felt the promising first warm wetness, and he heard Margaret say...

"How's the setup going?"

"Setup?" Andrew looked up from the table full of jumbled party favors and sloppy origami napkins that he'd been slowly bringing into order all morning. "Oh, right, the party! Sorry, Margaret, my mind was wandering." He looked up to see her in the conference room doorway, dressed in a green velvet dress for the library party that afternoon. Little wonder that had sent him off daydreaming!

"That seems to happen to you a lot when you're on your own in here," she said, helping herself to a seat across the table from him. "I mean, no offense, you know, I like daydreamers!"

"Then you must love me," he said. "Sorry, just it's such mindless work, you know?"

"Not too mindless, I hope," said Diane, appearing in the doorway with a stack of binders on her way to the supply closet. She was followed closely by Ariana, who had more binders. "We do have a reputation to uphold for overthinking these things, Andrew."

"And it's your last hurrah here, isn't it?" Ariana added. "I hear you got a teaching fellowship next semester?"

Andrew nodded. "I'm going to miss this place."

He turned to Margaret and was about to say he'd been planning to tell her, when Tara shuffled in with a phone message for Diane. "The caterers, Diane," she said in her usual just-above-a-whisper voice, which Andrew would always love. He admired her there in the doorway in her sensible sweater and skirt as usual, wanting to frame the image.

"More stupid questions, no doubt," Diane said once she'd set the binders down. "I'm getting to the point where I'd like to get those guys in this room and tie them down until they do their job."

Andrew tried to stifle his laugh, but couldn't. Diane didn't notice, as she was following Tara back out to their desks, but Ariana did. "What's so funny, Andrew?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you, Ariana," he said. "Sorry, just, every time Diane says something like that..."

"She's a great boss, isn't she?" Ariana said. "I'll bet you're going to miss her."

"I sure am," Andrew agreed.

He and Margaret watched in silence as Ariana went back to her desk. As soon as they were alone together, Margaret said, "You're leaving?"

"I was going to tell you at the party," Andrew said. "Want to go get lunch and talk about it?"

"Sure," Margaret said, standing up. "But why did you want to wait until the party?"

"Well," Andrew said with a shy grin, "I was thinking, now that we won't be working together anymore, if you'd like to go see a movie sometime..."

"Andrew! Yes!" Margaret's smile melted his heart, and the relief was palpable. "I've, honestly, been hoping you'd ask and wondering why you hadn't. But good thinking, as long as we're working together." As she gathered up her coat and mittens from her desk, she cast a slightly wary eye across the cubicles to Diane. "I don't suppose she'd have approved either, huh?" she asked Andrew.

Andrew managed to keep a straight face as he said, "Yeah, she probably would have tried to keep us apart." Watching her put her mittens on, he couldn't resist another such comment. "Those are really cute," he said. "So fuzzy!"

"Well, Andrew," Margaret said, too softly for anyone but him to hear her. "I'm a fuzzy kind of gal!"

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Three adults under the control of one gorgeous woman? Very sexy!

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