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After the Prom


[This story follows closely an account I heard as a young man in 1969, from a technical school in northern England, and which has fired my imagination ever since.]


It was a new school for David and he'd been there only for two terms when the year came to an end. He was 18 years old and had attended four schools in the previous five years because his father was in the military. Wherever father was posted, David was moved there and his education suffered as a result. But some aspects of it were enhanced, as we'll see. His next move should be to university or technical college, but he was unsure of the outcome of his last examinations. The end of school-year loomed and he felt none of the excitement of his fellow students.

Of course, David made few friends, if any, in the true sense of the word. But he was a good athlete and acquired a quick following of both boys and girls who admired his prowess and his physique.

"You going to the end-of-year Ball?" asked Roy, one of his classmates.

"Dunno. When is it?" he replied.

"Next week -- Friday. You might like it but I'm not going. All that dressing up and teachers. You know? But some of us have a special thing lined up when it's finished. Wanna come with us? Just a few of us and some girls. Should be good. Yeah?"

"OK," he agreed and then forgot the conversation amid the other end-of-term arrangements everyone had to make.

The following Thursday, Roy caught up with him at the school gate and asked, "Tomorrow night -- after the Ball? Yeah?"

"Oh, yeah. Where is it?"

"Meet you at the school car park gate. Then we'll go on from there. About 11 pm. OK? Easy clothes; yeah? I'll be in shorts."

David realized he knew nothing about this party.

"What'll we be doing? What sort of party?"

Roy laughed.

"Doing? We'll be doing girls, of course. See you then." And he dashed off.

David was taken aback. Although he'd had a few girl friends, for short times at his various schools over the past year or so, he had very little experience of sex. His first attempt had been farcical, and ended with the girl's older sister walking in on them and making a big fuss. The only other time had lasted two minutes and he's emptied his sperms in her pubic hair; even before he's managed to get inside. She hadn't been pleased and let him know it for certain. Now he was lining himself up for a public sex event, and he felt that he knew nothing and was bound to fail again. Still, testosterone is a powerful hormone and his curiosity exceeded his apprehension; as it should in a fit young man.

And so, the following evening, he lied to his parents that he was going to the end-of-year Ball. He left the house at 8 o'clock and wandered round the city for three hours. He had a coffee; he looked in the shop windows; he got totally bored. But eventually, he ended up at the school car park and met Roy and another boy, who drove an aged Volkswagen van. David climbed in the back, along with four others; all strangers. He was quiet; partly deliberately and partly out of apprehension over his anticipated poor public performance later in the evening. After 15 minutes, they arrived at a strange building on the outskirts of the city. He had no idea where he was.

Roy was there already and came straight to David. Roy was dressed in football shorts and a rugby shirt, with sleeves, and white trainers. David gave a quick glance at himself: grey track suit bottom, dark blue sweat shirt, and black trainers. "Not too bad," he thought. It was a warm summer evening and he wondered if he was going to be too hot with all these clothes on.

"Hi. You ready? I think you're gonna like this. It's great. The girls are here."

"OK," replied David, not knowing what other response to make. He felt quite out of place and uncertain about the whole thing, "Where do we go?"

"Come in here and do what I do," said Roy and he chuckled to himself but loud enough for David to hear and wonder what it meant.

And so he followed Roy, first though a door into a changing room with lockers, where 12 or 15 others were taking their trousers off and hanging them up. Except Roy of course, since he was in shorts already. Everyone else kept on their shorts or briefs, and their shoes; or sandals in some cases. There was a quiet mumbling sound from the group of young men, a sort-of muffled excitement. And David realized that many of them were already erect inside their underwear. He wasn't and he knew why. Just too nervous.

From the changing room, they all trouped through another door into a dark room that smelled to David like an automobile workshop; but there was insufficient light to see the far edges of the space. Roy came to him.

"Look. It's gonna be like this. We're gonna lie in those two channels. They're clean and there's lots of towels and stuff to lie on. Then the girls come in and straddle the channels, like, walking over us. OK? Down one channel and up the other; and then round again. We can touch 'em anywhere we can reach with one hand; OK? You know -- anywhere? These girls are ready for, like, anything. Right?"

"Right. Okaaaay," replied David uncertainly.

"One o' the girls will get an orgasm. One of 'em always does. One or other of 'em. You know?"

"Oh, yeah. OK?" For the first time, David felt a stirring in his shorts, as his erection started to build at the prospect of so much sexuality and such freedom to make contact with young women. He assumed they'd be young. Surely no mature or older woman would take part in this.

"After one of 'em does, you just watch and join in with whatever you want," Roy continued, "and I mean, like, whatever. These girls are ready for anything, like I said. OK? Come on. Where d'you wanna lie?"

"Dunno. Where's good?" asked David, wondering if there was a priority place for newcomers, or if older boys had their favorite places.

Roy pointed to a place about half way along the second channel. David did a quick calculation and realized that each channel was about 20 inches wide, a foot deep, and 25 yards long; and they were maybe 6 feet apart. About as long as a swimming pool, taken both together. And the girls were going to straddle the channels all that way? With legs wide open? And he could reach up to them? His erection reinforced a little more. He took his place and lay down on a collection of towels and something that felt like curtain fabric. Then the already-dim lighting was turned down even further and David sensed that something was about to happen.

From his position, lying 18 inches below the floor, David pulled himself up and glanced over at the start of the first channel. He could see two girls starting to straddle the channel; and what girls! The front one was dressed only in a long bra that had suspenders attached at her waist and held up stockings very tightly against her pubic area. And she was in high heels although he couldn't see so close to the ground. He could tell by the way she was walking, and her thighs were stretching as she spread her legs.

The other girl he could see at his first glance was dressed in just a shiny black bra and thigh-length heeled boots. She was waiting behind the first girl and was practicing spreading her legs. She was bending her knees and crouching as much as her boots would allow.

Then the first girl started her wide-leg walk along the channel and David saw an arm reach up between her legs. She didn't stop or even slow down but made her unhurried way forward. Placing one foot forward and then switching her weight onto the other leg over 2 feet away, before swinging that leg forward; and then repeating the exercise. David could not really see, but he could guess, that the arm and its hand had reached up and fondled her labia, her clitoris, maybe penetrated her. He couldn't see but his imagination was working at double speed.

Before he rested down back in his channel position, he saw the second girl start her walk, because she was a shorter girl, her legs seemed even further apart. Also, he got a final glimpse of the queue of girls moving forward; he could see 8 or 10 girls and wondered to himself how many there would be altogether.

Lying there, waiting for the first girl to come along, David was pleased to feel his erection tight inside his briefs. No, not pleased; he was delighted, excited and proud to be so big and stiff. He felt ready for whatever was to come. He reached down and released himself a little from the restriction of his briefs, so that his swollen bulb protruded above the waist band.

Before he was ready, the first girl came waddling towards him. He saw the arm and hand of the previous boy reaching up and stroking her pubic hair but failing to make any headway into her labia and definitely not inside her. Quickly, even without thought, he determined to do "better" and reached up as she struggled to walk across him, pushing against the floor either side of the channel with her high-heeled shoes. She was moving slowly but still more quickly than he expected. He reached up his right hand before she reached him and laid it on her pubic mound. His intention was to press his middle finger into her labia and so find the opening. The plan didn't work: she'd moved forward in one strangled stride so that his finger was left brushing against her buttock instead.

David thought to himself, "This is not so easy as I thought. Next time, I'll move quickly." At the thought, his erection throbbed with anticipation. She was coming to him; the girl in the high boots.

Only two seconds later, she was over him and he looked up to see the boot tops and the outline of her mound, and the curve of her thighs. His hand was ready. He didn't smooth his hand to her pubic area; he just pressed upwards with his fist and his middle finger pointing into her. This time he managed to feel the crack of her labia, the warmth and moisture of her vaginal opening. And he got a sense of yielding flesh before she moved out of his reach and was gone.

Before the next girl arrived at his position, he lifted his hand to his nostrils and smelled the sex of the girl who'd just passed. His erection was now painful and he reached down with his left hand to push his briefs further down, no longer restricting his stiffness. Here she came.

With the experience of his two previous attempts, he moved quickly to press his middle finger into her lips and into her vagina, even before she was standing over him. He wiggled his finger a little and noticed her wetness. He saw also that she was dressed in an old-style open girdle with suspenders and stockings. Her breasts were just in view and he could see the firm control of a pointed bra. He wiggled his finger inside her, again, before she moved on. She was very wet and he felt her juices running down the back of his hand and onto his wrist.

Now David was into his rhythm for touching, feeling and probing the next girl. Even as she came within reach, he plunged two fingers into her vagina and was immediately surprised that they entered with so little resistance. She was running wet and hot, and she staggered as he felt the ridged smoothness of her tunnel. And then she was gone, leaving him ravenous for sexual relief. With his left hand, he reached down and clutched his testicles together alongside his swollen shaft. He was on the point of ejaculation but didn't want to come at that moment. Then he heard a noise behind him, emanating from the last girl he'd touched.

The next girl didn't come along as he expected, and he realised that people were sitting and standing up. David raised himself on one elbow to see what was happening. Roy came alongside him and nudged him,

"Now. She's come. We can have her now."

By the time David had lifted himself out of the channel and walked the three or four steps to the next position, where the girl must have had her orgasm, she was no longer visible. Boys were all over her body and all he could see of her were her feet sticking out from between various male legs, and her hands holding onto two penises. Her head, her breasts, torso, stomach, and her pubic area were all covered by male bodies. She was sandwiched between two particular boys, lying on her back against one of them and looking up into the face of the other. David realised that she was being filled up by penises in her vagina and anus. Even as he watched, another penis appeared and entered her mouth. She was totally covered and occupied by male flesh. David thought there were eight men working on her. His own erection was now gigantic and painful; a sensation new to him.

For some minutes, but it seemed very quick to David, the mass of human bodies jerked and undulated, causing her to buck and stretch. Then men began to come and ejaculate on her, into her, across her. He could see her legs and arms going stiff, as if in a sort of rigour fit. She must have felt all the seminal fluid pouring into her body, and across her skin and clothing even as she lay there practically hidden by men.

One by one, the men lifted themselves off her and she lay on a towel, on the floor, with her eyes half-closed from exhaustion. She was sweating and dripping white fluids from her body; wherever there was an orifice. And also little rivers of sperm ran across her bra, the girdle, her stockings and her face. The stockings had not survived: they were laddered shreds, now streaked with sweat and sperm; and David thought he could detect piss and shit as well. He was so far away from her, maybe 10 feet, and thought he was too late to enjoy her body. But Roy came to him and said,

"Well; do you want a go on her? Before she goes out of the game? She'll do anything you want."

David looked and thought he wouldn't be able to see it through; not with everyone watching him "performing solo," so to speak.

"Hmm. No. I'll wait 'til another time. OK?"

"Yeah. Great. It's up to you. Let's get down again."

They went back to their positions in the channel and the procession of girls resumed. David wondered if any of the boys and dropped out now, as well as the "done" girl. He didn't have much time to wonder as the first girl came to him. Obviously, the girls carried on in their turn from where they left off. He reached up and made all the movements he'd learned from previous girls. This time he got two fingers between her labia and his middle finger into her vagina. She was as wet as the previous one he recalled from ten minutes earlier. And then she moved on, waddling forward dressed in only her bra and thigh-high hold-up stockings.

David took a quick glance at the next girl and was roused immediately by her appearance. She was covered in a tight corset from her breasts to her groin, and stockings attached by many suspenders; he couldn't count how many but there were more than four or six. She was walking in heels and struggling to make progress walking because of the restriction of her corset. She got to his hand and dripped her wetness on his legs even before she reached his hand. He pressed upwards and could feel the hard edge of the corset over her pubic area, next to the smooth but slightly hair wet mound. He pressed his fingers along her crack and felt her engorged clitoris: bigger than he'd ever heard about. This girl had a clitoris like a short penis. He didn't look because he was concentrating on her opening but he could tell that she was hot and wet, and very close to orgasm. As she moved across him, he heard her make a sound in her throat. Something between, "Oooh" and "Arrrrgh". He opened his eyes fully and stared up at her receding bottom, even as his hand felt along her crack and into her anal region. He could feel her puckered anus as she slowed down and he continued to press.

Suddenly, she stopped and placed her hands on her thighs. She tried to bring her legs together as the orgasm overtook her, but was in danger of falling with the tension in her muscles. David jumped up from his position and took hold of her from behind, partly to steady to her but also because he knew that his opportunity had come.

The girl slumped forward onto her knees, still with David holding her thighs in his palms. She leaned further forward and rested on her elbows. Taking one hand from a hip, he pushed the front of his briefs down and behind his testicles; releasing his erection at last. Leaning forward against her, with the same hand he guided himself into her lips and then felt her body yielding before him. Suddenly, against his expectation or experience, he was inside her and moving rhythmically. He felt his own orgasm building within the warm wet clamour of her vagina. And when it came, it was quick and big and made him tingle from his penis-end to his feet, and to his hands on her hips. He made an involuntary grunt, as he emptied himself into her.

As soon as he was done, before he withdrew, others were gathering around them and there were hands all over the girl. She was practically lifted off him, and off her knees, and carried a short distance away. On her back, on a thick towel, she was laid on top of a big rather overweight boy who entered her anus. Another took her in her dripping vagina and a third pumped into her open mouth. For a second time, he saw a girl totally occupied by men and almost invisible from sight by the press of other around her; feeling and touching her breasts, her hands, her buttocks as they quivered under the pounding from the boys. One by one, the boys came into her and she was left a sopping, exhausted, twisted doll; dripping from all openings. She was led away by two other girls, presumably to be cleaned up and revived somewhat.

David resumed his place in the channel and the procession of girls continued, now with one fewer. And so the evening went on. He enjoyed feeling at so many girls and looking at their outfits. Some plain and girly, others titillating, and yet others grossly raunchy and overtly erotic. His own particular liking was for stockings and suspenders, and something tight over their waists. There were a few of these and he was well pleased with the procession.

After maybe 40 minutes, David found himself gaining erection again as he looked up into the pubic area of a black girl dressed in white stockings attached to a shiny tight satin waspie. He thrust his hand into her as far as he could in the few seconds available to him; almost three fingers bunched into a cone. And then she was gone -- but only for a moment. At the next boy she gave out her own orgasm scream and began to fall from her straddled walk. That boy got her in a straight missionary position and came very soon; too soon perhaps for his liking; but she was filled and then available. In his excited state, David almost ran to her and got a position near her head as she was being taken from behind in a kneeling position. With no preparation and no concern for anyone else, David's testosterone took over and he entered her mouth. She opened her lips and her teeth and let him thrust as far as the back of her throat. She bucked slightly as he touched her uvula and then the roof of her throat. He made the effort not to push any further, but to concentrate his efforts on her lips and the roof of her mouth between her teeth. Once more, he came quickly; this time with only a little fluid from his depleted vesicles.

As he finished in her, he was pulled away; to be replaced by another boy who resumed the assault on her mouth and throat. David watched and cradled his flagging penis in both hands, as the girl was mounted by no fewer than eight boys in one position or another. At the finish, she was another sopping, exhausted, twisted doll; dripping from all openings.

David resumed his position and enjoyed the sights and sensations for the rest of the evening, until all the girls had completed their walks and been duly filled and manhandled. The final girl was short, very shapely, clearly aroused but not yet orgasmic. She was dressed in the most erotic outfit David could imagine. A black all-in-one with a zipper all the way up the front; eight black suspenders to shiny black stockings; and high heeled court shoes. She was the classic underwear fashion plate of the period.

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