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She flipped down mirror visor for another quick look. "Too much?" She said to herself as she wiggled and craned her neck to get a better view. It had taken almost an hour to tame her curly red hair to a mild wave, which she rarely took the time to do. She always liked the look though, much better than the wound tight bun she wore to most classes. Much of her attire was different than what she wore on her morning treks across campus. She wore a short, floral sundress where she typically had yoga pants and a baggy tshirt. Gone were her grungy boat shoes that were always unlaced, replaced by a simple pair of black flats. She even wore a perfume she had only used a handful of times. The only thing that remained the same was giant, awkward folder that held her paper and supplies, which she had nearly forgotten on her way out of the door.

Maggie wasn't sure what exactly prompted her to actually "try" to look good tonight. It was only her professor, Mr. James, and Kayla, another student. Maybe it was the way he seemed to linger over her drawings as he made his rounds. Or maybe it was the way he guided her hand through simple strokes. It could even have been the way Kayla constantly seemed to get his attention, either by her attire or actions. Kayla was your typical sorority girl. She constantly wore cute outfits that always seemed to show off her stunning figure, and always had hair and make-up done for an 8:30 class. She was easy to hate. She looked great, and was actually an incredible artist. Maggie knew she needed no help, especially with figure drawing, something she excelled at.

All of these thoughts ran through her mind as she made her way to the front door of the small house, constantly fussing with her hair the whole way. "Well, here goes nothing."

knock knock

"Oh hello there Maggie!" Mr. James greeted as he swung open the door. "Right on time. Kayla is just getting her things ready. I only have the one, so we may need to take turns." He gestured across the open room, where Kayla gave a forced, though cheerful, smile from behind an easel.

"Ah, of course." Maggie managed. She was actually 15 minutes early. She hoped to beat Kayla here. Whereas Maggie tried to doll herself up, it seemed as though Kayla was going for a different look. She wore too tight yoga pants, and sat cross legged on a stool. She had a great ass, Maggie had to admit, and these yoga pants certainly accentuated them well. She also wore a spaghetti strapped pink top, with apparently no bra underneath. While the top managed to hide her breasts, her nipples poked through in the cool air. She had done her hair well though, signaling she knew exactly what she was doing.

"Maggie, Kayla has actually volunteered to model for you since she already feels comfortable with the subject matter." He smiled towards Kayla. What did he mean?

Kayla stood up and sauntered towards the middle of the room. "What pose would you like me in Mr. James? Something like this?" She cocked her hip, bending a knee and popping her butt out.

"Why don't we work with that!" he said, excited and a bit flustered. Maggie wanted to roll her eyes, but couldn't help stare. As much as she hated Kayla, she had to admit she was incredibly attractive. She clearly worked out, made obvious by her tight legs and round, bubble butt. Ever her naked arms had some definition to them, and her breasts were naturally round. Her brunette hair fell to her shoulders, and parted perfectly on her face. "Maggie, why don't you set up at the easel?" He gestured towards it, but didn't take his eyes off of the pose struck by Kayla in the middle.

All set up, Maggie began to make some of the basic lines. She was to Kayla's side, so she had a perfect view of where her ass met her thigh. Kayla's clothing was tight enough to see the obvious curves of her body, and Maggie felt she was doing decent justice to her model. It was actually quite nice to draw someone so fit. Most of the subjects had been flabby old men and women with more sagging skin than Maggie cared to see.

"Yes Maggie," Mr. James uttered over her shoulder. "Your gesture lines are spot on, I can tell where each feature lies. I know a clothed model isn't ideal, but you are doing well!" It was reassuring to hear such positive comments despite the strange circumstances. She continued her drawing, but like he said, the clothing was limiting once the basic shapes were there. The dark fabric of the yoga pants gave no real shadow to the skin, and Kayla's pink top was far too loose to give any real idea of skin texture.

"I think this is about as good as it is going to get," Maggie sighed. It was a superb, though unfinished piece. She knew her figure was excellent, and even some of the basic shadows were there. But it looked more like a mannequin than the model that sat before her.

"Ah well, it looks excellent with what we are given! I know you really need to work on the finer details though. You too, Kayla. I have an idea, and this isn't something I typically do. But I know you two ladies will be professional with it. I will be the nude model, and provide some critiques when you are finished. The two of you will have to share the easel, but if you each take half it shouldn't be all that difficult. Is that okay?"

"Of course!" Kayla chimed as she popped out of her pose.

"Uh, okay!" Maggie tried to sound cheerful, but was somewhat overwhelmed by it all. What was happening? First her cute classmate poses seductively, and now her hot young teacher was willing to stand naked in front of two students?

"Great! Well, uh, lets get started!" he said a bit awkwardly. He began to unbutton his shirt, and soon took off his white tee underneath. He was surprisingly toned, and had light hair running down his chest. Unbuckling his pants, he turned his back to the girls. He wore a dark pair of boxer briefs, which he took off after a moment of hesitation. "Er, ok then. Ready?"

"Yup!" Chirped Kayla, eyes glued.

He slowly turned. His chest hair ran down to trimmed but dark pubic hair. His legs were toned, as though he were a runner. Muscles defined his white legs, creating nice depth to his figure. Wow Maggie, that is what I am thinking at a time like this? To top it all off, his cock was exquisite. It was decently sized, with a pink little head poking out. While it was flaccid, it seemed as though some of the veins were pulsing.

"I think you make a fine model, Mr. James!" Her boobs jiggled in the pink top as she made this exclamation.

"Hehe, well thank you. Well, get to drawing ladies."

This time, Maggie had trouble focusing. Between Kayla's tight clothing and perfume only inches away, and Mr. James body in front of her, she had only made slight progress.

"Mr. James, do you do crossfit? Your calves are incredible!"

"Uh, no. I cycle. Thank you for the compliment though." He flushed.

"Well I can tell. I am so surprised you aren't married!" Kayla teased with a playful tone.

"Oh you know, no time for dating." While he said it dismissively, Maggie noticed something. His dick had begun to slightly pulse and throb.

Maggie peeked over at Kayla's drawing, and to her amazement, she had done almost nothing. There were some gesture lines, sure, but they were in all the wrong places. It was very rudimentary, almost as if it were from a first year student. Kayla caught Maggie's stare, and only offered a wry smile.

"How are the drawings coming ladies?" He said nervously.

"Fine." Maggie said succinctly.

"It is alright." Kayla gave a fake sigh. "But this is just such basic pose. Maybe we could do something a bit more...dynamic?"

"Oh? What do you have in mind?"

"Let me show you!" She stood up with a bounce, and walked towards him. Her ass jiggled just slightly as she paced towards the naked instructor. She put a hand on his waist. "Let me think, hmm..."

"Uh, ok!" He wriggled out. Her hand lingered as she hummed. Something else had perked up too. His cock began to pulse harder, growing in size rhythmically until is stood at full attention. "Oh, I am so sorry. This is terribly unprofessional. It is just that..."

"Shh..." she hushed. She knew exactly what was happening. Her hand moved from his waist to the base of his dick. "Is this helping?"

"Ohhh..." was all the entranced professor could manage. Maggie sat in her seat, shocked. What in the HELL was going on?!? Yet she couldn't help but stare at the scene. Kayla slowly stroked the throbbing cock up and down, ever so gently.

"You getting this Maggie?" She smiled back to the stunned little redhead. It was a striking scene. Kayla, with her tight ass turned towards her looking over her shoulder, and Mr. James toned body heaving each time she stroked him. She was entranced. "Or am I in the way?" she snickered as she squatted low, her ass nearly bursting out of the yoga pants. She winked, now turning her attention to the cock that was now looking her square in the face. She placed her tongue underneath the tip, and began lightly tapping it. This elicited a moan from the helpless artist, who seemed to be lost in his own world. Soon, Kayla began kissing up and down the shaft, eventually popping the pink head into her mouth. She slurped loudly, making a show of it. Probably has plenty of practice. Slut.

Despite her shock and confusion, Maggie couldn't help but be turned on. The slurping and smacking Kayla was making was incredible, and her wavy brunette hair bounced along. Her back curving down towards her excellent rear, and her tight thighs held in the squat.

"Come here Maggie," Kayla managed between breaths. Wordlessly, Maggie stood up to get closer. I am already this far in. Kayla gestured with her hand to sit beside her. Lifting her skirt slightly, she knelt. It was an incredible view. Mr. James was sweating, and his body was tightening up with each smack of Kayla's lips. He was about to cum, Maggie knew. Kayla picked up her pace, her hand twisting around the base with each slurp.

"Mmmm..." he began rocking his hips into her painted lips. "Oh, here it is..." He gave one large rock forward, and as he did, Kayla took her mouth from his cock and began pumping furiously with her hand. She shifted his cock ever so slightly, pointing it right at Maggie. He let loose a thick, sticky rope that hit her right on the lips. Another ran down her neck, and yet another splashed right onto her bright floral dress, leaving a dark, wet mark. Kayla's smile stretched across her face.

"Oh, I am SO sorry! Let me help you clean that up." Kayla leaned in, and kissed Maggie squarely on the lips. As she kissed, she lapped her tongue around, lapping at the cum. Maggie blushed under her pale, freckled cheeks, but did not pull away. It was an incredible sensation, and she slipped her tongue in and out as well. "Oh!" The response was surprising to Kayla. Smiling, she leaned in for another wet kiss, swapping the cum once again. Maggie finally swallowed the salty load, and looked up. Mr. James was wide eyed, his mouth agape. But his cock was already hardening again.

"Kayla...Maggie..." was all he could manage.

Maggie pulled away. The cum on her neck had run down her cleavage, and the stain on her dress was drying. I guess I might as well commit. She began to slide the dress over her head, and soon it was a pile on the floor beside her. Maggie had wide shoulders and hips, signs of her athleticism. Where Kayla was a petite, tight-bodied party girl, Maggie was a much more tom-girl style of beauty. While she was athletic, he skin was soft and pale. Her reddish hair and bright green eyes stood out again her white, freckled skin. She wore a nude, strapless bra, and pink and white polka dotted underwear.

"Wow Mags," Kayla said as she looked her up. Her tone was hungry, and she bit her lip slightly as she arched an eyebrow. "You never showed this under those frumpy clothes!" Even when she was impressed, she found a way to insult. "Guess it really isn't fair if I'm the only one dressed!" She stood up, and pulled the pink top off with an extended stretch. As she reached, her breasts became tight against her toned body, with hardly an ounce of fat. She was tan, even right up around her nipples. Maggie had heard about the girls tanning nude atop the Alpha Sig house, but she had just brushed it off as frat talk fantasies. She then hooked her thumbs into her yoga pants, and slowly bent down and removed them. She wore no panties. Thirsty slut. She bent over, and her tanned ass was only inches from Maggie's face. She could smell the dampness and musk of her crotch. She then turned around, hands on her hips, presenting herself. She had perfectly bald, waxed pussy lips, with the slightest crack inside. Again, completely tanned. She was hot, no doubt about that.

Mr. James stood and watched the spectacle, his cock already red and pulsing again. His eyes were locked onto Kayla's body, which glistened with a light sweat. Oh you aren't going to be stealing this show. Maggie stood, standing shoulder to shoulder with the sorority skank. She looked the smiling teacher in the eye as she unhooked her bra strap and dropped it to the floor with a smirk. She was a full D cup, much larger and full than Kayla's petite chest. They were stark white, with light freckles running down to her puffy pink nipples. They sagged a tad, but were held up by a muscular core. The then slipped out of her panties, revealing a red, hairy bush about her pale little pussy. It was already damp. Wide hips narrowed down to full but athletic thighs and calves.

Stepping forward, Maggie kissed him full on the lips, grabbing his red hot member tightly as her tongue explored his mouth. She was confident, and felt sexy. It was a great kiss, until she felt something from behind. What is happening to my ass? She felt pressure, then felt a warmth working its way around her hole. Kayla was kissing and smacking at her butthole with her tongue. It was an incredible experience, and one she had never had before. Kayla's hands spread her thick, freckled cheeks, working her tongue in and out. Maggie moaned as she flicked her tongue in and out of the teachers mouth. She could do this all night long, but Kayla soon stopped the action, standing up. Maggie pulled away. "Why did you stop?"

Kayla was licking her lips as if she had just eaten something sweet. "Because it is my turn now. You, on your back." She demanded to Maggie. Though hesitant, Maggie complied. She lay on the floor, her knees bent, spread wide. Her bright crotch was open to the air. Kayla went to her knees, straddling her. She smiled, then laid on top, slipping her tongue into Maggie's waiting mouth. It was an incredible kiss, the best Maggie had ever had. Despite her misgivings, Kayla was an incredible lay. Her tongue whipped in and out, and she nibbled delicately on Maggie's lower lip. Maggie moaned with each kiss, but soon a long, hard moan escaped Kayla, and she tightened up on top. Maggie broke the kiss and peered around, where she saw Mr. James mounting Kayla's upraised rear end. It was a nice sight, with the tight young coed's excellent ass bouncing with each thrust, which also shook Maggie's body on the floor. Kayla leaned back into the kissed, but with much more passion. She thrust her tongue fiercely into Maggie, and squeezed her tit as she did so.

Kayla began to shake with each thrust. Sweat dripped from her brow onto Maggie's forehead, and she started grunting like an animal. "Mmmm...yes. Fuck me. Fuck me! FUCK ME HARDERRR!!" She arched her back, and grabbed Mr. Jones and pulled her atop him. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she let loose a scream. She slumped over, her sweaty body resting on Maggie's. Mr. Jones pulled out, still rock hard and bright red. He hasn't cum yet. That is mine.

Maggie quickly rolled Kayla off of her. The tight little sorority girl closed her eyes and breathed heavy on the floor. She began to lightly finger herself, content to laze where she was. Maggie took the initiative, and pushed Mr. Jones onto his back. She quickly mounted him, slipping his already wet cock deep inside on the first go. "Ohhh..." he let loose. It felt incredible. The young teacher was much bigger than any of the few men she had been with. It struck deeper that she had ever felt before. Instead of bouncing up and down, Maggie ground her hips into his, meshing her fiery red hairs into his darker ones. She rocked her hips back and forth, ensuring she felt every inch of his impressive cock. She quickened her pace, using his cock for her personal need. Her legs quaked, but her rhythm remained. Her body tightened alongside his. A tingle went from her crotch all along her back, and she tensed. A whimper escaped her lips, and she came. Deep down, she felt his cock pulsing. She looked down, and realized he was cumming deep inside her. While a tiny piece of her screamed "NO!," but her body was in control. She continued to milk his dick, until she felt it slowly going limp.

"Oh... I wanted that..." Kayla moaned faintly behind her.

"Oh? It's all yours!" Maggie stood up, releasing the cock with a slurp, and walked over to the girl. She squatted, as if she were relieving herself over Kayla's lips. The cum dripped from her crotch, directly onto Kayla's face. She began to sputter and spit, but Maggie sat firmly onto her face, ensuring she didn't miss a drop. "Eat that bitch." She finally stood over the gagging girl, watching her work. Kayla had tears streaming through her makeup, and was still sputtering and choking on the cum Maggie had deposited. Her perfectly manicured face was a mess. Wish I had a picture of this.

Maggie deliberately put her underwear and dress back on, touched up her hair, and began to gather her art supplies. She was completely unconcerned with the two laying on the floor. She had owned them. She opened the front door, and made her way out. "Thanks for the lesson."

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