tagRomanceAfternoon with My First Girlfriend

Afternoon with My First Girlfriend


Hi, this is a story about my first ever girlfriend. While this person and I have fooled around sexually before, we've never gone the whole way. We are still good friends to this day. I met her when I was age 8, and she was age 9. Everything in this story is fictitious, and all names (including my own) have been changed to protect the innocent, and indeed, everyone else. Everyone in this story is over the age of 18. Also please bear in mind that I am Scottish and over here fanny = vagina/pussy/quim/twat or whatever you want to call it, not the bottom/arse/ass/hiney. Apart from that, please enjoy my story!

It was a cool Saturday afternoon, but then again it was January. I was a gray day but it wasn't too cold. I was on my way to the train station to meet a good friend of mine. I've known Grace since I was 8 and she was 9 having met on a summer activity week. She was my first love, and we saw each other on and off throughout our childhood and teen years. More than once I fingered this beautiful woman to orgasm and have loved the way her body responds as she's getting close by shuddering. However this afternoon I was holding out no great hope that anything would happen. She was just coming up to see me and spend sometime in the Scottish seaside town where I bide.

I arrived at the train station about four minutes before her train was due in. I decided therefore to just sit down on one of the metal benches opposite the ticket barrier and mess about with my iPhone, while anxiously checking my watch. Eventually, after a half-hearted game of pool, I heard the unmistakable sound of an inter-city train pulling in. I therefore put my iPhone away and started wandering slowly towards the barrier. A throng of people all moved out, some carrying wheeled suitcases, others backpacks, and some meeting other people who had also been waiting. Eventually I saw Grace's familiar, yet sensuous form walk through the barrier, carrying with her a smallish sized holdall. I must admit every time I see this woman, her physical beauty hits me. While I am 5'8~ she stands just a head shorter than me. She has an amazing hourglass figure complete with the loveliest set of legs you could ever hope to see, which is good for me because I am most certainly a leg man. Also, her body is topped off with a very ample set of breasts. She has a pretty face, with a slight Asian look about her features, topped off with long, dark brown hair which today was parted straight down the middle and framing her face beautifully. On seeing her I immediately went to give her a hug.

"Hi Grace! Lovely to see you!" I said while I held her tightly.

"Great to see you too!" She replied holding me equally as tightly.

This was one of the many qualities Grace possessed; she was not afraid to give you a proper hug. Nowadays, a lot of women like to just tap you on the shoulder a couple of times, as if this pathetic gesture would some way constitute a hug!

After we broke apart, I took her arm and we headed towards the taxi rank. She'd not seen me since I moved to my current home when I took up study at the local university. However here she was finally! She had said she'd like me to show her around, and that she'd like to spend some time on the beach. I was looking forward to her company if I'm honest. She is the sort of person that you can talk to for hours. You could talk well into the night until the sun comes up, and then you could keep right on going until it got dark again! This woman possesses lots of qualities – which is probably why we were together.

Now, we made small talk as we waited in the excessively long line for a taxi. Eventually our taxi game, a silver Mercedes E-class. The driver put Grace's bags in the back and we all climbed into the car and headed off. It was a short drive back to my place which Grace and I passed by continuing our small talk. She was telling me about her recent trip away, and I was telling her about my work.

In no time at all, the taxi pulled up to my house. I paid the driver, who grabbed Grace's bags from the boot and we headed up to my flat. Once inside I put her bags into my bedroom and told her to take a seat in the living room. I went into the kitchen and poured us both a cold smoothie. I bought them in for Grace as I know she likes smoothies. I brought them through to the living room and placed them on my spinning laptop table.

"Fancy a DVD?" I asked, heading for the bookcase?

"Go on then" she said. I decided on Goodness Gracious Me, as I knew that Grace liked that. I fancied some comedy. I powered up the PS3 and slid the DVD in while turning on the TV. Once I'd started the DVD I sat down on the sofa next to Grace and turned to hug her again. We stayed in a tight hug for a while. I started stroking her back and she did the same to me.

"It's really nice to see you again" I softly said to her,

"You to as well, Oliver" She said into my chest. Eventually we broke apart but I kept my arm around her and she put her head on my shoulder.

Now I must confess that at this point, I was not giving the playing DVD much mind. I was more concerned with other things, well, mostly Grace. Being a red-blooded male I just knew I wanted her – not necessarily to get off, but to make her feel good. I have always found having a woman grind up against my fingers while her soft velvety spasming vagina leaked copious amounts of girl-cum.

"You look really nice today" I purred to Grace. She did as well, dressed in dark trousers with a stylish white blouse on. I

"Thanks" She replied back.

I started stroking up and down her arm. She leaned further into me. I therefore reached around and stroking up and down her stomach. I did this for a few minutes while absent-mindedly watching Goodness Gracious me. Sometimes I would catch bits of it – especially the funny parts, and I would chucle. While watching a particularly funny sketch I turned around so I was facing her. As I did so, I pulled the leaver on the side of my sofa which brought the footrest up. I told her she could do the same on her side if she wanted. After putting her footrest up, Grace and I both reclined. I leaned over and resumed stroking her stomach with her other arm, slowly moving lower and lower down. With no sign from her that she wanted me to stop, I moved my hand down so that I was touching the top of her left leg. At this point I thought I would have gone too far, but again she made no move to stop me. I therefore started slowly moving my hand up and down her beautifully shaped thigh. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Grace had the most beautiful legs. I was stroking up and down one of the legs that I had fantasized about being between throughout my teenage years.

After a few minutes I became yet more daring. I moved my fingers further towards the inside of her left leg while moving up and down. After no negative response from Grace I kept on going. After a few moments I let my hand slide up right to the top of her thigh. I felt her other thingh against my fingers, but my small finger was now brushing her mound. Grace still seemed to be okay with my increasingly obvious ministrations. I was now becoming dizzy with excitement, my moth was going dry and my prick was getting hard. I started pushing my hand northwards applying pressure to her vagina. I asked "You OK with this?"

"Yeah" Gasped Grace

Now I started rubbing up and down her trouser-clad fanny. The more I pressed in, the more laboured Grace's breathing became.

"Fancy moving into the bedroom?" I whispered

"Yeah" replied Grace hoarsely.

I took her by the hand and lead her into the bedroom. I closed the door and the curtains I turned to Grace. I started kissing all over her face. I kissed her deeply on the lips and as I did so I started undoing the buttons to her blouse. As I undid each button I started kissing her lower. I kissed Grace several times on the neck, which increased the intensity of her breathing. I then moved down to kiss her delicious breasts. After I had undone her shirt, she shook it off and as she did I reached around and undid her bra releasing her wonderful breasts and as I did so I laid her down on the bed where I continued to kiss and lick each breast, alternating between the left and right tits. Eventually I kissed my way down to the nipples but rather than attacking them I thought I would kiss around one nipple as I fingered the outside of the areola of the other nipple before switching to kissing around the other nipple. The more I kissed and fingered Graces breasts, the closer I would get to her breasts. As I was doing this I started unbuttoning her trousers, and she shuffled them off, along with her black knickers. She was completely exposed to me now, and to what I hoped would by my sensational touch. However I was not ready to attack her vagina just yet. This would have to wait for just now. Finally my kissing got to Grace's left nipple and my hand closed around the right nipple. As I swirled the right nipple around between my fingers sometimes pinching it, I started sucking her left nipple letting my tongue dart around. Grace responded by moaning softly and gyrating her hips. I swapped over and started licking and sucking her right nipple while fingering and pinching the left nipple. After a few more moments of my licking, sucking and fingering of the Grace's tits, I moved my mouth over to her left nipple and started licking the letters of the alphabet. The jagged and straight movements of the straight letters like A or H would combine with the more smooth and curved movements used to form the letters C and S to make the feeling as sensuous as possible for Grace and to me that is all that mattered. The fact that I was turning her on made me impossibly painfully hard. After I had written the alphabet and a few random words on her left tit, I moved on to start the process on her right tit. A ..... B ..... C ....... D ........ again until I was finished writing the alphabet and a couple more words on her sensitive right nipple with my tongue. By now Grace was literally writhing with sexual tension. However I wasn't ready yet go for the ultimate prise. Now I started moving my hand up and down her leg again just as I had done in the living room, but as I got to the top of her thigh I stopped short of her fanny and moved my hand down the other leg. I then moved my hand up, but as before I missed her dripping vagina and ran my hand back down the first leg. I did this a few more times letting my hand stray further each time while Grace moaned "Just fuck me, Oliiii!" Finally as I ran my hand up Grace's leg one final time I was ready to start attacking her hot quim. It really was a sight of beauty. The lips were shaved with some fuzz at the top. Her outer lips were puffy and partly opened like a flower due to her sexual arousal. I started stroking her lips. Up one lip, down the other, up one lip, down the other, until my finger eventually slipped inside her hot honeypot. Grace was extremely wet and my finger was able to slip in between her folds. However I was not ready to go for gold just yet. Now I was trailing my index finger round her inner lips all while grace was grunting steadily to my ministrations. Her inner lips opened to my touch and my finger finally slipped in between them. I let my finger slide up to her clit and started gently fingering in circles around it, while Grace moaned loudly. I kissed her as I started touching her engorged clit directly and chasing it round in circles. Before My lips met hers, grace moaned:

"Oh you're so good Oli!"

"Thanks sexy" I purred as I moved in and kissed her hard on the mouth.

As I did so My finger moved down from Grace's clit to her opening and I pushed it, and my middle finger inside. I loved the feeling of Grace's vagina, so hot and extremely wet. I curled my fingers up and found her G-Spot, which I immediately started attacking with my fingers. This sent Grace over the edge. Her hips started bucking wildly and her moans became louder. Her fanny started leaking copious amounts of cum over my fingers and hand. Eventually her orgasm subsided and she collapsed on the bed. I moved in for a very passionate kiss. Grace put her arms around me and gripped me in a very tight hug while she kissed me so hard it was as if she was trying to suck my very being from my body. It was like ecstasy making her feel this good. However I was now in need of some release, so I throw my T-shirt off and shuffled out of my trousers and boxers and then crawled inbetween Grace's legs. I guided my rock-hard member into her opening and as I did so, Grace grunted. The feeling was exquisite, the feeling of her tight hot, wet, velvety smooth vagina around my cock. I wanted to piston in and out of her like a highly strung racing car in it's prime, but now was not the time for that. I slowly inched my way into Grace's wonderful quim, feeling it grip me and suck me in. I slowly pulled out before moving back in. Gently I picked up a slow pace, and soon Grace was panting underneath me, grunting and moaning her appreciation. As I slowly rocked I kissed Grace passionately. I picked up the pace and started fucking her faster, her moans becoming more intense as I did so.

"Oli, I'm close!" She moaned

I started to pound into her harder. As I felt Grace's vagina start to contract around my cock I knew I too would be close. Soon Grace started moving in time with my thrusts and moaning and breathing harder. As she did so I could feel my orgasm build up in my balls. As Grace's vagina gripped tight onto me, my orgasm started. As my cock spasmed, I emptied at least four lots of my hot cum into Grace's tight little quim. As her orgasm subsided my cock was still spasming but I had finished emptying my cum into her. I eventually collapsed on top of her and hugged her tight as we kissed. As I softened I pulled out of Grace's wet vagina and lay beside her, and we fell asleep in each other's arms. I knew that making love to her was the right thing to do. I always knew that as she had been my first girlfriend, lovemaking with her would be special. Good on not only a physical level, but also on an emotional one.

Thank you for reading my story. I hoped you like it. Please comment constructively, and while you're doing so please remember that there are some differences between British and American terms

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