It had been a long night at work. All he had thought about since the start of duty was to be back at home in her arms again. There were fights, lies, theft and enough alcohol in the air to get drunk off of. But thus it was a typical day on patrol. Many months had passed since they had first met in the quiet blues bar. And after that night they have never been so in touch with each other.

He pulled into the driveway of their new home to find Charlie, his precious angel waiting for him. Charlotte, or Charlie to him, was a very passionate woman. 5' 4" and 115 lbs, with looks that would make a Hollywood starlet jealous and the most perfect set of breast he had ever seen, and the personality to die for. She was his perfect, All-American girl. What she seen in a lowly Deputy Sheriff he had often wondered. Charlie came from a good home, with a Former Army Pilot for a father and Registered Nurse mother. They gave her everything, and asked nothing of her but to try her best at all. After everything they gave she had started her own small catering business in an upscale part of town.

Chris had a life completely different. Tattered and torn homes, never knowing when or if he'd get a next meal. At 16 he ran away, justifying it by going out to make sure if he ever had a family it wouldn't be like his. And after initially receiving his GED, he went on to prove his teacher wrong. Applying to every community college around until finally one gave him the chance for a real diploma and he received an associates degree. He was still going to school part time to finish his bachelors' degree for criminal justice. Just one or two classes at a time was all he could afford to push with his hectic schedule. Fitness always came natural, and with a rough athletic build it made his job as a Deputy rather easy. 5' 11" and 215 lbs with average looks was all he had going for him. It was still unclear in his mind what a beauty, such as his Charlie, seen in him.

Charlie was wearing her favorite pajamas, a pair of old boxer shorts and one of his t-shirts. Very loosely fit on her given Chris was nearly twice her size. He was expecting her to walk out and greet him with a kiss, but as soon as the cruiser door shut she leapt towards him. Wrapping her legs around him he caught her and planted one on her lips. Slowly he flicked his tongue against hers as their passionate embrace ensued. He carried her in through the side entry door, kicking it shut as they cleared. Beginning to remove his duty gear, she unraveled herself from him and stepped off into the kitchen. He places his gear in the hallway closet as Charlie came back around the corner. This time her shirt had been tied up, just under her magnificent breasts. He finishes removing his boots, never taking his sight off her. As she lead him to the living room, his mind began to wonder what she had in store for him.

Walking down the hall behind her, he began to remove the rest of his uniform. Charlie turned, helped his shirt off of him and set him down on the sofa. Now straddling him, they take turns kissing each other. His hands slowly working up and down her back, sending chills over her body. She leans in and begins to massage his ear with her tongue. Driving him wild, she feels a growth on him beginning between her legs. He sits up arching her out away from him and grabs the small knot tied into her shirt with his teeth. Unraveling it, he moves one hand around to her stomach and brushes her soft skin. Moving up to her ample peaks, he starts to lift it off when she reaches down and takes control.

Slowly moving off his lap, Charlie kneels down in the floor in front of him and finishes removing her shirt. Reaching up with both hands she slowly attempt to free the bulging growth from his pants. Nearly effortlessly his prick flies up from entrapment nearly slapping her in the chin. Taking hold of his throbbing member, she kisses it and begins to slowly work down to his balls. Chris lifts his hips and slides his pants down. He begins to stand to finish removing them, but is forced back onto the sofa by his love. Charlie releases her hold of him and takes the pants off. With full access to his member she again starts to massage him with her tongue. Every stroke up she leaves a little more lube for her plan. Taking her bear tits she begins to rub the head of his prick on her nipples. Pre-cum is slowly oozing out of his head. Completely freeing her hands of his shaft, both hands are turned towards her tits.

She wraps her ample mounds around his throbbing cock and begins a slow stroke. Effortlessly licking and kissing the head of it with every trip down. Pace begins to speed up, and she can feel him starting to have chills on his legs. Not wanting to end it so soon for him, she pops her tits off his shaft and deep throats his cock. Its all to much to bear. He unleashes a violent load into the back of her throat. Slowly coming up, she milks every last drop out of him. Rising to her feet she pulls him up with her and says, "Now it's my turn."

Without missing a beat he has her up in the air, turning and sets her down where he just has. Now kneeling in front of her, Chris leans up and begins to softly suck and tweak Charlie's nipples. He can feel her heartbeat through her chest as she breathes heavily after unloading him. Leaving one had free, he begins to rub her side and shoot chills all over her again. He knows that he has her attention. Slowly reaching in with his free hand, he finds her sweet love box. Wet and ready for him, he softly releases her nipples and kisses her body as he travels south. Reaching her waist he starts on her right leg, kissing the top and inner portions of her thigh. Traveling back up, he goes above her sweet smelling, juice filled hole and starts the same routine on her left leg. Back up again to her pussy, he can feel the heat building as he flicks his tongue across her clit. Slowly he slides a finger in, runs it down towards her little bubble ass and back. Continuously licking and sucking her honey hole. Chris feels her tensions rising as she slowly releases more juices. Charlie is lying there enjoying every minute. Again he slides a finger in her, this time leaving it to rock back and forth.

Slowly he adds another, causing more juices to flows towards her crack. Easing a third finger into place, he gently slides in into her ass. She begins to object, but doesn't want to loose the sensation and allows him to proceed. Faster he begins to slide his fingers in and out, in and out. Taking one long hard suck on her clit, Charlie spasms. Locking her legs around his head she lifts he waist as her body locks, writhing in ecstasy. She releases and drops back to the sofa. He leans back from her knowing he just made her day. She rises, flips over to her knees and grabs his still hard cock and directs it towards her ass.

"Are you sure you're ready for me?" he asked, slightly concerned. "Yes. Fill me to the edge. I want to feel you inside me." she softly responded.

Reaching down, he rubbed more of her juices around her tiny ass-hole. Knowing that if not well enough lubed, all he would do was hurt her. And that was the last thing he wanted to do. Satisfied there was ample, he slowly began to push his throbbing head into her. She wriggled. He pauses, not sure if it is pain or excitement. He again lurches forward. Now half way in he begins to slowly slide back and forth. "Harder!" she demands. He obliges and begins to run full length, with a hard steady pace. Charlie begins to squeal with desire, and he feels a since of pride being able to pleasure her this way.

"Stop." Charlie says. "Sit here and let me get on top." Again he obliges. Slowly mounting his cock she drops down the full length of his shaft. Reaching around, Chris begins to rub her clit again with a free hand. Moans and soft squeals are all that is heard within the walls. Her body contracts hard on his cock as she reaches another climax. He knows he won't be able to last much longer. She slowly dismounts from him and begins to rub his hard shaft against her, ready for him to enter again. As he eases his shaft back in her, she knows it's not going to be long for him to burst. He begins to grunt as reaches closer and closer to the brink. She knows she has him.

"Oh dear god, here it comes." he yelps. "Yes, that's it baby. Fill me up." She screeches. He jumps up flipping onto her back and rams back in as hard as he can. Just a few more thrusts is all it takes. He locks up, unloading his cream into her. She can feel every nook and cranny being filled with his sweet juice. He falls over onto her, and kisses the side of her neck. He then rolls over to her side, exhausted. Knowing he has pleased her makes him the happiest man on earth. Knowing she has pleased him, leaves her feeling devilish for what she says next. "Again?" He smiles and rises to his feet. "Again."

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