Agent Amanda


The assignment was simple. I had to get copies of secret material from the enemy's side, by whatever means necessary. As an agent for the Secret Service I had done it several times before. It made me feel a bit devious of course but I kept telling myself that it was for the good of my country and I just got on with it.

To be honest I enjoyed at times. Well actually, I had really enjoyed the last two or three assignments. All very handsome Middle Eastern operatives. Arabs had never been my thing in the past, but I found that in a professional capacity I was distant enough from them to enjoy the physical closeness, if that makes any sense.

Because yes, as you might guess, sex is often a lure in my profession. I had never been one for one night stands but the thrill of luring these foreign men into fraternising with the infidel enemy was exciting. And a blond, blue eyed young woman was pretty good bait for these guys.

I had never actually had to go through with having sex with anyone in the name of my country though, thank God. I always proclaimed to be prepared to, but if it really came down to it I don't know. Fortunately it wasn't something that was officially required in these politically correct times, although we all knew that in practice your career would be shattered if you blew an operation just because you refused to have sex with someone.

I think the only thing worse would be blowing an operation because you were having sex with someone even if you didn't need to. I must admit I'd been tempted to on my last assignment, because he really was gorgeous, but the thought of cocking up (pardon the pun!) kept me on the straight and narrow.

This latest assignment was different from my latest Middle Eastern ones though. The target was Pakistani for a start and wasn't an agent but rather a prominent political figure. I was to meet him at a party at the High Commission. It was a rather glamorous affair and I was wearing a ball gown with a deep décolletage. I had been introduced to the target, a very attractive man called Hamid, as well as his wife whose face was hidden behind a burqa.

I tried to catch him off guard without his wife around several times but he never seemed to pay much attention to me. Towards the end of the evening I was getting desperate so I resorted to the oldest trick in the book. Sneaking up behind Hamid I feigned him pushing into me and spilt my glass of champagne down my chest. The liquid trickled down my breasts and slowly wet the front of my dress.

"Oh I beg your pardon" he said in flawless English. He eyes fell to my bosom and I could see him hesitate. After lingering just a little bit too long with his gaze on my chest he looked me in the eye. He was just about to speak when his wife's arm suddenly came between us. She came out of thin air because I made sure she was nowhere to be seen before I made my move.

"Oh clumsy" she said and whisked me away. Her English had a heavy Pakistani accent. She dragged me to the bathroom and did a remarkably good job of quickly washing and drying my chest and dress. "Better" she said when she finished. Her touch was light and she let the hand towel linger on the top of my breasts. All I could see was her eyes but they were beautiful and I'm sure they were smiling.

"Thank you. My name is Amanda." I held out my hand.

She took it and replied "Hasna. Sorry English no good."

"Oh don't worry. You hardly need to speak with eyes as beautiful as yours." She looked down bashfully.

"Go back party" she said and shooed me off. The rest of the party was uneventful and Hasna stayed by Hamid's side all night. I was a spectacular failure for me so in a last ditch attempt to get closer to Hamid I pulled Hasna to the side as they were leaving.

"Thank you for helping me out earlier. How can I return the favour?" Hasna turned to Hamid and a quick exchange followed. Although trained in several languages I couldn't follow, they must have been speaking some dialect. Eventually Hamid turned to me.

"My wife would be very grateful if you could accompany her shopping. She'd love to take advantage of the shopping here in London."

"No problem at all, I'm a great shopper" I said truthfully. We arranged to meet in Knightsbridge the following day.

I was waiting at a café when the limousine pulled up to the kerb. Hamid and Hasna stepped out.

We exchanged greetings and Hamid explained "Thank you for taking your time to assist my wife. She noticed yesterday that you are about the same size and as our dress code prevents her from trying clothes on in public she asks if you are willing to do that for her."

"Certainly, I'd love being a model." Hamid then disappointed me by explaining that he had an urgent meeting and would not be accompanying us.

We took of in the direction of Harrods for starters. I told Hasna where the different departments were and we set off. I modelled a few different garments and Hasna bought a couple but I could tell she was looking for something she couldn't find.

"What are you looking for Hasna?"

"Lingerie." I did a double take then looked her in the eye. I could see she was serious.

"OK, the lingerie department is on the seventh floor." She took me by the hand and set off for the lift.

Hasna picked out a few matching bra and knickers sets for me to try on. Her tastes were obvious, the sexier the better. I started with the most conservative but still felt rather naked when I modelled them for Hasna. She never spoke much, just indicating with her hands when she wanted me to twirl around etc. Still it never felt really uncomfortable because her eyes were smiling the whole time. I was actually starting to enjoy myself. Eventually Hasna bought a couple of the more minimal items and then took me by the hand to the lifts again.

"More sexy" she said.

"You want more sexy lingerie? Hmm let me think, I'm not sure where to go."

"Ann Summers."

"What?" I blurted out but I could see from her eyes that she was serious. I got on my mobile and found the address for the nearest Ann Summers store and we jumped in a cab. We got plenty of strange looks in the store, well, Hasna did anyway I obviously looked like a regular Ann Summers customer next to her. Anyway, this time I think Hasna could tell I wasn't too comfortable so she picked some comparatively conservative things for me to try on.

I soon relaxed and started to enjoy myself again. I found it strangely erotic modelling lingerie for a woman who was completely covered apart from her eyes. I told myself maybe it was because the burqa made her asexual, almost as much man as woman, because I'd never felt like this in the presence of a woman before.

When I finished modelling the garments Hasna had chosen she said "You go" and pointed towards the store.

"You mean you want me to pick some more items to show you?" She nodded and stayed in her seat. I went out and came back with some more garments. I don't know why, it must have been the atmosphere of the shop or the whole modelling experience or something but I came back with a few sexier ones this time. I was brazenly showing more and more flesh with each garment and I have to confess it was turning me on. Hasna just sat there motioning me to turn around etc, not saying a thing but her eyes never left me.

Finally I came to the last item, a tiny tanga bikini. You know, one of those that barely cover your nipples and your pussy. When I modelled it Hasna motioned for me to come over towards her. She pulled the bottoms higher over my hips. The bottoms snugly encased my pussy lips. Hasna let her fingers trace the strings of the tanga over my hips and down in between my butt cheeks and ran the back of her fingers over the fabric at the front almost reaching down to my pussy.

"Silk, nice" she said. The top part over my breasts but the top struggled to contain my breasts, especially when Hasna pulled the two pieces apart so that they barely contained my nipples. In fact parts of my areolas were showing and Hasna again caressed the outline of the fabric all but caressing my nipples as her fingers passed. For some reason I didn't mind, what she was doing was just turning me on even more. I was gazing into her eyes but couldn't make out what she was feeling.

"This is stupid, get a hold of yourself girl" I thought to myself. "Last one" I said and skipped back into the changing room. I could feel a familiar tingling between my legs when I undressed. I looked at my body in the mirror. "Not bad for twenty eight" I was thinking and I think most people would agree. I keep myself fit in the gym and even though my breasts are probably larger than average they show little sign of sagging. My eyes were drawn to my pussy though. I'd just had a Brazilian for the first time and I hadn't quite got used to the lack of hair down there. I felt an urge to touch myself.

My hand was sliding down my stomach when I suddenly heard "Here, more" right next to me. Hasna pulled the curtain and handed me a silk teddy. I quickly grabbed my shirt and prudely covered myself. Had she seen me almost touch myself? I wasn't sure. She looked me up and down but then left again as quickly as she'd appeared. I looked at the teddy she'd given me. Again it was silk, but very sheer, almost see through. I put it on. It was a little bit tight on me and caressed my breasts and pussy nicely.

I could see Hasna sit up a little bit straighter when I walked back out. I twirled around showing off my body when she grabbed my hand and pulled me closer. She let her hands wander over the silk around my back and stomach. Her small hands slowly worked themselves closer to my breasts started tracing their outline. My nipples sprung up like out of nowhere and strained against the fabric. Hasna lightly ran her fingers across them.

She looked up at me with her eyes smiling again as her hands dropped to my hips. One hand caressed the material down in between my legs and fingers found my pussy lips through the material. I wanted to run a mile, but at the same time I couldn't move. No, I didn't want to move, I didn't want her to stop. She ran her fingers along my lips and I could feel my juices wetting the fabric. A soft moan escaped my lips. I think I moved my hips and ground into her fingers. I don't know, God knows I wanted to.

Then suddenly Hasna turned and pulled out a matching knickers and bra set and held it up for me. Reluctantly I retired to change, but a smile passed over my lips when I realised what I was putting on. I never thought you'd catch me in a half cup bra and crotchless knickers but right now they seemed just the ticket. Looking at the mirror I saw a wet line down the crotch of the teddy. Half of me was mortified, but the other half made me put my hand down there and push the material in between my lips making it even wetter. "I bet you she's going to buy this" I thought.

Then quick as I could I put the knickers and bra on and bounced out in front of Hasna. I walked straight up to her and her hands were already lifting for my breasts as I approached. She didn't even touch the bra. She ran her fingers lightly over my nipples at first then pinched them hard. I love having my nipples pinched so I moaned appreciatively. Her eyes were all smiles. Suddenly her hands dropped to my crotch.

I stopped her before she touched me and pushed her hands down. I pulled the fabric of the crotchless knickers as far apart as I could and parted the lips of my pussy with two fingers presenting her with a wet open pussy. She lightly traced and teased my pussy making me sigh and moan. Finally she put a finger inside my only to take it out again instantly.

Frustrated I took her hand and tried to put it back to my pussy but she said "Wait" so I let go. She put her hand up under her burqa and this time it was Hasna that moaned softly. I knew exactly what she was doing of course so stuck two fingers deep in my own pussy and held them out in front of her face. She lifted her burqa just enough to show me two luscious red lips and opened her mouth waiting for me to offer her my fingers. She started fingering my pussy again and found my clitoris as she sucked and let her tongue play over my fingers.

"Oh God, you're making me come, don't stop, please don't stop..." That's as much as I had time to say a shop assistant called in to ask how we were getting on. "Great, thank you" I said stepping away from Hasna as if she'd given me an electric shock and covering my boobs prudely. The shop assistant walked in and started to pick up items of clothing, seemingly oblivious to what had happened.

"Will be requiring any more items to try?" she asked. I looked at Hasna who shook her head.

"No thank you I think we're finished" I replied. Frustrated I shuffled into to the changing booth to get changed again. When I came out Hasna picked up the silk teddy.

"For me" she said and picking up the crotchless set, followed by "For you". Her eyes were smiling as ever.

As we exited the store I really didn't know what to say. Hasna phoned the limo and it pulled up in no time. Hamid stepped out and they spoke briefly again.

"My wife tells me you've been very helpful. She would like to invite you to dinner to show her gratitude."

"Oh, thank you. That would be nice." We arranged the details. "Excellent" I thought "I might get a chance to lay my hands on the data tonight." But to be honest that wasn't the only thing on my mind. I turned to Hasna and blurted out "Funny, I don't even know what you look like. But thank you anyway."

Hasna said nothing but took something out of her handbag and gave it to me. "See you tonight" she said as she stepped into the limo.

I set off home not quite believing what had just happened. The frustration I'd felt when the shop assistant walked in was gone; I'd suppressed it in a jiffy. "A cool head is what you need Amanda, you've got a job to do" I told myself. Having a couple of hours before I needed to get ready I collapsed on the bed.

I woke up from the mobile beeping, telling me I had an SMS. It was from Hasna's mobile. "My wife asks if you would wear your new purchase?" "Tell her I'd be happy to" I texted back thinking "Not on your life, honey. I don't know what got in to me earlier but tonight I'm going to be the one in control." I got up, had a shower and dressed conservatively in a blouse and a long skirt.

Just before setting of I remembered about what Hasna had given me. I hadn't even looked properly at what it was so I got it out of my hand bag. It was a blank CD. Curious to have a look at what it contained I started my laptop up and loaded it in. It contained just one MPEG movie file.

Pressing play I could see a head with long curly black hair bouncing up and down in an unmistakable motion. It was shot from the side but the hair was hanging down so you couldn't see the face. A few moments later the head pulled up slightly but hands kept pulling up and down on a sizeable cock. Seconds later cum was spurting up into the air towards the head. As the woman turned her head and lifted the curls out of the way a beautiful golden brown face smiled happily towards the camera. Strands of semen splattered over the face and the dark curly hair.

It was a classic porn movie money shot, only that the woman seemed genuinely happy and content. Normally I would give this sort of thing a second glance but I don't know how many times I replayed the sequence to see her tongue lick those luscious lips clean of cum before blowing me a kiss. I'd never seen the face before but I would have recognised those smiling eyes anywhere.

"Well, at least I know she's not lesbian" I thought when I could tear myself away from the computer. Before going out the door I grabbed the bra and knickers set Hasna had bought me earlier. "Maybe I will need it to distract them or something" I reasoned to myself.

Half an hour later I was knocking on the door of their hotel suite. Expecting to see the familiar burqa Hasna's face shocked me as she opened the door.

"Hi Amanda come in" she greeted me with a happy smile. All I could see was this image of cum all over her lovely face. Hasna picked up on it straight away and went "What?" coyly as she pretended to check if there was anything on her face or in her hair. She bubbled with laughter.

"Sexy, yes?"

"The film clip?"

She nodded.

"Yeah very sexy." I couldn't help thinking how natural she made it seem that she'd given me a film clip of her having a facial.

"Come" she said and walked ahead of me into the large hotel suite. Standing back for a second I couldn't help but admire her body as she walked. She was probably the same size and height as me but her waist was narrower making her look curvier. She was wearing a tight fitting western top and trousers. Hamid was sitting on the sofa and got up as I walked in.

"Welcome Amanda." His greeting seemed much warmer than I expected. He picked up my hand and kissed it softly. He was dressed casually in a loose cotton suit. Hasna walked up to him and stroked his chest. Hamid looked at her and smiled at me. "We're a bit more relaxed at home than our official personas. I hope that's OK."

"That's lovely" I said feeling myself relax.

"We have ordered traditional Pakistani food to be delivered. It should be here in about half an hour. Would you like a drink before dinner?"

"Yes please, whisky straight please."

"I hope you don't mind us not having any alcohol. We don't drink ourselves but we like our guests to indulge."

"Oh, I'm sorry I wasn't even thinking" I said honestly. "I'm more than happy with water."

"Nonsense, I insist" Hamid said and poured me a large single malt.

We chatted amiably for some time and dinner soon arrived. We had a sumptuous meal. Hasna and Hamid ate with their fingers according to their custom but I used a knife and fork.

Towards the end of the meal Hasna looked at me with my cutlery and said "Fingers better". Hamid picked up on it.

"We feel the food tastes better when eaten with your hands. Unsoiled by metals." I confessed I had never thought of it that way.

"Try" Hasna said and held out a mouthful of rice and sauce to me. Seeing me hesitate she reached over and offered it to my mouth. Awkwardly I accepted and swallowed the food. I could tell Hasna wasn't quite satisfied.

"Like this." She put some food in her hand then took it into her mouth. She finished of by licking her fingers clean with her tongue. Flashbacks from her tasting my juices earlier immediately came into my head. Hasna then offered me another small mouthful and she didn't pull her fingers away until I had licked them clean.

"Better." She ran her fingers along my lip as I had finished.

"My wife has a lovely touch, yes?" Hamid said. I started, almost having forgotten he was there and wondering what Hasna had told him about our shopping trip.

"Yes, lovely" I replied looking at him but his expression gave nothing away.

Suddenly the atmosphere had changed. From casual and relaxed it had become charged. Hasna said something to Hamid. They had a brief conversation I did not understand. Hamid spoke to me.

"Excuse us for speaking our own language. My wife's English is not very good." I tried to be polite.

"Don't apologise. It's my fault for being so ignorant."

"Let's retire to the lounge. We have a little ritual we usually indulge in. Maybe you would like to take part?"

"What is it?"

"Well, every time Hasna has been shopping she likes to model the clothes for me. We have not had time for her to do that yet today." Again I felt conflicting feelings. Half of me thought "It might distract Hamid and give me an opportunity to search for the documents. It's bound to turn Hamid on and if I can get the two of them bonking in the bedroom it would give me free rein to search the suite as I offer to let myself out." The other half of me just got excited at the idea of seeing Hasna in lingerie. Either way it seemed a good idea. I looked over at Hasna. What was it about this woman, she made me think thoughts I'd never even dreamt of before.

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