tagNovels and NovellasAgent Dacro Sanx Ch. 1

Agent Dacro Sanx Ch. 1


Hello, my name is Gary O'Brian, but no one calls me by that name. My mother used to, but she was the last one who did a lifetime ago. My friends call me Dacro, my enemies used to call me Sanx, and since a man is the sum of his friends and enemies, the name people label me with is Dacro Sanx. A name I wear in shame, a name I can not forget for as long as I live, and a name that ruined any chances for me to have a (normal) sex life 34 years ago. Not because of a physical condition, but something psychosomatic an illness caused by fear or anxiety rather than by any physical problem. At least that's what I've been told over the years.

Look at that medal framed in glass that's a constant reminder of everything. It is just a single medal that people are so impressed with, but personally makes my stomach turn. Not sure if the others who have received it feel the same way, but that's what I feel when I see a Purple Heart. Sure I was wounded in battle, but the wounds I received were nothing compared to the suffering I've had to deal with since those days.

As a young man merely 18 years old, I found myself as a wild war-machine wearing green camouflage in the steamy, sticky jungle, fighting every movement of leaves, every sound of the wind and getting a rush every day from life. Vietnam was no vacation trip, but ending up in re-con gave me a lot of time on my own. We all had our call signs, and I selected Darkroad, since each mission felt like I was leading the others on a dark road to something menacing, through the ever-present mud and muck. It was Johnson who first got lazy and reduced Darkroad to simply Dacro. Later, Burnstein changed it to Dac, but for higher security reasons, all nicks had to contain at least two syllables; so everybody forgot about Gary O'Brian and in his place emerged Dacro Sanx. Sanx, because that was the last word the Vietnamese said to me in their last breath their way of saying "Thanks" through their bloody throats.

My duties were to scout areas, eliminate obstacles, and to make sure that the boys in Intelligence were feeding us the right information. They rarely were, but we all knew that anyway. It was during one of those usual walks in the jungle that I came to meet her, Yen Lo, a young Vietnamese with long pitch black hair, high cheekbones, dark brown mysterious eyes and fragile lips. Her slender body, wrapped in a pale green dress, moved with grace when she walked down the lonely road. I observed her every movement for several minutes from my hiding place above the road, before she vanished into the green forest. She had been entirely without jewelry, but the two bamboo sticks she had in her hair had been very elegantly crafted. Of course I didn't know her name until much later.

The days were lonely a time when almost nothing was happening in our region. It seemed as if the war had stopped, at least for me, because all I could hear were the birds singing and the raindrops falling upon the dense canopy. Occasionally, I felt as if I could hear the rays of light, filtering through the leaves. At this point some of the others got paranoid saw enemies in the shadows and thought every beautiful vibration in the air was the sound of VC footsteps. I would have perhaps met the same devastating end, but I had the graceful image of her moving in my mind. She walked down the road every day about the same time sometimes trying to hide beneath the trees, as if making sure that no one followed her. On other days, she strolled down the path like any happy young lady without any worries.

On one of those days, the 13th to be exact, she stopped below me on the far end of the road, and seemed bothered with something in her sandal. She leaned down and posed so invitingly that I felt an involuntary bulge in the front of my fatigues. For some time I gazed at her while she examined her small, dainty foot. When her examination was over, she looked up without changing her position, straight into my eyes, and smiled. She put her index finger between her lips and gently sucked it for a fraction of a second, before nonchalantly continuing on her way.

For days to come she would ignore me. Then, on the 19th day, she stopped at the same place, kissed a red flower that she was holding, and wrapped a piece of paper around the stem. She placed the flower on one of the branches of the tree closest to her and casually walked on. It was without a doubt a note to me, but would I dare to go and get it? For hours I kept looking at the delicate red flower, and as the sunset was devoured by night, I finally worked up enough courage to crawl down from the cliffs that had been my hiding place, and grab the note. It was written in English, although I probably would have been able to understand it even if it hadn't been.

"Com to the cave tomorro, pleez"

Next to the words was a small, hand-drawn map, with a flower in one place and a cross in another. Crawling back to the hideaway that was more my home than the camp where the others were, I kept reading the note until it was impossible to see it before my eyes. The sleep was for some weird reason so comforting that night. I awoke to the sound of someone walking on the road below, and as I looked down, I noticed eight short men wearing the same uniform and carrying weapons. The war was not over, even if it was peaceful right now, and this was just another indication of that fact.

The day passed with very little activity on the road, and as the afternoon came, so did she. With a red flower adorning her hair, she passed by without even glancing my way, but suddenly I noticed the movement of her hand. She made it into a fist, but the left index and middle fingers extended. I interpreted this to mean two hours.

As time passed, so did the sun, and when it was time for our first rendezvous, I made my way silently towards the cave that her map had indicated. In retrospect, I'm still not sure what made me do it. I was only 18 years old, in a lost world where the only beacon of light was this woman, and I suppose I wanted to follow her out of this darkened void and be enveloped by her radiance.

The cave was totally hidden in the bushes, with only a 2 feet entrance. She had placed the flower from her hair as a marker, and when I silently crawled in, I found that the cave was larger than the entrance indicated. Within just a few yards, I was able to stand up straight. As I peered further inside the cave, I saw a faint light, which drew me closer, like a moth to a flame. The cave had a fairly large chamber, and she was kneeling on a bamboo carpet, with her head against her knees and her arms stretched out offering me a few pieces of sweet fruit. A small candle was burning as it sat on an overhanging rock, covering the entire chamber with a pale yellow light.

"Pleez, tis for you."

I kneeled before her, picking up the fruit from her delicate hands and said, "Let me see you."

She raised to her knees, and her face was even more beautiful than I had been able to make out from the distance that our contact had been before except for a large bruise on her left cheek. I reached out my hand to gently caress it, but she turned her face away in shame. She did not say a word as she started to take off her dress before me revealing her small breasts in total nudity, and with a breathless whisper as her dress slowly slipped down her petite body, she said:

"I want you."

I was so paralyzed that I didn't know what to say, but then I felt her warm hands guide me to my back as she sat across my stomach and started to kiss me with soft butterfly kisses. Her hips were rubbing over my crotch, and I lay there panting, with a huge erection inside my baggy army trousers. Her touch was electrifying, and I found myself captured in the moment, vulnerable to all things in life, wanting only to be cherished by this fragile woman. Time seemed to stand still as she continued to kiss and caress my quivering body. My shirt was soon unbuttoned and my chest lay naked before her, and she slid her fingers across me, raking her nails against my rough skin.

Her entire body traveled downward, until her legs were wrapped around mine, and her fluttering hands unzipped my pants. The boxers I had on stood up like a tent, which she found amusing as she started to lean forward. With her hands resting on my thighs, she began licking me through the boxers, and the chamber was suddenly filled with the sounds of a harmonic choir which was actually my own voice, reverberating off the walls. The electricity was shooting through my body, originating from the single point where her tongue was slowly licking, and causing my muscles to spasm. Unable to control the shaking, I was grasped and held in her hands as she continued to lick me slowly. For what seemed like an eternity, she kept wiggling her tongue over the boxer-covered head until she gently pulled them down, revealing the war-virgin inside.

"See." she whispered.

I summoned up the strength to look down, and saw my cock standing totally erect the black head less than an inch from her mouth. Then, I felt her breath as she surrounded the head with her lips. Once in her mouth, she remained still and started to hum a low melody, spreading vibrations down my shaft, and the gentle touch was the sweetest torture to my loins. Every muscle in my body had gone from spasms to an intense, fixed cramp at her tender mercies. As she began to hum the low melody once again, the juices in my balls began to boil. The softness of her touch was amazing, yet so demanding that I arched my head back against the rocky ground, unable to maintain eye contact. In the next moment, it was all over when she suddenly stood up, put on her dress and whispered:

"Cum for me."

I woke up with a pond of sticky semen on my stomach, alone in the now darkened chamber. The soft luminance from the entrance was the only thing that dispelled the blackness of night, so I hurriedly dressed and found my way to the cave entrance. It was not safe to move around in the middle of the day; therefore, I decided to remain in the chamber. On a few occasions I could actually see the feet of Charlie, walking past the bushes that covered the entrance, and I listened to their conversations. Conversations about how they missed their loved ones how they hated the war and the Americans how everything should have been different if only this and that. It was quite obvious that their feelings about what was going on was the same as many of my fellow Americans, but I had lost track of the reasons why we were even there a long, long time before that.

As darkness came over the forest, I waited for a chance to get back to my post, but before I had time to leave the cave, Yen appeared with a small package in her hands. She brought me some food, not much, but then no one was wealthy in these difficult times, and the simple fact that she had brought some just for me was more than anyone could have expected. I ate in silence while she sat beside me, pleased with just seeing her small gifts being received in delight. When the last piece slipped into my mouth, she laid down on her back, pulled her legs straight up towards the cave ceiling, and whispered:


She kept her feet together, but lowered them slowly, parting her creamy thighs and revealing her womanhood. Her hands slipped down and opened up this small paradise before me, and I nodded silently to her as I crawled between her legs. A short broken "Oh" passed her lips when my tongue found her clit, and slowly I began licking up her juices, enjoying every moment of this exotic fruit, and I followed the reactions in her body as she kept her mouth closed. The softness of her juicy lips was delicious and with each passing stroke of my tongue flicking her sensitive button, the reward was a shiver throughout her body. Over and over again I found my mouth covering her pussy only to eagerly suck and lick all that she was offering. I pushed my hands underneath her firm butt and lifted her up, her legs resting over my shoulders, and watched her long black hair like a dark fire dancing around her head. Her head moved from side to side as she continued to let the pleasures take over her body, and my ego was pleased to see that I could give so much wonderful satisfaction to this fragile angel. I continued with my fearless attacks for minutes, each second building up towards a crescendo in which she would find all of the licks turning into one, and the shivers in her thighs against my cheeks told me that the moment was getting closer. I reached down to grasp her breasts and pinched both nipples at the same time, rolling them between my fingertips and the reaction was immediate. A squirt of sweet juice shot into my mouth as she came in my care. I kept on licking her over and over again, each flick of my tongue causing her body to tremble and convulse, but the taste of her desires made me go on and on and on.

When it was over, I eased her down, but she instantly sat up and leaned her head against my shoulder. I could feel her tears, but I had no words to say, so we allowed the silence to surround us and slept. Her hands holding mine was the last thing I remembered when I woke up in the same position. Yen was lying before me, wrapped in a small blanket, and without a word I went back to my post.

We continued to see each other every night, each time exploring more and more of each other of sexuality, sensuality and eventually somewhere along those trails I found love too. Her willingness to play erotic games seemed to go beyond any comparison that I had ever known. All the girls in the town where I grew up were very Victorian, barely allowing even a kiss. Perhaps that upbringing made the nights with Yen even more fascinating, or maybe it was the thrill of being with a woman that everyone else would have considered the enemy. I had no idea, yet at the time it didn't even matter. After three blissful weeks I thought that all of her games had been played, all of her wicked pleasures explored and given to me since no night could compare to any of the previous, and then she suddenly looked at me and said.

"Me interrogate you."

I had never said no to her ideas, nor did I see any reason to do so this time. I guess love makes you blind, but still I asked her what she meant. She tried to explain that I would be her prisoner, and she would try to get some secret from me. I thought for a while, finding the idea actually thrilled me, so I asked what secret she would like to know, and she said the number of men that I was stationed with.

"I will never tell that." I answered her back, but she smiled and asked.

"Afraid to find out?"

A while later she had tied my hands and secured them over a hook shaped stone in the wall. I stood on my toes as she came before me, and kissed my chin before she turned around, took two steps away from me and turned again. The game had begun.

"How many men are you stationed with?"

I did not answer her, and she repeated the question.

"How many men are you stationed with?"

Once more I said nothing.

"Tell me now and I won't hurt you."

I stood silently and watched her as she took one step closer and suddenly started to whip me with her long hair. For some reason, perhaps because of the games we had played before, I found it only to be erotic. She continued for a while, whipping my bare chest, but I remained silent. She looked at me, took another step closer and closed her mouth over my right nipple, biting down on it with her teeth. It didn't hurt much, but still enough to be very noticeable.

"How many men are you stationed with?"

I said nothing as she covered my nipple with light brushing movements, but it felt so good when she did that. It was turning me on, something that I never thought an interrogation would do, but then this wasn't anything like the preparations they had drilled into us before we were shipped to Vietnam.

"Not saying?"

My mouth was shut, when she unbuttoned my pants and as so many times before took my cock in her hand. She stroked it lightly while asking her question again.

"How many men are you stationed with?"

I tried to be quiet but I couldn't suppress the moan that escaped as she caressed me with her tender hand. Her fingers moving back and forth as she leaned against me and whispered.

"How many men are you stationed with?"

I couldn't say, would not say, but she didn't seem to be interested in my answer anymore, just the forces of my loins, and she knew all to well how to treat it. This unfamiliar situation of hanging by my hands and feeling my legs shake underneath me was strange, new but wonderful. She kneeled before me, still holding my hard shaft in her hand and began to rub the head against her face, as she softly whispered.

"How many men are you stationed with?"

She looked up into my eyes and started stroking me again faster and harder, as if deliberately trying to push me over the edge, but once I was close, she stopped and asked again.

"How many men are you stationed with?"

I looked down into her dark eyes, and she whispered more.

"Don't you want me to suck you, lick you? Just answer my question, and I will."

I remained silent, but moaned out loud as she jerked my cock a few more times, bringing me ever so close, just allowing me a glimpse of what could be.

"I promise I will suck your wonderful cock if you answer me."

How could I surrender and answer that question? I couldn't, so I remained silent. She licked the top of my throbbing head, before asking the question again.

"How many men are you stationed with?"

The pleasure I had felt transformed into a cold, numbing sensation, but each time she touched me, it was like electricity running through my body a tingling feeling of raw pleasure throughout the cold. I felt tears forming in the corner of my eyes, yet unable to answer, because I simply could not. I just couldn't do it.

"How many men are you stationed with?"

Her mouth almost touching my cock, she continued to whisper.

"Please tell me and let me end it for you."

She slipped her fingers between my taunt legs and squeezed my balls with her warm hand, and I felt the muscles starting to spasm, but the feeling that I longed for ended when she removed her hand. The tears started to run down my cheeks, and since I was unable to make them stop, I just closed my eyes.

"How many men are you stationed with?"

I had no idea how much time had passed, but I couldn't take it anymore. My voice almost failed me when I finally answered her question. The moment I did, I felt her lips forming a small circle around the tip of my cock, and while her lips started to devour my entire shaft, her hand squeezed my balls gently, which caused the unstoppable eruption. I looked down and saw her dark eyes glowing, as each jet of cum was followed by another, and she took my juice directly into her mouth. Her wiggling tongue and warm hand demanded more and more, and she drained me from the very depths of my balls. I felt like a rag hanging down from the side of the wall, and with help from Yen, I was able to get loose and lay down. She was pleased as she licked her lips and asked if I had enjoyed the game. I only nodded, for it had been an indescribable experience.

Two days later I was laying on my well-hidden post when I suddenly heard a click behind me. Charlie had spotted me, and I was taken to a camp. Tied to a pole inside a shed, I was surrounded by Vietnamese officers, and with a foreign English accent they repeatedly asked me questions about where our forces were, what we knew and so on. I do not know if they had me standing there for hours or days, since nothing in the shed would provide any means of keeping track of time, but I tried to remain focused and remember what the instructors had told us about interrogations. Eventually, after ages without anything to eat or drink, without a moment of sleep, a new officer arrived. From what I could see in the other officers’ eyes, this new one must be higher in rank, yet wore no signs that would indicate that. Without saying a word, the crowded room emptied and a tape recorder in front of me was switched on. The silence was deafening as this person walked through the shadows and pulled my hair back hard, smashing my head against the pole.

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