tagNovels and NovellasAgent Provocateur Ch. 08

Agent Provocateur Ch. 08


The next morning she awoke alone. She dressed, brushed her hair and found Stu making tea in the kitchen but no sign of Satchin.

'He was a bit embarrassed this morning, and has gone to find a vehicle for us. Are you okay?'

'You bet,' she smiled at him. They drank their tea in silence; Danielle contemplating her arrival back in Australia and the changes in her life she had determined to make. Her reverie was interrupted by a soft knock at the door that obviously set Stu on edge, but it was only a cab that took them to the High Commission.

It was as though they were expected and had barely been able to reclaim their possessions that had been dropped off by someone unidentified, before they were taken in a diplomatically flagged car to the airport.

They were escorted by two Commission officials into the Qantas lounge where they finally began to relax.

'So what's going on?' Stu directed his question at their escorts.

'Once we heard that you were free, Foreign Affairs threatened a public row over the kidnapping of a leading Australian businesswoman. Without you the Indian's didn't have a leg to stand on, so they returned your stuff and promised to drop the whole issue.'

'Will my business be affected?'

'Unlikely,' the official said with a shake of his head. 'You were never under suspicion and we're fairly certain that our counterparts here aren't convinced that the police ever had a case. Military intelligence would've launched a huge hunt for Stu if they really thought he had the goods. Besides, I understand that they had reason to believe that Stu wasn't Jeff, but apparently a couple of days ago they received some evidence from senior police officials that convinced them otherwise.'

'Oh,' said Danielle, feeling the blush rise in her cheeks.

'Apparently it is very convincing,' the second official with a faintly knowing smile.


As the Boeing 747 lifted off the runway and began the long journey towards Singapore, Danielle felt the last vestiges of concern leave her. She was finally going home and in first class courtesy of the Australian Government.

'I guess you'd be happy that your business is going to be okay.' Stu looked relaxed now that they were airborne.

'Yes,' she nodded, then leaned towards him. 'But it would appear that I have had to become a porn star to save it.'

'Hmmm,' he replied with a grin, 'me too.'

'I guess so,' she said. They both ordered champagne and toasted their safe departure. The bubbles went straight to her head and she felt a little tipsy in no time at all.

'So tell me,' Danielle asked, leaning in conspiratorially towards Stu, 'have you ever fucked in the toilet on an aeroplane?'

'No,' Stu replied with a grin. With a knowing smile Danielle released her seatbelt and walked towards the rear of the first class cabin. There were four toilets in the centre section where the doors faced one another and couldn't be seen from the passenger seating area. A cabin attendant walked past and Danielle felt a quick flush as though the other woman could tell what she was planning. She had barely pushed open the door to toilet number two when Stu appeared behind her and they almost tumbled in to the small space, locking the door behind them.

'This has to be quick,' Danielle gasped as Stu kissed her. She pulled her skirt upward over her hips and wriggled to slide her panties down. Stu helped her then unbuckled his pants, pulling them down and releasing his partly erect member from his boxers.

'Suck me,' he murmured and she squeezed down to squat in front of him, taking him into her mouth and using her lips, tongue and hand to get him hard. With her pussy exposed to the world as she squatted and with Stu rapidly hardening in her mouth she felt her juices begin to flow.

Once he was hard she stood, then lifted herself onto the small basin, placing one foot against the wall and the other on the top of the toilet seat. Stu needed no further invitation and slid into her, their eyes meeting as their bodies were joined. Once again Danielle felt the unbridled lust that led her to fuck two men at once rise from her belly. She wondered if it was who she had become, or was it Stu and the somewhat surreal situation she had been living for the past week. The thoughts were banished by Stu's increasing thrusts and by the fact that the position she had adopted twisted her pelvis down to fully rub her clit along the top of his shaft.

They came at the same time, his come hot inside her, as her clitoris seemed to explode up through her body into her brain. Danielle bit her lip with enough force to split it in order to suppress the need to scream. Stu's breathing was ragged and loud, then he had withdrawn from her and she felt his come stream from her open pussy onto the floor.

They kissed tenderly as they regained their composure, Stu tucking himself away and Danielle pulling her skirt down.

'That's the last time for us,' she whispered as he turned to leave.

'I know,' he smiled back at her, and Danielle swore she could see a trace of sadness at the knowledge. She knew she felt some sadness at the thought, but smiled back at him. He cracked the lock and looked outside before scampering out into the cabin.

Danielle locked the door, and then looked at her reflection in the mirror. Lipstick was smudged around her lips and her eye make up needed touching up. She quickly fixed her appearance before slipping from the toilet, nodding to the attendant who walked past her as she returned to her seat. Danielle had just ordered some food when the attendant appeared at her side, and knelt down next to her.

'Is everything okay ma'am, sir?' She wore a friendly smile.

'Certainly,' Stu answered and Danielle nodded.

'That's good, I hope you enjoy your flight, and oh, you may have left these in toilet number two?' The attendant slipped Danielle's panties onto her lap and was gone.

'How embarrassing,' Danielle said to Stu's laughter.

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