tagMatureAgnus and Malcolm Smith

Agnus and Malcolm Smith


This story is a complete fantasy and no association with real life whatsoever. No one is under the age of 20 and there is no physical hurt or pain.


John remembered that evening over the following years many times as if it were yesterday. He was a married man with a beautiful young wife Jennifer, but at times his memory and excitement overtook him and he had to visit the bathroom to be alone with his secret thoughts.

As he thought back the images became more vivid. His memories were so intense. At the time,he had only been married for about a year but he sensed that his wife Jennifer was more interested in her friends and her career.

He had slipped out one evening for an evening drive in his car. He had only travelled about 5 miles and parked his car in one of the terraced streets and went for a stroll. It wasn't very dark but it was so quiet without a soul in sight.

The lighted window had caught his attention; the curtains were not drawn and he could see the head and shoulders of a woman who was combing her hair.

She was only wearing a white brassiere which emphasized her firm ample breasts and white cotton panties. They were full cut knickers and not the silly thong things. It made her seem more of a woman. She wasn't really fat but she was a big woman. He had felt so aroused as she looked so powerful.

He looked around furtively, there wasn't a soul around, and at that point he unzipped his trousers and released his stiff penis. Holding it firmly in his right hand he began to gently stroke himself. His eyes staring fixedly into the well lit room.

John was mesmerized at the sight, he was almost at a climax and had to still his hand from his throbbing penis to prevent himself making a mess.

His wife Jennifer and her friends always seemed so busy and he felt intimidated. This woman looked so mature and comforting. Almost motherly.

As he watched she took her brassiere off and looked straight out of the window into the blackness wearing just her knickers.

She was a strong looking woman, very sturdy with big breasts and thighs. Her panties were pulling tightly between her legs. She really was powerful.

John realized that she couldn't see him but at the same time she must know that there was someone watching in her garden. This made it even more erotic. She wanted to be seen.

She had even turned her back to the window so that he could see her ample bottom. She was quite a substantial woman. John ached at the sight of her white panties straining to contain her bum cheeks.

She turned to face the window again and smiled as she slipped her hand into her white panties and pressed herself. Her face was one of extreme enjoyment and he could see her pushing into her underwear and wriggling her hips and buttocks.

What John didn't notice was a dark figure moving quietly and slowly along the line of garden fences towards him. As the man drew nearer he suddenly became aware of his presence and fumbled to hide his rampant penis quickly pulling his jacket over his nakedness.

The man stopped and looked over the fence at the woman in the window. He stared at John, smiled, unzipped his trousers pulled his cock out and moving a little closer he whispered: "She's at it again. Isn't she a beauty? What a fuck she'd make." John panted. He felt guilty but he had thought the same.

The man masturbated slowly staring at the woman as she took off her white panties and exposed her exquisite hairy fanny with a vibro just showing between her open labia.

John had relived the following 2 hours so many times as the man had encouraged him to go into the woman's house with him and he had felt her up in all ways. The conversation had sort of drifted along in a dream.

They had both stood in front of the woman who was smiling straight at them and yet carried on with her own ministrations. The man had asked him "What do you think of her tits?"

The question was ridiculous but John felt bound to mumble "They are nice."

The woman's panties were on the floor at her feet. The man could see John looking down at the discarded underwear and said "She looks good without her knickers on doesn't she? She has a nice hairy cunt." John half nodded. The words were adding to his excitement.

Although the man was still masturbating he was also talking almost casually to John making little observations "She must be about 40 as she has quite a big cunt." John nodded.

Then the man shocked him "Do you want to fuck her?"

John's shock must have showed as the man simply said "Its up to you, but you can fuck her if you want to." John wanted to.

Not much more was said but the strange man encouraged him to fuck the woman who just lay down on the carpet in front of him without any panties on and her legs open. It was incredible.

Even as he was doing it, the man was on his knees at his side asking him "Are you up her?" John was out of breath but he nodded.

The man was persistent "What I mean is are you right up her. Is your cock fully up?"

John gasped "Yes it is."

Actually, it has slipped up her with ease and she had closed her legs slightly to hold him in a tight grip. It was wonderful.

The man was very excited but didn't speak to the woman at any time, and when John had left, the man came out with him and they had gone their separate ways.

Even all this time after the event, John had remembered the shock on the following Friday when Jennifer had asked him to slip down the local supermarket to pick up a few items.

Suddenly like a bolt from the blue he saw the same woman walking along pushing a trolley, and there by her side the man who had joined him at the garden fence.

In the light of day, John was able to see them better. She was reasonably well dressed although the man looked a bit seedy and downtrodden. She seemed to be telling him off for some reason.

It was only then that John realised he had been part of a set up and that they were not strangers. She recognised him and smiled sweetly as she passed. The man nodded.

Over the years John had thought about the strange couple. It became more erotic each time he felt overpowered and overwhelmed and went to the bathroom. Each time the feelings seemed to be more intense.

Now 10 years later he was sensible married man and yet he still found it difficult to shake those old erotic images images out of his mind. Jennifer was a lovely beautiful lady but over the years things had become very predictable and unexciting. She always seemed to be more interested in chatting to her friends or work colleagues.

One weekend Jenny had gone away with Marian and some friends for a few days. On the Saturday, John found himself in the Supermarket again wandering around for odd bits and pieces. As he was going around the shelves he saw her picking up some frozen peas.

He wasn't sure it was her but then he saw that the man with her was the same weedy little man who had met him in the garden all those years ago. He heard the man speak to her and realised that her name was Agnus. She was dressed like any ordinary middle aged woman out shopping. Her husband was a bit drab.

He didn't want to eavesdrop but she seemed to be calling him Malcolm. His face was very downcast and John thought that he looked like 'a Malcolm'.

He wasn't sure if they had seen him and he was unsure what to do. He went through to Checkout in a sort of daze. It was a sort of erotic feeling and his heart was pounding. He knew that he wasn't a silly young boy any more and made his way slowly across the car park. He saw them again loading up their car. It was rather well worn showing some rust.

He pretended not to see them and loaded his own quite modern car. He looked around again and froze as the man was making his way across the car park towards him. The woman was now sitting in her car.

When Malcolm reached him he simply said "My wife wondered if you would like to come home with us for a cup of tea?"

It was a ridiculous situation and John pondered. As it happened, with Jennifer away there was nothing stopping him. Also there was nothing much on the TV. He knew he was making up excuses to go.

He simply said "Yes, that would be nice."

Malcolm said "You have a nice car. Our car is that blue banger. Can you follow me?"

John followed them in his car until they reached a secluded avenue. It wasn't upmarket but it wasn't too bad.

Malcolm got out and collected his goods and followed his wife up the steps to the front door. As she unlocked the door Malcolm turned his head and beckoned John to follow.

John with great trepidation followed them into the house. The house was not well furnished but was reasonably clean.

Malcolm introduced himself as Malcolm Smith and told him that his wife's name was Agnus Smith. John was tempted to give a false name but in the end decided to be truthful "Pleased to meet you Mrs Smith. I am John Rees."

She smiled in a friendly manner "Pleased to meet you, Mr Rees."

Malcolm said something about going out the kitchen to make a cup of tea and John sat down on a chair directly opposite where Mrs Smith sat. She didn't say a word and John just kept quiet.

Mrs Smith had flopped down in the chair and now that she had taken her coat off John could see she had a very short black skirt on. He could see her panties. John panted.

Mrs Smith was 10 years older now. She had large breasts then, but now they seemed enormous. They were too big for her blouse and her top buttons had undone under the pressure.

She didn't say anything and his penis had started to tent his trousers uncomfortably.

Just then Malcolm came back in with an old tray with 3 mugs of tea. He set them down on the table. No saucers.

He sat on a low chair at the side and asked him "What do you think of her, John?" He was obviously talking about his wife.

John was non nonplussed. He didn't know how to answer and simply said "She's nice."

Malcolm said apologetically "I know she isn't as pretty as that last time before but she is a big woman."

John nodded. Mrs Smith was just just sitting there. Although he could see all her knickers, her legs were barely open.

Malcolm kept twittering on in a sort of encouraging manner "She has big tits, John."

It was an obvious truth and John found himself agreeing "Yes she has. Malcolm."

Malcolm was away now. He was even squeezing himself in a very obvious manner though his trousers. He asked "Do you like middle aged women with nice big tits, John?" John nodded.

Malcolm carried on chatting and explained "Women with big tits have to wear big brassieres" John nodded. It was such a bizarre conversation that it aroused him more.

He could see that Mrs Smith didn't seem to mind Malcolm touching himself and he felt he may as well. He was rampant.

Neither Mr nor Mrs Smith seemed to concern themselves when John undid the front of his trousers and slipped his hand inside.

Malcolm was still twittering "What do you think of her knickers John?"

This was more personal now and it jolted John. He muttered "Her knickers?"

"Yes John. Do you like her panties? If you like them, she will open her legs for you."

John couldn't stop himself now. This was like one of his bathroom fantasies thinking about the garden scene all those years ago.

He couldn't really bring himself to say anything but he nodded.

Without very much movement Agnus leaned back a little and opened her big thighs exposing the thin white cotton gusset between her big thighs. The material was a bit grubby but so stretched.

John panted and squeezed himself harder. Malcolm had his cock out now. John pulled his out as well.

They were both masturbating now directly in front of Mrs Smith.

He was staring now and heard Malcolm asking "Do you want to see some more, John?"

John gasped questioningly "Some more Malcolm?"

Malcolm was speaking calmly "She will show you some slit if you like John, but you have to ask her."

John muttered "Oh God". Nothing happened.

Then he muttered "Can I see your slit Mrs Smith?"

She didn't answer but half smiled and leaned well back and at the same time she eased her cotton gusset to the side. John stared. It was long and big and covered with a nice coating of browny hair. She looked lovely and furry.

Malcolm asked him "Do you like my wife's cunt, John?"

John nodded.

Malcolm said reproachfully "If you like her cunt John it would be polite to tell her."

It was like a fairy tale. John in a daze said "I like your cunt Mrs Smith."

She hadn't said much. Now she smiled "Thank you Mr Rees. Is it as nice as Jennifer's?"

John felt shocked and almost panicked as he muttered in confusion "Jennifer?"

Malcolm was by his side and said "Yes that's right John, Jenny your wife. You married Jennifer 11 years ago. You must remember."

John felt confused but still so incredibly rampant. They couldn't possibly know anything about Jennifer. He was bewildered but his cock was still throbbing.

Even as her husband spoke, Mrs Smith slipped her panties off and handed them to him saying "Don't make a mess John, use these."

John was in an excited turmoil now as he took the white panties in his hand. He could see they were big panties.

Malcolm was helpful "You can smell her knickers if you like John."

John was looking straight between Mrs Smith's legs now. Without her panties on he could see every detail. He groaned and pushed her knickers onto his mouth and nose and inhaled.

Just at that moment he came. Mrs Smith smiled at him.

He had caught most of the mess but he was still rampant as Mrs Smith gently massaged the long slit between her legs. It was even more erotic now as he could see there were a lot of grey hairs mixed in with the brown.

It was exactly how he had imagined it in his bathroom visits.

He was still holding her panties which were a bit messy but really exciting him. They could see him looking at the material in his hand.

She smiled kindly and told him "If you want to take them home John, you will have to ask my husband."

John wanted to very much. He felt embarrassed but managed "Do you mind if I take your wife's panties home, Malcolm?"

Malcolm smiled "Of course you can Johnnie. I am glad you enjoyed yourself."

John had been thinking about his excitement and asked "Can I visit you again tomorrow Malcolm?"

Malcolm looked thoughtful. "I suppose it will be OK John. I think that Jennifer is away with her special friends for the weekend isn't she?"

John was shocked again. They seemed to know a lot about him and Jennifer. But he couldn't help himself and nodded "Yes, my wife will be back on Monday. I am on my own for a few days."

John looked at Mrs Smith who smiled "You can visit us, if you really want to John."

John was still shaken by their knowledge of Jennifer. There was even suggestion that they may know something about Marian and the others. But he was so excited about seeing them again he must have sounded like a grateful little boy as he said "I really really want to see you tomorrow Mrs Smith."

Malcolm smiled and said "Will you wash my wife's panties and bring them back with you tomorrow John?"

"Yes of course I will Malcolm. I am grateful." He sounded to keen really and Malcolm smiled.

Malcolm commented "Your wife is quite beautiful John. She has strong thighs and buttocks."

John answered cautiously "Thank you Malcolm."

Mrs Smith smiled "We have seen her around town quite often. We both think she is so beautiful and dresses so nicely."

John felt trapped in the conversation and nodded.

Malcolm smiled "I bet she looks nice in her underwear."

John half nodded. He was uneasy with the theme.

Mrs Smith said "You do want to visit us tomorrow don't you John?"

He panicked at the thought they may be changing her mind and gasped "Oh yes Mrs Smith. Honestly I am so grateful to you and Malcolm."

Malcolm smiled "When you visit us tomorrow John will you do something for me?"

John wanted to please them so much "Of course Malcolm. Anything you want."

Malcolm smiled "That is good of you John. I would like you to bring a pair of your wife's panties."

John was dumbstruck "Jennifer's panties? But....." His voice trailed off.

Mrs Smith sounded a little annoyed "I did give you my panties John. And tomorrow if you are a good boy I will give you my knickers again. It seems only fair that you should give my husband a pair of Jennifer's panties."

John couldn't argue with the logic. Mrs Smith still had her legs open and he was so rampant that he didn't want to upset the arrangements for the next day.

He nodded to Malcolm and muttered guiltily "I will bring her panties tomorrow Malcolm."

He was relieved that both Mr and Mrs Smith seemed pleased with him.

Malcolm did ask "Could you make sure they are from the laundry basket in your bathroom?"

John gasped again. Their knowledge seemed incredible. He muttered "The laundry basket?"

Malcolm nodded and said casually "You know John. The basket in the bathroom where you put your dirty clothes in. Jennifer puts her panties in there. The panties which she has used."

John (Ten years later) Part 2

John woke up the next morning feeling rather anxious. Jennifer wasn't due back until the following day.

He had thought about his impending visit to Agnus and Malcolm Smith all night. He tried to act casual throughout the morning but found himself in the bathroom several times sifting through the worn underwear. Particularly his wife's.

He felt so guilty. At one stage he thought he should tell the Smiths that Jennifer had only left her clean panties. Then he considered the possibility that Mrs Smith would be unwilling to see him if he tried that ploy. He couldn't risk it.

In the end he selected 2 pairs of Jenny's panties so that Malcolm would have nothing to complain about. One was a silky pink set of panties and the others was a pair of sturdy white cotton knickers. They weren't marked too badly but they had obviously been worn.

During his deliberations Jenny telephoned to find out how he was getting along without her. It just added to his guilt as she cheerily told him what things she had seen with her friends. He tried his best to appear interested. Jennifer hardly noticed in any case.

When he drove down the secluded road where the Smith's lived, his heart was pounding. It didn't get any better when he went up the steps to the front door and knocked. He was relieved when Malcolm opened it with a cheery smile and greeting and led him into the lounge where Mrs Smith was sitting.

She smiled at him but he was disappointed that her legs were closed. His mouth was dry with anxiety and he wondered if she was testing him. Malcolm had the kettle on and quickly made them all a mug of tea.

They were all making small talk as they sat on the easy chairs when suddenly Malcolm asked him "Well have you got them John?"

John was surprised by the directness and didn't respond immediately. Malcolm sounded a little cross "Jennifer's underwear John. You said you would bring me your wife's dirty panties."

John blushed but immediately capitulated when Mrs Smith looked a little reproachfully saying "You did say you would bring them John, Malcolm has been looking forward to them all morning."

John nodded quickly and opened the little plastic bag and handed it to Malcolm. He drew out the small items of underwear and examine them closely.

First with the silky pink panties open he studied them in front of his wife. Agnus looked pleased for him "They are pretty Malcolm and you can see they have been worn."

Malcolm nodded and breathed heavily as he brought the silkiness up to his face.

John could see that Mrs Smith was more friendly now and although she didn't actually open her legs she did quite deliberately pull her skirt up so that he could see her stocking tops and a glimpse of her plump thigh.

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