Agreement Ch. 03


A couple of more kisses planted right above his waist and then she paused. The swollen cockhead was directly in front of her as she half-whispered, unsure if he'd even be able to hear her. Her sex felt drenched.

"I want you to say what you said on the way home. Say it again."

"You're what I think about when I wake up, and when I go to sleep at night."

His hand was on a downward stroke, and she rushed her lips to his head. The upstroke pushed his cockhead between her lips. When his fist drifted back down, she let her lips follow onto his shaft. The head of him filled her mouth. Unevenly, she tried to follow his pumping, sometimes his hand tapped her nose. His cock widened her mouth.

His tone groaned above her. "That's it." Heavy breathing. "Suck me."

She moaned around his dick, making sure he could tell his words had registered with her.

He didn't let up. "I love it when you suck my dick like this." Her head bobbed quicker.

His hand reached behind her and pulled at her waist. He positioned her so he could get his hand between her legs. His fingers easily plunged her lips.

She squealed on his penis.

He chuckled. "You are so fucking wet."

Her hips instinctively pushed at his hand. She loved how two fingers were inside her, and how he knew to put his thumb against her clit. It wouldn't take her long with his cock in her mouth. His hips thrusted to meet his own pulls at himself.

"Yeah, suck my dick, mom."

She flinched hard. Garbled, she protested with him still in her mouth. "UH UH." It was clear to them both she didn't want that word said.

"You know you love sucking my cock, mom."

She cried from her throat but kept her pace on him. Tingling started firing from his fingers inside her and from her clit. The cries probably vibrated his cock even, she imagined.

"Ungh, ungh, ungh," he started growling. "I'm going to cum in your mouth."

The waves started over her and he deliberately jiggled his thumb on her clit, again causing her to squeal. He started moaning loud, too.

"OOOOHHHHHHHHH," his groan pitched high. "MOM!"

His first spurt hit her hard, shooting into her throat and spilling from her lips. He shot another and another. Some of the salty cream got down her throat. Some didn't. She kept at him until he was finished.



The Sunday afternoon crowd in the coffee shop was sparse. Julia liked how she and Trevor were tucked away in their own little corner off of to the side. They could talk easily this way. This was perfect for what she needed to explain.

Soon as the caffeine was charging through her, she eased into it. How's he going to take this?

"Hey," she sat close to him and kept her voice low. "I want to ask you about something."

Trevor had his rugged look going that she liked, and he didn't withdraw a bit at her start.

"Sure. Ask away."

"Well, it's kind of weird, really? But I've given it a lot of thought."

He couldn't suppress a sly grin. "All of this is weird, so it's no wonder."

She smirked back. "But this is something that you probably haven't even thought about."

"It is?" She definitely had his attention.

"You know... I really, really trust you. I mean, as much as I've ever trusted anyone."

"Good. Same here."

"And, the last couple of weeks have been, um, very wild."

He smiled broadly. "Yeah, they have."

She drew even closer to him. Her hand went to rest on his leg, and her face was likely close enough for him to smell the bad of perfume she had dotted to her neck in his bathroom.

"All this between us has sparked something in me."

He slightly nodded. "I'd say. I don't think I've ever seen you like this. Nothing close."

She let that comment slide, because she needed to bring up her idea before she lost the nerve to do so.

"I feel so close to you, and trust you so much, that there's something I've thought about. Something I want to try."

His eyes fixed on her now. "Yeah?"

Her eyes wandered around the room to make sure she could still speak freely.

He was dying to hear this. "Tell me what you have in mind."

"I hope you don't think it's too crazy."

"No, I'm sure I won't."

She stared deeply into his eyes. A month ago, she wouldn't have looked at any man this way. Now, she looked at her son this way.

Her voice was breathy. "I want you to take me."

He squinted a bit. "Take you? I feel like that's what I've done... several times." He slipped into a proud smile. "I thought you liked it."

She nodded and tried to be gentle. "Oh yeah, I have. But... I'm talking about something different."

He understandably was confused.

She clarified. "I want you to make me do it."

His brow tightened. "Make you?"

She kept looking at him a moment, and his face relaxed some as her idea sunk in.

"I want it where you make me do it with you."

He was stunned, but enlivened. "Wow. Uh, okay."

Her face softened, and she tried to appear open to his having any issue with what she was suggesting.

"Yeah? Are you sure you're fine with that kind of thing?"

His face was changing into a look like he was not only fine with it, but ready to try it.

"So, you want to go on back to my place?"

She giggled a little at his enthusiasm. "I should go home and put in an appearance there. This isn't something I had in mind for today. There's a little more to it."

"There is?"

Her hand at his leg crept just higher.

"Tomorrow, while your dad is at work, I'll come home from the office, and be there by noon."

His eyes grew large.

She continued. "The front door will be open. I will be upstairs in the bedroom."

He was breathing heavy, and taking this in. "You sure about this?"

She nodded a couple of quick times. "Yeah, I am."

He looked doubtful.

She half-whispered. "I've already thought about this. A lot."

He whispered back. "Fuck."

She wasn't through with letting him know what to expect.

"Listen, I want you to understand something. I'm going to resist you. It's not like I'm going to give in or something."


"Yeah. That's the kind of thing I have in mind."

He seemed daze as he ran the scenario around in his mind. "So, is this the kind of thing where have a word, or signal or something?"

She tried not laugh. "Yeah. We can use 'red.' But... ."

He was struggling to process exactly what his mother was saying. Her eyes stayed on his.

"Trevor, I won't be saying it. No matter what. I won't be stopping it."

His mouth fell open.



Bill took his time at the specialty electronics store. His research online had been very helpful. He knew what he was looking for.

This may be a waste of money, but if he could somehow get the two of them to come into that bedroom, it would be worth it. Just last night they'd been in the living room with him at home. Even though he didn't think she'd seen him off to the side, she knew he'd been home. She had to figure he'd be there.

The row he needed to access was at the back of the store. He checked his options, and liked what he saw. The prices fit what he expected.

A sales person offered her help.

"No thanks," Bill replied, "but let me make sure. I just set it, click it, and it's good to go?"

The sales person nodded. "Yes. It's motion-detected, so it activates when there's movement in the room."


Bill picked up the package, and proceeded back to the front of the store to pay for the small video recorder. He'd be sure and tell her eventually. This was heading to where they'd be upstairs soon. That's what would turn out. May as well catch it. Have it. She'd probably even be glad he did this.



Trevor started up the stairs with his heart racing. His steps were slow, and he tried to make them light. Then, he wondered why the hell he was trying to be quiet. Am I supposed to be?

His jeans and t-shirt was comfortable, and he'd worn shoes he could easily kick off. What will she be wearing? She sounded so serious about this. I want this to be great for her.

One more time his mind whipped through his past, and he still couldn't come up with anything even close to this. He'd just never tried 'rough sex.' Maybe I should have.

By the time he reached the top of the stairs, he still hadn't heard anything from her. Maybe she changed her mind. And, what if dad comes home? They'd likely hear him if he did. Plus... Trevor stayed very aware of how hard he was in his jeans.

At the top of the stairs, their bedroom was only a few feet and diagonally away. Their bedroom. This is where his father sleeps with her. This is their bedroom. Why does that turn me on even more?

He started to call her name out, but realized that seemed stupid. Settle down. Stay in control of this. That's what she wants.

Without making a sound, he crossed the hall to the bedroom. Standing in the doorway, he finally saw her as she emerged from the bathroom. When she looked up and saw him, she jumped, startled.

"Trevor! What are you doing here?"

He started to check his watch, as if he may be mistaken about the time, but caught himself. He wasn't wrong about the time at all. She had to be posing.

He was thinking of some clever comeback, when she snapped at him, annoyed.

"You have to leave. You shouldn't be here."

Her words were terse. No smile. No knowing look. Maybe she's changed her mind.

She left from in front of the bathroom and whipped right by him to get over to the closet on the other side of the bedroom. Nothing nice or any banter at all. No sign.

Still dressed in her business clothes of a white blouse and a navy skirt, she had the made-up poise he always found alluring. Looking at her in their bedroom, he still couldn't believe they'd been fucking like they had. The older, out-of-reach image he'd always before seen was back on her.

As he still stood there, she was reaching into her hair to start loosening it and take it down, but she stopped. She shot an icy stare at him, like she couldn't believe he was still in their bedroom.

Something's wrong. This didn't feel right, and he wasn't even sure how this was all supposed to go. He turned on his heels and took a step away. At the doorway, he looked over his shoulder. She'd already faced the closet before her, and had her hands back in her hair.

Looking back out into the hallway, he didn't continue on out. He drew a deep breath. All she has to do is say red. Until then, I'm fucking doing this.

Before turning back to the bedroom, he kicked off his shoes, and his hands worked at his belt. His jeans were quickly undone before he even turned around. His torso turned as his fingers pulled his zipper. The flaps opened, but the jeans were still at his hips as he re-entered the bedroom.

Her face turned to see him coming back, and her hands left her hair. They held up at him, her eyes noticing his undone jeans. Still no smile, no recognition at all.

"Trevor! I told you. Not here. Not today. Leave!"

He kept moving forward, his heart quickening. Her mouth fell open as he advanced. She retreated a step. Her head shook side to side.


He reached for her arms, and she didn't hesitate to step to him and shove her hands into his chest. Her force pushed him off balance. Not expecting her move, he had to steady himself. She tried to get by him.

Getting his feet back under him, he saw her feet stepping in those shiny, black heels she liked to wear. He felt a surge inside. His hand snatched and caught her arm as she passed.

"Hey!" He liked the firmness in his voice.

She pulled from him, but didn't break his grasp. His other hand started to reach around to bring her to him when her shoulders turned in his direction. Her momentum was bringing her at him, and he didn't see her raised left palm until it was too late.

Her full slap against his cheek made the unique flesh-on-flesh smacking sound he hadn't heard in some time. Some stars shot about and there was immediate burning at his face. Instantly, she was yanking from him. She almost got away.

Instead, his hand caught up with hers, and suddenly he had both his hands on her. He tried to hold her still, but she struggled in his grasp. Without a thought, he slung her onto the bed.

He watched in disbelief as she bounced atop the bed. Her chest jostled slightly in her blouse, and her face oriented to look back to him stunned. When he started onto the bed, she scooted hard in the other direction.

Swiftly, he hopped to where he could grab her again. And now her legs swung at him. Fortunately for him, her kick went outside his legs and not between them. Both legs flailed. He didn't waste any time.

He pulled her arms high over her head, and he kept his torso away from her kicking legs. His left forearm pinned her hands above her head onto the bed hard, and her voice went high and shrill with that.

"Stop it!"

His body shifted over and above hers, and his right leg blocked her legs to where he could get between them. He made damn sure to get his left leg inside her legs fast, too, because they didn't stop moving. Her left knee stabbed at his side, but the angle didn't permit enough impact.

Now, he raised his voice to her. "Settle fucking down!"

Her eyes squinted hard at his, and her face twisted. "Stop being an asshole!"

He leaned more weight onto his left arm, pushing her hands securely into the bed cover, while his right hand quickly went to jerk her skirt up her hips.

"NO, Trevor!" Her face opened and her eyes widened.

Reaching to where her skirt had left, he found bare skin. Peering quickly down, he saw thin, white bikini panties. He got his hand to the narrow string holding them at her hip, and he yanked hard.

"OUCH!" Her face showed pain, and for a fleeting second he was sorry they hadn't come off easily.

His hand went inside his boxers, and that was when she started jerking about under him. One of her hands slipped just from his arm, and he had to reach back up. When he did, his hard cock that tented his boxers dragged on her mound. He thought he saw her eyes roll back.

His right hand re-tucked both her hands under his left arm, and he again rested weight onto his arm to hold her in place.

"You're hurting me."

His face moved closer to hers, as his hand brought his cock out.

"Then, be fucking still."

"I want you to stop."

Centering over her, his legs made her thighs open.

He struck his hardest sneer. "I know what you need."

Her face swept side to side, and both arms and feet thrashed about again. She was grunting under him. He had to be careful he kept her in place.

His hand struggled to pull his cock all the way out, and his effort brought his face closer to hers. Soon as it did, her face stopped and stared back at him. His hand held his shaft and started it closer to her, when he noticed her mouth pucker. A second later, her mouth forced open, and she spit his face wet.

"You fucking bitch."

The slightest of smirks crossed her lips, but it dissolved when he wedged his cock into her lips. Now, she winced and braced.


His hips jerked forward and she yelped hard.

He managed to get his weight more centered, drew his hips just back and then his right hand found her throat. He held it firmly, and her startled face stared panicked back at him. Angrily, he wiped his wet face on hers, and she tried desperately to resist. His face was pulling back, and his hand still held her throat, when his hips bucked hard up into her.

"AAAHHHH!" Her scream rang out, but he didn't stop.

Deep inside her, he grinded a bit further, at once struck by how wet she was. Fuck yes.

He withdrew again to where his head was inside her, and he waited. His left arm still draped her hands up high, and his right hand kept at her throat. Her eyes went wild back at his. He didn't think it was fear, but he couldn't tell what it was.

A good bit of his weight rested at his hips, and her legs clamped against them. He wiggled around at her pussy, and he thought he felt her hips relax. When he did, he thrusted again strongly.

"Oh god." She sucked in breath. "Please... stop it."

He took a long look at her face, and her eyes flashed back. He didn't hear red.

He pushed at his hand to tilt her head higher, and he started rocking his body up and back. Her entire body responded in kind, much smaller and losing resistance, she was being overcome and they both knew it.

"Trevor." She grunted a couple of times, but then went silent when he picked-up the pace. Her loosened blonde hair began tossing about. Her exquisitely made-up face jerked about with his force.

His hips began pushing faster, and a sustained cry sounded from her. Her face started tilting back even further from her own back arching. She was shaking. He didn't slow.

"Oh, oh, oh---"

Again she fell quiet, when his pace went even stronger. Her eyes squinted tight and bursts of air left her, and he pumped his hips furiously into her. The slapping sound of flesh-on-flesh was continuous now, and it was clapping at his fury.

"AAAAAGGGHHHHHHHH" her scream filled the house and his ears. The parts of her body that weren't restrained flailed about.

His cock kept plunging and pumping her drenched pussy harder, and her gasps alternated with cries. She was pulling air in each time he fell back, and she was crying out with each deep penetration she took.

His body didn't slow, and her wails got loud.


Finally, he started panting hard, and his hips lost just a little quickness, as his balls tightened. Watching her thrash under him and rendered helpless, his dick started jerking and he was cumming very hard.

"OOOHHHHHHHHH!!!" His intensity matched hers, and suddenly he didn't think his cock would stop spewing inside her. Ecstasy shot throughout him like never before, and his head jerked back and forth while he kept pumping cum in her.

Several moments passed before he could calm down.

Easing his eyes open, he saw her staring back up and watching his face. He was still shaking from his climax. She had openly watched his pleasure.

His hand slipped from her neck, and his arm left her hands. He slowly pulled his soaking dick from inside her, and he felt her lips cling to him. Her legs rubbed at his.

They both were regaining their breath, and his torso drifted from over her. He collapsed onto his back beside her. Her hands rubbed her face as her thighs pulled back closer. His hand patted to her and stayed at her hip.

He was catching his breath still when he must've fallen asleep.

It couldn't have been very long when he came back around, but she had dozed by now. He looked to her, made sure she was asleep, and then slipped from the bed. He wasn't really sure how long they had been out. Exhausted, and lying there still.



Bill's SUV raced through the streets, and he perched forward behind the wheel. Shaking his head, biting his lip, and he couldn't possibly sit still. He was reeling.

I can't believe I unleashed all this. It's all my fault. It really is.

Never in a million years would he have thought Trevor capable of such a horrible and brutal thing. He hadn't thought Trevor had that in him. To rape. And, her.

The SUV whipped past traffic going much slower to get to Trevor's office. He and Trevor both were going to have to share responsibility for this, but he had to make Trevor understand just how fucking horribly wrong this was. It was on him to make Trevor KNOW. And he wouldn't stop until he thought Trevor REALLY got it.

He checked his phone again to see whether he had any response from Julia. His calls and texts to her drew nothing so far. My god, how must she be dealing with this? Is she okay? Why has she said nothing?

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