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AH Fantasies Ch. 07


Author's Note: This story contains sexual situations involving restrained wrists and a couple of light swats, no other BDSM scenes. This is a MFMM fantasy containing anal, vaginal and oral sex. I want to thank all the folks who are writing in this chain for allowing so many writers to "use" you in their stories. A special thank you goes out to: jushorny, joeys_game and neonurotic for granting me permission to bring my fantasy to life and to MagicaPractica for editing services. Most of all for CrimsonMaiden for her willingness to organize this chain and feminity for thinking it up. Enjoy the story and feel free to vote or comment if you like. Thanks again to Literotica for just existing. ~ Red

**** **** ****

Handcuffs and Lollipops

I sat there studying the flashing lights of ABSTRUSIONS. The local Literotica bar was one I had ventured into off and on over the last few months. Now I was quite addicted to not only the tasty drinks, but the wonderful decor and entertaining patrons that frequented the rowdy joint. This particular evening was different. Tonight I was going to go in alone, but leave with not one, not two, but three very willing victims.

Movement to my left drew my attention and I lifted a brow as I saw Vana walk in holding a bright pink flamingo. My lips curled in a grin as I imagined the look on Abs's face when she got back from whatever mysterious location she'd jetted off to. Sometimes I was jealous of all her jet setting across the country, but the drinks at ABSTRUSIONS were free, so I knew better than to let the green-eyed monster come out of hiding. Besides, it was because of Abs that I was even welcome in the bar. I abide by her rules, never wearing pink or evening bringing it into the hot club. Well, there was that one time, but lucky for me Vana had done so much more to the establishment that I got away with nothing but a snicker...or was that a growl?

The minutes seemed to slip by as I tried to calm the butterflies in my stomach. I looked at my watch, the little naked cock that served as a second hand clicked steadily and the hands pointed to seven o'clock. It was time, I told myself, and smoothed my sweaty palms down my black leather skirt. I hoped they liked it. The matching zipper vest hugged my generous bosom and when I got out of my little red sports car, my thigh high platform boots made me seem much taller than my five-foot four inches.

"Welcome to Ab's," a voice called from the bar.

I turned and waved to SelenaKitten. She was pouring some concoction together and nodding to me with her head. I watched her long fingers grip the bottles that were held upside down in both hands, admired the perfectly manicured nails and the way she moved with such grace. I gave her a quick nod back and eyed her newest ensemble. The short swoop-necked blouse hugged her figure and accented her milky skin. The freckles on her shoulders and across her nose only added to the beauty of her emerald eyes and long red hair.

A sigh escaped me as I watched her turn away and take care of another customer. I scanned the bar and noticed Severusmax eying one of the locals' ass, Scarlet. I winked and smirked at him, knowing his fetish for redheads. I almost thought of warning Scarlet, but thought twice and decided she could handle the wily Dom.

Just as I was about to head to the corner booth where I was supposed to meet my three fantasy men, I noticed Remec coming out of the restroom. He was a little unsteady on his feet, so I quickly walked up to him and helped him take a seat at the bar. I couldn't help but press myself against him and let my breast rub against his arm. A tingle was my reward and so I pressed a bit more firmly. His hand slipped around and pulled me close. "Another night," I whispered to him, pulled myself from his strong grip and sauntered over to my booth.

Eventually, feeeriek came over and placed a Long Island Ice Tea in front of me along with a bowl of pretzels. "Vana's decorating again," she told me and then pointed to the stage where Vana was currently trying to hang her bright pink flamingo from the ceiling. I lifted a brow and then shook my head.

"Abs will have her in the office as soon as she steps through the door," I said and took a sip of my drink.

"Of course she will. Why do you think she does it?" feeeriek headed back to the bar to pick up more drinks for the other patrons that littered the floor of Ab's club.

I nervously toyed with the straw in my drink. I spun the ice and glanced around. S-Des and Kit were very much into each other. He had one hand on the table, the other had mysteriously disappeared under it. To me, Kit wasn't even paying attention to The Fool, who was chewing on his cigar and delivering some touching and witty prose. I watched the lovers, knowing full well where S-Des's hand was and what it was doing.

The Fool's voice drew me in and I listened. It seemed as if poetry flowed from his lips like silk draping an Egyptian goddess. That thought made me look over to another table in the bar. I gazed admiringly at Sweetsubsarahh and notice how she was seemingly unaware of her ability to capture the attention of every man in the room. Perhaps it was her button-down white blouse that was often unbuttoned, leaving her breasts and belly button on display. Then again, it may be because she's as sweet as her name suggests.

I wondered why she was sitting alone, but just as that thought presented itself I noticed Rob walk over and claim the seat next to her.

"They look good together. Don't they?" a voice from behind me said, catching me off guard. I turned around and felt my heart leap into my throat.

There they were. My tongue snaked out and licked my pink hued lips. "For you," Jus said, handing me a bright red lollipop. I took the offered sweet and placed it in my mouth. He stepped around the booth and I scooted over so he could sit beside me. I glanced back and watched Joey repeat the gesture, handing me another red lollipop. He claimed the booth seat across from me and Neo slid in beside him. In his hand was another lollipop, but this one's stick was taped to a pair of cuffs.

My brown eyes took in the glint of steel and my pulse quickened. I could feel Jus's hand on my thigh, his fingers already sliding up under the edge of my skirt. "You want to finish your drink first?" he asked me, and I just blinked back, not quite sure I was ready to leave, but yet wanting desperately to get my fantasy going.

"Finish your drink, Red," Neo told me and pushed my beverage back to me. He lifted his hand and ordered water for himself and beer for the others. It wasn't long before Jus's hand was pressing against my black thong and I knew my crotch was wet.

"Nice," he whispered and then slid one finger between the cloth and my warm skin. I jumped just a bit and then watched Joey smirk. He knew exactly what Jus was doing. I could see it in his eyes, but I said nothing, silently offering him a challenge.

I glanced to Neo, who nudged Joey. "I think Red dropped her napkin," he said, the look in his eyes dared me to correct him. I bit down the words that would have proclaimed him a fibber and listened to Joey offer to slide under the table and retrieve the "dropped napkin."

When I felt Joey's hands on my knees, I shuddered and my legs opened willingly. Jus continued to slide his finger up and down my slit, coaxing more slick juices from its home and barely stopped his ministrations when Joey's fingers pulled the material of my panty completely away from my pussy, leaving my sex completely exposed to his viewing pleasure.

"Enjoying yourself?" Neo asked, just as Joey's tongue collided with my slit. I gulped my drink and nodded my head. Jus's fingers rose up to my clit and he began to twist and tease the hardened nub. I bit my lower lip and gasped as Joey nipped at my outer lips.

"Damn panties," Jus muttered and then growled low, "I thought you didn't like them." He looked to Neo and asked, "Got your knife handy?"

"Knife " I squeaked, not knowing if it was because of the mention of the slick blade or if it was because Joey had just shoved three fingers into my cunt.

"Of course," Neo replied, leaning to one side and removing one of the weapons he knew I desired. The pocket knife slid across the table and Jus grabbed it. He handed it to Joey, who cursed at having to deal with the panties I had chosen to wear.

"Stay still Red," Neo ordered and I did.

I felt the cool blade slide gently across my inner thigh and I knew Joey was having fun with me. He teased my skin and Jus reached down to begin the work on my pussy that Joey was neglecting. Just as I thought the young man under the table was going to learn every freckle on my thigh with the tip of the weapon I felt it slide across the bottom of my panties. I remained still, but not calm. I was far from it. He split my panties apart and Jus grinned wide. I heard Joey mutter words of appreciation and then he paid homage to my sloppy sex. As his face dove into my pussy, Jus teased my clit, bringing juices for Joey to drink up.

My eyes locked with Neo's and I saw he was enjoying the torment the two men were causing me, but in reality I wasn't complaining or begging them to stop either. My hips rose to meet every thrust of Joey's tongue and one of my hands dropped down to join Jus. I held his fingers against my clit as I ground myself into his thick fingers. The air seemed to fill with the scent of my sex and I knew from the looks on Jus's face and Neo's that they both could smell it. I glanced down at Joey and saw the hunger in his eyes.

"Come for him, Red," Neo demanded and my body seemed to react with a will of its own. I gripped Jus's hand as he continued to rub my clit and I buried my head in his neck, stifling my screams. My come flooded Joey, but I knew he was ready for it. His mouth covered the slick opening and his tongue made quick work of my cunt as he coaxed the thick honey liquid from my depths.

When I could breathe again, I pulled my face from Jus's neck, locking the scent of his skin and shampoo in my mind. I don't know how long I clung to him, but when I opened my eyes, Joey was back in his seat, calmly sipping his beverage and grinning like a cat who'd stolen the cream, which he had.

"Let's go," Neo said and slid out of his seat. The rest of us followed and I waved goodbye to Selena, who shot me a knowing look. I blushed, but shrugged my shoulders. What could I say . . . I am friendly.

We walked toward my car, but Neo grabbed my arm and steered me in the opposite direction.

"Where are we going?" I asked as we walked across the street and behind a number of well-visited joints.

Neo shrugged his shoulders. "We'll all know when we get there."

I thought, "What kind of answer is that?"

It wasn't long though before we suddenly came across a place in the middle of nowhere. I recognized the big black horse and the cherry tree though and smiled, thinking of the few times I had visited FTF's place. I couldn't wait to sit under the high, airy ceilings and lounge on the big black couches. "I love this place," I told my friends and they agreed, but admitted they only lurked on the outside of the beautiful building. "Well, now's the time to visit."

"This way," Neo told me, pulling me along a path that led to the stables. I knew about the private quarters that FTF's barns had. They were designed for the guests that wanted to do more dangerous and intimate things. Things she didn't want seen in the main building. My lower lip was soon captured by my teeth and I gnawed gently on it.

We headed to the back of the barn, passing the stalls where FTF's beautiful Bandit and Luke rested. Both whinnied as if they knew what we four were up to. When we reached the back part of the structure, Neo produced a key and opened the pale wood door. He stepped in. I followed, as did Jus and Joey. There was no time for me to back out, not that I wanted to anyway. I was here and I wasn't planning on leaving 'till my fantasy was fulfilled.

I felt Neo's hands on my shoulders, moving into my hair and forcing my head back. Our lips touched and his tongue moved daringly over mine. My knees buckled as I pressed myself into him. If it wasn't for the strength in his thighs, I probably would have knocked him over. I felt a pair of hands on my vest and I pulled my lips from Neo's. I looked at Jus and watched his fingers tug on the zipper pull of the slippery leather. He moved toward me and captured my mouth in a hungry kiss, again my pulse raced as my body threatened to melt. I lost Jus's mouth when I jerked away. Joey's hands were moving up and down my thighs, freeing the zipper of each boot an inch at a time. His mouth rained kisses on my creamy flesh, as if he were trying desperately to connect the dots of freckles he'd toyed with earlier.

"You guys are killing me," I muttered and all three chuckled. Neo's hands pulled the vest from my torso after Jus spread it open, exposing my pink nipples and my white globes. I hissed as his fingers brushed across my areolas and Neo's hands slid back up my torso and then across to run circles over my stomach. Joey's hands pulled off my boots and skated up the back of my legs, kneading the muscles and making me shift nervously as six hands explored my heated flesh.

My skirt was suddenly slipping down my hips, thanks to Neo's expert and nimble fingers. I whimpered softly, wanting my three soon to be lovers just as exposed as I was, but I also didn't want them to stop touching me. Finally a collective sigh left our lips and I stood naked and vulnerable. Licking my lips I wanted nothing more than to cover myself from the hungry eyes that were devouring me. I reached up to do just that and suddenly felt the cold steel of Neo's cuffs clamp onto my wrists.

"Damn," I muttered, "I forgot about them."

"Yeah, I figured you had. You left your lollipops too," Neo whispered and then produced two of my suckers from his pocket, the two I had not yet opened. He tossed them to the dresser that rested on the east wall and then led me by the chain that connected the cuffs, over to the bed. "Climb on, Red," he demanded, his voice as hard as the steel that kept me captive.

I did as he said and settled on the center of the bed. He didn't like that position and jerked my ankles so I was laying in the center but with my body across the width of the king size creation instead of the length. When he stepped back, I rolled to my side as best I could with my hands still cuffed and watched the three men begin to remove their clothes.

Joey slid easily from his button-up shirt. He kicked his shoes off, tossing them to a corner where they thudded against the wall. I grinned, knowing he was anxiously awaiting the opportunity to join me on the thick comforter. My eyes lazily ran down his tight chest, taking in his dark nipples and how they pointed out as if beckoning me to suck and nip at them. His pants slid off his narrow hips and his cock jerked free of its denim home. I felt my pussy tighten as I thought of how much fun it would be to have his stiff rod buried deep inside me.

A soft chuckle forced me to pull my attentions from Joey and I blushed as Jus finished removing his jeans. A whimper escaped my parted lips and I ran my tongue over the soft petals of flesh. His cock seemed to pulsate in time with the beating of my heart and I wondered if he could feel the heat of my desire washing over him as it washed over me. When his hand wrapped around his cock, juices eased from my sex and the muscles buried deep in my womb constricted as if they were trying to ready themselves for his seed.

"She's such the slut," Neo said, his voice harsh, but yet comforting. I looked at him and took in the array of tattoos that covered his skin. Already my fingers itched to trace each one; my mouth seemed to beg me to cover the various shapes with sinful licks and tiny nibbles. A moan left my lips as I watched him discard the last of his clothing and his dick seemed to thicken further as I gazed longingly at his rod. "You are a slut, aren't you Red?" Neo asked as he moved toward me.

I rolled onto my back, nodding my head and spread my legs.

"Answer me," he demanded and then slapped my thigh. I jumped but felt the warm sting of my flesh as he swatted me again.

"Yes, I'm a slut." I looked up to both Jus and Joey. Both were advancing toward me. I wanted to reach out and touch all of them. Mentally I cursed the cuffs and knew that I would never want them again for I simply wanted . . . needed to feel the flesh that beckoned me to act wanton and sinful.

"Where do you want us Red?" Joey whispered against my left ear. I turned to him and kissed his lips. Our tongues danced slowly together. His hand moved to cup my left breast and he squeezed it firmly before sliding his fingers down to toy with my slick mound.

"Eat me again, Joey." I licked a path from his jaw to his ear, down his neck and then over his shoulder, which I nipped gently. He grinned and then slid his lips down my body, taking a taste of my left nipple, pulling it between his teeth and flicking it with his tongue.

When I felt his mouth recapture my mound, I shuddered in ecstasy. "Joey," I hissed and whimpered, my hips rising instinctively. He chuckled against my cunt and the heat of his breath blanketed me.

"And where do you want us?" Jus asked as he crawled toward me. My eyes traveled over both him and Neo. I knew what I wanted and I knew my desires were why they had agreed to let me use them. I wanted to see new things, to feel new things, to watch things that I knew were never going to happen outside of this place, this magical erotic land known as Literotica.

"Sixty-nine me, Jus." I watched him grin, as if he knew what I was thinking. I turned my head and gazed up at Neo.

"Did you bring lube?" I asked, and he snickered as if the question I had asked him was the most idiotic one I could imagine. "I want to watch you fuck Jus, while I suck his cock."

Neo grinned, and Jus growled. Joey lapped at my pussy and groaned into it. "Don't worry Joey. You'll get your ass fucked tonight too," I told him. He pushed in three fingers and twisted them to the right and then the left. I bucked up against his face and then he stopped as Jus slid over me.

Hungrily I stared at Jus's rod bobbing up and down as if it were looking for a way to slide into my mouth. I looked to Neo and asked for the cuffs to be removed. He snickered and winked, but shook his head no. "You'll manage. That's what good sluts do."

I smirked, stuck my tongue out and wiggled my cuffed hands between Jus and my body. I felt his chest hairs and toyed with the strands before I moved up further and found his rock hard member. My fingers wrapped around his tool and I lifted my head so his cock would slide easily into my mouth.

It wasn't long before two tongues were working my pussy and my hips were rolling back and forth. Joey's hands slid under my ass and held me up. His grip was firm as he presented me to his mouth and Jus's as if I were a succulent dessert they couldn't get enough of. I felt strong fingers in my red hair and I looked up to see Neo running his hand up and down his well-lubed member.

"Yes," I purred and then ran my tongue around Jus's balls, then up his shaft. My fingers continued to hold him, though the stroking was somewhat awkward. I pushed on the spongy head and then paused, holding one of his testicles in my mouth as Neo spread Jus's ass cheeks and slid a drop of warming gel into his anal opening.

It seemed for a moment time stood still as Neo began to ease his dick into Jus's tight hole. I had the perfect view and as each inch was swallowed up, Neo captured the escaping gel and saved it from dripping onto my head. I winked up at him, my silent thanks as he grinned back in response. Soon he groaned loudly and Jus pushed back, taking in more of Neo's cock. I dropped Jus's ball and muttered, "Fuck That is so hot." I then lapped at the underside of Jus's velvet sack, before I opened my mouth fully and enveloped both of his balls in one swift suckle.

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