Aiding the Admiral

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Jaina Proudmoore's aid gets caught spying on his mistress.
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A request featuring Jaina, Tyrande and an OC. Any errors or suggestions, let me know.


Brian Sharp stood with his back straight, head slightly bowed and hands clasped together in front of him, waiting with bated breath to receive his next command. It had been a long day and he was tired, but in front of him were two of the most powerful women in the world, both politically, and in terms of combative strength. Weary or not from his day-to-day duties, it was his job to serve them and he would do so to the best of his ability.

Located within the Mage Tower of Stormwind City, Tyrande Whisperwind had traveled via one of Jaina Proudmoore's portals to convene with the blonde mage. He hadn't a clue why or what they planned to discuss, for he was but a lowly aid of Miss Proudmoore's after all, but he assumed it was in regards to sensitive information. His job was to follow behind her--the view of which he very much appreciated despite her penchant towards robes--and do as she asked. Usually this meant retrieving documents, scheduling appointments or even fetching food for her from nearby shops. It wasn't glamorous, but she was both beautiful and kind, and so he had no particular misgivings about his occupation.

Still, he couldn't help but be a bit timid around her, and the equally attractive and powerful leader of the night elves wasn't making things any easier for him.

"Leave us, Bryan," Jaina ordered, crystal blue eyes not leaving Tyrande's. "And take those documents with you."

"As you wish, My Lady." He bowed, snatched up a pile of documents off of a nearby table and quickly shuffled out of the room, closing the door behind him and blocking out a girlish giggle from the buxom mage. Sighing and gathering his composure, he straightened his leather tunic and hurried away towards his office. He would need to sort and copy these documents as soon as possible, not to mention any letters that needed to be sent and Jaina's appointment with--

"You there! Errand boy!" A fancy courtier wrapped in a blue and gold mantle addressed him. It was a middle aged woman with raven black hair, and pinned to her chest was the pendant of a lion, signifying her as an aid to the king. "This is a message from the king to Lady Proudmoore. Deliver it to her at once. A reply is expected by tomorrow."

"She's busy at the moment, but I--"

"Now. I was instructed to ensure its immediate delivery." Like most people, the king's messenger was taller than he was, and she looked down her beak-like nose at him through a pair of rounded spectacles.

"Right. Of course." Bryan smiled nervously, and, seeing that she wouldn't leave until he delivered the letter, turned around to make his way back towards where he had came. Turning down a hallway and out of sight from the king's servant, he scurried back to Jaina's quarters and knocked on the door. "My Lady?" He waited, then, another knock, this time louder. "Miss Proudmoore?" Again he waited, and then knocked once more. This time, he opened the door and peeked his head inside. Neither Jaina nor Tyrande were there, and so he assumed that they had teleported away. Stepping inside and closing the door behind him, he heard a faint murmuring of voices--or what seemed like voices. Were they in the backroom where Jaina slept?

Suddenly feeling very out of place, his skin prickled and the hair on his neck rose as he crept towards Jaina's bedroom. The door was already ajar, leaving the slightest sliver of an opening for him to peer through. He did it without thinking, and perhaps if he was in a calmer state of mind he would have thought things through before sneaking a look into his employer's bedroom, but he didn't, and his eyes thanked him for it. Almost gasping and giving himself away, he took in an amazing yet most unexpected sight: Jaina and Tyrande were intertwined, luscious bodies pressed against each other while their hands explored the other's curves. Their clothes and armor were strewn haphazardly about the floor, leading from the doorway to where they now stood next to the bed. Neither was naked, however, as each was clad in risque lingerie that accentuated their well-endowed femininity.

Jaina wore a royal blue thong beneath an equally blue yet transparent lace camisole that did little to contain her overflowing breasts. Tyrande on the other hand wore a white lace corset that squeezed at her own buxom breasts, and a white thong that accentuated her wide hips. It hid little, and from behind the elven priestess he got a good look at the lavender cheeks of her notably large ass, split down the middle by that thin stretch of white fabric. Wide eyed, he watched without blinking as the two fondled each other. Tyrande was aggressive with her movements, squeezing at Jaina's plump behind while she helped herself to the mage's lips, pushing her against the bed until she was resting atop it. Slowly, the elf lowered herself on top of Jaina, back muscles gleaming in the light cast from a nearby lantern, her hand snaking its way down to Jaina's mound when suddenly, she stopped.

Tyrande's body froze for a split second; not quite long enough for him to realize she was onto him, and certainly not enough time for him to react. In a flash, she spun around to face him, feet stable upon the ground and hands glowing with a pure white light.

"Enjoying the show you little worm?"

Fear seemed to penetrate his very core; he couldn't move, though whether it was due to his own cowardice or Tyrande's magic he couldn't tell. Brow furrowed, her eyes bore into his--furious pools of blue that emanated a glow that dwarfed the intensity of the nearby lantern, and with all of their rage directed at him. Somehow, he found himself halfway through the door and into the room. Alarmed at this sudden realization, he swallowed and mustered up enough of his willpower to glance over at his employer. Jaina had risen to a sitting position upon the bed and was eyeing him curiously, a look of surprise on her face rather than anger. Tyrande stepped towards him and she reached out to pull the elf back, sparing him from whatever ill fate the priestess would have wrought upon him.

"Relax, Tyrande. He's just my assistant."

"Then you'd better start looking for a new one." Tyrande resumed her advance towards him and Jaina pulled her back once more, this time standing up and putting her nearly nude body between the two.

"Oh, calm down. I'm sure there's a good reason for him being here."

Bryan tried to speak but his mouth seemed utterly devoid of moisture. Licking his lips, he tried again, this time with more success; "That's right! I didn't mean to--" He stumbled and looked down at the letter in his hand to confirm that it was still there. "I have a letter from the king. I was told it was urgent." Holding it out towards her, a bead of sweat trailed down his temple as he struggled not to let his eyes wander down from Jaina's face. She eyed the letter for a moment and then snatched it out of his hand.

"If it was truly urgent he would have contacted me directly." Jaina inspected it, turning it over and giving it a quick once over before shrugging and teleporting it onto a nearby dresser. Her attention, as well as Tyrande's, was soon focused upon him again. "Now, what should we do with you?"

"He should be punished," Tyrande said acidly

"I agree... just not in the way that you're thinking."

Tyrande looked at her quizzically before her expression hardened and she began shaking her head. "You can't be serious."

"I am," Jaina replied, and then the two stared at each other for a time, inaudible words seeming to pass between them.

"But with him?!" Tyrande suddenly blurted, looking him over critically, eyes narrowed. He squirmed beneath her gaze, but eventually Jaina's mental conversation with the elf seemed to win her over. She shrugged her toned shoulders with the utmost disinterest and then rested her hands upon her hips. "Have it your way."

Jaina smiled. "Come closer, Bryan."

Reluctantly, he stepped away from the door and towards the center of the room, whereupon the door slammed shut behind him, closed with a flick of Jaina's wrist and a surge of invisible magic. Both women were taller than him and could no doubt obliterate him with little more than a thought. He gulped nervously, a mouse standing before two cats.

"There we go." She paused, looking him over while he stood awkwardly in front of her, anticipating some sort of punishment to be admonished upon him. "Now then, why don't you strip for us, Bryan?"


"Your punishment," Tyrande barked, interjecting before Jaina could reply. "Now strip little man."

Bewildered, he looked back and forth between the two, but, finding no leniency, ultimately did as he was told. With obvious embarrassment, he shed his simple clothes into a pile upon the floor. Both women watched as he did this, Jaina with curiosity, and Tyrande with a sort of smug enjoyment over his uncomfortableness.

"Well, at least he's not so little down there," the elven priestess remarked, gazing down at his groin.

"Now this is surprising," Jaina chirped, a grin on her face as she stepped closer to get a better look. Semi-flaccid from his earlier voyeurism, his manhood was large, bordering on disproportionate given his short and lean frame.

"Can I put my clothes back on now, Miss Proudmoore?" His shoulders were slumped dejectedly, making him appear even smaller.

"Oh no, your punishment has just begun." With that, the Kul'tiran sorceress reached for his shaft, tugging on it and pulling him closer towards the bed. Though they remained standing, Jaina's hand took to stroking his cock, bringing it to life until it was fully erect and throbbing. She was joined by Tyrande soon after, the duo of busty leaders taking turns playing with his cock while they resumed their actions from before, bodies pressing lewdly together while they exchanged passionate kisses. With their large tits squished together nipple to nipple, the two towering women indulged in one another, fueling another emotion within him.

Bryan's unease was replaced by confusion and a natural, overwhelming feeling of desire towards the two women toying with his member.They seemed to treat him like an afterthought, focusing on each other while lazily jerking him off. Still, it felt good and he wasn't about to complain. Instead, he watched as human and elf shared a long kiss, and when they broke off they looked at him as if just remembering he was there. They said nothing, yet he had the peculiar feeling that unspoken words were being exchanged, and when a smile crept itself across both of their features, he soon found himself forced onto his knees by Tyrande's strong hands pressing down upon his shoulders. His vision was soon dominated by the round behinds of both women: one a pale white, and another a gentle lavender. Both large and spectacular.

"Ladies?" he asked, still bewildered.

"You are my aid, are you not?" Jaina purred, voice like honey despite its imperative undertone. "Then aid me." A hand reached behind her to grasp at one of her milky cheeks, indenting her supple skin and spreading herself for him whilst pushing herself against him.

Hint taken and her rear nearly pressed against his face, Bryan did as he was told. His hands moved to grip at her ass, squeezing and parting her plump cheeks while she bent forward a bit, directing his tongue to her little star. Jaina's body tensed when he made contact with it, briefly drawing away from him before shoving her ass back against his face. His tongue worked eagerly to absolve himself of his voyeuristic crimes, coating her little hole in saliva and on occasion going deeper, delving into her depths while her soft moans teased at his ears. He had always admired her body, though never openly out of respect for the archmage, but now that her ass was in his face he could do what he had always wanted to do: he ate her ass without restraint, licking her rosebud, fucking her with his tongue and kissing, even biting, at her milky white cheeks.

"I might have to add this to your daily to-do list," Jaina sighed.

Tyrande watched with her arms crossed, one foot tapping impatiently against the hardwood floor. Her fun had been interrupted earlier--by him no less--and she wasn't in the mood for waiting her turn. "Alright," she finally said, turning around and bumping her ass against Jaina's, "It's my turn."

Reluctantly, Jaina yielded to Tyrande, and the thick behind of his employer was replaced with Tyrande's purple booty. The night elf matriarch was athletic, yet her ass was just as large as the book obsessed sorceress'. She promptly pushed herself against him, and so with a face full of elf butt he immediately got to work eating her ass exactly as he had Jaina's, teasing her rosebud with his tongue, playfully biting at her cheeks and doing his utmost to please the warrior-priestess. Tyrande moaned her appreciation for his work, but Jaina was just as impatient, and she scowled at the elf until she reluctantly pulled her ass away from his face.

"Alright, that's enough." Tyrande stepped away from him, leaving him hunched forward on his knees. "We're interested in more than just your tongue, aren't we Jaina?"

Bryan stood up while Jaina gave her night elf co-conspirator a knowing nod. Without warning, Tyrande shoved him onto the bed. His landing was far from graceful, but the bed was plush and comfortable with an array of different sized pillows strewn about its large frame. Its size was fit for a queen--or an admiral--and he repositioned himself against a pillow as the two women joined him atop the bed. Jaina crept up between his legs, settling on her stomach while Tyrande lounged on her side, head resting within the palm of her hand as she watched Jaina with a dull curiosity. The archmage wasted no time, gracing his shaft with the feminine yet firm touch of her fingers. Bryan was rock hard, his manhood jutting upwards like a pillar that required both of her hands to encompass. Her touch made him want to burst right then and there, but he withheld the urge and her hands soon began to work him over, twisting and jerking at his shaft while she gazed at it with hungry eyes. Opening her mouth, she allowed a touch of saliva to leak onto his cock, mixing it with her fingers and lubricating his member, making it easier for her to service him.

Jaina's hands were wrapped snugly around his cock and her stroking grew faster, the continuous dribbling of saliva onto his shaft creating liquid squelching noises from her furious strokes. She looked at him while she pumped his cock between her fingers, an impish look on her face, clearly enjoying his strained reactions. Fishing for more than just that, she removed one of her hands and then took him into her mouth, engulfing his head and then swallowing him down until her lips came into contact with the hand still twisting at the base of his shaft. Bryan's response was a pleased groan, and she purred in reply, smiling around the dick in her mouth as she began to bob her head on his groin. Jaina's movements were slow, sucking his cock at a leisurely pace while her white and blonde hair fell down to drape the sides of her face. It was evident that the archmage thoroughly enjoyed sucking dick, for she slurped loudly upon his member, relishing in its size and flavor as she gulped it down, moaning her satisfaction every inch of the way.

Her fervent cock sucking brought him to the brink of a mighty orgasm, but, evidently noticing his increased desperation, Jaina ceased her lip service, pulling back and leaving his shaft glistening with saliva. "Not so soon," she chided before scooching up and putting on a show of fondling her tits. They were large, and, normally hidden beneath her robes, a pale white. After a brief reprieve from her mouth, his manhood was instead enveloped by her breasts, squeezed snugly between them while she undulated them up, down, and every which way. She titfucked him with enthusiasm, quick and firm as she bounced her tits atop his lap. Tyrande, meanwhile, had maneuvered behind the sorceress, hands grasping at her hill-like cheeks while her tongue aimed itself at Jaina's awaiting holes.

Jaina squealed but continued her breast massage without interruption, the pink nubs of her nipples erect and occasionally teasing at his manhood. Her fat tits pillowed around his member, leaving only the tip uncovered as she struggled to milk him until at last he erupted, spraying cum across her chin, neck and chest. The jizz coating her face dripped onto her breasts, splattering and further coating them with his sticky white goo.

Having some fun with the load coating her chest, Jaina gave his manhood a few more up-and-down strokes with her tits, making an even bigger mess as she smeared cum about her breasts and his cock. She wrapped things up by taking his tool into her mouth once more, sucking him clean with a few thorough bobs of the head and then pulling away with an audible smack of the lips.

"Delicious," she grinned, winking at the spectating elf. "You wanna go first?"

"Oh no, I have something else in mind, Jaina," Tyrande said. Lying down with her legs spread, the night elf matriarch's intentions were clear, and to further punctuate them she made a circular motion in the air with her finger, signaling for the archmage to turn around.

With a shrug and a cheerful "Suit yourself!" Jaina spun around to face Tyrande, ducking down with her upper body lowered towards the bed, hands grasping at the elf's legs while she delved into her loins. Jaina's lower end, however, was raised, with her fat ass presented to Bryan in all of its supple glory. Though Jaina relied on her mind to fight rather than any sort of physical prowess, she was thin and perfectly curvy where it counted. Neither too thin or too plump, her ass was impeccably shaped. He admired it, taking in the wonderful sight of both of her holes staring back at him, and the delectable roundness of her cheeks. The urge to give one a smack rose, and, after building up an adequate amount of courage, he did so, raising his right hand and delivering a moderately forceful slap to her behind. The crackling sound of his hand making contact with her ass resonated, and she peered back at him, ceasing her pleasuring of Tyrande and flipping her blonde hair back over her shoulders.

"Are you gonna fuck it or just smack it around some?"

Slightly embarrassed at being called out, he lined himself up with her entrance and pushed home, earning a pleased moan from his gorgeous employer. Once inside, he reached for her hips and commenced his long awaited assault upon her body. Mouth ajar, his mind was fixated on one thing only: ravaging Jaina and her pretty pink pussy.

Bryan steadily built up speed until his hips were practically a blur, his ultimate fantasy coming to realization as he pumped Jaina's pussy full of dick and barraged her booty with playful smacks. Her insides hugged firm, squeezing at his member while she let loose muffled moans from between Tyrande's legs. The night elf similarly moaned, and between the two women's lewd ululations his desire flared to unprecedented levels. He gripped tightly at her meaty hips, holding her steady upon the rocking bed as he ploughed her from behind, admiring the view of her thick ass clapping against him. Her cheeks, big and pale albeit for his searing red hand prints, jiggled uncontrollably with every thrust into her womanhood, while his balls, loose and wet from her juices, smacked rhythmically against her sopping pussy.

He pummeled Jaina's backside with all of the pent up frustration accrued from years of working with and lusting after the beautiful sorceress. All of the times he ogled her and all of the times she teased him, they all circled back to this moment. Though he was small in stature, his cock was large, and Jaina's constricting pussy struggled to wring him of his seed while she groaned her appreciation for his manhood, holding on tightly to Tyrande's thighs while he rocked her body. Every thrust took him balls deep within the silvery-blonde archmage, and her constant mewling encouraged him to give her bouncing ass a few more smacks. One, two smacks to each jiggling cheek followed by a flurry of deep thrusts into her pussy prompted her to squeal and shiver in obvious orgasm.