All this happened a few years ago.

I was looking to meet East Asian ladies, so I volunteered to help with conversational English at the Community College of Southern Nevada.

One of my students was Aiko. She was a pretty Japanese woman, about 20 years old, 5 feet 6 inches or so (very tall for a Japanese woman), a nice face, a very cute smile, and a killer body. Her breasts were large for a Japanese, about a B cup, slim, with a nice ass.

She and I flirted a bit during the year. At the end of the fall term, I asked her out for Christmas dinner. My kids were in San Diego, and she was far from home, so I figured this would be a good time to get to know her.

Oh, about me. I'm Jim, about 45 years old, blond hair, blue eyes, about 6 feet tall, an average body and an average dick.

I picked her up at her place at noon. She was wearing a blue silk shirt, black silk pants, a black jacket, and black shoes. She was stunning.

"Hi Aiko. Oh, wow, you look absolutely fabulous, dahlink" I said to her.

"Oh, Jim, hi. I do not understand"

"I'm sorry, I was doing an old Billy Crystal routine. I guess I didn't do it right, but I thought your English was good enough to understand".

"Jim, can't you stop being a teacher?" She smiled when she said it.

"Okay, no more teaching today, I promise. After all, it is Christmas".

As we walked out the door, I could not help but notice her butt in her silk pants. I could not see any panty lines. Interesting....

I opened the door and let her into the car. As she was getting in, her jacket and blouse fell away, and I got a quick shot of her bare tits. Oh man, just my type; round, firm, dark brown nipples, and those nipples were so nice and large; they looked to be about a quarter-inch across and a quarter-inch long--perfect!

After I started the car, she smiled at me and said "Did you like?"

"Like what?"

"Don't try to lie to me, I know you saw my breasts. Did you like them?"

"Of course. They look just about perfect to me" I smiled back at her.

When we got to the Orleans, I took her upstairs to the movie theaters. We found a 2:00 PM showing of Ocean's 12. Then we went to stand in line for the buffet.

"Aiko, have you ever been to a buffet here in Vegas before?"

"No, Jim. I have not been able to afford it. I spend all my money on school, rent, electricity. You know, the stuff I need to live. This does not leave me with a lot, so I cook dinner instead."

"Well, let me just tell you a few rules: One, take what you want. Two, eat what you take. Three, don't take food out of the buffet.

"What kind of food do you make? It can't be easy, considering how expensive fish is here in Las Vegas".

We chattered on about various things, enjoying each other's company and conversation. Several times Aiko leaned over enough for me to see her tits again. Each time, she smiled at me.

We went upstairs to see the movie. It was almost deserted; not a lot of people wanted to see a bad movie on Christmas afternoon. Interestingly, Aiko asked to sit high in the theater. There were only about 6 other people in there with us.

We started kissing and cuddling, waiting for the movie to start. Aiko took off her jacket. I put my arm around her, and really had to fight to keep my hand off her tits while everyone could see. Aiko had her hand on my chest.

Once the lights went down for the previews, we got a little more daring. Aiko's hand moved from my chest to my crotch, while my hand went to her tit. Oh man, that was so fine, feeling the warmth and firmness of that 20-year-old's tit through her silk shirt! As I fondled her tit, her nipple went from hard to granite. My cock was granite as well.

As the movie progressed, I got my hand on her bare tits. Suddenly, I felt her hand unzipping me!

"Aiko, what are you doing?" I whispered to her.

"Don't you like this?" she murmurred back, stroking my bare cock.

Aiko stroked my cock for a bit, then put her head in my lap. I couldn't believe it--she took my cock out and started sucking me off in the movie theater. Well, I can go with the flow with the best of them, so sat back and enjoyed.

I moved my hand to her ass and slipped it under her pants. As I had hoped, there were no panties. I moved my hand down to her pussy, and started stroking it. Oh man--a totally bald pussy, no razor stubble, and very hot and wet.

"Do you like this?" I murmurred to her.

"Oh, God, yes" she whispered.

I curled my fingers so I could find her G-spot (not easy in that position), and started stroking in and out of her pussy. Meanwhile, my thumb was playing with her asshole.

All this time Aiko had been sucking and tounging my cock, stroking my balls, tongueing my balls, stroking my cock. Now she moved her hand down a little and began stroking my butthole.

We went on like this for about 5 minutes, then I murmurred to her "I'm about to come". Aiko looked at me, smiled, and sucked even harder.

It was so hard to keep from groaning out loud when I came. I swear I came a quart! Aiko swallowed it all, then wiped her mouth, sat up, and kissed me.

"I liked that very much, Jim. You taste good". She had a Cheshire cat grin, knowing we had just gotten away with public sex.

I put my fingers in my mouth. "You taste very good".

After the movie was over, we went back to my place for a while. That is another story.

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