tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAimee's Wedding Ch. 2

Aimee's Wedding Ch. 2


Aimee lay bound and exposed on the table. Her wedding gown stripped away leaving her wearing only her white-lace stockings and garters. Her freshly fucked pussy still dripping cum from her recent rape.

John looked down on his captured ex-girlfriend, relishing the moment of taking her virginity after suck a long wait. Now it was time to really make this a night to remember for the poor girl.

John pointed to where Chance, Aimee's 18-year old brother, sat tied. "Bring him over here." He ordered.

Jake and Mark unfastened Chance's bonds and forced him over to stand before his naked sister.

"Strip!" John ordered. When Chance refused Mark began unbuckling the belt around his tux trousers. Chance struggled but was held fast by Jake. Once his pants were pulled down Chance blushed.

"This little fucker has a hard-on from watching his sister get fucked." Jake exclaimed.

Aimee looked to her brother with disgust. Seeing his thick, erect penis protruding in her direction. She could not believe that he had become aroused while watching her. Chance felt humiliated over the revelation of his erection. He had not enjoyed watching his sister get raped. But as a virgin 18-year old himself he was unable to stop his body from responding.

"Well, I guess you need to take care of that now don't you, son." John said to him. When Chance saw that John was pointing toward his sister's wet pussy he was revolted. "I will not fuck my sister!" He insisted.

"Either you fuck her, or I'll have to resort to some other form of entertainment with her." John said, pulling his knife out.

Chance did not know what to do. He did not want to degrade Aimee further by fucking her. Yet he was afraid that she would be more seriously harmed if he did not. Surprised that his dick was still hard after all of this he reluctantly stepped forward between Aimee's open legs.

"Oh god, Chance. No, please don't do this!" Aimee pleaded.

"I'm sorry, Aimee," He choked. "But I have too."

Aimee closed her eyes as her brother pressed his cock against her pussy. Chance was unsure of just what to do. This would be his first experience with sex. He knew the basics of course, but had never thought about his first time being in front of a group of people, let alone with his sister. He pressed his cock into her wet pussy. Chance blushed as the feeling of her cunt wrapping itself around his shaft sent a wave of pleasure throughout his body. He tried to remember that this was his sister he was being forced to rape. But his cock did not care. It was only enjoying its first feel of pussy. Before he knew what he was doing Chance was slowly fucking his sister. Aimee lay still with her eyes closed, unable to look at her brother as he fucked her.

Larry couldn't take it any longer. He had watched his brother fuck Aimee, now he was watching Aimee getting fucked by her own brother. His pecker was hard and ready again. So he decided that it was time to pick out another victim. He knew who he wanted. He crossed the floor to where Aimee's sister, LaDonna, sat tied to her chair. LaDonna was watching in horror as he sister's rape continued. She almost failed to notice Larry until his hand reached down to massage her 36-D tit. LaDonna struggled against her bonds, ordering Larry to leave her alone. But this only excited him more. He grabbed her dress at the neckline and ripped it down, exposing her bra covered melons. As LaDonna cried out in protest Larry sat on her lap and began playing with both of her massive orbs. Then he unhooked the front of her bra, allowing her large boobs to spill out. He lowered his head and took turns sucking each of her hardening nipples as he continued fondling her giant breast.

Meanwhile, Chance was still fucking his sister. His nerves were shot from the emotions washing through him. He hated every minute of what was happening, but could not deny the wonderful feeling of having his cock inside a pussy. His balls began growing tighter and without thinking he began fucking his sister faster.

Aimee picked up on her brother's quickening pace. She opened her eyes wide realizing that Chance was enjoying this. She wanted to beg him to stop but couldn't even voice her concerns anymore. Chance was fucking her faster now. She realized that he was about to cum and began to panic at the thought of becoming pregnant by her brother. Chance felt the swelling in the head of his cock growing. He knew that he was about to have an orgasm. He looked at Aimee with his eyes full of apology, but could not bring himself to stop. He sighed loudly and thrust deeper as his climax began. Aimee felt her brother launching his sperm deep inside her pussy. She felt him banging harder and faster as he orgasmed inside her. All the while wondering what else she was going to have to endure before this night was over.

Several feet away Larry had raised LaDonna's skirt and was ripping her panties off. LaDonna struggled but it was no use. Once the material was gone Larry's fingers began probing the inside of her pussy. Her husband, Kevin, was straining against his own bonds in a vain attempt to break free in order to rush to his wife's rescue. LaDonna watched as Chance spilled his seed into their sister. While doing so she lost all hope. Larry grabbed her hips and pulled them forward to the edge of the chair and began licking her pussy. LaDonna's eye's rolled as he began expertly tonguing her. Kevin watched in repulsion. He knew that LaDonna absolutely enjoyed receiving oral sex. And he knew that she would not be able to resist for long even if being licked against her will. That angered him all the more.

LaDonna tried to fight the feelings welling up inside her. But she knew that it was a losing battle. She could feel her juices flowing already. This man licking her pussy was doing a masterful job in forcing her to enjoy it. She could feel herself being brought to the brink of orgasm. She needed to cum. But just as the moment came near he stopped. "Ohhhh." She let out. Then she saw Larry getting on his knees with his 9-inch cock ready. "No, please don't." She said, but Larry was already between her legs pressing inside her. Now it was LaDonna's turn to get fucked. She saw everyone but Chance and Aimee looking at her. She blushed in shame, as she knew that she was about to climax. Larry had done such a good job eating her pussy that she wouldn't take long. His cock filled her completely, slamming to the hilt into her hairy pussy. LaDonna cried out as her orgasm began. She tried to hold back but was unable to keep from vocalizing her body's betrayal. Larry used his thumb to massage her clit as his cock rubbed her g-spot, bringing her to a second orgasm, this one louder than the first. When he was satisfied that she had completed he pulled out of her pussy and stood up. Forcing his cock into her mouth. LaDonna gagged as Larry's cock filled her mouth. He held her head and fucked her face, forcing his cock down her throat. After a couple minutes of this he withdrew and straddled her waist, placing his wet shaft between her bosom. Larry squeezed LaDonna's boobs together and began fucking her tits. LaDonna did not think she could blush any darker than she had been before this. She could only imagine the sight she must be having this man tittie-fucking her before her entire family. Larry groaned with delight then launched his load between her tits. LaDonna felt his cum splatter her chin and neck and he continued milking himself between her boobs.

When Larry stepped away from LaDonna his brother joined him and instructed Jake and Mark to assist in stripping everyone. Using their knives they made sport of cutting the clothing off of everyone in the room. Leaving everyone still tied to his or her chairs naked. Only Chance remained untied, but he was too afraid to do anything.

Jake and Mark stripped Cindy, the photographer's wife, last. She was 36 years old with a very cute face, with short curly red hair. She had a thin body, but had a nice 34-C bust that looked larger on her tiny frame. When the boys saw her thick red bush between her legs they both knew that they had to have her. Fred, her husband, looked on with mock anger. He understood from the beginning that in order for his part in this not to be discovered that his wife would have to be forced to participate. But Fred knew that he would be able to enjoy some of these lovely ladies as well in return so he tried to act upset as the two men began groping his wife. While he had allowed his wife to become a victim, he did make one demand, that she not be photographed or taped during the ordeal.

Jake untied Cindy and dragged her kicking and screaming into the middle of the floor. Then they wrestled her down and continued fondling her. Jake pressed one finger, then a second into her red haired twat and began fingerbanging her while Mark squeezed and sucked her tits. They rolled her onto her hands and knees and Jake positioned himself behind her, forcing his cock between her legs to meet her now wet pussy. As he drove in Cindy cried out, only to find her mouth gagged by Mark's cock as he shoved it into her. Mark held her hair tight in his fist as he began fucking her mouth. Cindy knelt paralyzed as the two men reamed her from both ends.

Fred watched his wife getting fucked in the mouth and pussy by both men. He was unable to resist getting an erection as he viewed the sight. John undid his ropes and used his knife to 'force' Fred down the line of bound captives. Knowing Fred's choice in advance he stopped at Kim, Aimee's 18-year old cousin. She was thin with long blond hair and a petite body, and just as beautiful as Aimee was. Both Fred and John knew that she too was a virgin, having been brought up by her strict preacher-father. John cut the ropes holding Kim and forced her to the floor.

"Please no." She begged.

"Fuck her." John ordered Fred.

Fred pretended to resist until John lowered the blade next to his balls. "Fuck her or lose them." He said.

Fred got down on the floor slowly. He wanted to jump this beautiful young thing immediately but had to force himself to act like he was not a willing participant. He noticed immediately that John had put them into a position where he could watch his wife getting fucked while on top of the young blond. Kim shivered in fear as Fred pressed his 6-inch cock between her tight pussy lips. She was dry at first so he had to work slowly until he could feel her dampness growing. Then he slowly pressed into her. He avoided looking into Kim's eyes as he pressed farther into her opening. His cockhead met her virgin wall, and in a moment of excitement he smashed through it, slapping her ass with his balls as he sank all the way in. Kim gasped as he broke through her. Fred was amazed at how wonderfully tight her pussy was around his shaft. He began pumping in and out of her treasuring every moment, while whispering how sorry he was to Kim so that she would not know how much he truly was enjoying raping her.

Cindy was oblivious to what was going on with Fred. Unlike the view he had of her, all she could see was Mark's crotch as he continued ramming his cock deep into her throat. She felt the man behind her beginning to fuck harder and faster. Then heard him cry out as he began spurting his cum inside her pussy. He pulled out and began pinching and rubbing her clit while Mark continued fucking her mouth. Then he too unleashed his seed, directly into her mouth and down her throat. He continued until she swallowed every drop.

When Mark pulled away she collapsed on the floor. Then she looked over to see Fred fucking the young blond girl. She did not have long to consider what was happening as she was grabbed by the two men and lifted back up so that they could trade places and do her again. Now Cindy found herself being forced to suck Mark's cock while Jake took his turn in her pussy. Unfortunately for her though, this time she realized that her body had become aroused. After being fucked once, then having her clit manipulated, she found her pussy responding to the repeated thrust of the cock inside her. And she knew that she would probably climax before the man behind her could come again. She wanted to resist it, but felt the feeling growing stronger and stronger with every thrust. Without realizing it she began sucking the cock in her mouth with anticipation.

Fred could see his wife responding and that only excited him more. He could not hold back much longer as he rammed the tight hole beneath him. Kim was gasping, unable to keep up with his pace as he tore into her love-hole. She believed that he was being forced to do this to her. But knew that he was enjoying it. After watching Chance fuck his own sister and get off she realized that it must be impossible for this man to fuck her and not enjoy it. But she was frightened of the thought of him cumming inside her. Fred slammed harder into the poor girl. Feeling his balls tighten and the moment of truth arriving. He looked down at her and apologized once more, then slammed even harder as he blew his load into her. Kim clenched her muscles as she realized what was about to happen. There was no escape as she felt the first wad of his sperm released into her. She could not believe that she was accepting her first load of cum from a man she barely knew.

Fred continued pounding the girl's pussy until he was certain that every drop had been released into her. Then he rolled off her and lay still while listening to the sounds of his wife getting raped a few feet away.

"Come here." John ordered as he grabbed Kim's arm and lifted her to her feet. The 18-year old was dragged to stand naked before her father. She felt ashamed as she felt cum dribbling down her inner thighs. Ron sat there looking at his ravaged daughter. The 44-year old balding, pudgy man was unable to hide his half-hard cock from her view. While a devout moral man, the sight of so many naked women was taking its toll on him.

"Suck your daddy's cock." John ordered her.

Both father and daughter were appalled. Kim was still reeling from her rape, but she was not going to degrade herself in this manner.

Seeing her hesitation John put the knife between her father's legs. "Do it or he gets cut real bad."

"Please no," Ron begged. "Don't make her do this."

Kim didn't know what to do. The thought of going down on her father disgusted her. But she was afraid that they would really hurt him. So reluctantly she lowered herself and placed her face into her father's lap.

"Get the camera over here." She heard as she opened her mouth to take her father's stubby dick into it. She was surprised when his cock sprang to life as her lips closed around it. As the first few flashes of the camera popped around her she began sliding her lips back and forth along her father's shaft.

As she sucked her father she felt someone getting behind her. Then she felt another cock pressing between her legs. She saw Larry, now using the video camera, standing nearby capturing her ordeal on tape, and heard the other two men still violating the cameraman's wife. And knew that it was the leader who was now preparing to rape her. She winced as he pressed inside, feeling his cock taking up more space than the first man who had fucked her did. She fought back tears as she continued sucking her daddy's dick while John began ramming her from behind.

In the center of the room Mark and Jake were continuing to poke Cindy from both ends. But now Cindy was well into it. Her body trembled as she orgasmed on Mark's cock. She greedily sucked Jake's stiff tool, using it to silence her unsuspected pleasure. Mark could feel Cindy's climax and began fucking her harder. Soon Cindy was having another orgasm. Jake spasmed then shot his jiz into her mouth as Mark continued ramming her, bringing her to yet another orgasm before he filled her pussy with his manseed.

Ron sat tied to his chair, looking down at his daughter sucking his cock and getting fucked from behind. He wanted to hide his face from the camera that was capturing this horrid moment. But the worse thought running through his mind was how much he was enjoying having his cock sucked. Ron had only allowed his wife to do this once before. He remembered how much he had enjoyed it but thought the act distasteful and never allowed her to do it again. But it had been several years since his wife had died unexpectedly. Several years since the pastor had enjoyed sex of any kind. Now here was his only daughter pleasuring him with her mouth. He realized that he had missed a female's stimulation more than he had thought. He wanted Kim to stop, but his cock wanted her to continue. He could feel his balls tightening as she continued to pump him with her mouth. Guilt raced throughout him, as the pleasure became greater and greater. He tried to hold back, but it was too enjoyable for him to control. He clenched his ass cheeks together, praying for forgiveness and welcoming the release at the same moment as he began filling his daughter's mouth with his cum.

Kim wasn't expecting it when the first wad of her daddy's cum exploded in her mouth. She wanted to gag when the warm salty fluid struck the back of her throat. Then it was followed by blast after blast of semen. She couldn't believe that her father was cumming in her mouth. The cock in her pussy continued to pound her then she felt it release into her pussy as well. And she felt a tingling inside her that she had not noticed before. She was not aware of the fact that her dad had finished cumming. She continued sucking him as John took long strokes, slowly enjoying the end of his climax before withdrawing from the girl. Then he lifted her up. Seeing that Ron's cock was still stiff he began forcing Kim to straddle her father. Ron's eyes widened as Kim sat on his still hard cock. Kim had lost control of her senses, she knew that what she was doing was wrong. But her pussy was aching with a desire to have an orgasm. She began riding her father's cock trying to hide her shame. She had gotten him off with her mouth so at least she should be allowed to cum herself she thought. She rode his rod while Larry continued filming. Ron couldn't believe that his daughter was fucking him. He also couldn't believe that after being fucked twice she still had a tight pussy. He could see traces of his sperm running down the corners of her mouth. The feeling of his daughter's pussy aroused him even more than her mouth had done. He pleaded for her to stop but Kim continued riding her daddy's cock. Then she began crying out with delight as she began having an orgasm on her father's lap. The sensation was all too much for Ron and he came in his daughter's pussy before she had the chance to stop.

Kim was blushing from head to toe as she climbed off her father's lap, avoiding eye contact with him. She crumpled to the floor waiting to see what was next...

To be continued...

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