Aisha's Exercise Ch. 01


"Yes, darling. I have good news for you... about your fitness exercises."

"You mean I can join Mr. Cockrin's fitness program."

"Not exactly."

"What do you mean?"

"You can't go to Mr. Cockrin's place. Your mother won't allow that, you know."

"So, what are we going to do?"

"You see, when your mother goes to Mr. Cockrin's place, you can do the exercises here in the house. So your mother won't know about it."

"But how can Mr. Cockrin be in two places at the same time?"

He lied, "No, he won't be here but after much persuasion and a lot of money, he has agreed to show me how the exercises are done so that I can get you to do them here."

"Oh cool. How much did you have to pay him, daddy?"

"$50 000. It's a lot of money."

"Oh dad, you shouldn't pay so much, just for exercises."

" I've already paid him the money."

"Oh, why?"

"Because you want it so much. When I saw you cry last night, my heart ached painfully. I love you, darling. So, I'm prepared to pay any amount of money to make my lovely daughter happy."

"Oh daddy, that's so nice to hear."

"So do you agree to do the exercises here? It's second best I know, but it is better than nothing."

"Mr. Cockrin had said that I'll need a male partner. Will he send one here?"

"No darling. That will cost another $50 000."

"So, what are we going to do, daddy?"

"How about me, your father, as your partner?"

"But you are not trained in the activities, daddy."

"Every day during lunch break, I'll go to Mr. Cockrin's office. He will show be a tape of the exercises for the day. And I'll get you to do them in the evening when mom's away." That was how Dick planned to enjoy his daughter.

"Oh, I see."

" So, is it all right? Will you accept me as your partner? You better agree, darling. Otherwise I'll lose all the money that I've already paid. It is non-refundable."

"Oh daddy, of course I'm happy that you will be my partner. I'm sure you are better than a stranger."

Dick was happy that his scheme was working out nicely. "Thank you, darling."

" I'm the one who has to thank you." His daughter hugged him thankfully, giving him a kiss on the cheek. This was the first time for several years that his daughter had kissed him. Dick could feel the big firm breasts press and rub excitingly against his chest.

He too hugged her and kissed her on the lovely young cheek. "I love you, Aisha. I really do. Thank you for the hug and kiss."

"Oh daddy, I love you too." His daughter gave him another hug and another kiss to which he responded by kissing her tender cheeks.

Unknown to Aisha, her father's penis was swelling into erection inside his tight brief. The physical contact with her father was giving Aisha a warm happy feeling... They parted, laughing softly. Dick hoped his daughter wouldn't notice his flush of sexual excitement.

"One Mrs Brown is supposed to come at 9 to take your measurements."

"Why, daddy?"

"To make and buy suitable dresses that you are supposed to wear for your exercises."

Just then the doorbell rang. Mrs. Brown was invited in and she followed Aishal to her bedroom to take her measurements. Then she left.

"Dad, thank you for taking so much trouble to help me keep fit."

"You are most welcome, darling. I'll do all I can to help my beautiful daughter to keep fit and maintain her wonderful body."

"Oh daddy, that's nice to hear. I've heard others praise my beauty but they don't give me as much thrill as your praise. It's nice to know my own loving father is saying that I'm beautiful."

"Can daddy then praise you often?"

"Of course you can, daddy. I'll only be thrilled to hear compliments."

Dick approached his daughter and cupping her lovely face said, "You are the most beautiful girl in the world!"

Aisha smiled happily and saying, "Thank you, daddy," kissed her father on the cheek and hugged him once more. Her father hugged back, kissing her soft cheeks several times, and enjoying her hot body against his.

"I love you, Aisha. I love you very much. Thank you for your hugs and kisses, thank you, darling... thank you... thank you... I'm grateful to you... thank you..." Dick's cock was throbbing gently.

Aisha was very touched by her father's words of thanks. "You don't have to thank me for hugging and kissing you, daddy. I'm your daughter. You can hug me anytime you want to. I love you very much also. "

"Really, darling? I've been afraid that you might not like me to hug and kiss you."

"If you long to be hugged, just tell me. I'll hug and kiss you... on the cheek. Okay?" Aisha smiled happily at her father.

"Thank you, beautiful," said her father.

"Yes, I mean that, daddy. Here, let me give you another hug and kiss." Aisha wrapped her arms around her father and hugged him, giving him a kiss on the cheek. She was very happy that her father had arranged the exercises for her.

"When you hug me, can I hug you back, darling?"

"Of course, daddy, it takes two to hug. Duh!"

So, they hugged. Aisha was feeling some strange warmth in her body which she didn't realize was sexual arousal. Dick's manhood was of course bloated and throbbing fiercely as his daughter's sexy body rubbed against his.

Then they sat down to watch TV while they waited for Sarah to return. It was a family film and there was a scene where the father gives his teenage daughter a kiss, a short loving one, on the mouth.

" Can daddy kiss you on the mouth?"

"Of course! Oh daddy, I love you." Aisha leaned over and kissed her father on the mouth and sat back smiling, "There, I have kissed you... on the mouth."

"Now, let me kiss you," said her father and kissed her on the mouth. The two mouth kisses were quick ones but they had made important breakthroughs. Dick was aroused by the possibilities that the mouth kissing could open up.

Just then there was a lover's type of kissing scene on the TV. A long passionate kiss.

"Aisha, look at this kissing scene. It's a long and deep kiss... see how they do it."

"Yeah." Aisha knew that this was a kiss of lovers.

"Yes, darling, this is different from the short kisses that we exchanged a moment ago."

"Ok? What's the difference?"

Her father explained, "A short kiss is merely an expression of love and care but a long and deep is a true experience of love and care."

"What do you mean by experience of love and care?" she asked.

"When I gave you a short kiss on your mouth a while ago, did you feel anything in your body?"

"I don't think so."

"You are right. I too didn't feel anything when you gave me a quick kiss on my mouth. Because what we did was merely to express our love and care. But if we really want to give our love and care to each other we must do more than that."

"What you mean, daddy?"

"We must kiss in such a way that our bodies experience our love and care for each other."

"And how do we do that, daddy?"

"By kissing long and deep... by hugging and caressing our bodies while we kiss... by sucking at our mouths... by exchanging tongues in our mouths... by sucking each other's tongue... that is, by kissing like the lover's did on TV just now."

"But dad, we are not lovers."

"We ARE lovers, darling. I love you, so I'm your lover... now you tell me, do you love me?"

"Yes, daddy."

"Then you are my lover. Don't you see? Lovers merely mean two people who love each other."

"You mean we are lovers?"

"Yes, if we are not then you don't love me."

"Oh dad, I do love you... very much."

"And I too love you very much, darling. That's why I say we are lovers. Do you agree?"

"Yes, daddy... I never saw it that way before." Innocent Aisha believed what her father had said.

"You haven't seen it that way because you are young and still learning about a lot of things."

"That might be true, daddy, you must teach me."

"I'm willing, darling. For a start you must learn to kiss in such a way that we, as father and daughter, experience our love for each other."

"Why haven't you taught me all this earlier, daddy?"

"In fact I've been longing to kiss you like that for years but I wasn't sure you were ready for it. Your mother too wouldn't have approved?"

"Why, daddy?"

"Probably she would have become jealous because I would have wanted to kiss you more often than her. She might think that I love you more than her. So we mustn't hug and kiss in her presence."

"All right,we won't do it in front of her."

"That's a good girl. But can daddy hug and kiss you often... whenever I like?"

"Yes, but only in private when mom is not around."

"Thank you, darling. Now, what about this long and deep kissing?"

"What about it, daddy?"

"Do you know how to do it?"

"I have never kissed on the mouth before daddy. Even the quick kiss I gave you on the mouth earlier was my first experience."

"Do you like to learn?"

"Learn what, daddy?"

"How to kiss long and deep... so that our bodies can experience our love for each other."

"Sure, daddy."

"Let's stand up... we have to embrace and hug nicely first."

They got up and Dick took his daughter's hand and slowly drew her gorgeous sexy teenage body towards his. He held her by the hips and drawing her hips against his, said, " Bring your hips against daddy's, darling... yes press against daddy's body... that's right..." Dick's cock throbbed and swelled.

"Now bring your chest against daddy's..." Her father kept watching her bulging chest as it drew closer to his chest.

"Press your chest against daddy's chest. Shyly Aisha did that. Her father embraced her and caressing her back smiling at her.

Just then the door bell rang, "Rrriiinnnngggg... rrriiiiinnnggg..."

"Mom is here, daddy."

"All right, darling, I'll teach you how to kiss tomorrow."

They separated and went to open the door for Sarah. Sarah looked happy and told them that her fitness exercise would start from the next day and that was why she was back early.

The next day was a day of great anticipation for Dick. He had everything planned for the evening; plans that would allow him to enjoy his voluptuous daughter's company.

As soon as Sarah left the house at 7.30 PM to go to Mr. Cockrin's place for her fitness lessons, Dick called his daughter into the living room to talk to her.

Aisha was in her pink silk pajamas, the pants and blouse-like top accentuated her voluptuous full shapely figure. Of course she was wearing her panty and bra. The under-sized cloth bra was filled to bursting by her 38D tits. They pushed brazenly against her pajama top.

Aisha was surprised at the way her father was dressed. Usually he was fully dressed in front of her. But today he was half-naked. He was bare from waist upwards. He was wearing only his pajama bottom and it displayed very clearly his bulge. The bulge was big and evident in spite of his brief. Aisha couldn't help taking note of her father's broad bare hairy chest and his obvious bulge. Aisha felt a bit embarrassed to see her father half-naked. The bulge in particular drew her eyes often. But her father appeared normal.

"Aisha, come and sit here," he said, indicating the couch which he had placed close in front of his own couch.

"Daddy, let me pull back the couch... it's too close to you."

"No, darling. I've purposely pulled your couch close to mine. I like to sit close to my daughter."

"But our legs will be in the way, daddy."

"No, you sit with your legs between my legs."

The lovely sexy 19 year old sat in front of her father. Her bent knees were between his spread open thighs. He was exposing his bulging loins area. In fact Aisha's knees were close to her father's bulge and she realized that and felt shy.

"Ok, daddy, what news you have for me?"

"It's all set, darling. We can start your first lesson now." Her father placed his hands on her knees as he spoke.

"Oh cool! that's wonderful! Have you found out how it's done?"

"Yes. Let me explain what happened today. During lunchtime I went to Mr.Cockrin's office. He gave me the dresses you are to wear for the exercises today. Then he showed me a tape of a man and a girl doing the exercises of the first lesson. We are to do the exercises like that." All were lies. In truth they were all his own ideas.

"Good, daddy. That means we can do it now."

"Yes, but before that, let me tell you what else he had said." Her father's hands remained on her knees, gently caressing them. Aisha's eyes dropped for a moment onto her father's bulge near her knees.

Quickly she raised her eyes to look at her father. "What did he say, daddy?"

"You see, there are three important things about the exercises."

"What are they, daddy?"

"First, you are to wear clothes that will give your body some exposure. Your flesh and skin must get much fresh air to improve their tone and freshness. So, some clothes may be a bit daring. I hope you don't mind." Aisha saw her father looking at her chest, his hands gently squeezing her knees.

"I don't mind, daddy, if it improves my skin appearance." Her own eyes looked at her father's bare chest.

"Good, I'm proud of your attitude. I've always longed to see you in daring clothes."

"You seem to have longed for a lot of things, daddy." Aisha looked directly into her father's eyes with a cheeky smile. They laughed and for a moment her knees pressed against her father's bulge. Aisha quickly withdrew her knees.

"Yes, darling, because you are a very beautiful daughter. (Her father caressed her face to indicate that she was beautiful). You are also well built (his hands ran down the sides of her upper body and pointed to her chest area)." His hands then went back to her knees, a bit higher up this time.

"What's the second, daddy?" Angel was feeling a bit shy with the way her father was looking at her and the way he was touching her body and legs.

"It's exercise for your body... for muscles, nerves, joints etc... for your chest (he pointed to her chest)... for your thighs (his hands ran up and down both her thighs)... to improve your fitness and stamina for physical activities." Aisha didn't understand what physical activities her father had meant.

"What's the third?" her father's hands stopped midway on her thighs.

"The third is the most important... it has multi-functions." He seemed excited and moved forward so that Aisha's knees were unavoidably pressed into his bulge. Then her father sat back as before. Aisha was feeling little uneasy but curious.

"What are we to do, daddy?"

"Together we are to do exercises that will excite and stimulate your body (his eyes were on her chest)... and make you enjoy the stimulation (his hands caressed her mid-thighs)." Aisha saw her father's eyes drop for a moment to her groin area as his hands caressed her thighs. Luckily her thighs were together and didn't give her father much of a view.

Aisha was surprised by the words "excite and stimulate your body". In fact her father's hands were already stimulating her. "Why must we do that, daddy?"

"So that your body will produce happy and healthy hormones... the right hormones. From now onwards we'll call these right hormones RH. This RH is said to keep your body healthy and shapely. It seems the more stimulation your body gets (her father's hands caressed her thighs again as his eyes looked into her eyes), the more RH it will produce... and the more shapely your body will become." His eyes darted over her huge chest.

Dick's cock was already swollen inside his brief with the mere thoughts of stimulating his daughter's voluptuous teenage body. In his excitement he opened out his thighs wider. This made his bulge more visible. Aisha noticed her father's thighs opening out and her eyes dropped to her father's bulge for a moment. And Aisha was thinking over what her father had said about stimulating her body.

"But daddy, can't we just do the physical exercise and leave out the stimulation part?"

"No darling. Physical exercises alone will build up muscles and make you look like a body builder. The sexy shapeliness, the type of body you now have, will not be maintained and developed. For that we need the body to produce RH."


"Yes, that's what Mr. Cockrin has said. He also said that women who like and enjoy stimulation are also the shapely ones. The reverse is also true... that shapely girls like and enjoy stimulation. The two go together and are inter-dependent."

"I see." Innocent and gullible Aisha believed her father. Moreover her own condition seemed to confirm what her father had said. She often got sexually stimulated, and this must have produced RH. That was why she was shapely, she thought.

Her father again ran his hands along the sides of her upper body and then along her full shapely thighs as he asked, " So, do you want to remain very shapely and sexy... like you are now?"

"Yeah of course, daddy!"

"Then you must get stimulated, the more the better, says Mr. Cockrin."

Aisha was a little worried about the stimulation part. Wouldn't it be embarrassing to get stimulated in front of her father? And how was the stimulation to take place? Is her father to be involved in any way? Oh God!

"Daddy, is it possible to cancel the program?"

"Yes darling, but I'll lose $50 000 which I've already paid to Mr.Cockrin. Do you want me lose that money?"

"No, daddy."

"Why, darling? I thought you were very keen for this fitness program. Why don't you want it now?"

"No, daddy. I want the program but... but..."

"But what darling?"

"It's just that... doing the things you said, especially with you... I... I..."

"Why, darling? Do you mean you don't want me to be your partner? Because you don't like me?"

"Oh! No, no... I do like you... very much...your my dad" Her father's bulge seemed to catch her eyes once more. The bulge was very obvious every time he moved.

"If you like me enough you should agree to do the exercise with me, darling... but if you still don't want to, never mind... I'll tell Mr. Cockrin tomorrow to cancel the program. "

"But you'll lose $50 000, daddy."

"Yes, but never mind. I only want what you want... because I love you more than anything in the world." Her father appeared very disappointed. "It's just that I feel disappointed." Her father took his hands away from her thighs.

Aisha felt guilty. She felt sorry for her father. How could she be so unkind to her father? After all, what he was doing was all for her good.

"I'm sorry, daddy. I will do the exercises... with you as partner."

"Are you sure? I don't want you to start reluctantly and stop after a few lessons."

"No, daddy, I won't stop. I'll go all the way."

"Promise?" Her father took both her hands in his hands, in an expression of thanks.

"Yes, daddy, I promise," said Aisha smiling.

"That's good! (her father placed both her palms flat on his spread open thighs and held her palms there). I want my darling daughter to remain beautiful and shapely." Her father's eyes again traveled all over her body... her chest, thighs and groins.

"All right, daddy, I promise to do the exercise with you." Her own eyes roamed quickly over her father's bulge. Oh God! It's bigger than before!

"Oh, I'm so happy. I'll do the best I can... as a father... to stimulate you as much as possible. Let daddy hug and kiss you to thank you." Her father got up. His huge bulge was for a moment at her face level, inches away. Aisha quickly got up also.

As Aisha waited for her father to kiss her, her father said, "One more thing, darling."

"What's that, daddy?"

"Remember, yesterday I was about to teach you how to kiss long and deep? When your mother came in and interrupted?"

"Yes, daddy." In fact Aisha had been thinking about it before.

"Let daddy teach you now. But before I teach you, can I ask you for something?"

"Yes, daddy, you can."

"Remember, you've said that we can hug and kiss anytime I like?"

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