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Al Screws My Wife


This story, like too many others, is out of sequence. Blame that on sloppy record keeping. My journals were not dated and I sometimes get things out of sequence. This should rightfully be called 19A because it’s a continuation of 19, occurring just after I left for an overseas assignment once again. How do I remember these details? My wife taped each event and sent me tapes after each one. Where possible we sat down up to a year later and made additional notes together with the people described.. They usually got another chance at her as soon as they finished telling me the story. (They loved that, and being with her too)! By the way, this is a second Al, not Al Martin (fictitious name) who appeared in another story.


It had only been a week before Linda called Al. She had delayed it as long as she could and her hormones were raging. Used to being fucked at least once a day, she found herself unable to concentrate. She knew she wanted a fuck, and Al had promised Earl that he would give her what she needed any time she needed it.

She hunted desperately for the phone number Earl had written. Finally, unable to remember anything other than his name, Al Cogburn, she called Grand Prairie’s information operator and got his phone number. She couldn’t call it, she told herself, she just couldn’t. It would be the first time that she had called another man and told him what she wanted. Regardless of her inner turmoil she found herself unable to resist. Hesitantly her fingers found the correct letter and number combinations until with one final touch of the keypad, she heard the phone at the other end beginning to ring. Slamming the handset down before Al could answer; she sat with her arms wrapped tightly around her body, shaking as she fought her need for a hard dick.

Her body betrayed her. The desperate need for sex took over and without further thought, she dialed Al’s number again. This time she let it ring until she heard his voice – soft and melodious. He had to say hello three times before she could respond, her voice shaking with anxiety.

“Hello, Al, this is Linda,” she finally managed to stammer. “Earl told me to call you if I needed to talk to someone. I’m so lonesome that I just had to call.”

“Linda, I’m so glad you called. Yes, Earl and I talked and he told me that you might call when things were beginning to get tough. I know how you feel. I don’t know how much he told you about me, but I lost my wife just a few years ago and it took me months before I could do anything but sit on the couch and cry like a baby, Is Earl being gone what’s bothering you?”

The conversation went on for an hour as both Al and Linda got to know each other. Finally Al said, “Linda, the one thing I learned from my experience was that you should never be alone when you miss some one so badly. It helps to get out and see other people having fun. Do you have plans for tonight?”

“No,” she answered hesitantly, thinking to herself –‘what am I getting into?’

“Good, “ he said. “Get dressed for some fun. We’ll go out to the Torch on West Davis for something to eat, then go dancing. How does that sound?”

“Okay,” Linda responded with a quavering voice.

“Good,” Al repeated. “I’ll pick you up at six and we’ll see if we can’t chase those blues away.”

Linda thanked him, and told Al she would be ready. She gave him directions to the house and hung up when he said he had them straight.

Looking at the clock, she realized she had only an hour and a half to shower and get dressed. Going to her closet, she stood thinking about what to wear. She finally settled on a black dress Earl had had hand made for her when they were a last overseas together. It fit her perfectly, was ‘dressy’ but not too much so. Sighing, she took it from her closet then checked her lingerie drawer. She wasn’t too sure how this meeting would go, but she knew that Earl would want her to wear something that was appealing to a man. The demi-bra in black he had also had made, French-cut panties to match and a garter belt to hold up the ‘nude’ colored nylons were all that she needed.

As she showered, she felt the tingling of her body reminding her that she needed more than just a night of dining and dancing. Her nipples were standing high and proud. She considered shaving her pubic hair again, but running her hand over it, she could tell there was almost no stubble to be felt and only that thin strip Earl had insisted she leave, pointing to his source of delights. She shook her head and a smile crossed her face as she toweled herself dry. Just the thought of being ‘out’ again had made her feel better.

Al was punctual to the minute. She heard the doorbell ring as she put the finishing touches on her hair, added a touch of perfume between her breasts, behind her ears and on her throat, then a dab in the bend of her arm. Hurrying to the door in her stocking feet, she opened it and saw Al for the first time. He looked exactly like his picture, tall, dark and handsome, with a tan from working outside the confines of his office.

She took the offered corsage, thanked him and asked him to give her a minute to finish dressing. Hurrying back to the bedroom, she slipped on her three inch black pumps, pinned the corsage on just over her left breast, and returned to the living room. Without thinking, she handed the keys to the house to Al as well as a lipstick, comb and small vial of perfume.

Realizing instantly that the habit she had of Earl carrying everything to prevent her from having to carry a purse might be out of order for Al, she laughed and apologized, hand out, ready to retrieve the articles.

“No, I’ll be happy to carry them,” Al said. His eyes went shiny as he thought about how much like his wife Linda was, even to the buxom figure. “I always did for my wife too.”

Taking her arm, he led her to his car. Although a couple of years old, Linda could tell it was as well cared for as Al himself. He opened the door for her and handed her inside, catching a flash of white thigh and a good look at legs that were those of a dancer, long, lithe, and muscular. ‘There isn’t anything wrong with the rear view either,’ he thought to himself as he went behind the car. It made him smile when he realized that before this night was over, he might be viewing those assets even more closely. A thought flashed through his mind of the many times he had wanted his wife to be in this same situation, alone with a man other than himself and free to enjoy whatever he had to offer. He knew immediately how lucky Earl was.

The meal was a success. Linda even found herself laughing at Al’s anecdotes. She found herself warming to his wry sense of humor. It didn’t seem so bad that she knew he wanted to fuck her and, by making a call, she had told him without specifics that the chances were good.

She rode to the club he mentioned much closer to him than she had been on the way to the restaurant. She sighed and smiled to herself, relaxing as she found his arm over her shoulders while he drove. It felt good to be held close again. She began to think how all this had started just a couple of years ago and how easily she had been drawn in to Earl’s desire to see her having sex with other men. Mike, her first lover, had been easy for her. She realized that she truly loved her first extra marital lover. It might have been harder if he had not stayed in contact with her. She felt comforted by the fact that Mike was also in love with his wife and that there was no reason she had to choose between him and Earl. Mike had been very truthful from the start, telling her that as much as he felt for her, there was no chance he would leave his wife and children. It had mad it much easier for her to give herself to him and enjoy the times they were together. She still had a difficult time with the realization that Earl not only encouraged her to have sex with him, but had actually watched him fuck her that first night on the couch in their living room without ever telling her about it until months after the fact.

Tim had been just a fling. With the addition of alcohol and the nearness of him, it had been easy to succumb to his advances when she realized that his wife would be in our apartment fucking me. She smiled again as she realized how enjoyable it had been, leading to a second encounter before that month was out. That had been even better. With the initial nervousness gone, it had been very satisfying for both of them.

There had been others since. Quite a few now that she started thinking in terms of numbers. None had been quite the same and she realized now that each had added a quality to her life that she never dreamed would have been the result of her first lover.

Her reverie was overcome as Al pulled into the dark parking lot of a club notorious in Dallas for its reputation as a place where swingers gathered. It had never been raided, despite its reputation and Linda had to wonder why.

Wordlessly, Al got out of the car and came around to her side, opened the door and took her hand. He was rewarded with another flash of white thigh and a brief view of those hopelessly long legs he was hoping would be wound around him by the end of this night.

“Isn’t this the ***** club,” Linda asked him as they walked around the side of the building and to the dark, setback entrance to the club.

“Yes” Al admitted, with a flash of white teeth. “Have you ever been here before?”

“No, Earl always talked about us coming over here, but we didn’t have the opportunity before he left.”

Al’s arm encircled her waist as he rang the bell for entrance. “Just relax, Linda. I promise I won’t let anything happen to you. The door opened and he and Linda stepped inside. The door closed behind them and they were greeted by a 30’ish blonde woman in a skirt that barely covered the junction of her thighs. The top was even more scant, ending just barely over her nipples. A man as tall as Al could see those easily, and he was looking. She asked for his membership card and he produced it before leading them into the club through a second door.

Al caught my wife as she stumbled. The three step stairway was not illuminated and other than flashing disco lights, there were none.

“Whew,” Linda murmured, taking advantage of Al’s supporting arm. “I almost made a grand entrance.”

“It’s easy to do,“ Al remarked over the sounds of a loud sound system that blocked out most conversation except that between two people very close to each other. They were led to a table that seated six. Various articles of clothing covered four of the chairs. Al seated Linda and sat beside her. They watched the couples on the miniscule dance floor moving about, although there was very little light.

“I didn’t realize you had to be a member to come here,” Linda said questioningly.

“Oh yeah,” Al confirmed, “You’re either a member or you don’t get in. $50 pays for your first entry, from then on you must be a continuing member, paying dues. Not just anyone can come in here. You have to meet with a member of the membership committee and agree to the rules before you are allowed entrance the first time. Male members are only allowed in by themselves during Tuesday through Thursday, otherwise they must be with a couple or female member of the club.”

“Were you…?” Linda started, then reconsidered.

Al’s face had a rue smile. “Yes, my wife and I were members. I could never give up my membership even after she died, although I haven’t been here since. Doesn’t look like much has changed though.” He looked out over the dance floor and asked Linda if she would like to dance.

Linda hadn’t danced since her days with our friends overseas. She warned Al that she was rusty, but would love to try. She said it was easy. Al was a good dancer, much like Mike had been and she found herself enjoying his closeness. As her eyes became more used to the very dim lighting, she began to see things that made her realize she was very overdressed.

“Al that woman next to you, she doesn’t have a top on…..”

“Unh hunh,” Al nodded.

“And that man behind you, he’s sucking his partner’s breast!”

“Unh hunh,” Al nodded again, smiling this time. “You’re probably going to see a lot more than that before we leave, but remember, I’ll take care of you.”

They finished dancing that set as Linda became more accustomed to seeing women whose skirts were so short she could see their partner’s hand on bare buttocks. She even felt a few touches on her own, much more clothed ones. Several men offered to exchange partners with Al, but he only smiled and shook his head, offering no excuses.

When the music ended, he took her back to their table. Two more couples were already seated at their table, but nothing was said as they sat down. The waitress took their drink orders and returned shortly with both. As she bent slightly to set them down, one breast fell out of her dress. One of the men at the table took it, held it gently for a moment, gave it a slight squeeze and pressed it back into the waitress’ top.

“Thank you, Herb,” she said without an apparent concern. “I wish that Elmo would order these tops just a little bigger at least.”

“What and spoil our fun, Julia?” Herb said with mock horror.

Herb’s companions laughed with him and Julia before she turned away to the next table.

“Hey, Al, longtime no see.” The man beside Herb’s partner reached across the table with his hand outstretched.

“Good to see you too, Tony.” Al said with a smile. He introduced Linda to the other men and women at the table using first names only. Both couples gave Linda a thorough inspection. Before either could say anything, Al said, “And before you guys, and girls” he nodded in their direction, “can get any ideas, no you can’t dance with her. She’s mine only, at least for tonight.” General laughter followed.

“You’re as bad as ever, Al.” One of the ladies laughed, “You still won’t share, will you?”

“Only with those my lady approves,” Al said easily, “and not tonight.”

True to his word, Al monopolized Linda the rest of the evening. Linda felt his hands roaming over her body. She admitted she tensed up at first, but then remembered her own needs and allowed him to continue ‘searching her.’ His hands hovered over her ass at first, then, when there were no objections he pulled her so close that she could feel his erect cock pressed against her upper stomach. That made her even more anxious than she had been to start with. It was warm, hard and apparently quite thick. She wondered how it would feel going into her now juicy pussy. His hands continue to roam until one closed over her breast. She shivered with delight when it closed tightly but gently on that sensitive flesh. She knew he was checking for falsies, and she also knew, when her nipple rose at his touch that he knew they were all her. She looked up at him and smiled.

“Enjoying yourself?”

His nod was followed by a long, passionate French kiss and a tightening of his hand over her breast. “Loving it.” He admitted. “Shall we get out of here?”

It was late enough that other patrons were starting to leave, many with other couples close to them. Linda realized now what she was seeing was a pairing off for swinging activities elsewhere. She was slightly shocked that it was done so casually, but then realized everyone there had come for one reason only – sex.

Al had to wave off two more invitations for them to join other couples leaving the club before they reached their car and Linda was handed into it.

Al got in on the driver’s side and started the car. He felt, as much as saw, Linda coming closer to him then before, even on the way to the club. He put his arm over her shoulders and she turned to him expectantly. Tilting her head up with his left hand, he kissed her. It was a slow, meeting of their lips that graduated to a steamy meeting of tongues and his pulling her even closer.

Linda felt his hand on her breast once more, but it no longer caused her any concern. She had decided that she wanted Al to fuck her and she realized that he wanted her as much as she wanted him. The hook and eye holding the surplice neckline was opened and she felt his hand slide between the facings of her dress to rest on her bare flesh above the bra. It slid down further until her breast was totally covered by his big hands and then he began gently kneading it as the kiss continued. Linda was as hot as she had ever been, wanting, needing to feel Al making love to her. She pressed her chest against his hand, encouraging him as she had done with Earl so many times before, and with the same result.

“Let’s get you home, Linda” Al said gruffly as he withdrew his hand and backed slowly until he could turn into the street. “I want to continue this where we can be more comfortable.

Linda said nothing. Instead she smiled at him and let her left hand close over the bulge at the thigh of his trousers. She gave it a gentle squeeze, earning a low moan from Al.

The trip to our house seemed to Linda to take forever. She was so horny that she wanted to fuck him right now and she could tell from the hardness beneath her hand that he had the same idea.

It was almost a race into the house with Linda leading. She went directly to the bedroom followed closely by Al. As soon as the bedroom door was closed, he took her by her shoulders and turned her. Her arms went around his neck as once more their lips joined. Al’s hands were busy, trying to find all the various means by which Lind’s dress was held together. Finally, with a giggle, she began to help him.

“Get undressed,” she told him as soon as she was down to bra, garter belt, nylons and high heels.

Al was doing just that. He was already down to shorts, shoes and socks when she turned and pulled the coverlet off to reveal sheets already turned back. He felt his cock tighten as he realized she had intended to be fucked tonight. It was all he could do to avoid staring at that luscious pussy as she knelt and then reclined on the bed, rolling over to see how close he was to doing as she had asked.

She smiled as he kicked away his shoes, then sat down and took off his socks. The shorts followed them to the floor, leaving his massive meat on display to my wife. Linda smiled. He was exactly as Earl had told her, tall, dark, handsome, with a lithe body and at least eight inches of thick, very hard cock. It was already pulsing up and down anticipating burying itself into her sweet tunnel of love.

Not one to hurry it, Al got between her thighs when Linda raised one leg to take off her shoes.

“No, don’t take them off, please. I want to make a mental picture of you just like you are right now.” True to his word, his gaze went from my wife’s smiling eyes and lips, over slim shoulders to the cups of her bra which bulged with the losing effort of holding her breasts in place, down the tapered waist, and then to the soft down cut to point to her sex. He leaned forward enough to smell the essence of sexually aroused female and lapped tentatively at the lips.

“Don’t you want me to…..?” Linda started to say before she realized that Al wanted to worship her tight pussy as Earl would have. She spread her legs to give him more room. He, in turn, took her shoes off and put one of her feet on his right shoulder, the other on the opposite shoulder, opening her lips to a pink cavern of delight. It sparkled in the light, tiny beads of moisture showing she was as aroused as he.

Before she could protest that she wanted him to fuck her first, Al had his mouth covering her entire slit and his tongue making its initial advances into the valley of life. Linda shuddered. It felt too good to ask him to change his priority. The valley tried to close behind his tongue at first then, reacting to the pleasure being given, it opened wider still and became engorged with the hot blood of my wife’s body. She felt one of his fingers slide between the lips and into her vagina, working slowly in and out until she was so wet that it took two fingers to cover the spread of her vaginal opening. As he worked his fingers in and out of my wife, his aim went higher and he found the engorged bud at the top of those lips. Taking it between his lips, he began a slow suctioning that pulled it nearly a half inch into his mouth, before letting it slide back into place.

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