Alan Ch. 22


* * *

Alan awoke to a most pleasing sensation. Opening his eyes slowly he was greeted by the sight of Anne-Marie, or at least the top of her head. She continued to bob her mouth up and down his cock, unaware as yet that her attentions had roused him (in more ways than one) from his slumber.

"Morning," he said, half groaning at the pleasure she was giving him.

She released him with a pop, and grinned up at him. "Good morning," she replied with a giggle, then recaptured him between her lips. She hummed as she sucked him, and he found himself aping her, humming along. Alan came quickly. He could have held out indefinitely, but the pleasure was intense, and he didn't want to overdo it.

An hour later, at the breakfast buffet Alan broached the subject of Anne-Marie working for Jack.

"I have a client who is looking for someone with your qualifications. He's from England, and he's moving to New York within the month," he explained, going on to tell her that the man was semi-retired, a former import-export executive who would be doing some work here and there. The job would be to insure his personal security and manage his affairs.

She was hesitant; she liked her job, but Alan painted a very glamorous picture, and she agreed to consider it. Jack would be arriving in a couple of weeks, and "Carl" told her he would call to arrange an interview.

Next Chapter: Getting Jack settled in the Big Apple; the return of Kate.

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by Anonymous10/31/18

Ch. 23

Don't know why it's not posted here but a quick Google search for the author will turn up the missing chapter on a different site.

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