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Finally, after a long ten hour drive alone Tom had arrived at his destination, the town of Appleton. He had just finished his second year of college and had been looking forward to taking a relaxing few weeks to himself before he started the hunt for a summer job, but only a day after his last exam he had received a call from his uncle's attorney telling him his Uncle Simon had died. Apparently he was to receive an inheritance from him and all he had to do was make the trip in the next couple days to collect. This was pretty strange to Tom, seeing as how he had never known about an Uncle Simon.

After receiving the news Tom had considered not even going to meet with his uncle's lawyer. It seemed a little wrong of him to take a trip to a town he had never been to in order to get free stuff from a dead uncle that he had never actually met. It was only after he called him mom and asked her about her brother that he really decided that the trip would be worth it. According to her, Simon had always been a little eccentric when they were growing up, and she hadn't heard much of him after he had graduated college. Apparently he was an archeologist and had spent much of the past fifteen years or so travelling the world. By the sounds of it Tom was likely to at least get something interesting out of the trip, and maybe he could find out something about what his uncle was like.

Before he did anything though, Tom was in serious need of something to eat. His stomach rumbled as he pulled off of the highway into town. Luckily he wasn't set to meet with his Uncle's lawyer for another two hours, so he set off to find somewhere he could find a quick meal. As he drove down the main roads of the town, Tom could definitely tell that there was a university nearby, he estimated a population of maybe a couple thousand people at most, and a lot of the streets were pretty empty as a large chunk of the population had most likely either returned to their home, or in the case of university staff, were taking the semesters end as a chance to take a quick vacation. The town seemed nice though, a lot of quaint Victorian style housing, which probably made for great places for students to split with roommates. He did notice that as he moved closer towards the university itself the houses started to be replaced with more larger apartment buildings as well as amenities like grocery stores and the like. He even made a quick mental note of a sign that pointed out the direction to the local mall, a place he was sure he'd probably have to hit up once or twice during his stay.

After about ten or so minutes of driving, he found a small diner off of one of the main roads, a perfect place to grab a quick meal. He pulled into the parking lot and slid into one of the many open spots near the restaurant's front entrance. Before getting out of the car, he checked himself out in his rear view mirror, and was quick to note that the long ten hour drive had done nothing to help his already rather average appearance. His flat brown hair had developed a bit of a greasy sheen to it over the passed few hours, his face had a bit of uneven stubble developing around his chin and down his neck, and he had light bags starting to appear under his eyes.

"Definitely won't be impressing any girls today," he said to himself out loud as he started to climb out of the car. Not like he would have much luck any other day either.

Tom was good at a lot of things in life, he had a good mind for numbers, could type faster than anyone he'd ever met and he had an excellent memory. He was an excellent student who had breezed through most of his classes without any real effort, but he was definitely not great with girls. Just a little bit too shy, and his decidedly average appearance left him lacking the confidence to really impress a beautiful woman. He had girlfriends before, two in high school and another one in his first year of college, but those were short relationships of a few months, nothing worth writing home about.

Tom made a mental note of the diners name, "Sandy's" as he walked in the front entrance. The inside of the restaurant was nothing to write home about. Red booths lined the walls, with a couple of small tables in the centre of the floor. The walls were painted sky blue with the typical department store bought art hanging at regular intervals along them. The place was also pretty much empty, the only customer Tom saw was an older man off in the far left corner, drinking out of a coffee cup and reading the newspaper. It almost felt as if he had walked into a network T.V. Show the place was so stereotypical.

As soon as you walked in, there was a sign telling customers to seat themselves, so Tom followed its instructions and sat down at one of the booths with a window looking out at the parking lot and the road that ran alongside it. Tom quickly regretted not bringing a book or something else to read as he sat staring out the window for a few minutes, twiddling his thumbs on the table as he watched the occasional car drive down the street.

"Hello? Can I help you?" Tom heard a female voice ask, making him kind of jump in his seat.

He turned his head from the window and looked at the waitress standing off to the side of the table looking down at him. Tom went to place an order but immediately paused as he got a good look at his gorgeous server. She had long golden blonde hair that fell to the small of her back, beautiful brown eyes, and incredible looking tanned skin that looked completely devoid of any sort of mark or blemish that he could tell. She work a buttoned up white blouse and a black skirt down to a little above her knees, and while it didn't reveal anything, he could tell that underneath her shirt, this waitress had impressive curves.

"Hello?" She said again, this time a little bit more annoyed.

"Sorry, sorry," Tom apologized, his head finally jumping back into the real world. "I've just been on the road all day, kinda tired."

"Sure, whatever," she responded, clearly irritated. What are you ordering?"

"Uh... I'll just take a burger and fries I guess," Tom answered, a little taken aback by her tone, although not really surprised by it. He had been caught starting after all. "Oh and just like... a glass of water."

"Sure, that'll be a few minutes," she told him before turning and leaving abruptly. As she walked away though, Tom couldn't help but watch as she quickly walked back to the kitchen. Underneath her skirt you could definitely see what was surely an incredible ass hidden beneath. Even her fast pace couldn't stop the mesmerizing sway of her hips as she walked.

He got his food about ten minutes later, but the attractive waitress' demeanour had not improved much.

"It was a shame too," Tom thought to himself as he finished off his fries. "She's looks fucking incredible"

He walked up to the cash register to paid and they completed the transaction without speaking. Despite her clear look of annoyance, Tom couldn't help but think about how beautiful she was, the fact that she was still easily a ten despite not smiling since Tom had walked into the restaurant was a testament to that. He smiled at her as he handed her the cash to pay for him meal, a last ditch effort at breaking their awkward tension, but he was repaid with a sharp glare as she handed him his change. Oh well, nothing to be done about it now.

He got back into his car now fully fed and feeling a little bit more awake. Resolving to put his less than stellar interaction with his server behind him, Tom set off to do what he had travelled to Appleton to do, meet with his uncles lawyer. The two of them had agreed to meet as his uncles apartment at 6:30 pm, about fifteen minutes from when Tom had finished his food.

He found his uncles apartment building with relative ease. It was located about five minutes away from the college campus. The building was a pretty simple looking brick building with five floors, and could only be about six or seven apartments long. He got out of his car, parking on the side of the road as opposed to in the parking lot, wanting to make sure he didn't take anyone's spot. Inside the front door was a hallway that went left and right and through a door directly in front of him, there was a think staircase that seemed to go up each level to the top, with stops for each floor along the way. Tom made his way up, his uncles apartment being on the fourth floor.

Arriving in front of the apartment, number 405 Tom knocked on the door, hoping that his uncles lawyer was inside. He really didn't want to be stuck standing in the hall waiting for him to arrive. Luckily, the door swung open a few moments after he knocked, revealing a tall man, about 6 ft 3,' with thinning grey hair and a grey suit on.

"Hey, you must be Professor Woods' nephew right? The one I talked to on the phone?" The man asked, extending his hand out.

"Yeah, I'm Tom, nice to meet you," Tom answered, reaching out and giving him a quick handshake.

"Cool, cool, you can call me Mike by the way," he said, gesturing for Tom to follow him inside.

As Tom entered he looked around the apartment. The first thing he noticed was that it was pretty small. Almost as soon as you walked into the door, the turn off to the kitchen was to your left, and directly ahead was a small living room. In that room was just a simple grey sofa, a coffee table and a small T.V. That could only have been at most twenty inches. To the left was a hallway that Tom assumed led down towards a bedroom and the bathroom.

"I'm really sorry that I couldn't get a hold of you for your uncles funeral," Mike said as he took a seat on the sofa. "I tried but the Professor didn't really make it easy to track you down, all he left me was your name really."

"Yeah that's fine," Tom replied halfheartedly, taking his time to take in the room. "Did you already start packing stuff up?"

"Oh no, I haven't touched a thing. Your uncle didn't really spend much time in the country, he was always travelling so he just didn't keep much," Mike answered while Tom poked his head around the corner, looking down the hall. "So did you want to get down to business or do you need a few minutes?"

"Oh, yeah yeah lets get started, I'm okay, just a little tired," Tom said, sitting on the other end of the coach, turning slightly to face the older man.

"Well it's all pretty simple to be honest," Mike said, pulling out a couple documents from a suitcase he had placed off to the side. "He didn't really have any family or anything like that so its all mostly left to you. Most of his savings he's leaving to the school's archaeology department, but he has left you the sum of about ten thousand dollars. Anything of value that you find within the apartment is also yours to keep, including the furniture. You uncle paid rent by the year, so the apartment itself is all taken care of for about the next five months. I checked with the landlord as to whether we could arrange a refund of that money, but their rent payments are final it seems although I don't imagine that claim would hold up in court if you wanted to pursue that."

"Oh no, I'm not looking to sue someone over a couple thousand dollars, the ten thousand is more than enough," Tom said, a little bit surprised. "In fact that's way more than I expected."

"well that's good to hear," Mike replied. "There isn't really much else though, you're gonna have to fill out some paperwork which I'll walk you through, and its gonna take about a week or two for those files to process, so you can either stay here while I take care of that or you can head home and I can give you a call when its done."

I'll just stay here I guess," Tom said after thinking for a moment. "I was planning on taking it easy for a few weeks anyways and Appleton seems nice enough."

"Alright, sounds good, now I just need you to sign a few papers here and we'll be golden!"

A few papers ended up taking about three hours as Mike made sure to run Tom through every little thing. Although tired and a little annoyed at hoe long the process was taking, Tom couldn't help but think that Mike was actually pretty helpful. He made sure that everything was perfectly clear to Tom before he signed anything, and made sure that no detail was left unattended. Once they finished, Tom walked Mike the couple of feet to the door and thanked him one last time for all of his help before shutting the door.

After Mike left, Tom just turned and looked around the apartment. It was now completely silent and a little uncomfortable, kind of like he was intruding on someones property. Regardless of how strange it was, it still couldn't outweigh his exhaustion. He knew he should probably take another hour or two and start to look through closets and the like, just to see whether there was anything of real value, but it had en such a long day that all he wanted to do was go to bed and get some sleep.

Tom walked down the small hallway to the bedroom and the other end. Through the door the bed room was as simple as simple could get. Against the wall, under a small window was a double bed with a plain grey comforter, plain white pillow cases, and small end tables on each side. The only thing really of interest was actually sitting in the middle of the bed. There was a plain cardboard box maybe a foot long and eight inches high, taped shut. Mike hadn't mentioned anything in the bedroom, so Tom has assumed that there wouldn't be much of anything, but he had also said he didn't touch anything, so maybe Mike had just never checked the room. Feeling a little curious, Tom opened the box up and looked inside. Contained in the box was a sealed envelope with his name written on it, Tom assumed by his Uncle as well as a bunch of bubble wrap. Ignoring the rest of the contents, Tom flipped the envelope over and tore it open, revealing a handwritten note.


I've always been a man of few words, and I've never really connected with your mother so I thought it best to keep my distance. You're the only family I have, even if I never got to meet you I feel as if I owe you something. Inside this box is something I found in the ruins of a small village high in the Himalayas. The contents belonged to a strong warrior leader that ruled over one hundred or so people. If it does what I believe it will, your life should improve dramatically. If it doesn't, well, at least you have an interesting box that's from high up in the mountains.

I wish I could do more for you,

Signed, Simon Woods

Tom read the letter over once or twice more before placing it off to the side and digging through the bubble wrap. At the bottom of the box was what appeared to be a small chest, a little bit bigger than your average jewelry box. It was made of a wood of incredible quality, with ancient Nordic characters inscribed on the top. His uncle was right, the box did at least look interesting, but Tom was more concerned with what was inside. He open the box slowly and looked inside. The only thing contained within was a silver ring. Tom raised an eyebrow with a look of confusion. Interestingly, the ring itself seemed to have a faint bluish glow to it that he had never seen before.

He put the ring on and looked at it for a few moments. Suddenly, he felt a Tom was quickly starting to get very dizzy and was stumbling around, his legs getting weak. Concerned for his well being he pulled at the ring, trying to get it off, but it stayed tight around his finger. It felt as if the ring was pulling his strength away from his body, to the point that he could barely stand. He stumbled around the room for a few moments before finally he fell forwards onto the bed, feeling himself slipping off to sleep.

Tom found himself in a large marble hall, sitting on a large throne made of stone. There were massive pillars that lined the hall, reaching high into the air and white marble steps led down from his throne to the floor.

Even more surprising than his surroundings was his own appearance. His body was completely naked, and his frame was much more muscular and filled out. Most impressively however, was the long, erect and impossibly thick cock that protruded forwards, looking as immense as the pillars that lined the hall. It throbbed and pulsed, appearing more powerful and masculine than anything Tom had ever seen.

Tom moved his gaze downwards, towards the foot of the stairs where a blonde woman stood patiently. She had flawless bronze skin and her golden hair in soft curls, almost shining faintly. Draped around her body was a pristine dress of white silk wrapped around her full breasts and falling to the marble floor.

Slowly the woman began to walk up the steps. As she came closer and closer Tom noticed that she was not just any beautiful blonde woman, but in fact was the waitress that he had met earlier. Instead of being nervous he felt himself filled with overwhelming confidence. He knew that the woman couldn't help but be enamoured with the pinnacle of manhood that jutted out from his body.

She reached the top of the stairs and stood only a foot away from Tom as he sat on his large throne. His eyes were locked firmly on her, admiring her beauty. Meanwhile her eyes were locked on Tom's incredible erection. He noticed her breathing become heavy as she marvelled at his manhood, her breasts rising and heaving as she stared. Slowly she started to fall to her knees, still not taking her eyes off of his cock.

"It's so beautiful..." she said, he voice almost a whisper. "I need it..."

"Soon," Tom answered, his voice loud and booming. "You will have it soon."

He reached out and caressed the woman's face just as he found himself waking up.


The next morning, Tom was woken up by the sun shining through the window into his face. Slowly, he lifted himself up into a sitting position, resting his head in his hands. He turned his head slowly to the side, checking the clock on one of the end tables. According to the clock it was 1 o'clock in the afternoon, meaning that he had been asleep for over twelve hours. He exhaled slowly, leaning back as he did and an his hands through his hair. Immediately he noticed that it felt different. Softer maybe? He thought about it for a split second, but didn't pay it any real mind, thinking that it was just his mind playing tricks on him.

He laid flat on the bed for another few minutes before finally pulling himself together and getting the motivation to stand up and get out of bed. He wasn't sure why he was so tired if he had been asleep for so long, but hoped that a shower would help wake him up. He absentmindedly began to unbutton his shirt as he walked the couple of feet from the bedroom over to the bathroom.

The bathroom itself was about as unimpressive as the rest of the apartment, with just a sink to the left, the toilet next to it, and a shower along the right side wall. He threw his shirt carelessly into the corner and was about to start taking off his pants when he noticed his reflection in the mirror above the sink.

"What the fuck..." Tom said out loud as he looked in the mirror.

The reflection in the mirror was definitely him, but he also definitely looked different. His thin, dull brown hair was thinker and had a much healthier sheen to it, his normally clammy pale skin was clear and filled with colour but the most startling change to him was his body itself. Where before his arms had been average and loose, they were now toned and formed, the same went for his chest and abs as well, where before he had never been fit, he now had a thin, but well defined set of muscles. He looked down at his self in disbelief before looking back into the mirror his face painted in shock.

Then it hit him. The ring!

He looked down at his hand at the ring wrapped around his finger. He tugged at it a few times, but there was no budging it. It was very tight around his finger, and despite using all of his strength couldn't even manage to move it. He left the bathroom and went back to the bedroom to search through the box. Unsurprisingly, he had no luck finding anything.

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